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LT Cedria Zade- Chief Navigator, USS Hood

Lieutenant (O-3)


I. Personal Data


Name: Cedria Zade Rank: Lieutenant Assignment: NAV, USS Hood Service number: X-060-11071-FAYD Species: Trill Gender: Female Age: 28 Height: 5'6" Weight: 114 Hair: Long dark brown Eyes: Green Skin: Pale golden with leopard Trill spotting. Born: Trill, 2233


II. Educational Background


2233 Born in Fordul Province on Trill 2247 Won Trione Gymnastic Championship 2248 Escallon Primary School on Trill 2250 Won Second Trione Gymnastic Championship 2252 Graduated from Arcalix University on Trill, degree work in aeronautics, thermal dynamics and applied physics. 2253 Joined to the Zade symbiont following the death of artist and musician Padrek Zade. 2254 Graduation from Starfleet academy. Assignment to the USS Curie as Navigation and flight officer. 2256 Promoted to LT-jg based upon her actions in a Cordlion Nebula ambush by Orion pirates. 2259 Promoted to full Lieutennant, reassigned to advanced flight courses at Starfleet command. 2260 Reassigned to Navigation and flight control, USS Hood.


Universitem Arcalix, Vordalis, Trill.

Completed coursework in Applied Physics and Structural Engineering with a focus on dynamic environments. Her University coursework focused on atmospheric and hydrospheric environments and structural design.

Cedria entered Starfleet academy and took extensive training in Astrogation, Astrophysics and Warp Theory as well as piloting grading out in both shuttle and starship piloting.

Cedria was a gymnast growing up and has unnatural agility and a deft touch that translated well to an innate capability piloting craft in any environment.

Physical Description:

Cedria is of average height with a strong but lithe build. She moves with a fluid grace and reacts with an eerie quickness. Her eyes are a clear, striking forest green and her hair straight dark brown, usually tied back in a tail. She has prominent leopard pattern spotting along her side from her temples to her toes.

Medical Information:

Trills come in widely different varieties. Some have forehead ridges, others leopard pattern spots, some have a mottled speckling. Different sub-species have different medical peculiarities. Some Trills cannot use transporters without harming the symbiont. Some have neurological sensitivities to certain kinds of venom. Cedria is a mix of two Trill subcultures, she is resistant to neurotoxins and suffers no ill effects from transporters.


III. Biographical Notes


Cedria grew up in the green hills of Fordil provence in the Southern Hemisphere of Trill. She gained the notice of the Symbiosis commission based on her double championships in gymnastics during the Trione meets, global athletic competitions held on Trill every three years. She was recalled after her first year of study at Starfleet academy in San Francisco to become the host of the Zade symbiont. A prestigous former Prime Minister of Trill whose previous host had been a promising musician whose talented career had flamed out in an excess of hedonistic substance abuse.

Cedria has been charged by the comission into bringing a sense of state and decorum back to the Zade symbiont and has achieved this so far, mostly by spending as little time on the Trill homeworld as possible.

The Zade symbiont:

The Zade symbiont is one of the relatively few surviving symbionts alive at the time of the disaster that destroyed the worms habitat on Trill and created the necessity of the symbiotic relationship. The first ten hosts were not truly joined, the technology and medical expertise was not yet in place to allow for full joining as we understand it today. Few memories exist from this time, pictures and scenes from brave volunteers who gave their lives to keep the Zade symbiont alive long enough for a more permanent method to be found.

When the first true, stable joining was achieved, Zade was the eighth symbiont to be joined. There have been eighteen hosts since, spanning almost seven hundred years. What follows is a short history of each:

Alzed Zade:(Male) A painter and sculptor of mild renown. His works, though not recognized as especially gifted, have since joined those of the great masters in the Grand Hall on Trill. (1561-1597)

Tarva Zade:(Female) A physician and writer. (1597-1650)

Oxane Zade:(F) A psychologist with a passion for sailing vessels. (1650-1715)

Deldren Zade:(M) A lawyer and a politician, rising to the rank of Governor. (1715-1751)

Herein Zade:(F) A pilot and part time inventor. Herein loved small gadgets, and usefullness-challenged time saving devices. (1751-1788)

Adrox Zade:(M) A court Judge who rose to eventually become the Prime Minister of Trill. Adrox is well remembered in Trill history and the Zade symbiont has been recognized ever since. (1788-1852)

Foqia Zade: (F) A stage actress. Foqia won several awards for her performances. She had a love of status and decorum and immersed herself in Trill society. (1852-1894)

Navdal Zade: (M) An unsuccessful businessman. Navdal lived simply and never achieved the success he craved. (1894-1938)

Edros Zade:(M) The first Zade to travel in a spacecraft, he was an adventurer. He was killed in an accident. The first host to die an untimely death. (1938-1952)

Kovol Zade:(M) A novelist, some of Kovol's works can be found in specialty shops on modern Trill. (1952-1995)

Adrazda Zade:(F) Diplomat and politician, the second Zade host to become Prime Minister. Died in office under suspicious circumstances, the cause is still unknown. (1995-2035)

Sidar Zade: (M) A police official and psychologist. He worked in the sex crimes department of the Trill Planetary Security Corps. (2035-2083)

Erigalis Zade (M) An architect and the father of eleven children. (2083- 2134)

Kyrania Zade:(F) A revolutionary physicist. Kyrania's work helped lay the groundwork for modern Trill power plant design. She died of radiation burns, the result of a failed experiment in energy storage efficiency. (2134-2151)

Gylara Zade:(F) Psychologist specializing in abnormal psychology. Gylara won 1st place in a planetary sword fighting competition eight years in a row. (2151-2219)

Devan Zade:(M) Prime Minister of Trill during the era immediately preceding it's acceptance into the Federation. (2219-2241)

Padrek Zade:(M) A musician of great popularity and rather dubious quality. Padrek lived a life of excess and died young the result of toxin abuse that almost cost the life of the symbiont. (2241-2253)

Cedria Zade:(F) A champion gymnast, scientist and pilot. She is the first member of starfleet in the symbionts lifespan. (2253- )


IV. Official Star Fleet Record


A. Medals and Commendations

2253 Tactical flight commendation, Starfleet Graduation exercises. 2256 Awarded golden cluster for bravery under fire while in action aboard the USS Curie in Orion space.


V. Psychological Profile


Quick witted, adventurous and smart, Cedria has a mental grace that nicely accomidates her physical grace. She is quick and decisive at the controls of any vehicle, small or large. Her reaction speed is at the top end of the chart. Despite her quickness and agility she barely passed her personal combat training at the academy. Her accuracy with ship weapons is near perfect, but with hand held weapons she scored consistantly in the lower third of her class.

She tends to panic easily in dangerous situations in person, while maintaining an eerie calm while in control of a ship in equally dangeous situations. She has an aversion to drugs and alcohol that began with her joining with the Zade symbiont, no doubt a direct result of the excesses of her predecessor.

Though not lacking in social skills she is mildly introverted and is often happiest reading a book quietly in her quarters. This may also be a holdover from her most recent host. She is not fond of 'squicky alien monsters' that she seems to suspect all alien worlds harbor in threatening numbers. Cedria meets all basic starfleet proficiencies for starfleet ground duty but prefers to remain shipside as often as possible.