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CAPT Emiko Oda- Commanding Officer, USS Lexington

Captain (O-6)

I. Personal Data
Surname:                   Oda
Given Name(s):             Emiko
Current Rank:              Captain O-6
Current Billet:            Commanding Officer, USS LEXINGTON NCC-1709
Species:                   Human
Gender/Sex:                Female
Age:                       43 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth:             November 10, 2217
Place of Birth:            Osaka, Japan
  Father -                 Hideo Oda, Starship Captain, Deceased at Vulcan, 
  Mother -                 Hiromi Nagano, Ship’s Doctor, Deceased at Vulcan 
Siblings:                  Etsuko Oda, Chief of Security USS Normandy, MIA at Vulcan
Spouse:                    Never Married
Children:                  None
Religion:                  Zen Buddhist

Physical Description:
HT:                        5'1"
WT:                        93.  

CAPT Oda has the body of a teenage gymnast, with black hair and dark brown eyes

II.  Educational Background

Star Fleet Training:

Starfleet Academy AOT   2245
Science Officer Department Head Course  2255               

Kenjutsu (Japanese fencing), calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement

Order of Merit (Vulcan award for humanitarian service)
Starfleet Cros for actions at Battle of Vulcan

III.  Biographical Notes

A.  Chronology (tabular form):

18:	University of Tokyo, BA Cultural Anthropology/Sociology dual major
21:   	Oxford University, MA Archaeology/History dual major
24:	Harvard University, Ph.D  Archaeology
27:	UCLA, BS Geology/Meterology, dual major
28:	Starfleet Academy Direct Commissioning Program (AOT)
35:     Department Head School
38:	Command School
41:     Battle of Vulcan.  With the captain killed in action and the XO incapacited, 
        Lieutenant Oda, then the second officer, assumed command and continued the 
        fight.  With weapons destroyed, LT Oda retreated to the rear of the formation 
        and attempted to beam as many survivors from the various ships as possible into 
        the Shran’s cargo hold.  Upon taking an addition hit by Nero’s ship, Oda ordered 
        the ship completely dark and set adrift.  The ruse worked and over 900 Starfleet 
        personnel and 80 Vulcan refugees were saved.

        LT Oda was gravely injured early in the battle and nearly lost her left leg and 
        arm.  Severe nerve, muscle and bone damage was repaired with moderate success, 
        however she had to learn to walk again and will always suffer from weakness, 
        lack of fine motor control, severe arthritis and drastically reduced range of motion 
        in those limbs.  She was promoted to LCDR immediately upon the Shran’s return from 
        Vulcan, though she didn’t learn of it for a full year until she awoke from her coma.

43:     Fully healed, LCDR Oda was awarded the Starfleet Cross for her actions at Vulcan 
        and returned to the active officer rolls.  Continued physical therapy to be 
        required for the foreseeable future, however it is to be provided by ship’s doctor.

        Initially assigned as chief science officer on the USS Lexington, LCDR Oda was 
        promoted two grades to the rank of Captain and given command of the ship when 
        the aged Ambassador Spock learned of her recovery and suggested the command of a 
        starship as the one assignment to which she, a hero of the surviving Vulcan people, 
        was best suited.

B.  Background Summary:
LCDR Oda Comes from a long and distinguished lineage in Japanese history, with a direct 
male line all the way back to the great warlord Nobunaga Oda of the 16th century, who 
himself was a lineal descendant of the famous 12” century female Samurai Tomoe Gozen.  
In the ASR Prime timeline, Emiko Oda was the Paternal great-Aunt of retired admiral Akiko 

Emiko is very much a person born into the wrong era, and as such she is every bit as much 
of a Samurai as a Starfleet officer.  Fortunately, the two ideologies are quite 
complimentary, with values such as honesty, loyalty and honor transcending time and 
technology.  Emiko is absolutely loyal to the chain of command in both directions and 
believes in the development of strong leaders at every level.

Then a senior Lieutenant, Emiko was the science officer on the battleship USS Thy’lek 
Shran at the battle of Vulcan.  She was awarded the Starfleet Cross for her actions 
upon the death of the ship’s captain and incapacitation of the XO.  LT Oda assumed 
command and took the crippled battleship out of the front line, with weapons and 
shields destroyed, and used the ship’s multiple transporters to rescue as many 
survivors of as many ships as possible, until another hit from Nero’s superior weapons 
took out her life support, transporters and warp drive.  Rather than continuing the 
fight, LT Oda ordered all power cut to every single system and the ship set adrift.  
The ruse worked, the massive battleship received two more hits, and was then completely 
ignored.  Once Nero left the system, Oda set the crew to beginning repairs and used 
the surviving shuttlecraft to continue rescue operations.  With warp speed 
reestablished, she set a course for the slow voyage home..  USS Thy’lek Shran was able 
to rescue over 900 Starfleet personnel and 80 Vulcans.

IV.  Skills Profile
As a Starfleet Officer in the generic sense Emiko Oda is in many ways similar to her 
distant ancestor Nobunaga.  She is ambitious, decisive and ruthless when it comes to 
the execution of her orders or even doing the “right thing”.  She is an extremely 
skilled tactician and a wise leader who knows how to take advantage of the many and 
varied skills of her subordinates.

In terms of her skills and qualifications as a scientist, CPT Oda definitely favors 
the “soft” sciences and has little or no background in astronomy, physics or warp 
theory.  Where she excels is in the planetary sciences, specializing in anthropology 
and archaeology and with strong formal education backgrounds in geology, meterology 
and a diverse knowledge in other planetary sciences such as vulcanology, hydrology 
and metallurgy obtained from independent study.

Emiko is also extremely skilled in many ancient Japanese cultural and martial arts, 
and is ranked at the prestigious Ichidan (1st rank) in Ikebana (traditional Japanese 
flower arrangement), a pursuit she considers more martial than decorative.  She is 
also a master swordswoman in multiple forms of Kenjutsu and Kendo, and highly adept 
in both Aikido and Karate.

While she had never served as a CO or XO, she was the 2nd Officer on the Shran and had 
just completed command school two days before the battle of Vulcan.  At that time she 
was awaiting transfer and promotion into an LCDR slot as the XO of a destroyer and was 
hastily recalled to the Shran for the battle.

Despite her lack of command experience, her years of experience and level head were 
clearly displayed when she took charge of the crippled Shran at Vulcan and focused her 
attention on rescuing survivors even when her own condition was dire indeed.

V.  Recent Fitness Report
LCDR Oda suffered extremely severe injuries at the battle of Vulcan.  She was essentially 
crushed by a collapsing bulkhead that shattered her left foot, knee and thigh as well as 
her left arm, including the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.  She also suffered 
significant internal damage.  Recovery was slow, difficult and will never be full.  While 
her life is no longer in danger and her strength has returned to her relatively uninjured 
right side, her left arm and leg have a vastly reduce range of motion and are slightly 
weak.  She will always walk with an obvious limp and has pain in her reconstructed joints 
ranging from mild to severe, depending on factors such as weather, activity and overall 

It is the pain that makes me reluctant to clear CPT Oda for duty, however she has weaned 
herself from pain killers completely and insists that her sense of duty is stronger than 
any discomfort she might feel.  I have observed her in this state for the past year as 
she has learned again how to walk, and can only say that her level of willpower and 
determination leads me to believe that despite her limitations, CPT Oda belongs on active 
duty on a front line starship.

Dr. Harold T. Molina, Starfleet Reserve Command Activation Center and School, CMO

VII.  Psychological Profile
LCDR Oda’s level of drive borders on the fanatical.  She could easily accept a regimen of 
medications that while disqualifying her for Starship duty, would permit her to live in 
comfort and remain a productive member of Starfleet in an Earthbound posting.

Despite the obvious pain, CPT Oda is focused on her task and returned physically to the 
point where she has cleared medical holds and been deemed fit for active duty.  I can 
only add that her willpower and determination should see her through any challenges she 
may face and that it would be a shame to ground such an experienced and capable officer 
as LCDR Oda.

Despite all of her difficulties, it is strange to me that LCDR Oda shows none of it save 
a mild limp.  Her demeanor is usually relaxed and she is genuinely pleasant to be around.  
It is also off-putting how a 43-year-old Starship officer with significant combat 
experience and what were clearly life-threatening injuries still manages to look more 
like a teenage schoolgirl of perhaps 15 or 16 years, most notably in her smile.

Doctor Junko Watanabe, Starfleet Reserve Command Activation Center and School, Counselor

VIII.  Current Recreational Interests
Due to the pain of her injuries, Emiko wakes up two hours early every single day and 
proceeds with a rigorous exercise regimen that sufficiently limbers her up for the 
coming day.  High barometric pressure causes increased discomfort and usually requires 
a second exercise session at midday, though such discomfort during the day can be 
minimized through subtle adjustments of the environmental settings in her quarters the 
previous night.

IX.  Miscellaneous Information
LCDR Oda, despite her relative youth, has the calm demeanor of an elder statesman.  
She rarely raises her voice, and tends to empower rather than control her subordinates.  
She hides her pain and disability on first introductions and is able to mask her limp 
for short periods with high concentration.  Her left eye, also damaged, tracks slower 
than her right and has poor focusing ability.

End BioFile