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LCDR Etsuko Oda- First Officer, USS Endeavor

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data
Surname:                 Oda
Given Name(s):           Etsuko (Etsu for short)
Current Rank:            Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment:      FO, USS Endeavor
Former Billet:           Asst. Sec, USS Normandy
Species:                 Human
Gender/Sex:              Female
Age:                     48 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth:          Nara, Japan, Earth
Parents:                 Father - Hideo Oda, Starship Captain, Deceased at Vulcan,
                         Mother - Hiromi Nagano, Ship’s Doctor, Deceased at Vulcan     
Siblings:                Emiko Oda, CO, USS Kongo (under construction)
Aunts/Uncles:            LCDR Akiko Kimura, SCI, USS Intrepid
Spouse:                  Never married
Children:                None 
Religion:                Zen Buddhist
HT:  5'1" ; WT:  92 lbs ; Eyes:  D. Brown; Hr.:  Back; Comp:  Light

II.  Educational Background
A.  Academic Institutional Background:
    -- Nara Prefectural High School
    -- Starfleet Academy, BA Political Science
    -- Starfleet Academy, Juris Doctor
B.  Service Schools Attended:
    -- Starfleet Academy
C.  Qualifications (MOC's)
    -- JAG Officer, Security Officer
D.  Star Fleet Academy Record:
Academy Record:
Class Rank:           Top 5%; 
Honors:               *Summa Cum Laude*; 
Academic Major:       Physics; 
Professional Majors:  Security, Operations, JAG
  -- Security Officer, 
  -- Operations Officer, 
  -- Legal Officer 
Commendations:        1; 
Reprimands:           0
Japanese cultural activities including Kenjutsu, Karate and Aikido, flower 
arrangement and tea ceremony.
Etsuko also was a collegiate gymnast of above average skill.

III.  Biographical Notes
A.  Chronology (tabular form):
0-17:   Lived with parents.
14-17:  Attended high school in Nara, which while once a capital city in 
        the 5th century AD, is now little more than a small town though 
        possessing a very large community of artisans of traditional crafts.  
        Her grandfather is in very high renown throughout Asia, and is 
        declared a “living treasure” by the Japanese cultural governments.
18-21:  Starfleet Academy, graduated as Ensign, assigned USS Normandy as 
        Assistant security Officer.
21-24:  Yale University School of Law
25-27:  Criminal Prosecutor, Starfleet Headquarters
27-48:  Acting Captain, USS Normandy
48-  :  First Officer/Chief of Security, USS Endeavor
B.  Background Summary:
Etsuko was the latest in a long family tradition of military service.  Her 
parents were both senior officers who perished at the battle of Vulcan, while 
her sister was perhaps THE most decorated officer at the battle who did not 
serve on the USS Enterprise.  Her Aunt is a veteran of the USS Kelvan who 
currently serves alongside her daughter (Etsuko’s 1st cousin) on the Intrepid.
Etsuko herself has a story that seems to unravel at the planet Vulcan just over 
two-years-ago.  Then a junior lieutenant in the JAG corps (prosecutor), she was 
on board the USS Normandy where a crime she was prosecuting had been committed.  
Since the crime scene and witnesses were all on the Normandy, Lt. Oda had to 
conduct her investigation and trial-prep interviews on board, without 
interrupting the Normandy’s operations.
When the Nerata attacked Vulcan, Normandy was part of the fleet sent to defend 
the planet.  Lt Oda informed Captain Bridges that she was qualified as a security 
officer before attending law school, and so he put her to work at the weapons 
console.  The last order Bridges gave was turning command of the Normandy over to 
Lt. Oda, who at that time was the only surviving officer on the bridge.
That was the known story.  The unknown story was that the Normandy emerged on 
the other side of the singularity, hundreds of light-years-away, and 20 years in 
the past.  Etsuko was immediately faced with significant challenges to mere 
survival as the Normandy herself was in extremely bad shape, the result of both 
Narata’s weapons and the stresses of passage.  Quick thinking and hard work paid 
off, and within four months Normandy, now a hodge-podge of her original equipment 
and much jury-rigged improvisation made easy by the massive debris field, was 
under way.  The voyage took 20 years and seven months at the low warp speeds the 
ship was capable of.
Most of the survivors were in no condition mentally to continue in Starfleet, 
with the vast majority turned over for psychiatric care.  Of those deemed stable, 
only Etsuko Oda requested a return to active duty.
IV.  Official Star Fleet Record
Served with distinction at the battle of Vulcan, and again in bringing the crippled 
Normandy back home.

V.  Skills Profile
Etsuko does her best to conceal her feelings and suppress her emotions, not unlike 
a Vulcan in that respect.  While most of her fellow survivors feel that their best 
years were stolen from them, Etsuko believes that those were her best years and 
looks back with pride on her accomplishments. 
The obstacles were not the problem, it is the ease of return that frightens her. 

VI.  Recent Fitness Report
For a woman of 47 years, Etsuko is exceptionally fit.  She still spends much time 
in the gym and in maintaining her skills as a gymnast and a martial artist.  Life on 
a ruined starship was anything but easy, and it shows in Etsuko Oda’s firm 
musculature and callused hands.

VII.  Psychological Profile
Lieutenant Oda is something of a mystery.  The rest of the survivors from the 
Normandy were eager to get as far away from starships and space as possible, while 
Lt. Oda requested reassignment to a starship.  Very odd, since she had essentially 
been in command for twenty years, without any support and with little hope of 
actually surviving.
Despite the oddity of her request, she has passed all evaluations, though she 
remains quiet and distant.  Oddly, she requested an assignment in her first branch, 
security, rather than in the JAG corps for which she received advanced training.
CDR Mary Toulousse, Counselor, BUPERS

VIII.  Current Recreational Interests
Kendo, Caligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement
IX.  Miscellaneous Information
Etsuko Oda looks extremely young for her age, easily looking like a teenager even 
when in uniform, unless one looks very closely.  Up close, the tiny lines in her 
face, the calluses on her hands and the weariness behind her eyes tell a different 
She is extremely proud and believes in self-sufficiency and personal integrity.  
She won’t ever allow others to see any weakness, and keeps her problems to herself.  
She will never engage in small talk and is a firm believer in keeping her mouth 
shut unless she actually has something to say.
Etsuko also is going through something of a crisis of conscience.  She was not only 
a starship captain for the last twenty years, but an unsupported captain, on a 
derelict ship with a skeleton crew.  Many of the survivors literally believe that 
Etsuko literally held the ship together with sheer force of will, such was the 
extent of the damage.

X. Roleplay Notes
Etsuko Oda was actually introduced by my husband as the sister of one of his 
characters, Emiko Oda of the Lexington.  He posted her story at the battle of 
Vulcan and getting sucked through the singularity with the thought of using the 
Normandy’s return as the basis of a future mission.
I have appropriated the character concept and character with his permission. 
Etsuko is also the niece of my character Akiko Kimura on the Intrepid.
End BioFile