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LCDR James Wolfe- Chief Security Officer, USS Defiant

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data

Full Name: James Aloysuis Surname: Wolfe Given Name: James Nickname: Current Rank: Lt.Cmd (O-4) Current Billet: Chief Security Officer, USS Defiant, NCC 1764 Species: Homo Sapiens Sapiens Gender/Sex: Male Age: 41 DOB: 14/08/2220 POB: Westerham, England, Earth. Parents: William James Wolfe, Anne-marie Layfette Siblings: Amelia, John Spouse: Children: Mark

A. Physical Description

HT: 6'5 WT: 264lbs EY: Brown HR: Black SK: Caucasian, Yet still quite dark Blood Type: A Religion: Atheist Citizenship: Earth Languages: Federation standard, Klingon (Basic)


II. Educational Background


A. Academic Institutions Attended


B. Service Schools Attended

 -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)

 -- MOC:  Security Protocols
 -- MOC:  Advanced Combat Techniques
 -- MOC:  Damage Control Procedures
 -- MOC:  Shuttle pilot


III. Biographical Notes


A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-17: Lived with parents in England Earth; attended Terran

                 public schools.

17: Enlisted Starfleet. 17-18: Starfleet basic training. 18-24: Assigned Crewman apprentice USS Monarch. Intially assigned to

                 engineering, it soon became apparent that Wolfe was ill suited 
                 to the role and was reassigned to security duties.

24-29: Assigned Petty Officer 1st class USS Redoutable.

                 Security team leader.

29-35: Assigned Master Chief petty Officer USS Venus.

                 Assistant Chief Security officer.  Served under Garth of Izar 
                 at the Battle of Axanar.

35-39: Assigned to Star fleet Academy, Security and

                 Combat training Lecturer.  Also involved in the Koybiashi Maru 
                 Training program.

39: Nero incident. Drafted USS Repulse. Battle of Vulcan. 39-41 Awarded a commission to Lt.Cmd for conspicious

                 gallantry in the Battle of Vulcan. Assigned to back to 
                 Starfleet Academy.

41-present Assigned to the USS Defiant as Chief Security Officer

B. Background Summary

Born in the small town of Westerham, Kent, Southern England, Wolfe spent most of his youth in the great outdoors, playing with his friends and generally running amok getting himself into trouble for his often rowdy way of doing things. Regulary arrested by the local police forces for afray, Wolfe was considered by his family to be a tearaway and where his siblings had been embraced, he was often shunned. Always self reliant, Wolfe forged ahead growing into a very large, strong athletic young man. He always remained popular at school, never a bully, he would always fight for the underdogs. Earning himself a reputation as a champion of the playground and getting himself yet more reprimands onto his school records

Never being really interested in his actual school work he left with very little qualifications, with the exception of good grades in sports and history. Always sure of his own destiny and driven with his love of military history, and of course being descendent of, and named after, General James Wolfe of Quebec fame, he decided that in keeping with the family military tradition that he would enlist in Starfleet as a NCO.

Enlisting in 2237 Wolfe had a year learning the basics at Starfleet academy. Showing a aptitude for both Engineering and Security duties, his first assignment came aboard the USS Monarch. Starting off in engineering it was soon apparent that although Wolfe showed promise, he himself never threw himself into any of the tasks. and with that the Chief engineer eventually lost patience with Wolfe and went to the captain to demand he be reassigned. Being dragged before the Captain so early in his career was not the start Wolfe had in mind when he had joined Starfleet. The Captain proved sympathetic though and so granted a transfer to the Security division on board the Monarch. Never looking back Wolfe took to his duties like a fish to water and from a shaky start his career began to flourish.

5 years passed and Wolfe assigned to the Redoutable and was quickly assigned his own security squad to command. Another 5 years passed and Wolfe found himself assigned to the USS Venus as it's assistant security chief, not bad for a NCO. During his service aboard the Venus, he served under the command of the now legendary Garth of Izar at the hard won battle of Axanar. Praised personally by Garth for a boarding party action he commanded, Wolfe was asked to return to the academy as a security lecturer.

Settling down to a life of teaching young officer's Wolfe found himself in a relationship with a woman he had known previously while serving aboard the Monarch. Although the relationship fell apart after only two years, it did produce fruit, namely Mark Wolfe. While teaching at the academy, he also found time to learn. A basic study of the Klingon langauge and a course in shuttle piloting all being learnt at the 5 years at the academy. Becoming a recognized leader in the Security and Combat divisions, Wolfe was approached by a Lt.Cmd Spock to help programme Klingon ship responses in the Koybiasi Maru training simulator.

He was present the day that a young recruit a certain James Kirk, beat the scenario. Until that day Wolfe had never a Vulcan Scowl, something that amused Wolfe greatly. Little did Wolfe know that within days these two men would ultimately save the Federation, and Earth. With the news of the decimation of the Klingon fleet and Nero's impending attack on Vulcan, Wolfe was quickly drafted aboard the USS Repulse to serve in the armada under Captain Christopher Pike.

The battle of Vulcan was as everyone knows a short lived affair, but even so every battle has it's stories and Wolfe's was well documented. The Repulse was fifth in the line of battle upon the arrival of the fleet. The Enterprise and Pike had failed to show and in those few opening moments, all chaos let loose. The first three ships of the line was destroyed within minutes, the Repulse, trying to avoid the wreckage was targeted by Nero. A direct hit from a photon totally destroyed the bridge, killing all the senior officers. Drifting, the Repulse made for a easy target, and Wolfe at his station on deck 5 was more than aware of it.

After repeated failed attempts to contact any of the senior staff, Wolfe made a decision to try and get the Repulse to safety and made his way to the secondary bridge. Nero had obviously seen that the Repulse was out of the running and turned his attention to the remaining twelve ships in the fleet, giving Wolfe valuable time. Arriving at the bridge with a small team he'd assembled on route, Wolfe found the Repulse to be all but dead in space. With the warp reactor off line, weapons inactive, and life support failing, Wolfe had no other option but abandon ship. Knowing that Nero would attack any escape pods Wolfe ordered the bridge cleared and everyone to the shuttle pods. Calmly taking the helm, he got the thrusters on line and by gentle moving the Repulse, he used her as a physical shield, allowing the other shuttlecraft and escape pods to leave while the rest of the fleet was being decimated. It was the Repulse's last act and Wolfe had thought it his too. Nero continued to destroy the fleet and Repulse died, all systems failed, and Wolfe waited for death to come to him.

He was found two days later by the first of Starfleet recovery teams, wedged in a jefferies tube, using mattresses and linen to insulate himself from the freezing cold and wearing seven layers of clothes. The air, although starting to become toxic, had lasted, and so had Wolfe. On his arrival to Earth, Wolfe received a hero's welcome being one of the few to survive the battle of Vulcan.

As the ranks of Starfleet had been badly thinned by Nero's attack, it was decided by Starfleet that some of the most senior NCO's would receive a commission and elevated to officer rank. Wolfe was one of these new officers. Finishing his tour of Starfleet Academy and training the next generation, Wolfe was asked to take the Chief of Security Officer role aboard the infamous USS Defiant. A job that not many had the stomach to take on.


IV. Official Star Fleet Record


A. Promotion History:


2237.213: Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy Basic training.

                 Crewman Recruit

2238.213: Crewman Apprentice 2238.100: Crewman 2239.075: Petty officer 3rd class 2241.024: Petty officer 2nd class 2241.326: Petty officer 1st class 2243.274: Chief petty officer 2247.027: Senior chief petty officer 2251.354: Master Chief petty officer 2255.145: Bosun 2258.291: Commissioned Lt.Commander

B. Service History

USS Monarch USS Redoutable USS Venus Starfleet Academy USS Repulse Starfleet Academy USS Defiant

C. Medals and Commendations

Grankite Order of Tactics Star Cross Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon (with cluster) Battle of Axanar Medal Battle of Vulcan Medal


V. Skills Profile


Wolfe is a excellent hand-to-hand fighter a regular scrapper. Handy with a phaser he is a good marksman. He has a reckless streak that will see himself often put himself in the line of fire before risking a crew or team mate. A bit on the rash side, he will tend to incapacitate a opponent first, and ask questions later, attacking swiftly before they can become a perceivable threat.

He also is a very cool customer at the controls of shuttlecraft, and with his basic engineering training, and natural thick headedness, Wolfe has managed to squeeze some shuttlecraft into some hot situations.


VI. Recent Fitness Reports


Mr Wolfe shows a remarkable amount of fitness for a man approaching his middle years. His strength is not in question, having been discussed on many a cadet's table after comparing bruises after a few round of hand to hand training. My only concern is the mildly high alcohol levels I have found. Yet I have also heard of the legendary drinking ability of Mr Wolfe around various Captains tables. He is a tad heavy but it is explained by his muscular form.

-- Dr. Van Larrsen

      Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy


VII. Psychological Profile


I have crossed paths with Mr Wolfe before on assignment to the academy. Psychologically I find nothing wrong with man, he is a pretty well balanced individual. That said, he is reckless with regards to his own personal safety. If you add to that rude, stubborn and demanding, then you will begin to see the real James Wolfe.

He stands head and shoulders above his fellow officers physically and this helps him dominant his surroundings mentally. People will stop to look when Wolfe enters a room. He commands a presence, and this is reflected in his leadership qualities. People follow him, not because rank dictates but because he just looks like he is in charge, he has an aura about him and no one will question him.

-- LCDR Steven Taylor

      Staff Psychologist, Starfleet Academy


VIII. Current Recreational Interests


Playing guitar, sports (football, cricket, rugby). Chastising young officers and NCO's. Reading.