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MCBM John Astor- Chief of the Boat, USS Constellation

Master Chief Boatswain's Mate (E-9)

Character name:
Astor, John Jacob
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.94 meters 
Weight: 99 kg.
Parents: Mary and Jonathan Astor civilian colonists on Sigma Upsilon Three. 
Now deceased, no siblings.

John was sub-space schooled to age 13 on his parent's sheep ranch on Sigma 
Upsilon Three.

Having shown an aptitude for machinery and mechanical repairs from early 
childhood [at age nine he disassembled a combine freed a damaged gear, 
hammered it back to true and reassembled the machine before the farm 
collective mechanic could respond to the breakdown] he was sent to the 
engineering trades school on Gaulcian Prime at 13 and remained in that 
program for four years.

Upon graduation, he went to the Starfleet recruiting station with a friend 
who was intent on enlisting to "see the universe". John decided to take the 
aptitude test as a lark and scored a ninety-nine on it. Two days later, he 
was on a fast troop transport to Earth to attend the enlisted basic training 
school at Great Lakes Illinois.

From there he was sent to the Machinists Mate A school in Biloxi and upon 
graduation was sent to the Starfleet Linguistics academy in Bari Italy. There 
he studied Vulcan and acquired sufficient ear and tongue for the language that 
his finishing school for Starfleet service was the preparatory school for the 
Vulcan Science Academy. 

By the time he finished these schools, John Astor knew sub atomic molecular 
transportation theory, and transporter technology as well as any other human 
serving in Starfleet.

His first tour of duty, aboard the USS Huron, was spent tending to the cargo 
handling transporters on delta shift. As the vessel was primarily a science and 
exploration ship, there were many rock, soil and life form samples that passed 
across Astor's pads in the three years he was aboard Huron.

His next tour was aboard the USS Edson, a light escort starship, convoying 
civilian warp one freighters near the Klingon borders and neutral zone. He honed 
his skills on the personnel pads transferring ships officers between the convoy 
and Edson for meetings and conferences.

His third star tour, aboard USS Indianapolis, won him the Starfleet Cross with 
Nebula cluster for valor when under combat conditions he was able to recalibrate 
a sabotaged transporter system, freeing its circuitry of lubricants dumped into 
them by a spy posing as a Starfleet officer, in time to extricate the ship 
executive officer and chief of security from a hostage situation on the planet 
below. Astor had beamed down grabbed the two wounded officers, and beamed the 
three of them up onto one pad. This was a feat of calibration never before 

Petty Officer First Class Astor then found himself assigned to the Transporter 
Technician A school as an instructor. Three years into a five-year commitment at 
the school Astor was seconded to a research and development project which was to 
become the transporter system for the Constellation class Starship. 

Astor was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer and assigned to USS Constellation 
following the successful completion of the transporter systems project. He now 
finds himself aboard the class name ship as its inaugural Chief of the Boat, as well
as its Transporter Chief. 

Only two, Rum, and felines. Astor has received several captains' reprimands for 
sneaking cats on board after a night of serious drinking ashore.

Will do anything with in his power to protect his crewmen and his ship. Will carry 
out an order to a level better than expected by the giver one hundred ten per cent 
of the time.

Parents' deceased. No spouse girl or boy friend.