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LT John DeSimms- Chief Security Officer, USS Hood

Lieutenant (O-3)

I. Personal Data	
Full Name:	John DeSimms
Surname:	DeSimms
Given Name:	John
Current Rank:	Lieutenant (O-3)
Current Billet:	Chief Security Officer, USS HOOD, NCC-1703
Species: 	Half Human-Half Angelian
Gender/Sex: 	Male
DOB:		2228
Height: 	6'4"
Weight: 	250 pounds
Hair Color: 	No Hair
Eye Color: 	Hazel
Skin Color: 	White with a yellowish tinge

II. Biographical Notes

1-6: 	Attended the Rappaport Hills Traditional School

7-12: 	Attended the Marino Hills Combat Military School

13: 	Tried for his first felony, later acquitted on all counts. He was 
	tried for Manslaughter in the First Degree due to a fight that 
	broke out in his colony in New Atlantis while he was on break 
	from the School, a fight broke out between his father and another 
	man, he broke it up, and killed the man who attacked his father.

13-18: 	Continued to attend the Military school until graduation

19-22: 	Entered and graduated Starfleet Academy without incident.  
	Commissioned as an Ensign.

23-24: 	Took accelerated Bachelors program at Brooklyn university in 
	Plasmonic Physics and Impulse Systems

23-27: 	Served aboard the U.S.S. BEZUGELLOFF during the Kotangi Incident. 
	He killed 6 of the onboard support staff from the newly discovered 
	planet Ogalon VII after they took over the ship.  His actions also 
	directly led to the killing of 10 hostages on board, including the 
	medical officer.  Afterward, he was forced to take two half years 
	of courses in Hostage Negotiation and Non-Lethal Methods of 
	Capture and was restricted from promotion for 3 years pending an 

28-31:	Promoted to Lieutenant J.G.  Served as a Security Chief on the 
	Sector 5V outpost where he remained in near complete isolation.

31-32:	Served in Naval Special Ground Operations Core as a forward 
	outpost commander in actions against the Romulans, the Klingons, 
	and what might have been the Gorn.  For his distinguished 
	service, he was promoted to Lieutenant.  

32:	Received Medal of Honor for action on the planet Demetrius IV, 
	where hundreds thousands of miles away from Federation space, 
	with almost no equipment, and with three wounds in the legs 
	and the side of his torso, he was able to carry out a successful 
	mission and rescued three of his comrades.  Reassigned to SEC,

IV. Medals and Commendations

Starfleet Medal of Honor
Meritorious Service Award
Special Operations Star Honor
Federation Gold Service Award

V. Recent Fitness Reports

If a man could come close to a bull, you have found him. His body mass is 
possibly up to 85% muscle. Cardiovascular functions are amazing, and 
scans estimate his heart to be about the size of a football. He is also 
resilient and has extremely high pain tolerance. In studies of crew 
susceptibility to phaser stuns, his mass and insensitivity to pain made 
it take 5 long bursts from a phaser to bring him down.

VI. Psychological Profile
He has a lot of versatility but is antisocial and has little respect for 
authority. He thinks humans are flawed and weak