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ENS Johnny North- Chief Navigator, USS Endeavor

Ensign (O-1)

I. Personal Data
Full Name: 		John Nathaniel North		
Surname: 		North 		
Given Name: 		John 		
Nickname: 		Johnny
Current Rank:  		Ensign (O-1)
Current Billet:  	NAV, USS ENDEAVOR NCC 1718
Species:  		Human
Gender/Sex:  		Male
Age:  			27
DOB:  			May 4th, 2234 
POB:  			Utopia Planitia, Mars
Parents:  		Meredith Walker-North; Graham North
Siblings:  		Sandra Walker, Cassandra North, Matilda North
Spouse:  		Sung Su-Paik (Divorced)
Children:  		None

A. Physical Description
HT: 			6'2"
WT: 			185lbs
EY: 			Green 
HR: 			Jet Black 
SK:  			Caucasion, tanned
Blood Type:  		AB+
Religion:  		Agnostic
Citizenship:  		Utopia Planitia, Mars
Languages:  		English, Bad English, Korean

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Star Fleet Academy
         Master's Degree in Applied Sciences - Stellar Navigation & Cartography
	 Basic Flight Training
	 Advanced Combat Training
	 Emergency Medical Technician
B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
   -- Star Fleet Medical EMT School
   -- Flight School
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Steller Navigation/Course Plotting & Mapping

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Academic Major: 	Stellar Navigation; Cartography & Map Design
Professional Major: 	Flight/Combat Studies
Class Rank:  		
Reprimands: 		1. Poor attendance during EMT training
			2. Conduct unbecoming of an officer after participation in a bar fight
			3. Minor shuttle damage during a botched landing procedure
Commendations: 		1. Academic Excellance on all core courses in Stellar Navigation
			2. Perfect Attendance during Basic Flight Training
Activities:  		Glee Club, Chess Master, & Ballet Dance Club   

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-18:  		Lived with parents on Mars; attended Martian Primary & Secondary schools.
18:  		Entered Starfleet Academy.
18-22:		Attended Starfleet Academy.
22:		Cadet Cruise aboard USS GALILEO.  Commissioned into 
			Starfleet as an Ensign (O-1).
22-Present:	Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary

Growing up, Johnny North wanted nothing more than to be a Star Fleet officer 
to travel the stars. It was the "cool" thing to strive for during his childhood; 
he and his friends had often pretended that they travelled the stars in a 
starship made out of cardboard boxes. As he gotten older, his friends desires 
changed while his remained the same. He began reading as much of the publicized 
star journals that he can get, catalogued their adventures as well as their 
discoveries. That was when he discovered his gift of navigating the stars.

As he had grown older, he would lay out on the plains and watched the stars, 
make up his own constellations, even dreamt that he was among them, seeking out 
their secrets. That dream came to an abrupt end when he met his future wife, who 
had no interest in being with a Star Fleet Officer, and decided to live a quiet 
life on Mars as a map maker. It was clear that he was unhappy during his marriage; 
he had often wondered about the road not taken. It did not take long for him to 
realize that he really wanted to journey to the stars and enlisted in Star Fleet 
Academy, effectively putting an end to his marriage.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2256.213:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2257.213:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2258.214:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2259.213:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2260.115:	Promoted to Ensign (O-1)

B. Service History
2256.213:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2257.213:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2258.214:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2259.213:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2260.115:	Graduated from Starfleet Academy; assigned to
	 	  cadet cruise aboard USS GALILEO
2260.213:       Finished Cadet Cruiser, commissioned as Ensign (O-1);
                  assigned as NAV, USS ENDEAVOR NCC 1718.

C.  Medals and Commendations
None at this time.

V. Skills Profile

Before he received his combat training, he found out that he was a pretty decent 
fighter during a bar fight at the officer's lounge at Star Fleet Academy in San 
Francisco. That bar fight caused a reprimand to be placed on his record, but he 
signed up for Advanced Combat Training not too long after. His piloting skills 
are proficient, but not spectacular which meant that he firmly placed himself 
in the route of Stellar Navigation.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

John North is in good health, though a little on the stocky side. His BMI is over 
what it should be, but not due to an excess of fat over muscle. Additional Cardio 
exercise may be required; also his diet may require a little more carbs than he is 
used to. No physical limitations found; No diseases or conditions found.  He is 
cleared for active duty.

-- Dr. Sekar
	Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy

VII. Psychological Profile

Johnny North is a career professional; his ambition is fueled by his drive to 
reach for the stars. Though his Academy career was not spectacular, he managed to 
attract the attention of two of his professors who have written letters of 
commendation into his record. He is much more serious and rigid than he could be; 
likely a result of his divorce creating a certain amount of bitterness. It is 
unlikely he has partaken in any real recreational activities since graduating from 
the academy.

Johnny North is cleared psychologically for active duty, works well with others, 
and is serious about the performance of his duties. However, a little recreation 
could not hurt, either.

-- LCDR Bradley Baines
	Staff Psychologist, Starbase 11

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Reading books, playing strategy games against himself, and primarily study star 
charts and cartography reports.