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VADM Joseph Carstairs, Commanding Officer, Starbase 6

Vice Admiral (O-9)

Introductory Notes

This character will serve as the nominal "fleet commander" of ORIGINS. In the TOS era- which seemed only to be underscored by ST2009- the flag command structure was vague and often contradictory; what was clear was that Enterprise- and her sister ships, it can be assumed- got her orders from various starbases, depending on where she was exploring. This character commands one such base.

Links and Notes

Starbase 6 has a long canonical (spoken/seen/heard in a movie or television/animated series) and apocryphal (spoken/seen/heard in a movie, television/animated series, licenced novel, comic or short story, or gaming system) history, detailed on both the Memory Alpha and Memory Beta wikis.

Character Bio

I. Personal Data
Full Name:  		Joseph Carstairs
Surname:  		Joseph
Given Name:  		Carstairs
Nickname:		Joe
Current Rank:  		Vice Admiral (O-9)
Current Billet:  	Commanding Officer, Starbase 6
Species:  		Human
Gender/Sex:  		Male
Age:  			57
DOB:  			September 3, 2202 
POB:  			New York City, New York, Earth
Parents:  		Deceased
Siblings:  		Kevin (b. 2200)- deceased
Spouse:  		Frances (b. 2206)- retired
Children:  		Joseph (b. 2231)- Captain, CO USS REPUBLIC NCC-1371;
			Samuel (b. 2233)- Commander, Instructor Starfleet Academy 

A. Physical Description
HT: 			6'1"
WT: 			193 lbs.
EY: 			Green 
HR: 			Gray 
SK:  			Caucasian- medium complexion
Blood Type:  		B-
Religion:  		Athiest
Citizenship:  		Earth, United Federation of Planets
Languages:  		Federation standard (native), French (fluent), Klingon 
				(fluent), Cardassian (passable)

II. Background Summary

Joseph Carstairs is, in many ways, a typical "career" 'Fleeter.  He comes from
a long-standing Starfleet family: many of his ancestors served in Starfleet's
infancy, and his children have continued in the "family tradition."  Joe is
married, his wife living in New York City on Earth.

His personality is usually one of patience and cool reasoning.  He prefers to
have ample proof and/or support before taking action, especially any actions
which might result in deaths or damage to the Federation's reputation and
security.  He has never been much of a risk-taker, only doing so if there is
no other clear choice of action.

However, that said, he is extremely supportive of those under his command; he
will support them completely, so long as their conduct and, more importantly,
their results, warrant it.

In general, in the growing political conflict in the Federation Council between
the Military minds (who push for a larger, more military Starfleet) and the
Exploration supporters (who support a more diplomatic and scientific central
role for Starfleet), Joe supports the Explorers.  Most of the time; the soldier
in him cannot help but see the potential danger of expanding their frontiers.

III. Skills Profile

Reasonable marksman; excellent diplomat.  Politically aware, and increasingly
adept in this arena.

IV. Current Recreational Interests

Likes to play handball and basketball when he has time- makes for a reasonable
shooting guard, since much of what he does is practice his jump-shot.