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LCDR Karzin Ren- First Officer/Navigatior, USS Intrepid

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

FULL NAME: Karzin Verin Ren
SURNAME: Ren (Verin before the Joining)
CURRENT RANK: Lt. Commander (O-4)
SPECIES: Trill (Joined)
AGE: 30 Years
DOB: 2230 (Trill Calendar 11 Minaza 9110)
POB: Pezzar Province, Trill
PARENTS: Myzaa and Sarza Verin

HEIGHT: 1.65 m
WEIGHT: 76 kg
HAIR: Black
EYES: Green
LANGUAGES: English, Trill, Vulcan, Klingonaase, Andorian. Several others 
with a passing knowledge of the language.


A. Academic Institutions Attended:

-- University of Trill, Astrophysics with Honours
-- Symbiosis Commission Joining Program - Graduated
-- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended:
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
-- Star Fleet Command School

C. Qualifications:
-- MOC: Helm/Navigation
-- MOC: Command Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Academic Major: Astrogation
Professional Major: Operations
Class Rank: 3rd
Disobey Order from Superior Officer
Date: 2259
Details: Refused to allow Captain to beam down to a hazardous situation 
to rescue former XO on the USS Soyez while a Lieutenant and 2O. Beamed down 
himself and rescued the XO, CSciO and two security officers.
Courage Under Fire
Date: 2259
Details: Beamed down to a hazardous situation to rescue XO, CSciO and 
two security officers, saving their lives.
Athletics: Hockey, Baseball, Running.
Activities: Strategy Games. Chess, Poker.


A. Chronology

0-17: Lived on Trill. Above average student in sciences and athletics.
17-21: Attended Trill University in the Capital. Earned degree in 
Astrophysics with Honours. Minor in Xenolinguistics.
21-22: Submitted Application for Joining at the Symbiosis Commission. 
Graduated from the training and given the REN symbiote after accident 
involving previous host.
22-23: Submitted application to Starfleet Academy, against the will of the 
Symbiosis Commission and parents.
23-26: Graduated from Starfleet Academy with advanced standing due to 
previous trainign and experience. Commissioned Lieutenant (J.G.).
26-28: Served aboard USS SOYEZ as Helsman and the Chief Helm Officer. 
Promoted to Lieutenant.
28-30: Transferred to the USS EXCALIBUR as the Chief Navigation Officer. 
Promoted to Lt. Commander.
30-Present: Transferred to the USS INTREPID as Executive Officer

B. Background:

Karzin was born on Trill, a son of a trained diplomat and Ambassador, and an 
Ambassadorial aide. Skilled in the sciences, Karzin went to the University 
of Trill in the Capital City. Always looking to the stars, Karzin decided to 
submit his application for the Joining to the Symbiosis Commission. 
Graduating from this august body, he never expected to be Joined so young in 
life. However, an accident involving a radiation leak on a Trill Shuttle 
killed the host of the Ren symbiote and almost killed the symbiote. It was 
not an easy Joining for Ren and Karzin. They spent several weeks in the 
hospital, recuperating. It was after this that Karzin's life changed. He saw 
the World through a different set of eyes now, and decided to follow the 
dream of the previous host of the Ren symbiote, and join Starfleet.

Karzin submitted his application to Starfleet Academy, and was the first 
Trill excepted for training on Earth. Although the Symbiosis Commission 
forbade him to do it, and his father and mother were upset he was going to 
join Starfleet, he left for Earth and hasn't looked back since. Since then 
his mother and father have sent his blessings and revealed their pride in 
what he did. As an Ambassador, Karzin's father appreciates all that he has 
done for Trill by being their unofficial ambassador to the culture and 
tradtitions of his people to the Galaxy and Starfleet.

Karzin found Starfleet Academy difficult at first. Although his Academic 
Grades were the best in his class, he found that he didn't fit in. His 
classmates were clique-ish and they didn't appreciate his "arrogant" 
attitude. Karzin hadn't realised that he was being arrogant until he was 
confronted by some of his classmates who informed him with a small 
application of physical emphasis that he was, indeed, being arrogant. It was 
the eye opener he needed. Karzin realised that, because he had four 
lifetimes of experience to draw from, he seemed to others to be a "know it 
all" and "arrogant". By taking several psychology classes and participating 
with others more, he worked at eliminating this attitude from his repetoire. 
After that, he discovered a new world and made several fast friends. He 
discovered he had a skill for languages and was a natural pilot. With his 
Astrophysics background, he completed his Academy training in Astrogation, 
and was assigned his first Starship after graduation - Helmsman on the USS 
SOYEZ, a small workhorse of a starship that was past her prime.

Excelling at his new duties, there was only one blemish on his record. At 
Beta Origin IV, the XO, CSCiO and four security officers beamed down into a 
First Contact situation. Something went wrong in the negotiations, and the 
Landing Party was attacked. Two officers were killed right at the beginning, 
with the others seriously wounded. The Captain decided to beam down to this 
hostile situation, and was about to leave his Helsman in command, when he 
discovered that the Helmsman had ignored the Captain's orders, and beamed 
down with a security team to rescue the Landing Party before the Captain 
could. Locating the team it was through the efforts of Karzin that they were 
rescued and returned to the ship, even though Karzin himself was seriously 
wonded. The Captain was furious and noted a reprimand for Ren in his log. 
The next day, when he had calmed down, he realised that Karzin had done this 
to protect the Captain and the crew, and issued him a Commendation for his 
bravery in the face of battle.

Promoted and transferred to the new USS EXCALIBUR, he excelled at his post 
and received a new mission at the end of his tour of duty. A transfer to the 

C. Personality:

Karzin Ren is an interesting combination of several personalities all rolled 
into one. He has four other lifetimes that he can draw on - their 
experience, their training, their lives, and use this for himself. This has 
made him a bit arrogant at times, especially when stressed, but his strength 
of will and his acknowledgement of his limitations usually can control these 
issues. Although formal with the junior ranks, he also has a very open and 
honest personalty which makes him likeable, most of the time. A talented 
xenolinguist, he sometimes curses in foreign tongues, just to let off some 
steam and has been known to get himself in trouble that way when someone 
actually understands him. He is determined, disciplined and objective, and 
can have conversations with anyone about anything, especially if it was a 
hobby, skill, or experience from his previous lives. This can sometimes be 
creepy, as most people could never understand how such a young man could be 
knowledgeable about things that happened in the past.