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ENS Leticia Combs- Communications, USS Intrepid

Ensign (O-1)

I. Personal Data
Full Name: Leticia Shiloh Combs
Surname: Combs
Given Name: Leticia
Nickname: Letty
Current Rank: Ensign (O-1)
Current Billet: Communications Officer, USS INTREPID, NCC-1631
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Female
Age: 29 Terran years
DOB: 2232.261
POB: Decoy, Kentucky, Earth
Parents: Jethro Combs (62), owner of Marble's
Eva Combs (58), tour guide
Siblings: Sophie Haywood (34), attorney
Martha Combs (26), waitress at Marble's
Spouse: None
Children: None

A. Physical Description
HT: 5'2"
WT: 138 lbs
EY: Brown
HR: Light Brown, somewhat longer than practical because of
missed haircuts
SK: A shade of pale that cannot possibly be healthy in
Blood Type: O+
Religion: Baptist
Citizenship: Earth
Languages: Federation Standard (native), conversational Vulcan,
basic Klingon, advanced conversational Romulan

II. Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
-- Amherst College
--Star Fleet Reserve Officer Training Corps

B. Service Schools Attended
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
-- MOC: Communications

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: None
Academic Major: English
Professional Major: Communications
Class Rank: 89/340
Reprimands: 3: Repeatedly found asleep in the library after hours.
Commendations: 0
Athletics: None
Activities: Book Club, Creative Writing

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-18: Lived in Decoy, Kentucky, attended local public schools.

18: Enrolled in Amherst College (Massachusetts). Enrolled in Star
Fleet Reserve Officer Training Corps.

18-22: Attended Amherst College. Attended SFROTC training programs.

22: Graduation from Amherst College. Cadet cruise aboard USS
KAGUYA. Commissioned into Starfleet as an Ensign (O-1).
Assigned to USS CHANG'E.

22-29: Service aboard USS CHANG'E.

29: USS CHANG'E decommissioned. Reassigned to USS INTREPID.

29-present: Service aboard USS INTREPID.

B. Background Summary

Letty was born the middle of three daughters in a hospital not far from the town of Decoy, Kentucky. The coal mines that had once been the primary source of monetary gain for Decoy had been reinforced and used as a mass bomb shelter during WW3. After the war, hot springs were discovered by residents digging to find fresh, uncontaminated water. Because of this, Decoy grew from a small town to a tourist destination, with many fancy hotels, five-star restaurants, and entertainment centers. Most of the people visiting Decoy are fairly wealthy, though those living in the town are of modest means, such as the Combs family.

Jethro Combs, Letty's father, was trained at culinary school, but rather than work in the five-star restaurants, he opened Marble's, a "five-star dive bar" in the heart of Decoy, while her mother, Eva, became a tour guide to supplement the meager income of Marble's. Letty and her sisters, Sophie and Martha, attended the local public schools with most of the other children from Decoy and the surrounding area. Letty tended to be shy and made few friends, preferring the companionship of a good book or a word processor. It did not surprise anyone when she chose to pursue a career in writing.

Letty sent in her applications, grades, and test scores to the colleges rated the best for an English degree. She was soon accepted into Amherst College, with its whopping tuition of 37,000 dollars, not counting room and board. Her second and third choices in colleges also cost around the same, and some universities were so far away that she would pay almost as much just in travel expenses. Finally, after months of stressing over these problems, she got a recruitment letter for SFROTC in the mail. One of the benefits listed in the brochure was having tuition fully paid, and Letty, not realizing what she was getting herself into, signed up immediately.

At the end of her first year of college, Letty got a rude awakening in the form of basic training. At the end of the first summer, she was more physically fit than she had ever been in her life, and still the weakest of her group. She'd already taken the mandatory aptitude tests and been told her best bet would be in communications. Not being very picky, she agreed to it. And difficult though it was, she didn't regret it, as it allowed her to read all the classical literature of other cultures in their native languages and pick up new ideas and literary devices for her stories.

After graduating from Amherst College and completing the SFROTC training program, Letty was assigned to a cadet cruise on the USS KAGUYA, where she discovered firsthand the responsibilities of a Communications Officer. At the end of the cruise, she received her first real assignment as Communications Officer on the USS CHANG'E, an obsolete vessel rapidly nearing the end of its service.

At the end of her four required years of service, Letty came to a hard realization: her first three books were nothing but red-inked manuscripts shoved in the back of her footlocker alongside several rejection letters. Until she got a book published, she would have no way of supporting herself. She knew she would face ridicule from her sisters if she quit Starfleet only to move back in with her parents, and in the end, her only option was to remain where she was.

Letty continued for three more years on the USS CHANG'E, until it was decommissioned. At that point, she was reassigned to her current position.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2250.213: Entered 1st Year, SFROTC
2251.214: Entered 2nd Year, SFROTC
2252.213: Entered 3rd Year, SFROTC
2253.213: Entered 4th Year, SFROTC
2260.115: Promoted to Ensign (O-1)

B. Service History
2250.213: Entered 1st Year, SFROTC
2251.214: Entered 2nd Year, SFROTC
2252.213: Entered 3rd Year, SFROTC
2253.213: Entered 4th Year, SFROTC
2254.115: Graduated from Amherst College; assigned to
cadet cruise aboard USS KAGUYA, NCC-1633.
2254.213: Finished Cadet Cruise, commissioned as Ensign (O-1);
assigned as Communications Officer, USS CHANG'E,
2261.072: USS CHANG'E decommissioned; reassigned as Communications
Officer, USS INTREPID, NCC-1631

C. Medals and Commendations
None at this time.

V. Skills Profile

Excellent memory, almost photographic for written information. Good with puzzles and codes. Creative. Works well with others. Very diligent, with an eye for detail.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Leticia Combs could do with a better daily exercise regimen, particularly strength and aerobic training. However, she is of a healthy weight and shows no signs of physical ailments other than eyestrain and a somewhat greater vitamin D deficiency than is common among Starfleet personnel. It is strongly recommended that take supplements and spend nights *sleeping*.
-- Dr. Yagokoro
Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy

VII. Psychological Profile

No determinable psychological illnesses to report. Given her apparent lack of ambition, I hardly find it surprising that Leticia Combs is rarely considered for promotion. She spends more time in her own fantasy world than she does in reality, but when she is focused on real happenings (however rare), I find her to be a hard worker, reliable, and cooperative, though prone to groupthink. She tends to be quiet and reserved, is vulnerable to hurt feelings and terrified of failure. She handles stress and conflict badly, especially conflict among co-workers, so I do not suggest putting her in charge of a group for more than a few minutes at a time.
-- LCDR Maribel Hearn
Staff Psychologist, USS CHANG'E

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Reading, writing, daydreaming