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MCBM Luciana- Chief of the Boat, USS Lexington

Master Chief Bosun's Mate (E-9)

I.  Personal Data
Surname:                     Luciana
Given Name(s):               Luciana
Current Rank:                Master Chief Petty Officer 
Current Billet:              Chief of the Boat, USS Lexington (Transfered 2261.182)
Species:                     El-Aurian
Gender/Sex:                  Female
Date of Birth:               August 17, 2148
Place of Birth:              El-Auria
  Father -                   Deven 
  Mother -                   Terra 
Siblings:                    Several dozens              
Spouse:                      Never Married
Children:                    None

A. Physical Description
HT:                          5' 8"            
WT:                          132 lbs.             
EY:                          Green                  
HR:                          Brunette               
SK:                          Caucasian with Olive tanned        
Blood Type:                  O+  equivalent        
Religion:                    Unknown          
Citizenship:                 Earth; UFP; El-Auria
Languages:                   Terran Standard, Romulan, Klingon, Native Tongue.  

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Aurian Institute
        -Highest Honors in Political Intelligence, Extraterrestrial Studies)
   -- EL Foundation
        -Information Gathering/Foreign Studies 

B. Service Schools Attended
   -- House of El: School of Listening
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Intelligence Gathering Procedures 
   -- MOC:  Damage Control Procedures 
   -- MOC:  Decryption Procedures
   -- MOC:  Security Procedures
D. Star Fleet Academy Record
      Not on File
III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)
0-28:        Lived on El-Auria and advanced pursued education.  
28-30:       Left El-Auria for Earth
30:          Arrived on Earth
31-34:       Observed Humanity
34:          Enlisted into Starfleet
34-40:       Crewman. USS Argonaut  
40-43:       Petty Officer Second Class, USS Morgan
43-50:       Petty Officer First Class, USS Delaware
50-53:       Petty Officer First Class, USS Nova
53:          Filed for Extended Leave of Absence, Granted
53-55:       Returned to El-Auria
55-60:       El-Auria
60-63:       Left El-Auria to return to Earth
65:          ELOA ended
65-70:       Petty Officer First Class, USS Erasmus
70-90:       Senior Chief Petty Officer, USS Rome, Senior Cheif Petty Officer 
34-Present:  Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary
Born in an uncharted sector of the Galaxy on the planet El-Auria; Luciana arrived 
on Earth on 2178. In the beginning months after arriving Earth, Luciana had began 
to study the human race, for her finale requirement for the House of El’s 
Extraterrestrial Study Program. Few months on Earth, and several trilliquads of 
data, she applied for citizenship of the United Federation of Planets. While filing 
for Citizenship, she didn’t hide who she was. With the exception of her educational 
pursuits, she disclosed fully her race and where her home world was located. Luciana 
was one of the first El-Aurians Starfleet has documented. 

Years later, at the age of 34, she enrolled into Starfleet and was assigned to USS 
Argonaut. She was on the vessel serving under the Communications officer for several 
years. On the Argonaut, she made her first true friend, 

Ensign Talek a Vulcan. He was the ship’s intelligence officer. Luciana found the 
Vulcan interesting and the friendship blossomed. Her final mission with the Argonaut 
was when they made first contact with the Capellans. 
Throughout her Starfleet career she served on multiple ships, and different positions, 
ranging from Engineer to Science, and then Tactical. USS Morgan, Delaware, and the 
Nova were the last assignments before requesting an Extended Leave of Absence.
During the ELOA, Luciana returned home to El-Auria, submitting her final report to 
the House of El, and completing her necessary education. Also she wanted to visit 
Family, whom she was away from for over 30 years. 

Once at home, Luciana had to debate whether to remain home, or return to the 
After a lengthy debate with her father, Deven, she chose that her duty to Starfleet 
and the oath she made with them means she has to return. Before she left, she told 
her family that Humans are progressing nicely, and perhaps in her parent’s life 
time, the Federation would explore as far as El-Auria and waits the day where she 
can be on the ship that makes first contact with her home.
On 2213, Luciana returned to duty and was assigned to the Erasmus. With a new sense 
of purpose and duty for her Starfleet companions she developed friendships more 
quickly than she did the previous years. She was again serving as a Science NCO, 
due to the need to see the advances Starfleet has made during her ELOA. She was 
astonished the updates. Before she served on Warp 6 only starships, now, the 
formerly Warp 6 USS Erasmus has the ability to go to warp 7.
She transferred to the USS Rome, who was commanded by her first friend, Talek. During 
her transfer they have met for dinner, in private, to get reacquainted, and it was 
then she realized how much she missed his company 

throughout the year. He mentioned to her the Intelligence NCO position that was 
available and offered it to her. She gladly accepted and served under Talek’s 
command until recently.
2248 was her last year on the Rome, she felt a change was needed. Her relationship 
with Talek went beyond 

friendship, beyond family. He was promoted to Admiral, and she went on to find new 
assignments and to continue her adventure.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record
A. Promotion History:
2182.145: Enlisted as Crewman
2189.175: Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class
2192.220: Promoted to Petty Officer First Class
2228.220: Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer

B. Service History
2182.145: Enlisted as Crewman; assigned to USS ARGONAUT NCC-0228
2189.175: Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class; reassigned as Engineering
            NCO, USS MORGAN NCC-0312.
2191.220: Promoted to Petty Officer First Class; reassigned as Science     
            NCO, USS DELAWARE NCC-0751.
2195.124: Reassigned as Tactical NCO, USS NOVA NCC-0692
2201.111: Began Extended Leave of Absence
2213.175: Extended Leave of Absence Ended
2213.220: Assigned as Science NCOIC, USS Erasmus
2218.130: Reassigned as Intelligence NCOIC, USS ROME NCC-0753 
2230.220: Promoted to Senior Cheif Petty Officer, USS ROME NCC-0753
C.  Medals and Commendations
None at this time.
V. Skills Profile
Luciana is known to have the standard training in hand to hand combat. She has an 
extensive knowledge of off world politics, and has been able to establish a timeline 
as to what would happen onto the planet. 

She is also an expert on History, knowing how one race advanced through time.
Due to her vast wisdom, she is able to decrypt codes faster than even the best expert.  
VI. Recent Fitness Reports
Luciana is in excellent physical shape, displaying the agility and stamina 
associated to people a third their age. Because her species are long lived, it 
explains why her outer appearance doesn’t reflect her age at all. She has excellent 
reflexes, and does not appear to have any sort of disadvantage.  
-- Dr. Bradford
    Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy
VII. Psychological Profile
Luciana has remarkable mental integrity. Due to her age, she is extremely wise, 
and has an understanding of the universe that would rival the best minds Starfleet 
has to officer. 
Luciana is complicated when it comes to social interactions. While she prefers to 
be alone, when in a group she interacts with her peers and has conversations with 
those she doesn’t know and in the end it was as if they were long time friends. 
She also projects the sense of being a trusting person. 

According to some of the crew from her previous assignments, they’ve claimed coming 
to her for advice felt almost natural and beneficial, then seeing a councilor. The 
only issue that comes into my mind, is why Luciana never pursued a counseling career?
Overall, she has a very keen intellect and sharp. She has the ability to separate 
her own emotions to what is needed to do for the situation. She claims once in a 
while to be getting feelings, 

but I associate that to the typical “hutches/ gut feeling” typical to officers in 
the command field.
-- Dr. Anderson
    Staff Psychologist, Starbase 17
VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Luciana likes to listen to music, dance, and a good book. If able to, she’d love to 
learn things and experience 

things she only read in school books. She also enjoys writing her own stories. Luciana 
is a very imaginative person, and loves to express it in different media. 
For physical activities, she’s known to practice shooting with her phaser.