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LCDR M'Barra Brighteyes- Chief Medical Officer, USS Endeavor

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

LCDR M’Barra (Brighteyes)  [Player: Wendon Pettey]
Starfleet document 90116-7409-BDO267


Name: M’Barra Brighteyes (Caitians do not use surnames, at this point
in Starfleet traditions, all aliens without surnames are assigned one
to provide distinction among others of their race.)

Rank: Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

Serial:   0034-567-9012

Citizen:  Cait, United Federation of Planets

Race: Caitians

Age:  26 (By Caitian reconing, M’Barra is still a kitten, though
mature enough to mate and produce a litter.)


Height:   6'7"

Weight:   189 lbs

Hair: Black and short over all of her body except for her head where
it forms a long, wavy “mane” much like a human female’s hair.

Eyes: Large and golden

Skin: Black

Identifying Marks:  Both ears are pierced as is traditional for
Caitian females. Five earrings in each ear to mark her birth order in
her litter.

Fitness:  Very athletic. Caitians, as a race, are extremely agile and
strong. Though typically non-violent, they have very sharp claws and
teeth and have been able to actually scar ditirium steel decking and
bulkheads, and can climb straight up a steep Cliffside or building
using these claws.


Allergies:  Severely allergic to all Caninoids (Dog-like sentient beings)

Injuries:  No significant injuries

Disabilities: None. M’Barra is a prime physical specimen of her race.


Primary: Caitian Communal Schooling

Secondary: Starfleet Academy, four years
          Starfleet Medical Training, 2 years
Majors:   Xenobiology; First Contact Analysis and Cataloging
Minors:   General Surgery; Counseling
Thesis:   "Edoans: Their Physiological Makeup and Trinary Motor Skills"

Comments:  "LT M’Barra Brighteyes was instrumental in diagnosing and
understanding the unique physical makeup of the newly discovered Edoan
race. Her initial studies and writings on this matter are the most
complete I’ve ever seen on a new race."
 --CPT. Falashwya Mobungo, MD, Chief of Medical Sciences, Starfleet Medical

Disciplinary Procedures:
"LT M’Barra is too ‘social’ in her interactions with other students
here at the Academy. Her ‘off duty’ activities and conduct are hardly
considered proper for a Starfleet Officer. But she is brilliant and
one of the first Caitians to join Starfleet. Despite her behavior, she
accomplishes every task and aces every test. I’m at a bit of a loss as
to what to do with her. I guess I’ll put this note in her service
jacket and keep an eye on her. God help her first commanding officer!"
 --ACOMSF CDOR Dirk Darke


Beliefs:  Devout Mun (pronounced mOOn) worshipper (Traditional Caitian religion)

Ambitions:  Chief of Starfleet Medical

Annoyances:  Being ignored…unless she wants to be ignored.

Hobbies:  Laser Squash, Nude Sunbathing, Running

Personality type:  Almost aggressively friendly. Charming and loyal to a fault.

Comments:  "M’Barra is a typical Caitian. She is friendly and
outgoing, but rather fickle. She can change moods rapidly, even toward
her friends, but it doesn’t usually last long. Her intelligence is
probably her bane as she feels often to be smarter than everyone else
around her. And her beauty and attractiveness to other humanoid males
makes her a bit of a “party girl” that I have been told by the Caitian
Ambassador she will grow out of when she becomes an ‘adult’…whenever
that is."
--Dr. Aia a'Aianaia, Counsellor, SFA


Father:  Gr’Awll
Mother:  M’Rawrr
Siblings:  G’ryrr, M’Rawn, M’Lass, Gr’Awn, G’roO, M’Yrra (These are
her litter-born siblings. M’Barra’s mother has had four other

Service History:  Two years as Director of Starfleet Xenobiology
Research Team. Assigned immediately after graduation.
Last assignment: CMO of USS LEXINGTON. Assigned at launch. Reassigned
to USS ENDEAVOR as CMO upon return from “shakedown cruise”.


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