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LT Martin S. Brubaker, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer, USS Lexington

Lieutenant (O-3)

LT Martin Brubaker, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer
(played by Greg Posey greg.posey[at]
I. Personal Data
Full Name:       Martin S. Brubaker, Ph.D. 
Surname:         Brubaker 
Given Name:      Martin Stanley 
Nickname:        Marty 
Current Rank:    Lieutenant (O-3)
Current Billet:  Chief Science Officer, USS LEXINGTON NCC-1709
Species:         Human/Mars Colony 
Gender/Sex:      Male  
Age:             37 
DOB:             February 3rd, 2224 
POB:             Mars Colony 6, Mars 
Parents:         Archibald Brubaker, Age 58, Attorney
                 Dana Brubaker (nee Emmerich), Age 56, Secondary Teacher

Siblings:        Manfred Brubaker, Age 31, Poet
                 Sara Brubaker-Howard, Age 28, Doctoral Student  
Spouse:          ENS Hope Walsh-Brubaker (separated), Age 30, SF Astrophysicist

Children:        Carrie Brubaker (deceased) 

A. Physical Description
HT:              5'11" 
WT:              170 lbs 
EY:              Green 
HR:              Blonde 
SK:              Pale/Caucasian 
Blood Type:      AB+  
Religion:        Neo-transcendentalist  
Citizenship:     Mars Colonies/Terran
Languages:       English (fluent), "Classical Languages" (fluent), Andorian
                 (fluent), Vulcan (passable), Tellarite (passable), 
                 Trill (barely)

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- University of California, Los Angeles
      (Geophysics and Space Physics, B.S.)
   -- California Institute of Technology
      (Geobiology, Ph.D./Exogeology, Ph.D.)
B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Officer Candidate School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Science Officer
   -- MOC:  Telemetry/Sensors

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: Summa Cum Laude, UCLA
Academic Major: Planetary Science (Geobiology, Exogeology, Space Physics)
Professional Major: Geophysics
Class Rank:  1st in class

1. Mister Brubaker was reprimanded for not following
direct orders during a hand-to-hand class.  He refused to demonstrate a
judo throw on a fellow student, claiming it interfered with his 
non-violent principles.
2. Mister Brubaker was reprimanded for appropriating communal lab space 
for private use over the course of several days.

1. Mister Brubaker has received several minor science awards from the 
UFP for his research into terraforming, environmental restoration, and 
support of scientific exchange between member societies.

Activities:  Parkour, sailing, Member of the Adrenateam-- an
alumni society of thrill seekers.

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-14:  Lived with parents on Mars Colony 6, homeschooled.

14-17: Moved to Los Angeles, Earth with parents.  Attended
private academy.

17-20: Attended UCLA, graduated Summa Cum Laude in geophysic/space

20-24: Pursued Doctorate in Exogeology at California Institute of

24-27: Worked for the Independent Terraforming Council, an
organization of scientists dedicated to creating strict guidelines for 
future UFP terraforming projects.

27-31: Pursued 2nd Doctorate in Geobiology.

31-33: Scientific Advisor to the UFP Department of Colonial
Affairs.  Taught undergraduate classes at UC-Irvine.

33-37: Chaired UFPESCO's terraforming oversight board, later
resigned in protest.  After Vulcan's destruction, toured the Federation 
warning against the threat of Starfleet (and the UFP) becoming more 
militant and offensive in nature.  Advocated a Terraforming Prime 
Directive to preserve certain celestial bodies from rampant 
terraforming by the Federation.

37-Present: Attended Officer Candidate School.  Active duty in
Starfleet.  Assigned to USS LEXINGTON as Chief Science Officer.

B. Background Summary

Martin Brubaker has always been a lightning rod, regarded highly by his
allies and critiqued mercilessly by those who despise him.  Ever since he
was a boy, he has had the tendency to see all matters in black and white,
wrong and right.  Raised by parents on one of the Mars Colonies, life was
never easy and the harsh environment just outside the safely terraformed
zone where they lived proved how precarious existence could be.  From a very
young age, Martin showed extraordinary gifts of intellect and a drive to
make the world come around to his viewpoint.  Unfortunately for him, many of
the ideas he had in mind would prove to be unpopular and the very
organization he would grow to challenge most would eventually become the one
he'd swear to serve.

By his teen years, he had far outpaced what his mother-- a
schoolteacher-- could hope to impart to him.  The family moved from Mars to
Earth to give him a better opportunity at an education.
Academically, he grew like a weed, finding he had an interest and knack at
physics, chemistry, and geology.  That he missed so many years of
socializing with others while being homeschooled became quite obvious as the
gangly teenager had persistent troubles fitting in with his peers.  He did
find a way through it, however; after an accident that saw him tumble thirty
feet down a hillside, he discovered the immense joy of a quickened pulse.

So began his love affair with exciting (though sometimes perilous)
activities like skydiving, hang-gliding, parkour, and racing.  He would add
to his repertoire as he grew older, always challenging his body and mind,
pushing himself past his own limits each time.
Challenging himself was a theme that carried into his professional life as
well.  He graduated from high-school a year early and attended
UCLA-- Starfleet had been an option but he was raised to be a pacifist.  He
graduated a year early from college as well, leaving such an impression that
many schools were vying for him to carry out his doctorate and do research
with them.

He would eventually get a second doctorate but not before making a splash in
UFP circles.  Though his academic and scientific credentials were superb
(and he spent as much time conducting research as possible), his charisma
and extroverted nature led him to working in high-profile,
politically-charged arenas.  As a leading light in matters of terraforming,
he was asked to join many of the best scientists in his arena to help guide
UFP policy.  The more politics he saw, the greater he felt the
responsibility lay in science's hands to help guide lawmakers and
ambassadors rather than the other way around.  He became something of an
activist, something that just as many of his peers found distasteful as

His career high-point came when he chaired one of the UFP's principle
terraforming councils, by now having made his mark as one of the top ten
experts in planetary science.  He also met a woman six years his junior, a
promising astrophysicist whom he would later marry.  Their relationship was
as thrilling and passionate as he could hope for but not without its
problems.  Beyond their age differences, they had a fundamental disagreement
over many philosophical issues as well.
Nevertheless, they weathered life's storms and eventually had a child
together named Carrie.

In the aftermath of Nero's unprovoked attack on Vulcan, Martin's group made
a list of thorough recommendations to the Vulcans on where they might start
up a new colony.  When those were ignored and the group shut out of the
decision-making process, Martin grew disenchanted with the UFP's methods,
saying that he saw no reason for participating if his advice wasn't going to
be heard.  His resignation, followed by the sudden difficulty in obtaining
grants for his research led him to believe all the more strongly that all
was not rosy in the halls of power.

When he began advocating that the UFP use Starfleet less and less as a
military organization and one for scientific research-- the Federation had
lost the Vulcan Science Academy, too, after all-- he stumbled into a new
occupation.  He wrote essays and books, gave talks and interviews on the
subject.  Though many were incensed at what he was suggesting, that
Starfleet had begun to lose its way, he nonetheless used his newfound
celebrity to promote scientific conversation among a wider group of people.
Then the floor fell out.  Again.

His daughter perished quickly from an undiagnosed and untreatable genetic
disease.  His wife of several years and he were devastated beyond reckoning
and grew more distant as the grief overtook them.
They separated and, to his instant chagrin, she left her doctoral program
and instead joined Starfleet.  At first, he saw it as her running away from
him but over time he understood her decision.  There was no place left to go
for her.  Indeed, after locking himself away for nearly a year after the
tragedy, he came to an epiphany.  Just as he was unable to work from without
to steer where Vulcan's new colony would be, he couldn't hope to influence
Starfleet's direction as a civilian.  No, to ensure that Starfleet continued
to be a peaceful agent of exploration, discovery, and diplomacy, he would
have to work from within.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2261.101        Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)
2261.164        Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)

B. Service History
2261.069: Attended Officer Candidate School
2261.101: Graduated from OCS.
2261.101: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1). 
2261.101: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)Assigned Deputy Chief Science Officer, USS LEXINGTON NCC-1709
2261.164: Promoted to Lieutenant O-3) Assigned Chief Science Officer, USS LEXINGTON NCC-1709

C.  Medals and Commendations
None at this time.

V. Skills Profile

Martin has considerable expertise in fields related to his core area of
study.  These include geochemistry, astrophysics, biochemistry, etc.  This
is one reason why he's so highly regarded in matters concerning planetary
science and terraforming.  He's also studied "The Classics" and was raised
to appreciate matters of ancient Earth history.  While he practices a
version of pacifism not unlike that of the Vulcans, he paid attention in
class and can aptly defend himself (or his fellows) in hand-to-hand or with
a phaser.  Set to stun, of course.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Martin Brubaker is in good physical condition; unsurprising considering he's
just finished OCS and has a history of strenuous hobbies.  One passing note
must be mentioned-- he's had a number of injuries that haven't been properly
tended to over the years.  Bones mended awkwardly, scar tissue that our
doctors should have been able to mitigate.  I'd say it is probably due to
his notorious cavorting offworld but a future doctor may want to discuss
taking better care of his future injuries.

Dr. S'tolan, Starfleet Medical

VII. Psychological Profile

I confess some bias in conducting an eval for Mr. Brubaker.  I heard him
speak, a year ago when Vulcan was still a fresh wound for many of my
patients, and after sitting through an hour-long diatribe about the dangers
of Starfleet becoming like the Roman Legion of old, I thought I might deck
him.  However, having spent some time with the man, it's hard not to see the
difference in his public persona and the one he wears when his guard is
down.  He is impulsive and a bit cynical but otherwise well-adjusted and at
ease with his environment, even as he must cope with serving with so many
who are wise to his earlier comments regarding the fleet.

He has firm ideals, like his vegetarianism and pacifism (only use force in
self-defense), that define him as much as his scholarly pursuits.  There is,
nevertheless, a profound and extraordinarily buried pain, the loss of his
daughter and dissolution of his marriage I suspect, that he has yet to
properly address.  It's important that he does so, and sooner rather than
later.  I can't help but also conclude that his natural zeal and the
pressure he places on himself will become hindrances rather than motivators
over time if he doesn't confront the tragedy he's faced.

-- Edith Cantwell, Ph.D., Starfleet Medical (Psychology Branch)

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Martin loves anything involving a heightened heart rate.  Skydiving,
mountain-climbing, whitewater rafting, base-jumping, and on and on.
On the lighter side, he spends quite a lot of time keeping up with the
disciplines related to his field of study; it's the only way he can hope to
stay current with such an interdisciplinary field.  He's also become
something of a drinker, of late, sampling wine and hard liquors from around
the galaxy.  He won't admit it but he also likes film noir and hard-boiled
stories (ie Penny Dreadfuls).