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LCDR Matthew Wilson- First Officer, USS Pegasus

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data	
Full Name:  	Matthew James Wilson
Surname:  	Wilson
Given Name:  	Matthew
Current Rank:  	Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
Current Billet: First Officer/Helm, USS Pegasus
Species:  	Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
Gender/Sex:  	Male/XY
Age:  		29 Terran Years 
DOB:  		22 June 2229
POB:  		Royo Base Colony, Mars
Parents:  	Jack Wilson		(2190-    ) - Police Detective (ret)
	  	Holly Wilson		(2189-    ) - Warehouse Manager
Siblings:  	John Wilson 		(2238-2253) 				
Spouse:  	None			
Children:  	None
A. Physical Description
HT: 		5'7" 
WT: 		190 lbs 
EY: 		Blue 
HR: 		Brown 
SK:  		Caucasian  
Blood Type:  	AB-
Vision:  	O: +.025, S: +.025 (effectively 20/20)

B. Background Data
Religion:  	None Listed
Citizenship:  	Mars Colony, United Federation of Planets
Languages:  	Terran Standard (native speaking), Vulcan (conversational), Klingon (basic)
                Andorii (basic)

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Starfleet Academy
         Bachelor of Science, Astrophysics
         Bachelor of Science, Computer Programming
         Masters, Probability Mechanics
B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Starfleet Navigation School
   -- Starfleet Piloting School
   -- Starfleet Command Program   
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Helm Officer
   -- MOC : Navigation Officer
   -- MOC :  Command Officer
D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: 		*Egregia Cum Laude* 
Academic Major: 	Spatial Theoretical Physics
Professional Major: 	Navigation/Helm
Class Rank:  		9/200
Reprimands: 		0
Commendations: 		1
Athletics:  		Fencing
Activities:  		Clarinet

III. Biographical Notes
A. Chronology (tabular form)
0:	Born Royo Colony.  
0-18:  	Lived with parents.  Attended public schools.
18-22:	Attended Starfleet Academy.
22:	Began active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary
Matthew is the oldest child of Jack and Holly Wilson. He was always a very quiet child, 
preferring to stay inside and readthan to go out and play. His brother, John, was born 
when Matt was 9 years old and he loved being a big brother. Started taking an interest in 
sports and took up fencing. His life was fairly ordinary and he had no aspirations of 
going into space. That all changed after a house fire that claimed his little brother's 

Matt was injured trying to rescue him and still bears the scarson his back. After the 
death of his little brother, Matt wanted to get as far away from Mars and the memories 
as possible and Starfleet was the best way to do that. Once he entered the Academy
he found he had a knack not only for leadership but also piloting space craft.  Star Fleet 
noticed this knack too and upon graduation Matt was assigned to the Navigation Department 
aboard the USS BAILEY. The primary mission for this vessel was scientific research of 
space anomaly and Matt's keen senses at the Helm were invaluable. During one research 
mission the ship was nearly disabled by a gamma  pulse from a binary star. Matt was able 
to successfully use the gravitational pull of the star to launch the ship free. This 
earned him a promotion and a commendation. He also received a scholarship to attend 
Starfleet Command School.  

After graduating from Command School, Matt was assigned to the USS SEGARRA as Second 
Officer in charge of Helm and Navigation.  After four years of outstanding service, Matt 
was approachedby Starfleet Command to be Second Officer aboard a newly commissioned vessel, 
the USS PEGASUS. The mission was highly classified but Starfleet believed that Matt was 
one of the best Helmsmen for the position. When the PEGASUS was betrayed and her CO killed 
in the line of duty, Matt was promoted to First Officer when his XO stepped into take cover 
the Captaincy.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record
A. Promotion and Service History
2247.210: Entered Starfleet Academy
2251.170: Commissioned as an Ensign (O-1)
2258.170: Assigned Second Officer, USS PEGASUS
B.  Medals and Commendations
Starfleet Commendation Award

V. Skills Profile
Matt is a very talented pilot. He has the ability to navigate a course in his mind and map 
it out without the use of navigation. Matt has taken hand to hand combat training and is 
considered to be an excellent fencer.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports
Commander Wilson is in peak physical health. He suffers with oldburn scars along his
 back and across his upper shoulders. He hasbeen offered regeneration treatment but has 
refused it. The scarsdo not impede his ability to function normally
-- Dr. Cynthia Llanos   Starfleet Medical, Earth

VII. Psychological Profile
Commander Wilson carries trauma with him from childhood but it issomething that he has 
apparently dealt with in his own way. Giventhe highly classified mission that the Commander 
is being preparedfor, I do not see any reason to ground him from action. 
-- Dr. Jill Robinson   Staff Psychologist, Starfleet Headquarters

VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Matt enjoys fencing whenever he can in order to stay fit and keep the memories of his 
brother at bay. When not fencing, he enjoys playing classical music on his clarinet