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LT Megan O'Connell- Chief Engineer, USS Endeavor

Lieutenant (O-3)


 Player Name:  Greg Van Der Maas
 Player Email:
 Player ICQ:  8504206 / mad_black_dog


 Character Name:  Megan "Midge" O'Connell
 Current Rank:  Lieutenant
 Current Assignment:  Engineer, USS ENDEAVOR
 Species:  Human
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  27 Standard Years
 Place of Birth:  Amberly, Scotland, Earth (but moved to New Glasgow Colony
 before her 1st  birthday)
 Physical Description: 1.55m tall, 52kg, green eyes, fair complexion with
 freckles and shocking red hair.
 Family:  Father: Thomas O'Connell (deceased); Mother: Lucy O'Connell
 (deceased); Brothers: Simon O'Connell  (deceased); Gray O'Connell
 (declared deceased)
 Hobbies:  Midge's favorite past time is her work.  When dragged away from
 that she enjoys building things and has been putting together Motor
 Vehicle Combustion Engines from Earth's history (circa 1970's) for the
 last few years.  She can drink almost anybody under the table -though not
 sure whether that counts as a hobby!


 Graduated Star Fleet Academy
 --  Full ratings:
     - Warp Core
     - Transporters
     - Flight Control
  -- Partial ratings:
     - Weapon Systems
     - Sensor Array
     - Replicators
     - Medical Bays
  -- Engineer
  -- None
  -- One (Conduct unbecoming an Officer)

 Assigned USS Mayflower
 -- Warp Core Engineer
 -- Assigned Ensign

 -- Promoted to Team Leader
 -- Field Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade

 Reassigned USS Endeavor
 -- Chief Engineer
 -- Promoted to full Lieutenant


 Midge (don't ever call her Megan) grew up on the remote New Glasgow
 Colony.  Unlike Earth's other colonies -New Glasgow shunned the modern
 technological advancements that had made early colonies so popular with
 Scientists and Researchers.  Instead New Glasgow's early settlers were
 more likely to be farmers or trades people able to turn their hand to
 anything that the frontier colony required.  Midge's family was amongst
 its first inhabitants and they settled into a remote valley on the smaller
 second continent -dominated by the mountainous region that reminded early
 cartographers of the Scottish Highlands -and had in a large part
 contributed to the name of the new colony.

 Life was tough for the early settlers but Midge loved her childhood and
 enjoyed being part of a tight knit family group comprising of her parents
 and two older brothers.  Fixing a field generator rapidly became as
 important as correspondence school work and Midge came to enjoy working
 with technology.  Since much of the technology was old and second-hand she
 got particularly good at coaxing the best out of it.  This trait continues
 today and Midge will happily spend hours trying to rebuild old engines.

 Despite the inattention given to education Midge easily passed her
 subjects with distinction -courtesy of a natural high intelligence and a
 genuine curiosity about the world around her.  At seventeen Midge was sent
 to New Glasgow's capital city to take the final standardized tests which
 would be used for submitting College applications to institutions back on
 earth.  Midge went reluctantly -having already decided that her future lay
 with the Colony and not some fancy University education.

 After finishing her final exam Midge was pulled out by one of the senior
 adjudicators and told that her family's farm has been located near the
 epicenter of a massive earthquake.  Despite protests from higher-up
 Midge's stubbornness finally won out and she was allowed back into the
 area where she immediately joined one of the Search and Rescue teams.  The
 SAR team located the body of her oldest brother almost immediately.  The
 family house had been swallowed by a massive mud slide caused by the
 seismic activity and it took them a week to dig out the structure.  When
 they did they located the bodies of her parents in what remained of the
 kitchen -her father's body sheltering her mother's in what was ultimately
 a futile gesture.  The body of her next older brother was never found.

 After the funeral Midge wanted to stay at the Colony and rebuild the farm.
 At only seventeen though she was considered a minor and was sent to live
 with her mother's distant family in Scotland.  She hated being on Earth
 and spent her days manipulating and improving farm equipment in
 preparation for returning.  A week before her 18th birthday Midge learnt
 the ongoing unstable nature of the Southern Continent meant that it was
 being permanently closed off to colonists.  Her family's land was now
 worthless and she had nowhere to go.  Despairing of being forced to stay
 on Earth the rest of her life Midge submitted an application to Star Fleet
 Academy's Engineering program.  She was accepted and finally graduated -
 having been held back a year due to 'personal issues'.  Her final
 billeting request listed 'anything except earth'.

 Midge got her wish and was assigned to the USS MAYFLOWER.  The irony of
 being assigned to a ship whose namesake was one of Earth's most famous
 colony vehicles was not lost on her.  Aboard the MAYFLOWER Midge's primary
 responsibility was the Warp Drive -but her ability to turn her hand to
 anything made her invaluable and she was soon taking on more
 responsibility.  She was promoted to Team Leader within six months and
 given a field promotion of Lieutenant Junior Grade.   These actions had
 not gone unnoticed and Star Fleet have decided to promote her early to
 Chief Engineer on their newest star ship -the USS ENDEAVOR.  Brass are
 interested to see what Midge can achieve with an entire Department at her
 disposal.  Or alternatively give her enough rope to hang herself.


 Fiercely independent Midge has a temper that easily matches the fiery red
 of her hair.  She can be stubborn to a fault but is immensely loyal.  She
 doesn't trust easily but is quick to make friends.  Her distaste of Earth
 often means that she is more comfortable around non-Terran races than
 those that she shares a genetic history with.


 Midge's best and only strength simply remains her ability to fix anything
 that is thrown her way -even if all she has to work with is a stick of gum
 and a plasma torch.  Somewhat of an insomniac she sleeps very little but
 this does not seem to affect her performance.  She work exceptionally well
 under pressure and can juggle multiple tasks with ease.


 Midge is not a great team player and is easily easily frustrated when
 forced to work with those that she feels are not as adept at her.
 Somewhat idiosyncratic for an Engineer, Midge has an aversion to some
 technologies -for example synthohol (doesn't see the point!) and she keeps
 an old fashioned note book where she jots down many of her ideas.  She
 will only use technology when there is no alternative -such as the main
 computer when she needs its processing ability.