ORIGINS: Michael Thomas Gibson

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LTjg Michael Thomas Gibson - Chief Communications Officer, USS Hood

Lieutenant jg (O-2)

Basic Information
Full Name:      Michael T. Gibson
Surname:        Gibson
Given Name:     Michael Thomas
Current Rank:   LTjg
Current Billet: COMM, USS HOOD, NCC-1703
Species:        Human
Gender/Sex:     Male
Age:            23
DoB:            2240-03-28
PoB:            London, Earth, Solar System
Weight:         80kg
Height:         187cm
Eyes:           gray
Hair:           dark brown
Blood Type:     A+
Religion:       Anglican-Catholic, non-practicing
Citizenship:    Earth, Solar System
Languages:      Federation Standard (English), Klinzai

Relatives:      Robert Gibson (father, weapons-manufacturer tycoon)
                Lady Virginia Doyle (mother, Dutchess of Livermore)

Educational Background
  Academic Education
    - Star Fleet Academy (graduated with "Summa Cum Laude")
    - Master Thesis: "Energy Distribution Grids Under High Combat Stress"

    - Navigation
    - Security

SFA Record
  - Graduation with "Summa Cum Laude"
  - Academic Major: Navigation, Security
  - Major: Navigation, side-arm combat
  - Class Rank: 4th of class
  - Reprimands: None
  - Athletics: placed 3rd in SFA's annual hand-to-hand tournament

Star Fleet Record
  - SD 2258: Graduated from StarFleet Academy
  - SD 2262: Commisioned as Star Fleet Naval Ensign
  - SD 2262: Assigned as NAV, USS PEGASUS
  - SD 2263: Assigned as SEC, USS REPUBLIC
  - SD 2263: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  - SD 2263: Assigned as COMM, USS HOOD

Skills Profile
- hand-to-hand combat (Traditional Karatedo, Kyudo)
- trained on most handheld weapons

Physical Profile
100% fit for duty, very fast reflexes and short time of reaction

Psychological Profile
Ensign Gibson is a stable character. He has a habbit to sometimes
question orders. Due to his intelligence on the other hand there 
is mostly a serious reason for it, so he definitely is no stickler 
to rules but flexible if need arises.

Sometimes his mathematical way of thinking gets nerving. Arguing 
with him may become sort of difficult sometimes.

Ensign Gibson has a very wealthy family background. His father is
one of the biggest suppliers of Starfleet for hand-held weapons 
for ship-crews and shock-troopers such as Starfleet marines. So 
Gibson sometimes makes an impression of slight arrogance. But this 
belongs more to the social average usually joining Starfleet 
compared with his own background. He himself will never let people 
down due to their background, but his well educated language and 
manners are differing to the usual Starfleet-personnel and that 
makes up a noticable difference.

(Dr. Richard Hoskinson, COU TF-17, SD 2262.002)
Background Summary

Recreational Interests
- Traditional Karate-do, Kyudo, now learning Iaido
- Classical music from Beethoven, Tschaikovsky, Wagner, Bruckner
- reading Shakespeare in original English