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LTJG N'alae Rhian Brennan- Chief Security Officer, USS Lexington

Lieutenant, JG (O-2)

I. Personal Data
Full Name:                     N'alae Rhian Brennan    
Surname:                       Brennan        
Given Name:                    N'alae        
Nickname:                      Nala or Bren        
Current Rank:                  Lieutenant, JG (O-2)
Current Billet:                Chief Security Officer, U.S.S. Lexington NCC-1709
Species:                       Half Human/Half Romulan        
Gender/Sex:                    Female        
Age:                           28 Standard Terran Years            
DOB:                           April 25, 2232             
POB:                           San Francisco, Earth    

Father-                        D'Nal tr'Aimne Taris
Mother-                        Ana Brennan
Step Father-                   Heinrich Josef Brennan

Half sister-                   Lisa, 15: High School 
Half brother-                  Josef, 20: Student at Starfleet Academy         
Spouse:                        N/A         
Children:                      N/A         

A. Physical Description
HT:                            5' 8"            
WT:                            156lbs.             
EY:                            Green                  
HR:                            Dark Brown              
SK:                            Caucasian tanned with a very slight greenish tint        
Blood Type:                    Copper based          
Religion:                      Christian          
Citizenship:                   Earth; UFP
Languages:                     Terran Standard, Romulan: all 3 dialects.      


II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *cum laude*}
         (Bachelor of Science, Terran History)
B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Security Procedures
   -- MOC:  Damage Control Procedures 

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors:                 *Cum Laude*        
Academic Major:         Terran History    

Professional Major:     Small Unit Tactics 
Class Rank:             46/350        
Reprimands:             2: 

1. - Involved in a physical fight in her first year involving one other student.  
     No major injuries.  

2. - Involved in a physical fight in her second year with same student as first 
     fight, resulting in the other student's semester leave and Nala breaking her 

Commendations:          1

Athletics:              Tae Kwon Do, Competitive Shooting, Soccer
Activities:             Martial Arts Club, History Club

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-18:        Lived with Mother and Step Father on Earth and attended public schools.  
             Graduated High School though nearly didn't due to a fight.

18:          Entered Starfleet Academy.

18-22:       Attended Starfleet Academy.

22:          Cadet Cruise aboard USS TRAFALGAR NCC-0488  Comissioned as  Ensign (O-1).

22-Present:  Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary
Nala had known from a very young age that she was going to join Starfleet.  She 
wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do when she got there, but she knew that 
being a part of something much bigger than she was, was what she was born for.  
There had to be something more than just being picked on and degraded because of 
who and what she was.  She had to focus her energies on something or she would 
have gone crazy.  

Nala knows very little about the circumstances of her birth.  What she does know is 
that her mother was a Starfleet Nurse, working in San Francisco.  The reason for her 
father's presence on Earth was only said to be of official business.  He was an aide 
to the Ambassador from Romulus.  He visited earth on many occasions and met Nala's 
mother on one of his early visits.  They began a physical relationship that was kept 
fairly quiet for obvious reasons.  At the same time she was seeing D'nal, Ana was on 
and off dating Heinrich.  Ana became pregnant and soon D'Nal's visits ended.  She 
eventually married Heinrich even though it was quite obvious that the child she gave 
birth to did not belong to him.  Nala only knows the name of her father and nothing 

Because of her circumstances, Nala grew up feeling quite detached from the world 
around her.  Though her family loved her and Heinrich had raised her as his own, 
there was something lacking.  He truly tried to connect with the girl but he just 
couldn't ever truly understand her, and it showed.  

Nala lacked the knowledge of who she really was.  She could live on Earth, study and 
learn everything about her Human side, but there was nobody to teach her about her 
Romulan side.  She had no mentor, nobody to teach her from the heart what it meant to 
be Romulan.  

To try and compensate for this lack of knowledge, Nala buried herself in documents.  
She read everything she could possibly get her hands on about Romulus, the Romulan 
culture and the language.  Though through her reading she has realized that she has no 
place among the Rhiannsu, that they would never accept her as one of them, she still 
embraces that side.  She prides herself on the fact that she knows as much as she does 
and that she can speak the language.  For as much as she knows about her Romulan half, 
all of her knowledge is book learned.  She has yet to actually meet a living, breathing 

Growing up she faced multiple challenges and may not have dealt with them in the best 
way.  Right or wrong, it was all she knew.  Her parents decided to put her into Martial 
Arts when she was young in hopes that it would teach her how to better focus her angry 
tendencies into something less destructive.  It did, to a degree, and it also taught her 
how to hurt someone more efficiently when they pissed her off.  She got into a lot of 
fights over the years, mostly verbal, though quite a few turned out to be physical.  

Nala had troubles at public schools, but once she graduated High School and enrolled into 
the Starfleet Academy, things changed.  Though there were troubles like always, most 
students were more interested in their own scholastic careers and left her alone for the 
most part.  There she became an exceptional student, and quickly rose to the top of her 
class.  She found that she was very good at tactical and security and so she dove deep 
into perfecting her career choice.   

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2250.213: Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2251.213: Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2252.214: Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2253.213: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2254.145: Promoted to Midshipman
2254.175: Promoted to Ensign (O-1)
2258.220: Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (O-2)

B. Service History
2250.213: Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2251.213: Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2252.214: Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2253.213: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2254.145: Promoted to Midshipman; assigned to USS TRAFALGAR NCC-0488 for Cadet Cruise.
2254.175: Completed Cadet Cruise; promoted to Ensign (O-1); reassigned as Security
            Officer, USS KONIEV NCC-0612.
2258.220: Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (O-2); reassigned as Chief Security Officer,
            USS DOOMWHALE NCC-0855.
2260.180: Reassigned as Chief Security Officer, USS LEXINGTON NCC-1709. 

C.  Medals and Commendations
None at this time.

V. Skills Profile

Nala is well versed in many styles of hand to hand combat, both Earth based martial 
arts and a few she has studied from Romulus, though her knowledge of these are only 
from studying documentation.  She has an extensive knowledge of guns, not only in 
how to use them, but in how they are made and work.  She is familiar with many art 
forms, including oil and watercolor painting as well as drawing.   

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

N'alae Brennan is in extremely fit physical shape. Due to her half Romulan makeup, 
it is difficult to know exactly how to measure her levels.  She is much stronger 
than the standard human and will most likely age slower than humans as well.  Her 
blood makeup is copper based, making it green in color causing her skin to give off 
a very slight greenish tint.  She possesses the standard Romulan pointed ears 
however does not have the angled eyebrows.  Judging from what I know of Humans and 
Romulans, Ms. Brennan is in top physical condition and cleared for duty.  

-- Dr. Bradford
    Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy

VII. Psychological Profile

To say that Ms. Brennan has deep seeded psychological issues would be putting things 
lightly. However, she seems to be dealing well with them quite well considering the 
circumstances.  The required sessions have seemed to truly help her in coming to the 
understanding that letting one's emotions take charge is not the best answer when 
faced with a personal conflict.  Growing up with untrust for an entire race directed 
toward her had to be extremely difficult.  Now after the destruction of Vulcan, it 
pains me to think of the difficulties Ms. Brennan faces.  However, I am confident 
that she will face them and deal with them as a true Starfleet Officer should.  By 
no means do I believe that she is incapable of acting out her duties to her very best.  

She tends to bottle up her emotions and when they finally surface, they explode.  
When it comes to personal relationships, she tends to have a problem with trust, 
however when it comes to professional dealings, Ms. Brennan has nothing but respect 
and complete trust in her commanding officers.  

She seems to be more emotional as of late, however, she is going through a difficult 
time.  Unfortunately she seems to suffer from terrible nightmares that drain her 
physically, and though they seem to be quite frequent recently, they do not take away 
from her ability to fulfill her duties.  The recent events seem to be linked to the 
frequency of her nightmares as she states that she has had them since childhood, 
however, they are much more vivid and debilitating as of the past couple of years.  

Aside from everything, Ms. Brennan possesses the values as one would want in a 
Starfleet Officer.  I do however, recommend ongoing sessions with the resident 
Psychologist wherever Ms. Brennan is transferred.   

-- Dr. Anderson
    Staff Psychologist, Starbase 17

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Nala is always up for the opportunity to exert physical energy.  She finds peace in it, 
and it's therapeutic for her.  She feels that if she wasn't able to release her energy 
in such a way, it might be detrimental to those around her.  She is an avid painter.  
Again, something she has found to be good at and it helps her with her 'issues.'  It 
would be very common to find her either running around the ship, in the gym or the 
holodeck.  More recently she's been reading a lot of technical manuals about firearms 
and is interested in them inside and out, not just how to aim and fire them.