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LCDR Nicholas Hunter- Chief Security Officer, USS Lexington

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data
Surname:                     Hunter
Given Name(s):               Nicholas
Current Rank:                Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
Current Billet:              Chief Security Officer, USS LEXINGTON NCC-1709
Species:                     Human
Gender/Sex:                  Male
Age:                         41 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth:               March 5, 2215
Place of Birth:              San Diego, CA
  Father -                   William Hunter    
  Mother -                   Kathryn Hunter
Siblings:                    Brother, Michael (2 years younger)
Spouse:                      ex-Wife, Michelle
Children:                    Son: Nicholas Jr., age 20
                             Daughter:  Elizabeth, age 18
Religion:                    Christian
Physical Description:
HT:                          6’1”   
WT:                          175 lbs
HR:                          Dark Brown
EY:                          Deep, intense blue
Nicholas (a.k.a. Nick) is tall, fit and athletic. He works out regularly 
to remain in good physical condition.
II. Educational Background
Star Fleet Training:
Starfleet Academy AOT 2247
Security Officer Department Head Course 2257               
Football, Wrestling, Boxing, Karate, plays Guitar

III. Biographical Notes
A.  Chronology (tabular form):
0-18:                     Growing up in San Diego, CA
18-22:                    University of California, B.S. degree in Computer 
                             Software Design
22-26:                    Starfleet Academy
     26:                  Cadet Cruise
28-30:                    Security Officer / Asst. Chief Security Officer, 
                             USS Saratoga
      30:                 Department Head School
      31:                 Command Officer Training
31-35:                    Chief Security Officer, U.S.S. Ticonderoga
35-Present:               Active Duty  
B.  Background Summary:
Growing up in San Diego, Nick showed an interest in sports at an early age.  
Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he took part in playing football, 
baseball, and even hockey.  He played football throughout his college career, 
and then joined Starfleet Academy upon graduation from UC because the idea of 
being part of Starfleet, of being able to visit new worlds and encounter other 
races was in his opinion, a challenge he could not resist.
While he was studying at Starfleet Academy, he met and married Michelle Taylor.  
They have two children together; the eldest is Nicholas Jr. who is studying to 
become a lawyer at the University of Washington, and their daughter, Elizabeth 
who is starting her first year at Starfleet Academy.  Michelle and Nick divorced 
in 2249 due to problems related to his duties with Starfleet – He was never home 
and she fell in love with another man, Jonathan Daniels, who she has since 

IV. Skills Profile
Nicholas is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and holds a black belt in karate.  
He is also a skilled boxer, and practices regularly as part of his exercise 
routine to keep himself fit.   
Nicholas is also a very skilled computer systems programmer, and works on writing 
new software during down time which he then markets through a side business which 
he co-owns with his ex-wife.

V.  Recent Fitness Report
Nicholas is in excellent physical health.  He maintains a regular fitness regimen 
as proscribed by medical staff.
Dr.  Craig M. Davidson, Starfleet Medical
VII. Psychological Profile
Nick shows strong leadership qualities as well as a strong sense of moral and 
ethical standards. He is an easy going man with a bit of a twisted sense of humor. 
With his even temper and carefree attitude, he gets along with most everyone.  
His temper emerges when he sees injustice done to someone or one of his friends or 
family is in danger.
Dr. Melinda Stevens , Starfleet Medical, Counselor
VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Nick is a bit of a daredevil and loves sports of all kinds.   In addition, he enjoys 
skydiving, snowboarding and rock climbing.  Nick is also a talented guitarist, and 
enjoys playing the guitar in slow or off-hours.
End BioFile