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LT RJ Fischer- Chief Security Officer, USS Intrepid

Lieutenant (O-3)

I. Personal Data
Surname: Fischer
Given Name(s): Robert Joseph (AKA RJ or Bobby Joe)
Current Rank: Lieutenant (O-3)
Current Billet: Security Chief, USS Intrepid (ORIGINS)
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Male
Age: 29 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth: December 30, 2230
Height: 1.88 m (6' 2") 
WT: 79.5 kg (175#) 
Eyes: Brown
Hr.: Dark Brown 
Comp: Olive 
Place of Birth: Rural area near Marfa, Texas, Earth
Spouse: None
Parents: Joe Frank (ranch manager), Mary Helen (hotel administrator)
Three siblings: 
Henry (Hank), age 26
Sarah Jane, age 24
Mary Sue, age 21
Children: None
Religion: Methodist (Christian)

II. Educational Background

A. Academic Institutional Background:
-- Marfa and Presidio County, Texas School System
-- Star Fleet Academy
-- Legal Assistant Course
-- Starfleet EMT/Orderly Course

B. Service Schools Attended:
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School

C. Qualifications (MOCs)
-- Security Officer
-- EMT/Orderly
-- Legal Clerk

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:

Class Rank: Bottom 50% (no honors)
Academic Major: History and Biology (double major)
Professional Major: Security
Qualifications: Security Officer, Paralegal, EMT/Orderly
Commendations: 1
SF Academy Commandant's Sportsmanship Award (cited by Academy coaching 
staff during his senior year) 

Reprimands: 0

Athletics: Sharpshooting team (phaser, pistol, rifle and skeet, varsity 
           letter in all)
Activities: SF Academy Orienteering Club

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form):

0-18 years: Lived with parents near Marfa, Texas, Earth.

18-19 years: Attended Starfleet Academy, majoring in Biology/Pre-Med; 
             declared Medical career track.

19-22 years: Switched majors to History/Biology (double major); declared 
             Security career track, repeated second year at Academy. 
             Graduated lower 50% of class.

22-24 years: Assigned to Spacedock as a junior security officer; completed 
             EMT/Orderly Course and Legal Assistant Course during off-duty hours. 
             Promoted to LTJG.

24-28: Assigned to destroyer DRAKE as an assistant security officer; promoted to 

28-29: Temporarily assigned to Starfleet Academy Provost Office as an assistant 
             bailiff and a brig shift commander.

29: Assigned to heavy cruiser INTREPID as Chief of Security.

B. Background Summary:

RJ is a quiet and reserved person. However, he's always polite, especially when 
first meeting a shipmate or senior officer. He prefers to maintain a degree of 
professional detachment from his peers, believing that if one of them were ever 
to commit a crime, any degree of personal familiarity might compromise his 
objectivity and his investigation. It's not that he isn't friendly -- he simply 
sees his reserve as a valuable part of his Security skill set. He secretly envies 
the Vulcan ability to maintain composure and detachment.

RJ almost never drinks alcohol, even in social situations. If he were ever to 
actually *have* to drink, he would avoid having more than one if at all possible. 
He is not beyond dumping a drink out in a potted plant when no one is watching. 
Needless to say, he is practically certain to never become drunk -- aboard 
INTREPID or not.

RJ has a close-knit family back on Earth, and he's proud of his cultural heritage. 
His father's family can trace their ancestors back to some of the earliest German 
settlers in Texas, and his mother's family is a well-established and respected 
Mexican-American family, with ranching and farming operations on both sides of the 
Rio Grande. His mother and father both work at a working/dude ranch near Marfa; his 
father is the livestock supervisor, while his mother is the front desk supervisor at 
the lodging facility. While in high school, RJ worked part-time as a tour guide and 
horseback riding instructor for the guests.

Earlier in life, RJ had hoped to become a veterinarian and to return to the ranch to 
work alongside his father. But all that changed when he escorted a group of Starfleet 
flag officers on an pleasant afternoon horseback ride. Unknowingly, the group 
encroached upon a rattlesnake, and upon seeing it, one of the guests' horses reared 
up. The Commodore who was riding that horse was thrown, landing only feet away from 
the snake. Without thinking, RJ wheeled his horse around, drew his revolver and 
dispatched the snake before it could strike. Needless to say, the Starfleet officers 
were impressed by their young guide's coolness and accuracy under pressure, and 
encouraged him to apply to Starfleet Academy. RJ might still have been admitted the 
the Academy had he not had recommendation letters from eight flag officers, but the 
letters certainly didn't hurt his chances.

At the Academy, RJ pursued the pre-med career track, hoping to get an M.D. degree 
that he could later supplement with a D.V.M. degree (which would be ideal for working 
on the ranch). But over and over, his instructors noted his propensity and aptitude 
for Security operations. Finally, after nearly two years at the Academy, he changed 
career tracks, though he was obliged to repeat the second-your course of study, adding 
in several required security-related courses.

Even though RJ graduated in the bottom half of his class (actually, the bottom third), 
he's not an intellectual lightweight, as his double major indicates. In addition to his 
Academy degree, he possesses a great deal of common sense, and is adept at 'reading' 
other people and guessing their motivations with a good degree of accuracy. This skill 
serves him well in tense situations, but also at the poker table -- one of the few 
social activities he's likely to engage in with his shipmates. He is an excellent 
poker player, and it won't take him long to gain a shipboard reputation as a card 
shark. Off duty, RJ favors Western wear; boots, a Stetson hat, black denim jeans, a 
Western shirt and a belt with a rodeo buckle. The only accessories he might ever add 
are sunglasses and a sidearm, as RJ will always be armed aboard ship -- either a phaser 
or a conventional firearm (or both).

RJ has the following firearms aboard (along with plenty of ammunition), stored as 

Winchester Model 70 rifle, in .458 caliber (armory)
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX short-barrel shotgun, in XXX gauge (armory)
Taurus Raging Bull revolver, in .454 Casull caliber (x2, armory)
M1911 .45 automatic pistol (secured in quarters)
Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan revolver, in .44 Special caliber (secured in quarters)

He is capable of maintaining all these weapons and has the equipment and skills needed 
for minor repairs.

RJ is very much an exemplar of the strong, silent cowboy archetype. For other exemplars, 
see Western films starring Clint Eastwood, Sam Elliott or Tommy Lee Jones.

Only close friends and family members should call him "RJ." Only his immediate family 
members can get away with calling him "Bobby Joe." If you're not related to him or if 
you are not a very close friend, "Lieutenant Fischer" is probably your best bet if you're 
going to address him directly. Anything more familiar than that (besides "sir") will 
only irritate him, though he'd never let on.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
(22) 480801.0000: Commenced 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 490801.0000: Commenced 2d Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 500801.0000: Commenced Repeat of 2d Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 510801.0000: Commenced 3d Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 520801.0000: Commenced 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 530601.0000: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1), assigned to Spacedock
(22) 550901.0000: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)
(22) 570801.0000: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)

B. Service History:
(22) 480801.0000: Commenced 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 490801.0000: Commenced 2d Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 500801.0000: Commenced Repeat of 2d Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 510801.0000: Commenced 3d Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 520801.0000: Commenced 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
(22) 520601.0000: Assigned to USS YORKTOWN for Cadet Cruise
(22) 521231.0000: Completed Cadet Cruise
(22) 530601.0000: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1), assigned to Spacedock
(22) 550601.0000: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)
(22) 550901.0000: Assigned to USS DRAKE as Assistant Security Officer
(22) 570801.0000: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
(22) 581215.0000: Reassigned as Chief of Security, USS DRAKE
(22) 590901.0000: TDY to Starfleet Academy Provost Office, assigned as assistant 
                       bailiff and brig shift commander
(22) 600601.0000: Assigned as Chief of Security, USS INTREPID

C. Medals and Commendations:

Bronze Star with Valor device
Starfleet Commendation Medal (x2, with Valor device)
Starfleet Achievement Medal (x2)
Combat Action Ribbon (x2)
Silver Lifesaving Medal
Meritorious Unit Commendation (USS DRAKE)

V. Skills Profile

Physically strong and hardy by Human standards. Is qualified as a starship 
Chief Security Officer, an EMT/Medical Orderly as well as a paralegal/legal 
clerk. Is a highly skilled marksman, and is also very familiar with outdoor 
survival methods, particularly in desert, plains or grassland environments. 
Also familiar with ranching and various agricultural techniques; is also 
skilled in equestrian methods and techniques.

VI. Recent Fitness Report

"Lieutenant Fischer is a focused and intent individual. He is remarkably 
effective under simulated combat stress and is able to maintain his effectiveness 
for an extended period during such conditions. He is also capable of maintaining 
his effectiveness and decisiveness during extended field missions, even when short 
of sleep, rations and resources. He sets an excellent example for his junior 
commissioned and petty officers, and sets a challenging pace for his senior officers 
as well. His physical fitness and endurance are outstanding.

"He has a diverse skill set and makes an exceptionally good addition to any landing 
party. He also displays a remarkable tenacity when it comes to broadening and 
deepening his Security-related skills. If it has any possible connection to a 
security officer's job, Lieutenant Fischer wants to learn more about it as soon as 
he can.

"The only quality in which he seems to be deficient is communication. Lieutenant 
Fischer is rather quiet and is not especially given to convivial socialization. He 
has passing acquaintances in all shipboard departments, but so far as I am aware, he 
does not have anyone aboard DRAKE who would qualify as a close friend, even after 
nearly four years aboard.

"That being said, it is possible that his detachment is a professional adaptation 
that permits him to be more objective in his investigations. It is certainly possible 
that a Security officer with close relationships to criminal suspects might find their 
work and effectiveness compromised. If this is why Lieutenant Fischer avoids close 
friendships, then it is no weakness. Rather, it would be another example of his 
professionalism and dedication."

-Commander George MacAndrews
CO, USS Drake

VII. Psychological Profile

"Lieutenant Fischer is a fine and industrious young officer who is exceptionally 
dedicated and persistent. He can always be counted on to pitch in and carry more 
than his share of the workload. He is totally focused on mission success, even 
under emergency conditions. However, his psychological profile indicates a high 
level of stress, possibly due to a lack of close interpersonal relationships among 
his crewmates. It would be advisable for Lieutenant Fischer to develop some closer 
relationships at his next assignment, if for no other reason than to build an 
emotional support network. Such networks are not especially important for Vulcans, 
but they are of critical importance for Humans. 

"I also recommend that Fischer's next commanding officer enforce periodic shore and 
personal leave from time to time. Fischer's dedication and drive appear to come at 
an emotional cost, and without an emotional support network on which to rely, the best 
way to ameliorate that cost would be to require him to take periodic leaves of any 

"If Lieutenant Fischer can successfully address these issues, he would be well suited 
for a junior command position."

- Lieutenant Commander Lodovico D'Abruzzo
Psychologist, Star Fleet Medical

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Marksmanship, skeet shooting, small arms maintenance, horseback riding, camping, 
hiking, and rock/mountain climbing. Also interested in Terran detective fiction, 
particularly the works of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.

IX. Miscellaneous Information

Though he hasn't realized it, RJ is uncommonly well-suited to Starfleet life and to 
leading others under fire. He firmly believes in leading from the front, and 
displays considerable bravery in the face of danger. However, he is not reckless or 
a daredevil -- he simply assesses the situation, determines how best to move the 
mission forward and then commits himself to the plan of action. This explains why he 
has as many Starfleet decorations as he does. Paradoxically, one award he hasn't 
received is the Wounded Lion; he simply hasn't yet been wounded in action, despite 
repeatedly exposing himself to hazards and danger.

One way to get on RJ's good side is to prepare him a filling and delicious meal. He 
is especially fond of Tex-Mex cuisine, as well as Texan/German dishes. Then again, 
he's also perfectly happy with a meat-and-potatoes meal, especially if a generous 
quantity of good grass-fed Texas beef is involved.

End BioFile