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LT S'Treena Darus- Chief Security Officer, USS Endeavor

Lieutenant (O-3)


LT <<S’Treena Darus>>  <<SEC>>

      (played by <<Monika Reinholz>> <<>>)


I. Personal Data


Full Name:      


Current Rank: LT

Current Billet: SEC, USS Endeavor, NCC-1718

Species: Vulcan

Gender/Sex: Female 

Age: 50     

DOB: 22110615 (June 15, 2211)    

POB: Shikhar, Vulcan    

Parents: Talon Darus, father, and Aela Kassus, mother (both deceased)    

Siblings: S’Lar, brother, age 75, alive   

Spouse: n/a   

Children: n/a     
A. Physical Description


HT: 2 m (6’5”)    

WT: 159 lbs (approx. 72.12kg)   

EY: Hazel   

HR: Light Brown   

SK: Medium (* slightly darker than T’Pol)    

Blood Type: O positive   

Religion: Vulcan   

Citizenship: Vulcan

Languages: Vulcan (native), Terran (fluent), Andorii (Skilled), Klingon (skilled)   


II.  Educational Background


A. Academic Institutions Attended


   -- Star Fleet Academy

   (<<Bachelors of Arts, Security and Bachelors of Science, Planetary Sciences>>)

   -- Vulcan Science Academy

   (<<Bachelors of Science, General Science>>) 

B. Service Schools Attended


   -- Star Fleet Advanced Tactical Training course


C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)


   -- MOC: Security

   -- MOC: Planetary Science 

D. Star Fleet Academy Record


Honors: Graduated *summa cum laude*  

Academic Major: Security and Planetary Sciences

Professional Major: Planetary Science, Tactical

Class Rank:    

Reprimands: none

Commendations: 6; Red Squadron member every year in Academy, Red Squadron Leader Junior and Senior year

Athletics: Softball, Wrestling Team, Track & Field     

Activities: Martial Arts Club, Science Club, Assisted 4 fellow cadets at Science or Security officer for their Kobayashi Maru exam


III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)


0-18:    Lived with parents on Vulcan; attended Vulcan public schools. 

18-20:   Attempted and failed at Kolinahr 

20-24:  Attended Vulcan Science Academy 
25-30:  Joined StarFleet; Attended StarFleet Academy 

30-31:  Commissioned into Starfleet as an Ensign (O-1); Took Advanced

            Tactical training 

31-35:  Cadet Cruise, science officer position, USS Harkan 

35-39:  Internal Transfer to Assistant SEC, USS Harkan 

39-47:  Transferred to SEC, USS Inari 
47-50:  USS Inari CMO and Ship’s Counselor deems S’Treena unfit

               for duty following destruction of Vulcan and the mental and

            emotional anguish it caused 
50-present: Transferred to SEC, USS Endeavor 

B. Background Summary


Growing up as a normal Vulcan child, she also loved sports and nature. She learned the Vulcan Martial Arts growing up and joined school sports teams,
 mainly baseball and track & field. She graduated high school as the salutatorian of her class. Starting work towards the Kohlinahr ritual her junior
 year of high school, she attempted the completion after high school but failed. She applied to the Vulcan Science Academy and starting classes in 2231.
 Four years later, she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelors in Science. After much comtemplation, she decided to join StarFleet and applied to
 StarFleet Academy. In 2236, she started SFA with a Security and Planetary Sciences double major. While in the Academy, she join the baseball, wrestling,
 and track & field teams. She also made Red Squadron every year while making Red Squadron Leader her last two years. Her instructors recommended her to
 the Command tract to help as security or science officer for cadets taking the Kobayashi Maru exam, and she was called on four different times to do so.
 She graduated the Academy in 2241 as an Ensign and was recommended for Advanced Tactical Training by Commodore Sean Calloway, one of her security course
 instructors. After graduating from the training, she was sent on her cadet cruise to the USS Harkan as a science officer in 2242. She remained on the
 Harkan until 2250 as a Assistant SEC officer when an accident killed the previous ASEC and the Co and XO decided to transfer her to that position. She
 was then transferred to the USS Inari as SEC officer in 2250 and stayed in that position until 2258. After hearing the news of the destruction of Vulcan
 by the Romulan ship Narada led by Nero, her mental and emotional anguish caused the Inari’s CMO and Ship Counselor to deem her unfit for service. She
 stayed aboard to work through her emotions with the Counselor’s and CMO’s assistance. She also used Keethara and her martial arts training to her
 herself as well. Finally, getting through her emotional pain recently, she was deemed fit for service. In the meantime, though, the Inari’s CO and XO
 found a new SEC officer to take her place. That is when S’Treena learned through them that a SEC position was available on the USS Endeavor and had put
 in a good word to the Endeavor’s CO and XO. 


IV. Official Star Fleet Record


A. Promotion History:


2231.227: Entered 1st Year, Vulcan Science Academy

2232.227: Entered 2st Year, Vulcan Science Academy

2233.227: Entered 3st Year, Vulcan Science Academy

2234.227: Entered 4st Year, Vulcan Science Academy

2236.213: Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy

2237.213: Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy

2239.213: Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy

2240.213: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy

2241.113: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy (Second year Senior)

2242.113: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy (Third year Senior)

2243.113: Entered Advanced Tactical Training, Starfleet Academy


2243.181: Promoted to Ensign (O-1)

2250.113: Promoted to LTjg (O-2)

2260.113: Promoted to LT (O-3) 
B. Service History


2236.213: Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy

2237.213: Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy

2239.213: Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy

2240.213: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy

2241.113: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy (Second year Senior)

2242.113: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy (Third year Senior)

2243.113: Entered Advanced Tactical Training, Starfleet Academy


2243.151: Graduated from Starfleet Academy; Commissioned as Ensign

            (O-1);Entered Advanced Tactical Training 
2245.151:  Graduated Advanced Tactical Training; assigned to cadet cruise

      aboard USS HARKAN NCC-1815. 

2249.152: Finished Cadet Cruise; assigned as ASEC, USS Harkan NCC-1815. 

2250.113: Promoted to LTjg (O-2) 
2253.152: Transferred; SEC, USS Inari NCC-1820. 

2258.046: Deemed unfit for service by CMO and Ship’s Counselor, USS

            Inari NCC-1820 

2260.116: Promoted to LT (O-3) 
2261.117: Transferred; SEC, USS Endeavor NCC-1718 

C.  Medals and Commendations


None at this time. 

V. Skills Profile


S’Treena is highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat, be it armed or unarmed, against any threat. She is highly knowledgeable of various species’ martial
 arts, especially Vulcan martial arts. Being a Vulcan, fluency in the sciences always came naturally, especially when it came to the field of planetary
 science. She can easily take a leadership role when the situation deems it necessary but feels more comfortable under a good command. She is also well
 versed in intraspecies and interspecies ethics and protocol and well as knowing Andorii and Klingon on top of Vulcan and Terran. Her experience in
 tactics and security makes her the perfect Chief of Security. 

VI. Recent Fitness Reports


S’Treena is in superb physical fitness.  Her muscle mass on her medium frame makes her look like the athlete she is today. She was an active member of
 the Academy’s baseball, wrestling, and track & field teams. On the baseball team, she was a superb first baseman and all around infielder. She ended
 with a career .300 batting average, .350 on-base percentage, .500 slugging percentage, and .400 fielding percentage. This made her one of the best on
 the team during her time at the Academy. On the wrestling team, she mainly wrestled in either in the 159 or 200 lb women’s division or 165 regular
 division, winning 75% of her matches. On the track & field team, she did the 200, 400, and 800 meter races, the high and long jumps, and the discus and
 javelin throws. She occasionally won and always placed in her events.

No physical limitations found; No diseases or conditions found.  She is cleared for active duty. 
-- Dr. Sekar

      Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy 


VII. Psychological Profile


She never successfully completed the Kohlinahr ritual while on Vulcan, so her emotions are like those of a human on many occasions. Her recent mental and
 emotional deterioration caused her to become severely depressed and have severe problems keeping her emotions controlled. She would have frequent
 outbursts of anger, rage, grief, and other emotions normal for one who lost family and friends in such a horrendous tragedy. Between Dr. Kelindra Maren
 and myself, we had to enact Regulation 121 of Starfleet Medical Protocals deeming S’Treena unfit for duty. We assisted her through this very troubling 
time and three years later, we judged her fit for duty again.

Otherwise, S’Treena Darus is as well-adjusted as you would want in an officer: intelligent, logical, compassionate, tough, fair, open-minded, and
-- LCDR Silvia Baines

      Ship Counselor, USS Inari 


VIII. Current Recreational Interests


Reading, Keethara, martial arts, puzzles (especially logic puzzles), running, speaking foreign languages