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CDR Sean Merrick- Commanding Officer, USS Perry

Sean Merrick

Commander (O-5)

I. Personal Data

Full Name:  	Sean Vincent Merrick
Surname:  	Merrick
Given Name:  	Sean
Current Rank:   Commander (O-5)
Current Billet: CO, USS PERRY NCC-820
Species:  	Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
Gender/Sex:  	Male/XY
Age:  		37 Terran Years 
DOB:  		25 May 2225 
POB:  		Des Moines, Iowa, Earth
Parents:  	Victor Merrick 		(2190-    ) - LCDR (ret)
	  	Catherine Bale-Merrick 	(2189-    ) - Homemaker
Siblings:  	Gracie Merrick-Jordan 	(2238-    ) - Paralegal
		Harris Merrick 		(2220-    ) - Plant Spvr
Spouse:  	Kiska Saxman (2263-) - Nurse, Starfleet
		Jeri Wilson (Divorced, Deceased) (2223-2258) - Aerospace Architect
Children:  	None

A. Physical Description
HT: 		6'2" (188 cm)
WT: 		203 lbs (92 kg)
EY: 		Blue
HR: 		Brown 
SK:  		Light Tan  
Blood Type:  	O+
Vision:  	O: +.025, S: +.025 (effectively 20/20)

B. Background Data
Religion:  	Protestant Christian
Citizenship:  	Earth, United Federation of Planets
Languages:  	Terran Standard (native speaking)
		Spanish (passable)

II.  Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Starfleet Academy {Graduated *cum laude*}
         (Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering)

B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Starfleet Exosciences School
   -- Starfleet Command School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Engineering Officer
   -- MOC:  Navigation/Astrogation Officer
   -- MOC:  Science Officer
   -- MOC:  Command Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: 		*Cum Laude* 
Academic Major: 	Mechanical Engineering
Professional Major: 	Starship Engineering, Exosciences
Class Rank:  		53/360
Reprimands: 		0
Commendations: 		2
Athletics:  		Pareses Squares
Activities:  		Warpfield Dynamics Society

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)
0:	Born Des Moines, Iowa, Earth, Starfleet Shipyards HQ.  
0-18:  	Lived with parents.  Attended Starfleet public schools.
18-21:	Attended Starfleet Academy.
22:	Began active duty in Starfleet.
27:	Married Jeri Wilson.
33:	Divorced Jeri Wilson.
33:	Jeri Wilson killed on Vulcan in the Nero Holocaust.
36:   Married Kiska Saxman

B. Background Summary
Sean is an emminently capable science officer and commander.  He 
possesses an almost single-minded dedication to his work.  His fellows 
describe him as stern, but approachable; quick tempered, but loyal.  

For all his effectiveness as an officer, Sean is haunted by the death of 
his ex-wife, Jeri Wilson.  

Sean met Jeri at Starbase 10 in Jiu Jitsu class (she taught him 
everything he knows about the martial arts).  They married after just 
six months of wrestling on the mat.  Their careers exacerbated an 
already rocky relationship.  As an aerospace architect, Jeri frequently 
worked at remote construction sites.  Sean, of course, was often deployed.  
They quickly grew apart and finally divorced after several bittersweet 

Jeri headed back for Earth to make a fresh start with a new building 
project.  On her return voyage, she accepted a friend's invitation to 
visit a retreat on Vulcan.  She felt that after her tumultuous divorce 
she would benefit from that world's calm serenity.  

The renegade Nero destroyed Vulcan in the week of her arrival.  Jeri was 
35 when she died and Sean could not find a way to forgive himself for 
having driven her away to her death.  

Sean turned his self-loathing and disappointment with God into an 
obsessive devotion to his career.  On his better days, he used 
his time off to scan and contribute to the Starfleet Exosciences White 
Pages.  On his worse days, he drowned his sorrows in virtual reality 
pornography and tequila.  

On SD 2261, Sean finally hit bottom.  While in a drunken stupor, he 
mistook nurse LTjg Kiska Saxman for his dead ex-wife and she obligingly 
took him back to his quarters.  There she gave him an ultimatum to 
either get help or face the consequences of his disorderly conduct.  
After much soul searching, Sean returned to his Christian faith and 
sobered.  While his sense of humor still carries a decidedly cynical 
edge, his associates have noticed a general uplifting in his mood.

Sean has always had an eye for women and they generally see him as 
attractive.  But it took 2 years of mourning Jeri and a meeting with an
alternate universe version of her before he again found an interest in 
dating.  He initially showed some interest in the HOOD's Science Officer,
LT Cedria Zade, but decided she was a bit too wild for his tastes.  He 
has since set his sights on the lovely LTjg Kiska Saxman.

Before joining the HOOD, Sean's ground combat experience extended to 
skirmishes on Arrancar VI and Monil IV.  He saw space combat against 
Klingons as a Helmsman aboard the FARSTAR.  

After several more missions, Sean was reassigned to Starbase duty and
his new girlfriend Kiska Saxman chose to follow him. They were married
a year later in a quiet ceremony in Alaska, attended by close friends and 
family. Shortly after, the needs of the Fleet split up the newlywed couple.
Kiska was reassigned to the HOOD again while Sean took command of
the destroyer PERRY.  Both miss each other dearly, but know that their
careers will align again soon. They patiently wait for the day they will be
reunited permanently. 

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion and Service History
2241.210: Entered Starfleet Academy
2245.159: Commissioned as an Ensign (O-1)
2245.159: Assigned Assistant Engineer, USS SAGAN NCC-0218 
2246.366: Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (O-2)
2247.222: Assigned Helmsman, USS ERASMUS NCC-0464
2248.199: Assigned Navigator, USS ERASMUS NCC-0464
2249.010: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2249.059: Assigned Executive Officer, OUTPOST 14 (ROMULAN NTRL ZONE)
2250.359: Assigned Commander, OUTPOST 14 (ROMULAN NEUTRAL ZONE)
2251.010: Assigned Assistant Engineer, SB 10
2252.058: Assigned Science Office, USS CYGNUS NCC-1182  
2253.010: Assigned Chief Engineer, USS FARSTAR NCC-0945
2255.212: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
2255.360: Assigned Engineer, SB 12
2259.018: Assigned Chief Engineer, USS HOOD NCC-1703
2260.145: Assigned First Officer/Navigation Officer, USS HOOD NCC-1703
2261.053: Relieved of Navigation Officer duties, USS HOOD NCC-1703
2262.019: Relieved as First Officer, USS HOOD NCC-1703
2263.100: Promoted to Commander (O-5)
2263.130: Married Kiska Saxman
2263.144: Assigned Commanding Officer, USS PERRY NCC-820

B.  Medals and Commendations
Starfleet Commendation Award x3
Combat Action Award
Medal of Merit - Exosciences
Outstanding Unit Citation

V. Skills Profile
Redbelt Level 1, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  

VI. Recent Fitness Reports
Sean Merrick is in top athletic condition.  12 minute 4 km runtime.  
90 Push-ups in 2 minutes.  70 sit-ups in 2 minutes.  No physical 
limitations found.  Right shoulder dislocation related to Jiu-Jitsu 
tournament competition fully healed.  No diseases or conditions found.  
He is cleared for active duty.  

-- Physician Assitant Beltris
   Staff Attending, Starbase 12

VII. Psychological Profile
LCDR Sean Merrick continues to struggle with his grief over his ex-wife's 
death.  This has not adversely affected his professional performance.  If 
anything, his concentration on his work has stepped up a notch according 
to his superiors.  I recommend bi-annual evaluations unless otherwise 
indicated for 2 years.  

-- CDR Arca'al Wris 2059.064
   Staff Psychologist, Starbase 12

VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Sean reads and contributes regularly to Starfleet's starship exosciences 
white pages.