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LT Sefal- Communications Officer, USS Intrepid

Lieutenant (O-3)

I. Personal Data
Surname:  Sefal
Current Rank:  
Current Billet:  Communications Officer, USS Constellation
Species:  Vulcan
Gender/Sex:  Female
Age:  63 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth:  February 14, 2197
Place of Birth:  Vulcan
Parents:  Father - Minister Suvok (scientist, deceased), 
	  Mother - Salen (medical doctor, deceased)
Siblings:  3, all deceased
Religion:  Selaya, now rejected

HT:  5’10"; WT:  148 lbs; Eyes:  Brown; Hr: Black

II.  Educational Background

   A. 	Vulcan Academy of Culture
   B.  	Starfleet Academy

Prior to the destruction of Vulcan Sefal was a historian on Vulcan and one 
of their foremost experts on linguistics.  

After the destruction of her world, Sefal applied immediately to Star Fleet, 
was accepted immediately to the academy and graduated in half the normal time 
on account of her prior education and zealous dedication to her studies.  

Since beginning Star Fleet academy, Sefal has shown an interest in hand-to-hand 
combat and marksmanship, devoting the same determination and focus to these tasks 
as she did to her studies.              

III.  Biographical Notes

A.  Chronology (tabular form):

0-16:   Lived with parents

16-17:  Selected for cultural training as a result of extreme scores in l
	inguistic aptitude

17-22:  Vulcan Academy of Culture

23-27:  Assigned as fourth assistant to the minister of culture

28-32:  Diplomatic Training

33-35:  Assistant to Vulcan Ambassador to the Klingon Empire

36-44:  Assistant to Vulcan Ambassador to Romulus

45-47:  Advanced Diplomatic Training

48-57:  Vulcan Liaison to Terran Ambassador to Vulcan

58-61:  Vulcan Ambassador to Andor

61-63:  Starfleet Academy

63-…:  Communications Officer, USS Constellation

B.  Background Summary:

Sefal was always a paragon of Vulcan culture and values. She believed deeply in 
the teachings of Surek and in the path of logic.  Aptitude testing revealed an 
extreme gift in the learning of languages, demonstrated by the fact that had 
learned the Klingon language to a highly conversational level as a young child, 
merely by viewing a Klingon opera and reading the accompanying libretto.

Her education continued on a cultural, rather than scientific or religious path, 
first with the history of the Vulcans themselves and their many off-shoots, then 
expanding to the other Federation and eventually non-Federation races.  Her 
facility with language is such that she is often able to adapt even to the cultural 
aspects of a language, making it difficult for most to indentify her as a non-native 
speaker, except of course for her appearance.  Her reckoning of the logical 
teachings of Vulcan is that it would be illogical to omit the emotionality of a 
culture’s communication when communicating with its members.

The destruction of Vulcan in 2260, however, changed everything.  Where was logic 
when Nero created a singularity in the core of Vulcan itself?

Clearly, there was no longer a need for a Vulcan Ambassador to Andor, and as a member 
of what was now an endangered species, Sefal suddenly found herself one of the few 
remaining Vulcans, even fewer with her cultural knowledge.

The aged Ambassador Spock asked that she participate in the new colony in a leadership 
role, but despite all of her training in the ways of logic, all that Sefal could think 
of vengeance, a vengeance.  From that moment, she abandoned the ways of logic and 
devoted every ounce of discipline toward the goal of making sure something like what 
happened to Vulcan never happens again.  

Of course, nobody knows that her idea of how this would be is for the Romulans to 
be utterly annihilated.

IV.  Skills Profile

Sefal is a linguistic genius.  When someone speaks in a foreign language, its as 
thought she can “see” the patterns and before long, repeat and assimilate them.  
While traveling on Earth, Sefal took a tour of the Mayan Ruins in Mexico, and was 
speaking fluent Spanish barely an hour after her first exposure to the language.

Sefal has exceptionally sensitive hearing, which plays a significant part in her 
ability with language, and has also helped her in hand-to-hand combat and other 
martial training.  

In the two years since the destruction of Vulcan, Sefal has also become a very 
competent marksman and a skilled martial artist, devoting most of her considerable 
rage to the study of all things combative.

VI.  Recent Fitness Report

Sefal is in excellent health for a Vulcan of her age, which is well short of middle 
age by the standards of her race.  Since her entrance to Starfleet Academy Sefal 
has taken to regular, vigorous exercise and is now extremely strong, even by Vulcan 

She has no health problems of significance, though is susceptible to headaches and 
ringing in her ears, perhaps a by-product of her over-sensitive hearing.

Dr. Rachel Kraus, Starfleet Academy, Duty Physician

VII.  Psychological Profile

Like most Vulcans, it is very difficult to “read” Sefal.

She is skilled in the Vulcan arts, but like others of her race, she buries her 
emotions deep.  What nobody can see is the rage that is always just below the surface, 
nearly consuming her.

VIII.  Current Recreational Interests

Martial arts, marksmanship, vigorous (masochistic?) exercise.  In short, anything 
that may help her one to day to eradicate the Romulan race from exsistance.

IX.  Miscellaneous Information
While she is very well educated and always disciplined on the outside, Sefal is an 
emotional mess on the inside.  She is, in effect, at war with herself, half of her 
wanting to help rebuild her society and to protect that new beginning, the other 
half wanting to make each and every Romulan pay for what was done to her people.

At present, it is just a war of thoughts, in the future………
End BioFile