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LCDR Shaav cha'Stolek tr'Sl'amnis, First Officer, USS Hood

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data

Full Name:		Shaav cha’Stolek tr’Sl’amnis
Surname:		tr’Sl’amnis
Given Name:		Shaav
Nickname:		Sparky, That Vulcan With The Wrench	
Current Rank:  	        Lieutenant Commander (O-4) 
Current Billet:	        First Officer, USS Hood, NCC-1703
Species:  		Vulcan
Gender/Sex:  	        Male	
Age:  		        29
DOB:  		        Vulcan: 11th day of Tasmeen, year 8870
			Gregorian: August 30th, 2232
POB:  		        Kel province, Vulcan
Parents:  		Stolek (father, deceased), T’Hera (mother, deceased)
Siblings:  		S’Van (brother, deceased), T’Res (sister, deceased)
Spouse:  		T’Vel (deceased)
Children:  		None

A. Physical Description
HT: 			1.78 meters (5’10”)
WT: 			61 kilograms (135lbs)
EY: 			Brown	 
HR: 			Black	 
SK:  			Medium tan	
Blood Type:		T-negative	
Religion:		cthia (“reality-truth” espoused by the Vulcan expression 
                           “Kaiidth!”, meaning, “What is, is.”)	
Citizenship:	Vulcan (former, destroyed), Earth (current)
Languages:  	Modern Golic Vulcan (native), Classical Golic Vulcan (fluent), 
                   Federation/Earth Standard (fluent), High Rihan (passable), Rihannsu 
                   Common (passable)	

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -Shi'oren t'ek'tallar T'Khasi (Vulcan Science Academy)
    	• Tren’es t'ukh-tehn-tukh/tchas mish-tal (Mastery of Warp/Matter-
             Antimatter Engineering), 
	• Tren’es tchas-tor-tal (Mastery of Warp Physics), 
	• Tren’es numen-tor-tal (Mastery of Quantum Mechanics)
	• Tren’es yel-hali-tor-velsu mish-tal (Mastery of Starship Engineering, 
             Construction, and Repair)

B. Service Schools Attended
-- Star Fleet Engineering Corps Officers School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
  -- MOC:  Engineering officer
  -- MOC:  Warp Theory and Impulse Systems
  -- MOC:  Advanced Damage Control Procedures
  -- MOS:  Starship Design

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: 		Magna Cum Laude
Academic Major: 	Aerospace Engineering
Professional Major: 	Engineering, with focuses in Damage Control, Propulsion 
                           Engineering/Warp Mechanics, and Starship Design 
Class Rank:  		30/312
Reprimands: 		One, C/O log follows: “Cadet Shaav was found elbow-deep in 
                        the administration building’s main transporter pad at 0145 hours 
                        on Stardate 2258.31. He claimed he was repairing an auxiliary 
                        pattern buffer that one of his fellow cadets had sabotaged (as a 
                        prank, evidently) to discard clothing patterns from rematerialization. 
                        While the cadet’s initiative to ensure safety for others is laudable, 
                        his unauthorized actions showed a disregard for protocol and the 
                        chain of command. Disciplinary action consisted of 20 hours of community 
                        service with Academy/HQ: I’m sure the new groundskeeper, Boothby, could 
                        use the extra help anyway.”
Commendations: 		None
Athletics:  		Academy lacrosse team, academy track-and-field (110m and 400m hurdles)
Activities:  		Tri-D Chess Club, Academy Poker League, Theatrical Productions Workshop

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology 

0-17:  	Lived with parents on Vulcan, attended Vulcan primary schools
17:  	Entered Shi'oren t'ek'tallar T'Khasi (Vulcan Science Academy)
17-23:	Attended Vulcan Science Academy
23:	Entered Starfleet Academy		
23-27:	Attended Starfleet Academy.
27:	Cadet Cruise aboard USS Von Braun; Commissioned into Starfleet as a Lieutenant, j.g. (O-2)
27-Present:	Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary

Early Life
From the time of Surak, Shaav’s ancestors had dwelled in the volcanic mountain 
ranges of Kel province. Close to the northern pole of Vulcan, chilly Kel had 
winter average highs hovering close to 10 or 20 Celsius, and average lows dipping 
well below freezing: brisk by human standards, but downright inhospitable for 
Vulcans. Few Vulcans live in these (relatively) harsh areas, but Shaav’s ancestors 
took gladly to the dramatic, craggy peaks, due to the valuable ores the regional 
volcanism and tectonic activity exposed. For thousands of years, those mountains 
produced master metallurgists, smiths, and craftsmen rivaling those of Xir’Tan in 
the south. Shaav spent much of his youth outdoors, exploring his family’s estate 
and the surrounding valleys in a salvaged hovercart he and his twin sister T’Res 
patched together. 

At age 8, as is traditional for Vulcans, he was bonded in an arranged marriage to 
his wife, T’Vel. Among modern Vulcans, governed by logic and reason, the bond serves 
mainly for the consummation of the primal drive of Pon Farr throughout adult life…
but two decades later, before even his first Pon Farr, T’Vel and billions of other 
Vulcans perished at the hands of the madman Nero, taking from Shaav a wife he had 
never known beyond a childhood ceremony.

Shortly after being bonded, Shaav undertook his Kahs-Wan, the ceremonial survival 
trek through the desert. He staggered back from the edge of the Forge 10 days 
later, battered, bruised, dehydrated, and exhausted…but very much alive, and now 
considered an adult according tradition. He spent the rest of his adolescence 
finishing up his primary schooling, before applying to and being accepted at the 
prestigious Shi'oren t'ek'tallar T'Khasi: the Vulcan Science Academy. After 7 
years at the Academy, during which time he earned the equivalent of a handful of 
Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in various scientific endeavors, he applied for 
and was accepted in to Starfleet Academy, in the Class of 2260. 

Starfleet Academy

Shaav threw himself in to his education with the usual studious Vulcan dedication, 
but, keenly aware of the fact that Starfleet was an organization made up of 
individuals, he made time for socialization with his peers in order to improve his 
understanding of social dynamics. Vulcans rarely showed up to parties and other 
social gatherings, and Shaav’s presence at many of these drew stares at first…but, 
while certainly calm and serious, he proved not to be the huge stick-in-the-mud 
everyone expected. Only a couple older cadets had ever heard of anyone “hanging out” 
with a Vulcan before, to which Shaav only raised an eyebrow and replied, “’Hanging 
out’ may not be logical, but while not engaged in coursework or studies, it is not 
illogical either.”

While not at the top of every subject, Shaav’s years of prior study and his own 
natural talent earned him very good grades in nearly all of his classes. He took to 
his science, engineering, and history classes like a fish to water, even going so 
far as to write a scientific paper, “The Evolution of Multiple Warp Nacelle versus 
Multiple Warp Coil Configurations and their Impact on the Warp Field Efficiency 
Envelope”, which made it on to the reading list at Utopia Planitia, Nesrun, and 
New Aberdeen Fleet Yards. He graduated from the Academy with honors, rounding out 
the top 10% of the Class of 2260.

In Starfleet
On his cadet cruise aboard the USS Von Braun, Acting Ensign Shaav achieved some 
minor notoriety amongst his peers for pulling off difficult and technical engineering 
solutions under duress. In one memorable incident, which involved a simulated 
emergency evacuation of an agrarian colony, Shaav found and coordinated the repair of
a number of derelict cargo shuttles that had been written off as unsalvageable by the 
colony’s insurers 40 years previous. The extra shuttles allowed Shaav’s team to evacuate 
the colonists in near-record time, earning his team-mates commendations and himself a 
bump to Lieutenant, junior grade for his engineering acumen and lateral thinking.

After his cadet cruise and commissioning in to Starfleet proper, Shaav found himself 
at Starbase 6, serving as a night shift repair coordinator for starships that came in 
for refit and resupply. In his year at the starbase, he established himself as both 
an excellent engineer and a good officer, with an above-average (for a Vulcan) grasp 
of factors like morale and other “people” skills. Though not as animated or jovial 
as other teams, his supervisors noted the remarkable effectiveness with which his 
handpicked and carefully groomed squad worked, effectively and consistently managing 
assignments 5-10% faster than many of the day shift crews with half again as many 
personnel. Starbase 6’s repair crews already had a reputation amongst Fleet engineers 
for taking good care of their precious charges, a reputation which Shaav was grateful 
to add to when Command switched him over to a larger day shift squad halfway through 
his posting. Under his watchful eye, Shaav’s team continued to work their magic with 
weary vessels coming in off of patrol, and word soon spread amongst the chief 
engineers in the sector (unofficially, of course) that his crew was “allowed” to work 
on their engines: for the more dedicated engineers, an admission like that was akin 
to being adopted in to a family. 

<<I'll write another paragraph here about how I come aboard the Lady Lex after the 
captain figures out just how he wants to drop said bombshell ;) >>

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2256.213:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2257.214:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2258.213:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2259.213:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2259.115:	Promoted to Ensign (O-1)
2260.190:	Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade (O-2)
2261.300:	Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2262.100:	Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

B. Service History
2256.213:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2257.214:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2258.213:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2259.213:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2260.115:	Graduated from Starfleet Academy; assigned to cadet cruise aboard 
                    USS Von Braun NCC-1168
2260.213:	Finished Cadet Cruise, commissioned as Lieutenant, junior grade 
                    (O-2); assigned as starship repair coordinator, Starbase 6
2261.300:	Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3), assigned to USS Lexington as Chief Engineer
2262.100:	Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4), assigned to USS Lexington as First Officer

C.  Medals and Commendations
Chochrane Medal

V. Skills Profile

Despite his relatively recent commissioning, Shaav has substantial skill and experience 
as an engineer thanks to his 11+ years of studying engineering and physics at both 
Starfleet Academy and the Vulcan Science Academy: his Starfleet Academy classmates 
recognized him, tongue-in-cheek, as “half-Vulcan half-hyperspanner” for his ability to 
fix or reassemble just about anything, no matter how burnt, shredded, maimed, bent, 
fried, smashed, drained, cracked, or incomplete. His background in physics and other 
“hard” sciences also makes him competent in scientific, design, and theoretical 
undertakings. Pursuant to Starfleet Security protocols, he has acceptable ability with 
either a phaser or in unarmed combat. As his family had dwelled in the cold, rocky 
northern regions of Vulcan since time immemorial, Shaav is more comfortable than most 
Vulcans in cold environments, and is reasonably skilled in rock climbing and cross-
country skiing…though, for a Vulcan, the idea of enough snow to do the latter more than 
once or twice a year is still jarring.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Though slightly shorter and of a lighter build than the average Vulcanoid, Cadet Shaav 
is otherwise in excellent physical condition. Deep tissue scans reveal a healed 
hairline fracture of the pelvis and some minor scar tissue on both forearms, reported to 
be from an aircar accident and a close call with a le-matya, respectively. The cadet has 
no conditions, ailments, or allergies to speak of, aside from some mild lactose 
intolerance; as he and most other Vulcans observe strict veganism, this is essentially a 

-- Dr. David Contreras
	Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy

VII. Psychological Profile

Medical Log, Stardate 2259.14: Final interview, Cadet Shaav.

When the Romulan known as Nero began his attack on the Federation, Cadet Shaav, an 
underclassman at the time, was too young to ship out with the senior cadets. Shaav was 
forced to watch, helpless, as news and footage of destruction of one of the Federation’s 
founding core-worlds (not to mention his home planet) screamed across every newschannel 
and holonet. 

A more emotional individual might have entered a deep depression upon witnessing the 
deaths of one’s spouse, all family, and nearly all friends, but Shaav and the scant 
dozens of other Vulcans I’ve seen since the attack appear to be holding up with the usual 
Vulcan detachment. A significant minority of Vulcans, he explained to me, has a 
longstanding tradition of following Arie’mnu, often rendered in Earth Standard as 
“Passion’s Mastery,” or incorrectly as, “suppression of emotion.” He elaborated that, 
as opposed to the more widely known wholesale elimination of emotion called Kolinahr, 
Passion’s Mastery involves acknowledging, understanding, and rising above one’s emotions 
through logic and reason.

“Surak was known to laugh and cry as any other being might,” Shaav continued, “as long 
as such emotions were not detrimental or harmful to himself or others. ‘Passion must be 
ruled, lest it rule,’ he said, but it is not illogical to take pleasure in a joke, or to 
grieve for the loss of a loved one.”

 “Whatever feelings I may or may not be mastering, by your own testing, are not 
impacting my performance: I am physically and mentally fit for duty, and I have no 
intention of taking leave from Starfleet Academy. There would be no logical reason to do 
so.” He sat across from me, and, as silly as it sounds, I swear I saw terrible sorrow in 
his eyes, clear and unblinking in an otherwise stoic face.

I’d only seen that look in his eyes from one or two other Vulcan cadets of the handful 
currently at the Academy. Still…the cadet had a point: all his psych screenings, even 
the most recent ones, were well within normal tolerances. Hell, this last interview was 
really only a formality before he’d inevitably be allowed to return to normal instruction.

“You’re right, Cadet,” I said finally. I sighed, then drew a breath and continued, 
“You’ve clearly suffered through a terrible tragedy, but every test and interview you’ve 
taken shows zero sign of diminished capability or emotional instability. I’m clearing you 
and recommending your return to normal instruction, and I expect you’ll receive official 
notice within 48 hours.”

I stood up from behind my desk, and Shaav rose a moment later. He turned to leave, but 
before he was out the door, I blurted, “Cadet?”

He stopped, and turned slowly on the spot. “Yes, Doctor?”

I paused, floundering for words, before I finally managed, “I’m very sorry for your 
loss.” Typical human platitude.

He seemed to consider this for a long moment, before he finally said, “Thank you, 
Doctor,” and left.

And, by god, I really feel like he meant it.

-Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
	Staff Psychiatrist, Starfleet Academy.

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

During his Academy days, Shaav became known for his legendary poker face his 
dormitory’s bi-weekly Texas Hold’Em games. While at Starfleet Academy, Shaav spent 
many weekends in the nearby Lake Tahoe area, rock climbing and bouldering in the summer 
and skiing in the winter. Shaav often spends time off-duty running in the gymnasium, 
reading, taking the occasional night shift on the bridge, and "talking shop" with 
friends and co-workers in the mess hall.