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CAPT Theros- Commanding Officer, USS Endeavor

Captain (O-6)

CAPT Theros, CO
       (played by Greg Posey
I. Personal Data
Full Name:              Tammaltheros ch'Kreeg
Surname:                ch'Kreeg
Given Name:             Theros
Nickname:               None
Current Rank:           Captain (O-6)
Current Billet:         Captain, USS ENDEAVOR NCC-1718
Species:                Andorian
Gender/Sex:             Male
Age:                    39
DOB:                    January 3, 2222
POB:                    Iskaye Point, Andoria
Parents:                Alshazarat ch'Kreeg (71)
                       Shagaratha zh'Kreeg (62)
                       Kamelayn sh'Kreeg (deceased)
                       Thesrasheg th'Kreeg (64)
Siblings:               None
Spouse:                 None
Children:               Thakalara sh'Kreeg (9)

A. Physical Description
HT:                     6'8"
WT:                     260 lbs.
EY:                     Sky Blue
HR:                     Silver
SK:                     Deep Blue
Blood Type:             O-negative
Religion:               Agnostic
Citizenship:            Andoria
Languages:              Andorii (native speaker), Terran (fluent),
                       Vulcan (fluent), Klingon (skilled)

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
  -- Star Fleet Academy (graduated *magna cum laude*)
       (Bachelor of Science, Astrophysics)

B. Service Schools Attended
  -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
  -- Star Fleet Command School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
  -- MOC:  Command Officer
  -- MOC:  Navigation/Astrogation
  -- MOC:  Damage Control Systems

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors:                 Graduated *magna cum laude*
Academic Major:         Astrophysics
Professional Major:     Navigation/Astrogation
Class Rank:             8 out of 435
Reprimands:             None
Commendations:          None
Athletics:              None
Activities:             Sculpture, Painting, Cartography, Chess, History

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-4:            Lived with family at Iskaye Point, Andoria

4-16:           Lived with 'father' Alshazarat ch'Kreeg onboard the SS

16-18:          Lived with remaining family at Iskaye Point, Andoria

18-22:          Attended Starfleet Academy.

22:             Cadet Cruise aboard USS CRIMEA.  Commissioned into Starfleet
               as ENSIGN (O-1)

22-Present:     Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary

No accounting of Theros' life can be complete without mentioning his
brilliant but flawed father, Alshazarat ch'Kreeg.  It was Alshazarat's
dream to take his experimental ship beyond the galactic barrier and
Theros grew up steeped in the wild obsession.  When the CORONA was
destroyed (and Theros nearly with it), the boy was forced back to the
world of the mundane, though he never forgot the strange vistas and
tireless treks to the most distant parts of the galaxy his father had
given him.

Indeed, Theros is very much like his father.  Hard-headed, driven,
restless, and uncompromising.  As an academy student, he impressed his
teachers by quietly submersing himself into his studies, taking on
each task with meticulousness; as if each assignment had critical
value.  He gained the respect of his peers by being loyal to a fault
and keeping a cool head even under duress.  It was quite clear that
Starfleet had a leader in the making and that Theros was born to be an

Per Fleet's desire to promote quality officers quickly up the
chain-of-command, Theros leapfrogged his way from promotion to
promotion with a steady stream of positive reviews.  His work ethic
was such that he hardly seemed to have a life outside his duties.  He
gained his first command at the young age of 34, taking responsibility

Around this time, his daughter Thakalara was born.  While he's never
spoken of the circumstances surrounding her birth, he's made efforts
to stay in touch, despite the vast distances separating them.  She
seems to be his only real tie to the people he's vowed to protect and
the safe worlds of the Federation.  By profession and avocation, he's
stayed out on the fringes of known space, his questing nature always
carrying him from one horizon to another.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2244.213:       Promoted to Ensign (O-1)
2246.101:       Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
2248.158:       Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2250.312:       Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
2256.228:       Promoted to Commander (O-5)
2261.089:       Promoted to Captain (O-6)

B. Service History
2241.213:       Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2242.213:       Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2243.214:       Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2244.213:       Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2244.115:       Graduated from Starfleet Academy; assigned to
                 cadet cruise aboard USS CRIMEA NCC-0875
2244.213:       Finished Cadet Cruiser, commissioned as Ensign (O-1);
                 assigned as NAVIGATOR, USS LINCOLN
2246.101:       Assigned as Navigator, USS T'POL
2246.101:       Promoted to LT(jg) (O-2)
2248.158:       Promoted to LT (0-3)
2248.158:       Assigned to USS NOBEL as NAV
2249.213:       Assigned to Command School
2250.115:       Graduated Command School
2250.312:       Promoted to LCDR (0-4)
2250.312:       Assigned as NAV/2O, USS DELAWARE
2252.007:       Assigned as FO, USS DELAWARE
2256.228:       Promoted to CDR (O-5)
2256.228:       Assigned as CO, USS PETRIE
2261.089:       Promoted to CAPT (0-6)
2261.089:       Assigned as CO, USS ENDEAVOR NCC-1718

C.  Medals and Commendations
None at this time.

V. Skills Profile

Theros is a skilled commander who has excellent situational awareness
when he's in the command chair.  His childhood experiences as well as
those in the fleet have given him a keen understanding of starship
navigation and he his spatial awareness is very high as well.  Though
he has an Andorian's will and toughness, his expertise is not in
personal combat but in larger-scale tactics and strategy.  He knows
just a little about most major ship systems to stand in, however, he's
most comfortable in the command chair.  He is a superb artist and a
well-versed history buff (particularly military history).

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Commander ch'Kreeg fits well within the normal parameters of his
species.  Though he was once exposed to Mycatherian plagueworms as a
young officer, there has been no recurrence of the affliction these
many years.  I would advise a bit more physical activity to keep him
vigorous but fully endorse him for continued service.

-- Dr. Garralb
               Chief Surgeon, USS PETRIE

VII. Psychological Profile

As in many command line officers, paradoxes are abundant in Commander
Theros.  The fact that he chooses, for instance, to go by the name
Theros rather than his surname points to some embarrassment regarding
his ill-fated father; yet we well know how staunchly partisan he is
when it comes to matters related to Andorians.  He does have an almost
obsessive streak when it comes to his duty, especially towards the
ship.  But such characteristics are the norm when it comes to
captains.  Likewise, he is known to have a great temper in private yet
all accounts show him to be almost disturbingly unemotional when on
the bridge.  For me, there's really a lifetime of work to be found
trying to unravel this officer; however, I would personally follow him
into any mission safe in the knowledge that he would do everything
possible to protect the lives of his crew.

-- Dr. Soledad Hidalgo
               Staff Psychologist, Starbase 11

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Theros is a gifted artist and could likely make a living out of his
sculpture and paintings, should he wish.  He spends his free time
either buried in accounts of old battles or playing chess or working
on some work of art or another.  He has recently taken up gardening
and can be seen tending to whatever small herbs he's collected in his
travels.  In all, he enjoys his privacy and quiet pursuits that
challenge his intellect as well as his imagination.