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LCDR Timothy Drake- First Officer/Helmsman, USS Lexington

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data
Full Name:  		Timothy Andrew Drake
Surname:  	        Drake
Given Name:  	        Timothy
Nickname:	        Tim; Drake
Current Rank:  		Lieutenant Commander (O-4) *temporary field promotion
Current Billet:  	First Officer/Navigator, USS LEXINGTON, NCC-1709
Species:  		Human (Terran)
Gender/Sex:  		M
Age:  			31 Terran Years
DOB:  			April 1, 2229
POB:  			Sickbay, USS NEWTON
Parents:  		ADM(ret.) Ambassador William Drake (65)
                        CDR Eileen Drake, M.D.  (64)
Siblings:  		CAPT William Drake II, USS PULSAR (39)
                        LCDR Cameron Drake, deceased
                        CDR Emma Drake, USS QUASAR (34)      
Spouse:  		None
Children:  		None

A. Physical Description
HT: 			5'11"
WT: 			190 lbs
EY: 			Green 
HR: 			Red 
SK:  			Caucasian, fair skinned
Blood Type:  		O+
Religion:  		Catholic
Citizenship:  		Earth
Languages:  		English, Gaelic, Vulcan (rudimentary)

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Starfleet Academy
         (Advanced Officer Training)

B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Starfleet Space Warfare Officers School
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Helm Officer
   -- MOC:  Navigation Officer 
   -- MOC:  Damage Control Procedures
   -- MOC:  Shields and Point Defense Systems   
   -- MOC:  Offensive Weapons Systems

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-18:  		Lived with parents aboard various starships, space stations, etc.

18:  		Entered Star Fleet Academy

18-22:		Attended Star Fleet Academy

22:		Cadet Cruise aboard USS MAGELLAN.  Commissioned into Starfleet as an 
                    Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2).

22-Present:	Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary

Timothy Drake grew up in and around Starfleet, following his parents to
their various duty stations when it was allowed, being raised by family when
it wasn't.  His mother's work with Starfleet Medical as a research scientist
meant that there was often an off-Earth posting for her where she could take
at least some of the children even when his father was away.  As the youngest,
Timothy benefitted from his parents' relatively seniority in Starfleet by the
time he was born in seeing more of them.

Joining Starfleet was never really an option for him, but not because of family
pressure.  Drake is an adventurer at heart, and there is nothing he loves more
than being out in space.  Since joining, the shadow of his father and eldest 
brother loom large over him, but he has mostly managed to carve out his own
path based on his gifts with piloting and navigation.  He tries very hard to
avoid being immediately linked with his family name, and goes out of his way
to prove his merit, as he has often been treated as though his family name
dictates his success.

His middle brother was killed in the battle around Vulcan, and the fact that 
Drake survived that encounter (thanks to the quick thinking of the Science 
Officer who was acting as Captain) still haunts him at times.  He is closest
with his sister, and the rest of the family all gets along well, though 
there is a friendly competitive edge to their careers.

Drake has excelled in Starfleet, in part because of its familiarity as an
environment and in part because of his skills at the helm, with navigational
charts and with people.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2247.214:	Entered Starfleet Academy
(Note: Skipped rank of Ensign due to High Honors on Cadet Cruise)
2251.114:	Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
2255.300:       Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2260.343:       Field promotion to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

B. Service History
2247.214:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2248.214:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2249.214:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2250.214:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy                  
2251.114:       Promoted Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
2252.114:       Assigned as Navigator, USS QUASAR
2253.035:       Assigned as Helmsman, USS QUARK
2255.200:       Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2255.200:       Assigned as Flight Operations Officer, Starbase 11
2257.114:       Assigned as Navigator, USS Thy'lek Shran
2258.130:       Assigned as Helmsman, USS DEFIANT, NCC-1764
2260.172:       Assigned as Helmsman, USS LEXINGTON, NCC-1709
2260.343:       Assigned as First Officer/Navigator, USS LEXINGTON

C.  Medals and Commendations
Medal of Merit (2)
Combat Action Award (2)
Starfleet Commendation Award

V. Skills Profile

Drake is a highly skilled pilot and has a brilliant analytical mind, skills 
that have put him on a successful career as both a Helm and Navigation officer.
He displayed a knack for leading other early in his career and this led to a
shore rotation on Starbase Orion overseeing all of the flight operations
division after being promoted to Lieutenant.  As much as he loves piloting
a starship, flying shuttles or other nimbler craft is one of his favorite things.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Timothy Drake is in excellent physical condition.

-- Dr. Jones
	Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy

VII. Psychological Profile

This officer is very well-balanced.  He loves his work in Starfleet and it shows
in his generally positive attitude.  He has good relationships with his family,
though he has at times neglected his personal life as a result of his work ethic.
-- LCDR Bradley Baines
	Staff Psychologist, Starbase 11

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Drake loves flying anything that he can get his hands on.  He also appreciates
any games involving tactics, loves to play cards, and has been known to fence.