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U.S.S. Constellation Current Mission: "Deepening Shadows"
Updated SD 2261.313


Below is a timeline of the vents of the current mission, beginning with the first post of MD 1 and ending with the post that occured on the most recent mission date.

Please keep in mind that this is not a timeline of when each person posted, but a timeline of the events in our posts in relation to one another. This means that the latest event is NOT NECESSARILY from the most recent post. That is why this timeline is kept: to help the players more readily grasp the true sequence of the events about which we write.

Concerns about the timeline should be addressed to Rob Meier.

Timeline of Events: Mission #4- Deepening Shadows

NOTE- the timeline below is in continuous flux- please continue to check back regularly for updates.

Rob M -13.2200 As the moon Hadad-1 enters an eighteen-month night, members of the crew of Refinery Station ECHO begin to disappear . . . ["Deepening Shadows"]
Rob M 1.0900 USS CONSTELLATION is dispatched to system 9963-Doradus to assist the station crew. ["Deepening Shadows"]
Mary M 1.0900 In Sickbay, Allegra and Rita finish checking the medical supplies just in time to hear Veld's announcement about the next mission. ["Back to Work"]
Roger B 1.0900 Chief Astor learns of the new mission from Liz Williams. ["What the Heck is Quadrilium, Pt 1"]
Rob M 1.1100 Frost and Veld learn a little more about Refinery Station ECHO. ["Misfortune or Carelessness?"]
Andrew F/Rob M 1.1130 Frost consults Sefal about the possible communications hiccups they might encounter at Refinery Station ECHO. ["Smoke Signals"]
Matt B 1.1247 The new CEO, LT Storm, fixes an irritating problem down in Engineering. ["The Irritation Factor"]
Rob M 1.1300 Veld opens the senior staff briefing. ["Beginning the Briefing"]
Roger B 1.1305 Astor reveals that quadrillium seems to be, well, useless--which raises the question of why it is being mined and refined at all. ["Briefing"]
Andrew F 1.1307 Sefal points out that quadrillium does have one known use--mixed with zinc oxide, it releases fumes which are intoxicating to Vulcans! ["Other Applications"]
Jeff J 1.1309 Brooks mentions another use--Orion starship hulls use it as part of a light alloy to improve their performance. ["Quadrillium"]
Mary M 1.1311 Dr Douglass outlines the medical issues--including the fact that quadrillium can cause respiratory and dermatological damage . . . ["The Medical Opinion"]
Scott L 1.1337 Veld wraps up the mission briefing and sets the senior staff to their tasks. ["No Easy Answers"]
Rob M 1.1400 Frost contacts an Orion officer aboard another ship to ask about a possible Orion connection with Refinery Station ECHO. ["Data Transfer, Part 1"] She learns some possibly useful information, and also discovers she's a junior officer's pin-up girl. ["Data Transfer, Part 2"]
Jaired B 1.1400 Adeyemon contemplates her new promotion and focuses on getting her staff ready for the mission ahead. ["New Jobs"]
Mary M 1.1400 Douglass informs her staff about the hazards of the current mission. ["Another Sucky Mission"]
Marc J 1.1500 Coleman passes his summary of the security situation at the refinery to Adeyemon in preparation for their meeting. ["A New Boss"]
Jeffrey J 1.1800 Brooks reviews the Science Department's modifications to tricorders and safety gear ready for the mission. ["Precautions"]
Scott L 1.1822 Veld finishes dinner and starts thinking about The Big Picture, and whether the current mission fits inside it somehow. ["The Big Picture"]
Roger B 1.2203 Astor meets his new yeoman, and sets her the task of looking for more information about quadrillium. ["Penuche"]
Roger B 1.2257 PS2 Browne succeeds in finding further uses for quadrillium, namely in making ablative armour and bomb casings . . . ["Penuche"]
Andrew F 1.2300 Sefal gives Astor the specs for the comms gear she wants for the Hadad-1 landing parties. ["Cups and String"]
Roger B 1.2305 Astor agrees to provide a prototype of Sefal's comms unit by 0945 the next day. By MD2.0830, he and SCPO Miranda complete the modifications to the portable comms device. ["Cups Half Full and Strings Pulled Tight"]
Rob M 1.2345 Frost reports to the bridge ready for CONSTELLATION's arrival at Hadad-1. Meanwhile, on the moon, another 'disappearance' is called for. ["No, It's Usually Malice"]
Rob M 2.0005 USS CONSTELLATION arrives at Hadad-1 just in time for one of the mysterious disappearances plaguing Refinery Station ECHO. ["Drums in the Dark"]
Andrew F 2.0015 Sefal has a hunch about what might be involved in thedisappearances. ["Shuttling Memories"]
Rob M 2.0036 Frost arrives in the Operations Centre of Refinery Station ECHO, moments before the rest of the team. ["The Cavalry Arrives"]
Roger B 2.0100 Astor's team find traces of phaser fire and blood on the refinery's communications and operational computers. ["Boots and Saddles"]
Andrew F 2.0235 Sefal re-links a severed relay in the mine, but losesone of Coleman's security staff. ["Band-Aid"]
Roger B 2.0300 Yeoman Loretta Dean is kidnapped by unknowns, and finds herself among other victims. She learns that the kidnappers react badly to light and sound, and also take female captives away--never to be seen again ["A Tale Told by an Idiot"]
Rob M 2.0305 Frost realises she can hear whispering voices--and at least one of them belongs to a member of the CONNIE's crew. ["Whispers"]
Rob M 2.0315 Frost decides she'd better get her mental health checked due to the voices she can hear; when a comms problem prevents her from speaking directly to Dr Douglass, she asks Sefal to pass on the message. ["Hearing Things"]
Mary M 2.0316 Dr Douglass hears only part of Frost's message. ["'Just Great!'"]
Andrew F 2.0320 Sefal visits Frost and gets a call from Brooks. ["Marionettes"]
Jeff J 2.0330 Brooks has a lucid waking nightmare. ["Nightmare"]
Rob M 2.0335 Frost, Sefal and Brooks ponder the possibility of transporter technology being used to effect the mysterious disappearances--and cause Brooks' odd experience of a nightmare. ["A Glimpse of Daylight"]
Roger B 2.0340 Loretta Dean finds she's been subjected to an invasive examination by her unknown captors. ["Another Time, Another Place"]
Roger B 2.0345 Dean learns that the mining operation is contributing to the disappearances and tries to warn Frost. ["Voices from the Darkness"]
Rob M 2.0350 Frost finally hears Yeoman Dean's words; but the Refinery Controller, Erin Gates, is less willing to listen. On her way to argue the point, Frost disappears . . . ["The Lady Vanishes"]