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U.S.S. Constellation Mission #1: "Finders Keepers?"
Updated SD 2260.363


Below is a timeline of the vents of the current mission, beginning with the first post of MD 1 andending with the post that occured on the most recent mission date.

Please keep in mind that this is not a timeline of when each person posted, but a timeline of the events in our posts in relation to one another. This means that the latest event is NOT NECESSARILY from the most recent post. That is why this timeline is kept: to help the players more readily grasp the true sequence of the events about which we write.

Concerns about the timeline should be addressed to Rob Meier.

Timeline of Events: Mission #1- Finders Keepers?

NOTE- This mission is now completed.

Lusby          -2.1408           DEFIANT picks up energy distortions in the Alterian
                                   system and decides to investigate. ("Finders

Lusby          -1.0944           General Har'van Edou'elte and other Alterians find
                                   and claim the (apparently) abandoned DEFIANT.
                                   ("Finders Keepers?")

Johnson         3.1800           Coleman has one last meal with his family before
                                   he leaves for the CONNIE. ("A Pleasant Surprise")

Jenkins/	4.0730           Sefal and Brooks come to an understanding about
Andrew F.                          their altercation. ("Physicist, not a doctor")

Birks/Byrne     4.1400           Byrne involves Adeyemon in some repair work on the
                                   Battle Bridge. ("Aftermath of the Messes")

Jenkins         4.1400           Brooks reviews the personnel in the science dept.
                                   ("Getting to know your science officers")

Bedford         4.1822           Astor chairs the unofficial meeting of senior NCOs
                                   in the sauna. ("Power Behind the Throne") 

Birks/Bedford   4.2030           Adeyemon complains to Astor about her room-mate,
                                   Kowalski, and Astor attempts damage control.

Bedford/Meier   4.2230           Frost and Astor discuss the friction between
                                   Adeyemon and Kowalkski. ("Tired Before We Begin,
                                   Part 1")

Bedford/Birks   5.0330           Adeyemon and Kowalski undergo informal discipline
                                   in the swimming pool. ("Tired Before We Begin,
                                   Part 2")

Bedford         5.0515           Astor is encouraged by Adeyemon's progress as he
                                   eats breakfast in the mess. ("Girls Girls Girls")

Birks           5.0530           Adeyemon speaks with her father. ("From the Mouth of
                                   the Father")

Lusby           5.0547           Veld approves the new SEC and CMO assignments and
                                   invites Frost to a 'working breakfast' in his
                                   day cabin. ("The Motley Crew")

Meier           5.0550           Frost and Veld have their 'working breakfast' in 
                                   the Captain's day cabin and Frost learns that a 
                                   SEC and CMO have been assigned to the CONNIE.
                                   ("All Aboard")

Lusby/McNeely   5.0648           Douglass reports to Veld on the bridge. Veld then
                                   receives notice that the King of Spain (!) wants
                                   to speak to him... ("Dr Douglass Reports")

Johnson/Meier   5.0700           Coleman reports to Frost on the bridge. ("A Pleasant
                                   Surprise"/"All Aboard")

McNeely         5.0715           Dr Douglass talks to her mother and her aunt, then
                                   goes to the mess hall for breakfast. ("The Most
                                   Important Meal of the Day")

Johnson/Birks   5.0725           Adeyemon and Coleman get acquainted over breakfast
                                   ("Pleasant Conversation")

Bedford         5.0745           Astor deduces that departure is imminent and begins
                                   preparations. ("Out of Cold Iron")

Sowards/Birks   5.0800           Shepherd and Adeyemon plot a course to the DEFIANT's
                                   last known position. ("Plotting Courses")

Johnson         5.0805           Coleman meets his department. ("First Impressions")

Andrew F.       5.0830           LT Sefal gets to know her department before the
                                    department meeting. ("Fear Factor")

Johnson         5.0856           Coleman collides with Brooks in a corridor on his
                                   way to the staff briefing. ("First Impressions/
                                   Mystery Meat")

Lusby           5.0903           Veld briefs the senior staff on the mission and
                                   hands out assignments. ("Briefings")

Birks           5.0922           CONSTELLATION leaves Spacedock. ("Setting Out")

Johnson/Bedford 5.0955           Coleman knows Astor has gone 'out of channel' and
                                   chooses to turn a blind eye for the good of the
                                   ship. ("Shout at the Devil")

Johnson         5.1030           Coleman organises the Security Department.
                                   ("Security Arrangements")

Bedford         5.1045           Astor meets his new assistant. ("Aide? I Don't Need
                                   No Stinkin' Aide...")

Byrne           5.1130           Byrne installs a 'sniffer' to detect warp trails.
                                   ("Scrambling for a Course")

McNeely/Johnson 5.1200           Coleman visits Sickbay and befriends Dr Douglass.
                                   ("Comparing Stories")

McNeely         5.1300           Allegra meets with her staff, and her father calls.
                                   ("Dr Douglass Meets Her Crew")

Jenkins/        5.1800           Brooks and Coleman have dinner in the mess.
Johnson                            ("Mystery Meat")

Bedford        	6.0100           Fifty-seven survivors from DEFIANT huddle together for
                                   warmth on a nearby planetoid. ("Remnant and Diaspora")
                                   [[Posted as DEFIANT MD 22.0100]]

Johnson/Meier   6.0622           Frost and Coleman meet in the gym. ("Bodily Exercise
                                   Profits a Little")

Andrew F.       6.0630           Sefal arrives in the gym and meets Coleman.

Bedford/Johnson 6.0830           Astor receives a backlog of non-judicial punishments.
                                   ("Non Judicial Punishment")

Johnson         6.0930           Coleman drills the security department. ("Drill,
                                   Drill, Drill")

Bedford/Johnson 6.1130           Astor and Coleman devise a plan to deal with the NJP
                                   backlog. ("Non Judicial Punishment")

Bedford         6.1300           DEFIANT survivors find water but not much else on their
                                   new home. ("Making Do")
                                   [[Posted as DEFIANT MD 22.1300]]

McNeely         7.0200           Allegra runs a preparedness drill for the medical
                                   department. ("Practice Makes Perfect")

Bedford         9.2200           DEFIANT survivors bury Chief Lepinski. ("Making Do")
                                   [[Posted as DEFIANT MD 25, no time given]]

Bedford        13.1200           Seven more DEFIANT survivors have died, leaving fewer
                                   than fifty. ("Making Do")
                                   [[Posted as DEFIANT MD 29, no time given]]           

Johnson        16.1100           The security department runs a boarding exercise.
                                   ("Repelling Boarders")

Lusby          17.1627           CAPT Veld reflects on the events surrounding DEFIANT's
                                   disappearance and anticipates what lies ahead.
                                   ("Pause and Reflect")

Lusby          17.1630           Yeoman Williams keeps CAPT Veld's life running
                                   smoothly. ("Supporting Roles")

Andrew F.      18.1300           Sefal and Kowalski detect a countdown signal coming
                                   from the Alterian system. ("Countdown")

Jenkins/       18.1400           Brooks and Sefal analyse the countdown signal to try
Andrew F.                          and locate DEFIANT. ("Signal from the Dark")

Meier          19.1805           Frost ponders the DEFIANT's fate while standing watch.

Bedford        19.2200           DEFIANT survivors lose two men to a sand-dwelling
                                   predator. ("Making Do")
                                   [[Posted as DEFIANT MD 35, no time given]]

Johnson        22.1015           The security department preps for the away missions.
                                   ("Redshirts Away!")

Lusby          22.1017           CAPT Veld muses about Yeoman Williams' sixth sense
               22.1024           DEFIANT fires on the planet Alteria just as the
                                   CONSTELLATION arrives. ("Not Quite in the Nick of
                                   Time, part 1")

Lusby          22.1024           After DEFIANT fires on Alteria, Veld splits the senior
                                   staff up into separate away teams. ("Not Quite in
                                   the Nick of Time, part 2")

Sowards        22.1024           Shepherd gets orders to head a team to board the DEFIANT.
                                   ("Re: Not Quite in the Nick of Time, part 2")

Andrew F.      22.1024           Sefal arranges a meeting with the Alterian Council of
                                   Prelates. ("Tray Table in the Upright Position")

McNeely        22.1030           The mass casualties team led by Dr Douglass reaches the
                                   scene of DEFIANT's attack on Alteria. ("A Sad Sight")

Bedford        22.1030           Astor and team transport to DEFIANT and are attacked by
                                   an hallucinogenic parasite. ("Forensics and Surprises")
                                   [[N.b. moved from 22.1100]]

Johnson        22.1040           The main away team discover dead Alterians on DEFIANT's
                                   bridge. ("An Unpleasant Scene")
                                   [[N.b. moved from 22.1125]]

Byrne          22.1100           Byrne and team also come under the influence on parasites
                                   aboard DEFIANT. ("Through the Looking Glass")
                                   [[N.b. moved from 22.1025]]

McNeely        22.1100           Dr Douglass has to dismiss Ensign Burris when the sight
                                   of the wounded overwhelms her. ("Innocents")

Lusby          22.1105           Veld orders Adeyemon to help Dr Douglass just before he
                                   and the rest of the landing party are detained by the
                                   Alterians. ("Know When to Fold")

Birks          22.1105           Adeyemon is horrified at the scale of destruction
                                   DEFIANT's phaser strike has wrought. ("Into the
                                   Rubble Below")

Andrew F.      22.1108           Sefal listens in on the prelate and the commander as they
                                   escort Veld, Sefal and Thomas to their HQ. ("Little
                                   Deuce Coupe")

Bedford        22.1115           Transporter Chief Ballantine brings Astor's and Byrne's
                                   teams back to CONNIE and disinfects them. ("Forensics
                                   and Surprises")
                                   [[N.b. moved from 22.1127]]

Bedford/Meier  22.1120           Astor and Frost independently reach the conclusion that
                                   the remaining away teams ought to be recalled from
                                   DEFIANT. ("In the Garden of Evil")
                                   [[N.b. moved from 22.1200]]

Jenkins/       22.1255           Brooks and Coleman discover that there's a virus lurking
Johnson                            in DEFIANT's shuttle computers. ("Scientific Analysis")
                                   [[N.b. moved from 22.1050]]

Johnson/       22.1300           LT St Clair talks to Nurse Sheila Clanton about her
McNeely                            findings on the two Alterian bodies found on DEFIANT's
                                   bridge. ("Dead Men Tell No Lies...")

Bedford        22.1315           Kowalski forms a theory about what happened to DEFIANT's
                                   crew. ("The Subject was Roses")

Johnson        22.1415           Coleman develops a rough theory about where DEFIANT's crew
                                   might have gone, and runs it by Brooks. ("Too Many

Lusby          22.1417           Captain Veld discusses the benefits of being patient and
                                   waiting for their teams with LT Thomas; PO1 Haresh finds
                                   a Starfleet body amongst the dead at Ground Zero.
                                   ("Patience Yields a Discovery")

McNeely        22.1420           Allegra Douglass examines the body. ("Why?")

Birks          22.1425           Adeyemon and security team arrive and see the dead Starfleet
                                   officer who was not part of the away teams. ("Back in

Jenkins        22.1425           Brooks takes Coleman's suggestion and requests more probes
                                   to survey the planet and moons for signs of DEFIANT's crew,
                                   assigning Grig and M'rass to the survey. Ray and Adair are
                                   working on a system survey. Bock, working with medical on
                                   the parasite, contacts Brooks to say that they have found
                                   something. ("More Data, But Still Few Answers")

Bedford        22.1430           Erica Kowalski manages to unscramble a fragment of the
                                   DEFIANT's command log. ("Where Have All the Flowers Gone")

Meier          22.1430           Two troublesome Alterian army brats crawl through air ducts
                                   just to look at the weird aliens from outer space. ("Brats")

Meier          22.1435           Kowalski informs Frost of what she learned from DEFIANT's logs;
                                   Frost in turn informs Brooks. Adeyemon and Douglass confirm
                                   that a Human body was found in the city's ruins. Again, Frost
                                   informs Brooks and Coleman. Then Sefal somehow manages to
                                   contact CONNIE. ("Two Cans and a LONG Piece of String")

Lusby/         22.1438           Veld, Sefal and Thomas break out of their cell and contact
Andrew F.                          CONNIE (=the contact mentioned above). After talking to
                                   Frost, Veld decides they must break back IN to their cell
                                   and return to incarceration for diplomatic reasons.
                                   ("Breaking Out and Back In")

Johnson/       22.1440           Brooks and Coleman examine the plant from DEFIANT and wonder
Jenkins                            about its unusual characteristics. ("Botanical Puzzles")

Meier          22.1440           Frost makes preparations to assist Veld's away team if necessary.
                                   ("Semper Paratus")

McNeely        22.1445           LT Sheila Clanton does the autopsy on the body of the DEFIANT
                                   crewman found on the planet. ("Autopsy Report")

McNeely        22.1445           Douglass and Foxx possibly find DEFIANT crewmembers on Alteria
                                   --or did they arrive to rescue Veld and Thomas at the wrong
                                   time? ("Wrong Place, Wrong Time")

Johnson        22.1450           Some of the Alterian boarding team wakes up in the lower decks
                                   of DEFIANT. ("Awakening")

Bedford        22.1500           DEFIANT survivors buried Federation Administrator Edwin Murray
                                   and wife Charlotte at dawn. Later, they capture and eat a
                                   small animal, their first hot meal in 18 days.
                                   [[Posted as DEFIANT MD 39, i.e. CONNIE MD 23; moved back one
                                     day to tidy up timeline.]]

Johnson        22.1505           The security team guarding the computer core is attacked by
                                   the Alterians. ("Awakening")

Bedford        22.1515           Kowalski locates DEFIANT survivors on a class-L planetoid.
                                   ("Attention K-Mart Shoppers")

Johnson        22.1515           Security forces repulse the attacking Alterians from DEFIANT's
                                   computer core, but they retreat into the bowels of the ship.

Meier          22.1520           When Kowalski breaks the news that she may have found some of
                                   DEFIANT's missing crew, Frost assigns Shepherd to lead the
                                   rescue party and sends Kowalski along too.
                                   ("Semper Paratus")

Johnson        22.1530           Coleman informs Frost of the Alterian attack on DEFIANT's
                                   computer core, and they realise that they urgently need to
                                   investigate DEFIANT's lower levels. ("Firefight")

Byrne          22.1535           Byrne's team strip DEFIANT's computer core as they search for
                                   a way to reprogram the core. They also find a small furry
                                   animal... ("Data Catch")

Bedford        22.1545           Byrne, Kowalski and Astor "borrow" the Captain's Yacht for the
                                   mission to rescue the DEFIANT survivors. ("But Is It Theft
                                   If You Have 'Permission'?")
                                   [[N.b. moved from 22.1445]]

Meier          22.1915           LTJG Adair and ENS Ray detect a possible warp signature near
                                   Alteria's second moon. But since it doesn't match any known
                                   hostile ship class, they report it and investigate no further.

Meier          22.1920           The Krey'lar ship MEMORY OF THE SLAIN lands on Alteria's 2nd
                                   moon. ("Coldstruck")

Meier          22.1925           CDR Frost notices Adair's warp signature report and asks the
                                   reluctant scientist to re-task the probe to check it out.

Meier          22.2020           MEMORY OF THE SLAIN is ready to detonate its payload, but
                                   waits for a pre-determined time. ("Coldstruck")

Andrew F.      22.2145           Sefal climbs up to the vent shaft to explore the Alterian
                                   compound and try to get a message to Prelate Jehar. She
                                   locates Jehar, via the men's room...
                                   ("Where No Woman Had Gone Before")

McNeely        22.2200           The exhausted medical team continues their work in the
                                   pouring rain. ("Innocents")

Andrew F.      22.2230           Prelate Jehar leads Sefal to a private room, where they are
                                   later joined by Adeyemon--see below. ("Where No Woman Had
                                   Gone Before")

Birks          22.2230           Adeyemon and security team locate the building where Veld's
                                   team is being held, and she prevents a confrontation by
                                   stunning a rampaging crewman. Adeyemon is then led into the
                                   building alone. ("To Avert Danger")

Birks          22.2240           Sefal and Adeyemon are left in a conference room, possibly
                                   awaiting the arrival of Veld and other diplomats.
                                   ("Delightfully Primitive")

Andrew F.      22.2245           Sefal takes their brief time alone to let the Princess know
                                   the situation and pass on some very quick instructions
                                   before Prelate Jehar, Captain Veld, LT Thomas and the
                                   Alterian council return. ("The Ambassador and the Princess")

Andrew F.      22.2245           The Alterians decide to trust Sefal and Veld, returning their
                                   equipment and asking for their assistance in the crisis.

Birks          22.2300           Adeyemon and her security detail continue their duty to watch
                                   over the medical teams. ("Off This Damned Planet")

Andrew F.      22.2300           Sefal, Thomas and CAPT Veld come under attack from Alterian
                                   troops on the planet. Despite her ferocity and skill, Sefal
                                   is injured . . . ("Please Don't Anger the Vulcan")

Lusby          22.2305           CAPT Veld, Sefal and Thomas try to escape the attack on the
                                   ruined Alterian capital, to no avail. ("Time to Saddle Up")

Birks          22.2310           Adeyemon and her team are also attacked. They defeat their
                                   attackers, and Adeyemon reports the situation to Frost.
                                   ("And Fired")

Johnson        22.2310           Security forces continue pursuing Alterians in the DEFIANT,
                                   and Coleman returns to the CONSTELLATION. ("More Puzzles")

Meier          22.2320           Frost orders Adeyemon to supervise a withdrawal from the
                                   planet, then summons Coleman to find a way to halt the
                                   Alterian attacks. ("Not A Retreat")

Bedford        22.2320           Astor 'gently persuades' Byrne to make use of the high-capacity
                                   cargo transporter systems to speed up the evacuation.
                                   ("Desperate Times, Desperate Measures")

Lusby          22.2320           Veld and Thomas hunker down in a blown-out building, whence they
                                   are beamed out just as Alterian infantry begin to close on
                                   their position. ("Time to Saddle Up")

Birks          22.2320           Adeyemon is beamed back aboard. ("Unknown Threat")
Lusby          22.2322           Veld reassumes command of CONSTELLATION from Frost and asks for
                                   an update on everything. ("Time to Saddle Up")

Meier          22.2325           Frost brings Veld up to date on the mission. ("Soundbites")

McNeely        22.2327           Allegra Douglass and the medical teams come under attack and
                                   are beamed back to the ship. ("Under Fire")

Lusby          22.2330           Veld and Frost discuss the Alterian dilemma and their next
                                   course of action when news of the warp signature's origin
                                   changes their tack. ("Hand of God")

Johnson        22.2330           Sparks and Von Neumann continue pursuit of the Alterians
                                   aboard DEFIANT; the Alterians prepare to counterattack.
                                   ("Trouble Below")

Lusby          22.2333           Dr Douglass chastises CAPT Veld for reporting to the bridge
                                   before she could medically clear him. ("Doctor, Doctor,
                                   Give Me the News")

Birks          22.2335           Adeyemon detects a ship in orbit around Alteria's second
                                   moon. ("Unknown Threat") [[[N.b. no MD given in post]]]

Meier          22.2336           The Krey'lar lander from MEMORY OF THE SLAIN is discovered.
                                   ("Second Contact")

Lusby          22.2340           Dr Douglass prepares to operate on LT Sefal, but Sefal
                                   "convinces" Douglass to let her return to duty on the
                                   bridge. ("Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News")

Meier          22.2345           Communications are opened with MEMORY OF THE SLAIN. ("Second

Andrew F.      22.2346           Sefal intercepts a signal that indicates Alterian General Ko
                                   has declared martial law on Alteria. ("Walking Wounded")

Lusby          22.2346           Dr Douglass visits the bridge again, this time to warn Veld
McNeely                            of Sefal's dire condition. ("Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the
                                   News"/"Reluctant Patients")

Meier          22.2350           Frost enlists the help of Brooks and Coleman to work out what
                                   the Krey'lar are up to on Alteria's second moon. ("Guessing

Lusby          22.2350           Veld, Frost and Sefal draw a disturbing conclusion about the
                                   Krey'lar, while Coleman and Brooks bring more bad news.
                                   ("From Up on High")

Johnson/       22.2350           Brooks and Coleman determine what the Krey'lar weapon on
Jenkins                            the moon is, and it appears capable of killing everyone
                                   on Alteria. ("Bad to Worse")

Lusby          23.0000           Veld and Frost discuss their options; afterwards, Veld orders
                                   Coleman and Brooks to find a way to neutralize the Krey'lar
                                   threat while he plans a little surprise for the Krey'lar.
                                   ("Guess Who's Coming to Visit")

McNeely        23.0010           Dr Douglass has a conversation with her duty nurse. ("Are
                                   You Insane?")

Johnson        23.0015           The security forces aboard DEFIANT capture most of the Alterians,
                                   and Von Neumann gains access to the computer core. ("Small but Sparky")

McNeely        23.0030           Physician's Assistant LT Fleming is inspired and challenged by
                                   Dr Douglass's example. ("When the Going Gets Tough")

McNeely        23.0030           Douglass reports to TR1 as ordered. ("Time to Get Going")

Lusby          23.0035           Dr Douglass, LT Sefal and ENS Adeyemon join CAPT Veld in the
                                   transporter room and beam aboard the Krey'lar from the probe
                                   on the Alterian Moon. ("Meet and Greet")

McNeely        23.0035           The Krey'lar arrive and contact is made. ("Welcome to my World")

Andrew F.      23.0036           Sefal suggests bringing the Krey'lar and the Alterians into
                                   diplomatic contact with one another. ("First Contact")

Meier          23.0040           The Krey'lar adjust to their new surroundings and accept Veld's
                                   offer of hospitality--for now. ("Ascension")

McNeely        23.0045           Dr Douglass examines the Krey'lar. ("Good Medical Attention")

Lusby          23.0045           Veld summarises their situation and draws some conclusions
                                   before he begins to talk to the Krey'lar 'visitors'.
                                   ("In the Deep End, Part I")

Lusby          23.0050           Veld and the Krey'lar discuss the origins of the war between
                                   the Krey'lar and the Alterians. ("In the Deep End, Part II")

Lusby          23.0055           Veld shares with the Krey'lar everything the Starfleet crew has
                                   learned about the history of the Alterians and their first probe
                                   to Krey'lar all those years ago. ("Interlude")

McNeely/       23.0100           Dr Allegra Douglass tends the Krey'lar ("Monologue"); Sefal
Andrew F./                         reports to Sick Bay for her surgery. ("Explanation and Under-
Lusby                              standing"/"Interlude")

Lusby          23.0105           Veld tells Douglass that Sefal is reporting to Sick Bay for her
                                   surgery. ("Interlude")

McNeely        23.0115           Douglass carries out surgery on Sefal. ("Finally . . . the Patient

Meier          23.0130           Veld instructs Frost to bring Alterian negotiators to the
                                   table. ("Nor the Years Condemn")

Meier          23.0200           Frost ponders the fate of the Alterians if the peace talks
                                   fail. ("Nor the Years Condemn")

Bedford        23.0200           Astor muses on the possibility that settling the conflict
                                   between Alteria and Krey'lar may cost CONSTELLATION's
                                   crew dearly. ("Half a League, Half a League")

Lusby          23.0200           Veld falls asleep after contemplating the status of the
                                   mission. ("Interlude, Part II")

Lusby          23.0200           YNC Williams makes sure everything is ready for Veld when he
                                   wakes up. ("Interlude, Part III")

Johnson/       23.0230           Coleman and Frost go hunting for Alterians to join Veld's
Meier                              peace process. ("Looking for Trouble")

Birks/         23.0235           Adeyemon and Kowalski have a 'disagreement' over morals
Bedford                            and behaviour in their quarters. ("What Happens in the Cabin")

Birks/         23.0237           Adeyemon reviews some family photos, and is interrupted by a
Meier                              summons to the shuttle bay. ("Just Dropping In/Go For Ko")

Bedford        23.0245           Astor invites himself along on Frost's away mission to
                                   bring General Ko aboard. ("Re: Looking for Trouble")

Lusby/Bedford  23.0245           YNC Williams and YN3 Manchester take a well-earned jacuzzi break.
                                   ("Even Those Who Run the Ship Need a Break")

Birks/         23.0250           Adeyemon reports to the shuttle bay, and finds Frost, Coleman
Meier                              and Astor waiting. They head down to General Ko's command
                                   centre. ("Just Dropping In/Go For Ko")

Meier          23.0250           YN3 Niu Ning joins the unofficial "Yeoman's Pool Party".
                                   ("Pool Party")

Bedford        23.0251           YN3 Manchester suggests an informal "yeoman's council" ("We're
                                   All Wet . . .")

Lusby          23.0315           The Krey'lar discuss what they have seen and heard. ("A Crisis
                                   of Faith")

Lusby          23.0315           Veld has a nightmare about the conference to come. ("What Dreams
                                   May Come")

Birks/         23.0330           Frost makes contact with General Ko and is given permission to
Meier                              meet with him. ("Just Dropping In/Go For Ko")

Lusby          23.0330           The Krey'lar continue their metaphysical discussion. ("Faith Reborn")

Birks/         23.0345           General Ko and his aide, Captain Me'dor, agree to join the peace
Meier                              talks, on condition that Frost remains on Alteria as a hostage.
                                   ("Just Dropping In/Go For Ko")

Bedford        23.0355           Astor determines that Frost should not be left alone, and surrenders
                                   himself to be with her. ("What to do When the Plan is NOT the Plan")

Bedford        23.0355           Erika Kowalski reflects on the reasons she and Alex Adeyemon are
                                   not getting on. ("A Little Back Story")

Johnson        23.0355           Coleman and Adeyemon take off in search of Jehar with General Ko.
                                   ("Starting the Search")

McNeely/       23.0405           Sefal awakens after surgery, and Dr Douglass warns her not to
Andrew F.                          resume her physical training programme for a week or two.
                                   ("Back to Duty")

Bedford        23.0425           Frost and Astor go 'over the wall'. ("Alamo, What Alamo . . ?")

Johnson        23.0430           Coleman tries to convince Prelate Jehar to come to the CONNIE, without
                                   much luck. ("Doing Things the Hard Way, Part 1")

Bedford        23.0435           The evade-and-escape of Frost and Astor continues. ("It Seems We
                                   Have Met Like This Before")

Meier          23.0440           Astor and Frost face a minor crisis, followed by a more deadly one,
                                   as they continue their escape. ("Snakes and Ladders")

Bedford        23.0515           Kowalski hears the battle for Ko's HQ building over subspace
                                   from Coleman's shuttle. ("Eavesdropping")

McNeely        23.0515           Dr Douglass takes a quick nap, but a nightmare results in her ending up
                                   on the floor. ("To Sleep, Perchance to Dream")

Bedford        23.0525           Byrne attempts to get Ballantine to help formulate a rescue
                                   plan. ("Problem Solving, Part One")

Lusby          23.0545           Liz Williams gets ready for duty and contemplates her injury.
                                   ("Growing Up")

Johnson        23.0558           Coleman tries a different sort of diplomacy to get Jehar on the shuttle,
                                   and General Ko is shot in the attempt to leave. ("Doing Things the
                                   Hard Way, Part 2")

Andrew F./     23.0600           Sefal and Kowalski clear up some communication--in more ways
Bedford                            than one; they learn that the shuttle is inbound and General
                                   Ko has been shot. ("Non-Verbal Linguistics")

Meier/         23.0605           The escape of Frost and Astor is noticed even as they discover
Bedford                            evidence suggesting General Ko may be behind the DEFIANT's attack
                                   on the Alterian capital. They return to the ship with the data.
                                   ("The Perils of Poetry"/"Poetry in Motion")

Bedford        23.0611           Astor and Frost are safely back aboard the ship. ("You Gotta Believe")

Andrew F.      23.0615           Sefal informs Frost about General Ko's wound and the shuttle's
                                   imminent arrival. ("I Owe You One (Bottle)")

Meier          23.0616           Frost decides she'd better wake Veld and give him the news about Ko.
                                   ("That's No Tattoo, It's a . . . yuck!")

McNeely        23.0620           Dr Douglass operates on General Ko. ("Another Patient")

Meier          23.0630           Frost visits Captain Veld and breaks the bad news. ("Wakey Wakey")

Bedford        23.0635           Astor plans to start another routine day aboard the ship (as if!) . . .
                                   ("What The---?")

Lusby          23.0635           Veld and Frost head to Sickbay, where Veld expresses his faith in
                                   Dr Douglass's ability to save Ko's life. ("Complications")

Bedford        23.0655           Astor takes the morning off. ("Add It to the Collection")

McNeely        23.0730           Allegra Douglass finishes her surgery on General Ko and goes to her
                                   quarters, where she talks to her parents. ("Hello Mother, Hello Father")

Lusby          23.0730           Veld and Frost get news of Ko's survival; Veld schedules a debriefing
                                   with Coleman and sets up a later meeting with Jehar. ("Fortune Favors
                                   the Bold--Apparently")

Johnson/       23.0740           Veld and Frost debrief Coleman, who escapes with most of his butt intact.
Lusby                              ("A Gentle Butt-Chewing")

Bedford        23.0830           Chief Ballantine (and his illegal booze gang) continue to work against
                                   the Captain and the Bosun. ("Fermentation, Fomentation & Fulmination")

Lusby          23.0834           Veld has an 'animated discussion' with Prelate Jehar about peace and the
                                   Krey'lar. ("Through Playing Games")

Bedford        23.1100           Astor's suspicions based on overhead conversation start to unravel the
                                   below-decks conspiracy. ("Whiskey is the Devil")

Johnson/       23.1110           Coleman and Astor meet to discuss the alcohol ring. ("When Things Go
Bedford                            South")

McNeely/       23.1135           Dr Douglass reluctantly clears Sefal for duty. ("Working Through the
Andrew F.                          Pain/Promise Kept")

Bedford        23.1145           Astor snuffs out a potential mutiny--or has he!? ("Rumblings
                                   in the Belly of the Beast")

Johnson/       23.1200           Coleman and Douglass discuss the Alterians found on DEFIANT. The
McNeely                            doctor cleans and dresses Coleman's wound. ("Mind Control")

Lusby          23.1207           Veld begins the conference by negotiating the fate of General Ko
                                   with Jehar. ("Striking a Deal")

Meier          23.1215           The Krey'lar deactivate their doomsday weapon in the interests of peace,
                                   and ask for Federation membership. ("Diplomacy for Dummies")

Bedford        23.1255           The investigation into illegal shipboard activities continues.

Bedford        23.1345           The first steps to break the below-decks conspiracy are taken.
                                   ("Consequences and Truth")

Johnson        23.1400           Coleman and St. Clair compare notes and set up the sting. ("Good Ol'
                                   Fashioned Police Work")

Andrew F.      23.1530           Sefal concludes the drafting of a memorandum of understanding between
                                   the Alterians and the Krey'lar. ("Assignment")

Meier          23.1555           Frost prevents an agent of General Ko among Prelate Jehar's staff from
                                   violently disrupting the peace agreement. ("Snake in the Grass")

Andrew F./     23.1601           Kowalski reports to Sefal's quarters. ("Is There Such a Thing as
Bedford                            a Vulcan Cougar?")

Johnson        23.1645           Sparks captures the last Alterian on DEFIANT, and Von Neumann restores
                                   almost complete access to the ship's systems. ("Last of the Resistance")

Johnson        23.1735           PO3 Bryce meets with LeNappe and makes the handoff of the tagged credits.
                                   ("Good Ol' Fashioned Police Work")

Bedford/       23.1740           Astor and Frost have a poetic discussion in the Ward Room. ("Defiant
Meier                              Resolution")

Bedford/       23.1747           Coleman and Astor apprehend Ballantine and LeNappe. ("Shakedown Takedown")

Johnson/       23.1800           Coleman and Douglass talk with the Alterian, Major A'dour, and learn more
McNeely                            about Ko's mind control programme. ("Don't Drink the Kool-Aid")

Birks          23.1800           Much to her dismay, Adeyemon is woken by Kowalski and told she's been
                                   ordered to report to DEFIANT to help with repairs. ("No Rest for
                                   the Weary")

Johnson/       23.1830           Coleman and Douglass discuss Alterian mind control with Frost, who
McNeely/Meier                      authorises further investigation. ("Two's a Couple . . .")

Lusby          23.1835           YNC Williams lets Coleman and Douglass in to see Veld, but asks
                                   Douglass to evaluate the captain for the effects of sleep
                                   deprivation. ("Help . . . Wanted or Not")

Lusby          23.1842           Douglass gives Williams a sedative and orders the yeoman to give it
                                   to the captain on the doctor's authority. ("Help . . . Wanted or Not")

Lusby          23.1847           Veld banters a little with Yeoman Williams before giving thought to
                                   the corruption of the Alterian and Krey'lar societies by forces
                                   unknown. ("Interference")

Andrew F./     23.1850           Sefal reports to Sickbay for her next medications. ("Is There Such a
Bedford                            Thing as a Vulcan Cougar?")

McNeely        23.1900           After a busy day, Dr Allegra Douglass finishes her shift and
                                   heads for bed. ("The Day is Done!")

Bedford        23.1915           Kowalski attempts (with questionable success) to get back to her
                                   quarters from Sefal's without alerting the whole ship.
                                   ("Kowalski's Konphusion")

Meier          23.2130           Frost remembers one last duty she needs to perform before bed-time.

Bedford        23.2135           Feeling overworked and under-appreciated, Astor works on repairing
                                   the DEFIANT. ("Backtracking")

Meier          23.2140           Aboard DEFIANT, Astor receives an unexpected gift. ("Gratitude")

Bedford/       23.2153           Astor and Adeyemon work on getting the navigational deflector array
Birks                              on DEFIANT working. ("Hip Hip Array")

Bedford        23.2200           Astor gets into the holiday spirit just before he gets stuck in
                                   plant goop. ("Astor's Christmas Memories")

Bedford        23.2215           Astor gets stuck in plant goop on DEFIANT. ("Transporters, Turbolifts
                                   and Tractor Beams, Oh My!")

Birks/         23.2300           Sparks informs Adeyemon that DEFIANT is clear of Alterians, then
Johnson                            returns to CONNIE. ("Dirty Hands Made Clean")

Johnson        23.2315           LT Sparks returns to CONSTELLATION and finally gets some sleep
                                   ("At Last, Rest for the Weary")

Birks/         23.2315           Astor, stuck in plant goo on DEFIANT, sends Adeyemon to get
Bedford                            help. ("I'll Remember When Things are Rotten")

Johnson        23.2320           LT St. Clair despatches security teams to help those stuck in the
                                   plant goo on DEFIANT. ("Someone Else's Mess")

Bedford        23.2329           ENS Charles almost accidentally dissolves Chief Astor when he
                                   suggests using acidic hull cleaner to remove the plant goo
                                   entrapping the Bo'sun. ("Send in the Clowns")

Bedford/       23.2330           Coleman gets out of bed and heads over to DEFIANT, where he gets
Johnson                            Astor out of the plant goo. They then look for Byrne. ("Free
                                   at Last")

Byrne          23.2335           Byrne is released from the plant goop, and he is able to finish
                                   linking DEFIANT's systems to the CONNIE. ("Getting Free")

Bedford/       23.2345           Sefal and Kowalski continue their relationship. ("Bikini . . .")
Andrew F.

Birks          24.0530           Adeyemon awakes on DEFIANT's bridge, having fallen asleep. She
                                   beams back to the CONSTELLATION. ("Snoozing")

Andrew F.      24.0640           Sefal reports to Sickbay for her next round of treatment.
                                   ("Vulcan Punctuality")

Bedford        24.0700           Kowalski receives a Naming Day message from her mother. ("A
                                   Letter from Home")

Birks          24.0900           Adeyemon tests the DEFIANT systems link. ("Snoozing")

Lusby          24.0910           Veld considers the devious actions of his yeoman and his chief
                                   medical officer, then gets news that Kowalski found DEFIANT's
                                   survivors. ("Lost and Found")

Byrne          24.0912           Byrne, Astor and Kowalski locate the DEFIANT survivors and
                                   bring them aboard the Captain's Yacht, losing 1 man in an
                                   unexpected transporter mishap. ("Planet Fall")

Lusby          24.0913           Veld learns that his friend, CAPT Paul Arroway, is not among
                                   the DEFIANT survivors. ("Lost and Found")

Bedford        24.0930           YN3 Wick Manchester faces another day. ("Round 'em Up")

McNeely        24.0930           Dr Douglass does morning rounds and finds many drug-related new
                                   patients. ("Morning Rounds")

Johnson/       24.1105           Coleman receives a house call (note: NOT a booty call) from
McNeely                            Dr Douglass in his office. ("House Call")

Lusby          24.1154           Veld performs one last duty for his fallen friend, Captain
                                   Arroway, before Frost joins him and they get word of
                                   Shepherd's accident. ("A Final Duty")

Bedford/       24.1158           Shepherd's clean-up shuttle is badly damaged by a similar
Byrne                              booby-trap to that which Kowalski's team encountered.
                                   ("Demise of the Fallen")

Bedford        24.1200           Kowalski rescues Shepherd and three other survivors from the
                                   shuttle explosion. ("Blessings and Curses")

Johnson        24.1300           Coleman gets the go-ahead for the away mission and notifies the
                                   team that they leave at 1330. ("Preparations")

McNeely        24.1300           Allegra Douglass gets the summons to join the Away Team. Fleming
                                   gives her grief about Coleman. ("Summoned")

Andrew F./     24.1340           Coleman's team, including Sefal, arrives at the Alterian crash
Johnson                            site. ("Prime Vacation Land")

Lusby          24.1347           ENS Ch'telev makes a discovery at the crash site: the ship was
                                   Tariquelle in origin. ("Serendipity Rears Its Head")

Meier          24.1430           Yeoman Niu overhears Frost's conversation with someone on
                                   Earth. ("Bad Timing")

Andrew F.      24.1600           The Alteria Away Team returns to CONSTELLATION. ("Return to

Byrne/         24.1900           Byrne and Kowalski meet with Frost for a debriefing after
Meier                              the rescue mission. ("Planet Fall"/"Thunderbirds Were Go")

Byrne          24.2100           Dr Douglass explains that plant parasite infection caused
                                   the transporter accident that killed a DEFIANT officer.
                                   ("Planet Fall")
Byrne          24.2200           Byrne and Astor return to the planetoid to collect the
                                   bodies of the DEFIANT crewmen who didn't survive. ("Prelude
                                   to a Body Bag")

Andrew F.      25.0700           Sefal muses on how much can happen in twenty six days.
                                   ("Twenty Six Days")

Lusby          25.0724           Veld prepares for DEFIANT's memorial services when he gets
                                   an unexpected call from Commodore Berlen. ("A New Compli-

McNeely/       25.0740           Dr Douglass reminds CAPT Veld of his missed medical check-up,
Lusby                              and schedules a physical for him with YNC Williams.
                                   ("Missed Appointments")

Bedford/       25.1156           Astor flashes back to 0830 and the memorial service.
Lusby          25.1202           Veld gives Astor new orders to report back to CONNIE. ("In

Lusby/         25.2000           Frost turns up at Veld's cabin with an expensive bottle, and
Meier                              they remember the dead of DEFIANT. ("To Absent Friends")

Andrew F.      25.2030           Sefal comes to Veld's cabin with an offering of her own.

McNeely        26.0810           The medical staff close up some patient files. ("Tying Up
                                   Loose Ends")