ORIGINS: USS Constellation- Mission 3: Radiation or Reluctance

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U.S.S. Constellation Current Mission: "Radiation or Reluctance"
Updated SD 2261.130


Below is a timeline of the events of the current mission, beginning with the first post of MD 1 and ending with the post that occured on the most recent mission date.

Please keep in mind that this is not a timeline of when each person posted, but a timeline of the events in our posts in relation to one another. This means that the latest event is NOT NECESSARILY from the most recent post. That is why this timeline is kept: to help the players more readily grasp the true sequence of the events about which we write.

Concerns about the timeline should be addressed to Rob Meier.

Timeline of Events: Mission #3- Radiation or Reluctance

NOTE- This mission is now completed.

Roger B         1.0900          Astor receives confirmation of his suspicions: his new yeoman,
                                Dawn Starkey, is also his daughter. ("Confirmation of Things Already Known")

Mary M          1.1000          Dr Douglass puts fear into the heart of an uncooperative security officer
                                whose blood tests need repeating. ("And in this Corner . . .")

Scott L         1.1300          Veld begins the new mission briefing. ("Mission Briefing, Part I")

Mary M          1.1305          Dr Douglass paints a nasty picture of what they could find on the
                                planet. After the meeting, she confers with Frost about her condition.
                                Did the baseball game victory doom Douglass' relationship with
                                Commander Coleman? ("Briefing")

Roger B         1.1310          Astor explains the perils of Farnsworth radiation for transporters.
                                ("Transporters and Farnsworth Radiation--A Treatise")

Jeffrey J       1.1310          Brooks explains why R-597 isn't the paradise it might seem to be,
                                and adds more information about Farnsworth radiation's effects on
                                transported patterns. ("What a Wonderful World")

Mark M          1.1310          Howden identifies several possible relocation sites for the colonists.
                                ("Navigational Observations")

Scott L         1.1310          Veld gives Byrne the difficult task of readying the transporters
                                to work through Farnsworth radiation, then rallies the troops with a
                                little speech. ("Setting the Engineers on it")

Scott L         1.1315          Veld concludes the new mission briefing. ("Mission Briefing, Part II")

Rob M           1.1316          Frost updates Dr Douglass on her medical condition. ("Stiff Upper Lip")

Roger B/        1.1347          Astor and Veld discuss their duties to the crew and the colonists.
Scott L                         ("The First Duty")

Mark M          1.1355          Howden shares a theory or two about the source of the Farnsworth
                                radiation with Veld. ("Navigational Observations")

Mary M          1.1400          Allegra gives her staff the bad news about the next mission.
                                ("It Can Only Get Worse")

Scott L         1.1516          Jack mulls over Howden's theories and sets Brooks to work on them,
                                then invites Howden to his day cabin for a short chat. ("Complications")

Scott L/        1.1516          Veld thinks about his family as he awaits the arrival of LCDR Howden.
Mark M          1.1521          Howden ponders his Academy lessons as he arrives at Veld's day cabin.
                                ("Double Duty, Part I")

Scott L         1.1521          Veld and Howden sit down and talk shop; Veld offers Howden the 2O
                                slot on CONSTELLATION. ("Double Duty, Part II")

Mark M          1.1522          Howden asks for further clarification about what the role might
                                involve. ("Double Duty, Part III")

Rob M           1.1600          Frost invites Astor to discuss the possibility of cramming ten thousand
                                extra bodies aboard two CONSTITUTION-class starships. ("A Giant Game of

Roger B         1.1615          Astor's team explains that it should be possible to fit five or six
                                thousand extra bodies aboard CONNIE; but the ship's systems can't
                                handle the associated extra 'waste products' . . . ("Of Utilities and

Roger B         1.1630          Astor and Starkey discuss the waste disposal problem with LT Byrne.
                                ("Whys, Wherefores and Whatchamacallits")

Marc J          1.1700          Sparks is appointed Deputy Security Officer; her first action is to
                                give Coleman a rebuke. ("Snap Out of it")

Roger B         1.1732          Astor leads Starkey around the ship the hard way as they deliver
                                data tablets to various departments. ("Busy with Business")

Mary M/         1.1740          Dr Douglass of the CONSTELLATION briefs Dr Brighteyes of ENDEAVOR on
Wendon P                        the nature and dangers of Farnsworth radiation. ("Doctor Talk")

Mary M          1.1750          Nurse Sheraton banters with Dr Douglass about Coleman--who then
                                unexpectedly turns up in Sickbay. ("You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do")

Marc J/         1.1752          Douglass and Coleman clear the air between them. ("'Splainin'")
Mary M

Scott L         1.1822          Williams schedules a hasty appointment for Veld and brings him his
                                dinner, all foiled by the impatience of the appointment.
                                ("Digestus Interruptus")

Scott L/        1.1857          Veld gets a disturbing subspace comm from his Aunt Velma, who also
Roger B                         happens to be an admiral. ("Was This Ever a Good Time to Interrupt")

Mark M          2.0545          Howden and his staff continue to investigate the source (or sources)
                                of Farnsworth radiation emissions. ("Something Just Doesn't Add Up")

Scott L/        2.0822          Veld and CAPT Theros of ENDEAVOR discuss the situation on R-597 in
Greg P                          general terms. ("Captains' Summit")

Andrew F/       2.0850          Sefal updates Veld on ENDEAVOR's status. ("Status Report")
Kyungmi K

Rob M           2.0940          Frost brings Veld up to speed on the problems with evacuating the
                                colonists from R-597.

Andrew F        2.0945          A signal from R-597 is detected by the comms crew.
                2.1000          Sefal reports that the signal made reference to an unknown group
                                called 'domestics' . . . ("Voices in the Distance")

Mark M          2.1025          Howden learns that one of the clouds is on an intercept course.
                                ("Celestial Objects with Rapid Approach Vectors")

Scott L         2.1030          Veld wonders about the intelligence of the cloud itself as he
                                follows Howden's recommendation for an all-stop. ("Shifting

Mark M          2.1445          Howden updates Veld on the movements and speed of the cloud.
                                ("Pushing the Boundaries in More Places than One")

Andrew F        2.1545          Sefal detects a transmission amidst the static emanating from
                                R-597, and realises it is directing the cloud. ("Patterns and,
                                um, just patterns")

Marc J          2.1600          Sparks and Coleman discuss the difficulty of evacuating the
                                colony. ("No Easy Task")

Andrew F/       2.1610          Sefal and Howden meet for the first time, and begin to ponder
Mark M                          the cloud: is it alive? a weapon? both? ("Weapon or Victim, You

Andrew F/       2.1655          While discussing the possibilities of interfering with the signals
Mark M                          apparently controlling the cloud, Howden surprises Sefal by asking
                                her what she's doing after her shift. ("Pick-up Line?")

Andrew F/       2.1700          When the cloud accelerates towards CONSTELLATION, Sefal tries
Mark M                          to redirect it. She succeeds, but at what cost? ("Resistance is
                                NOT Futile")

Mark M          2.1730          Howden orders Sefal to report to Sickbay, then reports to the
                                bridge--only to discover that the Farnsworth radiation sensor
                                signature has vanished. ("Something Gone Terribly . . . Right?")
                                [[MD guesstimated]]

Rob M           2.1735          Frost ponders the cloud's unexpected disappearance. ("Mental

Andrew F        2.1736          Sefal reports to the bridge despite her injuries, and claims
                                to be able to intercept further cloud attacks if the comm array
                                is appropriately modified. ("Tag, I'm It")

Rob M           2.1737          Frost suggests that Sefal enlist Astor's help to modify the comm
                                array. ("With a Little Help from . . .")

Roger B         2.1738          Astor reports to the bridge, but his mind is filled with thoughts
                                of paperwork. Poor chap. ("A Job is Never Done")

Rob M           2.1740          Frost instructs Astor to bring ENDEAVOR's Chief-of-Boat up to speed on
                                the amended evacuation plan. ("Reinforcements")

Roger B         2.1942          The Folk wish to be rid of the Human vermin infesting their
                                planet. ("A Matter of Transport")

Roger B         2.1945          CONSTELLATION is moved into place by the Folk. ("Forces of Nature

Rob M           2.2015          CONSTELLATION arrives in the R-597 system. ("Reinforcements")

Andrew F        3.0100          Sefal bargains with "Former" for more complete co-operation.
                                ("Small Talk")

Marc J          3.0500          Coleman ponders the various challenges facing Security during
                                the evacuation. ("Keeping the Wheels Turning")

Mary M          3.0800          Allegra completes her end-of-mission report and makes plans for two
                                days off while en route to the next mission. ("That'a a Wrap")

Scott L         3.0845          Veld oversees the last of the evacuations from the bridge.
                                ("Mass Migration")

Scott L         5.1733          Jack Veld summarises the mission in a report for Starfleet Command
                                and muses about the fates of a couple of his fellow captains. ("Nuts")

Andrew F        5.1738          Sefal drops in to the captain's day cabin and tries to find some
                                meaning. ("First and Last")

Rob M           5.1740          Frost attempts to join the post-mission 'informal debriefing'
                                in Veld's day cabin. This proves more difficult than expected.
                                ("I Hear You Knocking")

Roger B		5.1741		Astor observes Frost's 'fading' episode outside Veld's day cabin,
			        then joins the informal debriefing. ("I Begged You Not to Go")

Rob M		5.1745		Frost asks an awkward question, just for a change. ("Courting
Andrew F        5.1746          Sefal reveals how she deals with the knowledge that slavers
                                are sharing her quarters. ("Slavery, Schmavery")

Andrew F/       5.1750          Frost accepts Sefal's offer of meditation training, and they
Rob M                           wonder about the possibilities for mayhem which Frost's condition
                                brings. ("Devious Fun")

Roger B         5.2100          Astor has a familiar nightmare after the informal briefing.
                                ("Ritter in Weiß Leder")

Andrew F        6.0300          Drunk Vulcans and Philip K. Dick have a lot in common...
                                ("Do Vulcans Dream of Pointy-Eared Sheep?")

Scott L         6.0547          Jack wakes up from the drinking binge somewhat worse for wear;
                                Liz sends him for a shower and a shave before his meeting with
                                RADM T'Lar. (Untitled)

Mary M          6.0900          Allegra Douglass, refreshed after two days off, returns to
                                Sickbay. ("Two Days of Heaven")

Mary M          10.1800         Dr Douglass and Rita Sheraton attend a cardiology lecture.
                                ("What I Did on My Vacation")

Roger B         10.1825         A melancholy Astor supervises CONNIE's post-mission refit.
                                ("Cold Iron")

Rob M           10.2016         Frost meets up with an old friend / rival on SB12. ("Keeping

Mary M/         11.0700         Dr Douglass has breakfast with Coleman, then rushes off to
Marc J                          attend another lecture. ("The Breakfast of Champions")

Andrew F        11.1300         Sefal visits the Vulcan colony and meets a famous Vulcan.

Andrew F        21.0800         Sefal returns from leave and reports all departments fully
                                manned and ready to launch. ("Returning Home")