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Ghost Pirates: Timeline of the activities of the USS DEFIANT as she investigates rumors of ghost pirates attacking shipping at the edge of the frontier.


Marc J.		1.1030		DEFIANT arrives at Sayvil Four; Lewis, Hap, and Hsina
				prepare to transfer the administrator at his new post
				(“Cheerful Administrators”)

Andrew F.	1.1030		Hsina hands out phasers to Hap and Lewis wait in the 
				transporter room. (“Insecticidal Escort”)

David K.	1.1030		Bekka shows up at the last minute and volunteers to go 
				over to the station to set up a proper comm relay.
				(“One More”)

Rob M.		1.1032	        Luken finds himself in temporary command of the ship--
				w00t! (“Mischief in the Making”)

Marc J.		1.1034		The away team delivers the new administrator and is told
				they will be briefed by a Starfleet lieutenant (“Unpleasant

David K.	1.1035		Bekka heads to the recesses of the outpost to set up a 
				comm relay.  Next she finds herself in the Cobalt Room,
				enjoying a relaxing time absorbed in strange languages.
				(“Unto the Comm Array”)

Greg P.		1.1040		Lewis, Hap, and Hsina learn of the station's fears about 
				'ghost pirates' who have been preying on local shipping. 
				Lewis has them begin looking into the problem.  (“Ghost

Andrew F.	1.1041	        Hsina volunteers to pose as bait to get a better look at the 
				ghost pirates. (“Do You Believe in Magic”)

Rob M.		1.1100		DEFIANT picks up a distress call from a small transport 
				ship which may have been attacked by the mysterious 
				Ghost Pirates (spooky!) (“Distress Call”)

Andrew F./	1.1115		Lewis responds to the emergency call from DEFIANT, 
Greg P.				leaving Hap and Hsina to plan commandeering a freighter 
				and the setting of a ghost pirate trap. (“You Want to Steal
				a Freighter?[JP]”)

David K.	1.1130		Quick thinking, strategic planning, and a bit of luck allows
				Bekka to win enough strips of latinum at playing Tongo to
				buy the bait-freighter. (“Tongo”)