ORIGINS: USS Defiant Enlisted and Non-Com NPC Files

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Enlisted and Non-Com NPC Files (By Department)

Command NPC's

MCBM Kekela Andreeva, Chief of Boat

Master chief Boatswain's Mate (E-9)

I. Personal Data
Full Name: Kekela Andreeva
Surname: Andreeva
Given Name: Kekela
Nickname: None
Current Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer (E-9)
Current Billet: Chief of Boat/Bos'un, USS DEFIANT NCC-1764
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Female
Age: 44

A. Physical Description
HT: 1.8 m (5'11")
WT: 72 kg (160 lbs.)
EY: Brown
HR: Brunette
SK: Caucasian (light beige)

II. Biographical Notes

Kekela Andreeva is the Bos'un on the USS DEFIANT. She was raised on
Earth in Moscow, though her heritage is Georgian. She enlisted in
Starfleet at 16 and never looked back. The rest of her family remains
on Earth, and as she puts it "describes her as the crazy one or
forgets to mention her" in conversation about the family. She served
as a noncomm in a variety of departments, giving her a diverse skill
set and perspective that serves her well as Chief of Boat.


Kekla is tough but friendly with her fellow noncomms. She has a
reputation for having a pretty sharp tongue and saying what she
thinks, which has gotten her in trouble with officers at times in her