ORIGINS: USS Defiant Unit Concept and Background

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U.S.S. Defiant Unit Concept and Background
Updated SD 2261.065

In the Beginning...

The USS DEFIANT NCC-1764 has had a troubled early history.  Shortly after her launch the vessel set out on a mission of patrol and exploration under the command of Captain Paul Arroway.  After a mission observing a pre-warp society, members of the crew brought back plant specimens that turned out to be deadly.  The plant lifeform started inducing hallucinations through airborne parasites and had the ability to interface with the ship's systems, slowly corrupting the computer core.  The crew that survived the initial affects of the plant-induced hallucinations and managed to retain some control of the vessel were finally forced to abandon the ship using the transporters to remove the infection in their systems with the pattern buffers.

Abandonment and Rescue

They left the ship in orbit around Alteria, a pre-warp society, forced off the ship before they could destroy it by approaching Alterians and unable to operate the vessel because of the corrupted computer core. The crew beamed to a class-7 planetoid in the Alterian system where they attempted to survive with little shelter or supplies for almost three weeks until they were eventually rescued by crew of the USS CONSTELLATION.  Almost all of the crew was killed, and none who survived were deemed fit to continue in duty without serious medical and psychological attention.

Refit and Re-Launch

After a refit and repair of the DEFIANT, the ship has been put back into active service under the command of Captain Richard Lewis and is currently being assigned a new crew.  The vessel is being charged with exploration.  They are under orders to report to the Federation outpost in the Sayvillan system, which is on the edge of mostly uncharted space.  After receiving the latest reports from the outpost and assisting them with any pressing needs, the ship is to conduct a one year exploration mission in the space beyond the Sayvillan system.

A "Cursed" Ship?

Some think the DEFIANT, known around the fleet as "cursed" or "haunted" is being sent out on this mission to get the ship off the minds of others in the Fleet.  Those assigned to her are uncomfortably aware of the fate of her prior crew.  Her first mission will take them away from Federation space, away from familiar foes like Klingons, Tholians or Romulans, to truly seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go...