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ORIGINS: USS Hood Story Posts
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USS HOOD: Weapons

by Daniel Belin

SD 2160.213

MD 7.0040


"Take course thirty mark two, half impulse," said the Captain, sitting in the chair on the darkened, red bridge of the Hood. He looked at the Helm and said, "Charge phasers and forward photons. Come in on a strafing run."

Suddenly, a light flashed on the Helm. Ventura looked over and said, "Phasers inoperative and we've got a jam in the torpedo tubes, sir."

Captain Steele looked over at the science station and asked, "Is this a defect in operation?"

"No, all systems were nominal until a few seconds ago."

This was all DeSimms needed. He charged forward, knocking over the yeoman and commandeering the communications console, "This is Lieutenant DeSimms of Security, go to Security Condition 2. Security teams Alpha and Theta to weapons control, this is not a drill. Repeat, this is NOT a drill."

The Captain looked at him and said, "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"I'm doing whats right for the ship," he said as he pried the entrance to the Jefferies Tube open.

--Two Minutes Later, Jefferies Tube outside weapons control--

"O.K, Lamar, Wilkins, and S'Thel'Tek. I'll breach and throw stun grenade, then head in and shoot to kill. Expect close quarters and a hostage situation. Wait, wait, I am throwing the grenade. Get Down!"

A high-pitched crack indicated the grenade went off, the two security impostors and several of the Klingons became dazed, DeSimms yelled, "GO!"

He flew out of the tube, flattening three dazed Klingons and two men in security shirts who DeSimms assumed to be impostors. The three other security men engaged in a brutal firefight with the Klingons. Lamar, after taking down three took a disruptor hit to the chest. His body went limp like a marionette with its strings cut for a moment, and then was blasted into the Jefferies tube. S'Thel'Tek took down one more, and the six remaining Klingons retreated out of weapons control right into the hands of Theta team, which, in the process of destroying the Klingon boarding crew, took out three crew quarters and a Enlisted mess hall.

Among the smoke and fire suppressant, DeSimms called the bridge, "The boarding has been averted, all intruders accounted for. Recommend standing down from security condition two to condition three."

The captain responded, "Why not stand down entirely?"

"We've got impostors, Captain. From what I can tell they're human, but I am not a medic. They are being escorted to the brig as we speak. There may be more of them, so I suggest that you ask the crew to report unfamiliar crew members. I know we have a large crew, but if we have impostors the shit could really hit the fan here. Also, we're gonna need some engineers, the Klingons wrecked B Deck entirely."


"One, sir. Chief Petty Officer Horace Lamar was killed by a Klingon disruptor."

"Understood, bridge out."

Through the smoke, he could see Gar coming out of the turbolift looking pissed off. He was in for one hell of a lecture from his friend in engineering.


-- Submitted by

Daniel Belin

John DeSimms


USS HOOD: Nothing up my Sleeve

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2260.220

MD: 7.0045

Setting: Bridge, USS HOOD

Captain’s Log supplemental.

We have managed to evade the Klingon battleship while also neutralizing the boarding parties she was able to send aboard. We were lucky that only a few Klingons made it across. Before they were stopped they managed to kill 11 crew and injure twice as many. Fortunately the damage they did to the ship was minimal and will be repaired quickly. Commander Hartinger and Lieutenant Ventura have worked their magic and managed to keep us out of harm’s way while simultaneously keeping the Klingons pursuing us. My greatest fear is that they turn back to the planet. Should that occur I will have no option but to commit HOOD to stopping her including the final resort of using the ship as a battering ram. My orders are clear, the Klingons can not be successful, just as I can not have her bring her guns to bear on the Starfleet personnel on the planet.

“Captain I think I may have found us an edge.” Lieutenant Hemux announced as she continued to examine the data in her scanner. Finally she looked up. “The Minkowa Pulsar.”

“Explain.” Steele said not understanding but hoping the science officer was about to pull a rabbit out of her hat.

“Normally the electromagnetic radiation would not have any noticeable affect on our systems or those of the Klingons but there is a medium scale ion storm in close proximity. Both combined should severely hamper sensors, communications and targeting systems on both vessels.”

“Perfect. Good work Lieutenant. Ok helm prepare to come about. Commander Hartinger hit them hard. Make sure they’re angry enough to follow us in there. Mr. Ventura after the attack run get us into that storm as fast as possible.”

Ninety seconds later HOOD was barreling towards the storm. As Steele had hoped the sudden attack had enraged the Klingon commander and he was redlining his drive chasing them down. But the Klingons had given as good as they got and Steele knew the maneuver had committed them. Only one ship would make it out of the storm. However Chief Engineer Gar had come up with a rabbit of his own. As soon as HOOD had entered the storm he had powered up every external system he could and the ship was now radiating so much energy that even storm addled Klingon sensors could not fail to see her. Once it was clear they were following he personally initiated the next phase of his plan. A predatory grin on his face.

“Captain Commander Gar reports transport complete. Estimated impact in 18 seconds.”

“Are we far enough away?”

The Denobulan nodded. “Barely.”

“Helm slow to two thirds impulse. Lets make sure he keeps coming.”

“Aye sir.”

The entire bridge crew watched the chrono as the tension on the bride mounted. After eternity it struck zero. Barely a moment later the Klingon battleship ran into all 6 of the torpedoes that Gar had released and their proximity fuses triggered as one. It was a credit to Klingon designers that the ship held together. But she was no longer able to fight.



CAPT Jack Steele



USS HOOD: Atoning Shame

by Brian V. Mansur

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Atoning Shame

SD: 2260.226

MD: 7.0050

Scene: Bridge, IKS BLOOD OATH

Koreth knew he would die for this failure. His new B10 was a wreck. The three other battlecruisers he'd led into battle were seriously damaged. The USS HOOD, though also badly hurt, had performed far beyond the most pessimistic intelligence estimates. It was as though the hand of Kahelss himself had protected the becursed Starfleet vessel.

And now what to do?

Whatever happened next, he must not allow his flotilla to be lost. The ships, after all, could be repaired. Was not tearing down an opportunity to build back up? Or his case, to replace.

"Signal the battlegroup to head for the Klingon border."

He winced at the thought of the political reprecussions that would bring. The idea had been to destroy or capture the HOOD without it getting word out of the Klingon encroachment. Now not only did the Federation have word of Klingon agression, but prisoners to prove it.

With weary sorrow, Koreth watched his aide walk up to his command chair. He could see that Par'rick's regret mirrored his own. But what must now be done must be done quickly. For teh good of order among the ranks. Failure of this magnitude cannot be tolerated. To his credit, Koreth did not flinch as Par'rick drew his blade and buried it in the Commodore's throat.

NRPG: Given the lack of posting for August, we can put "end mission" here if you like. It does not have to be the stopping point though. Anyone who wishes to write it can have the new Klingon commander Par'rick rally his troops for a showdown. If mission 1 does end here, then that's fine too. Its been a fun first run and it only seems so short because we've posted so much since our launch date. I'm looking forward to the next mission if that is where we're headed. Andy? Any orders?

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



USS HOOD: Hand Waved Reprecussions

by Brian V. Mansur

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Hand Waved Reprecussions

SD: 2260.236

MD: 9.0050

Scene: Planetary Surface, Outpost 8

"They are going to do WHAT!" Lieutenant Yarith screamed at Captain Steele. To her credit, she immediately caught herself and added, "Sorry sir, but after what we just went through, how can the council just bury this?"

Steele smirked. "No apologizes needed Lieutenant." He'd done pretty much the same thing to the admiral when he'd been told. "It comes to this. The Federation doesn't want a war and we *did* hand the Klingons their asses."

Yarith shook her head in disgust and turned away. "So we might have just bought a few more years of peace with the blood spilled here."

Steele harumphed, "Appropriately, commendations will be added to our files under seal. I hear that we can now appeal any future promotion issues to be reviewed by someone with clearance to read our full records."

"Great." Yarith said, suddenly lost in thought. "I honestly don't know how to feel about this."

Steele put a flimsy sheet into Yarith's hand.

"You are to quote 'feel proud that you did your duty,' end quote. It says so right there in that freeze-dried secrecy briefing. Oh, and you have read that thing verbatim to your people before end of the day."

Yarith cussed something perfectly descriptive of the situation, took her leave, and stalked off toward the line of body bags waiting to be shipped home.

NRPG: Yikes! Only 4 posts for the month so far (including this one)! Steve and Andy are already cooking up a new mission and from what I've seen it will be a fun one. But now is a good time to get a character development post in. Even after the new mission post, there should be space to put one in.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick


USS HOOD: Prepare to Break Orbit

by Andy Catterick

SD 2260.239

Scene: Bridge, USS HOOD

Captain's log, supplemental.

HOOD has remained in orbit of Outpost 8 for the past five days while Commander Gar and his teams have worked their magic repairing our battle damage. I am pleased to report that all systems are at nominal and it won't be necessary for us to put in to a Starbase for more extensive repairs.

The round up of the Klingon soldiers on the planet has been completed and all prisoners are currently aboard the destroyers CUMBERLAND and DIEPPE who arrived 48 hours ago. I regret the number of Klingons that lost their lives. After returning to orbit I informed the Klingon commander of the defeat and withdrawal of their space fleet. Given their lack of support I had felt certain that he would agree to order his troops to lay down their weapons. Unfortunately the Klingons opted to fight to the death. We tried once more to affect a cease fire at the unit level with no success. In the end ship's phasers were used to stun the ground forces. Some Starfleet personnel were caught in the stun but in the end we were able to sort them out.

Both the crew and I are anxious to get underway and begin our next mission. At this point our orders are to continue to patrol this sector until relieved by POTEMKIN. Once relieved, in seven days, we are to set course for the Tilron Expanse.

"End log."

Handing the recording device to his yeoman Jack took in the sights and sounds of the bridge. The battle with the Klingons had been hard fought. He still hadn't come to terms with the deaths of his crew but he knew it could have been much worse. But one thing seemed clear. This trial by fire had served to forge a team. A team that knew it could accomplish the impossible.


Ugh...that was terrible.

Thanks to those who answered 'here' Now how about a post?

What kind of captain would I be if I didn't ask!

Scott: I don't beleive Hurricane Bill made it down to your neck of the woods.  ;-)



CAPT Jack Steele



USS HOOD: You Break It You Fix It

by Daniel Belin and Brian V. Mansur

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: You Break It You Fix It

SD 2260.240

Scene: Enlisted Mess Hall, USS HOOD

DeSimms loved to blow things up. But honestly ... had he known Gar would get the Captain to make him and his department work double shifts to put B Deck back together ... well DeSimms wished there had been a better way to get rid of the Klingons. There hadn't been, of course, and everyone knew it. To borrow one of Corbett's lines, "They'd needed killin."

So there he was, painting the refurbished enlisted mess hall and feeling more than frustrated that they hadn't done any drilling for what seemed like weeks. The Captain had been by a while ago to ask how they were all doing. DeSimms had replied the way he usually did.

"Doing fine Captain. Just doing what's best for the ship." Steele had laughed heartily at that. DeSimms knew deep down though that he was probably cruising at three quarters impulse for insubordination charges. Wouldn't be the first time or the sixth for that matter. He'd seen too much crap in his life to really care.

While dipping his paint roller in for a fresh coat, he looked around. It seemed that half the red shirts on the ship had pitched in. In the corner of his eye, he watched as that cute lieutenant from Communications came into the room. Powers was it? She'd was followed closely by the blueshirt wearing a cowboy hat. "Ride em cowboy," he thought. Good for him if he was getting any pleasurable company out of this cruise.

Powers giggled at something Corbett said and that was enough to convince DeSimms that it was high time to go find somewhere else to be. On the way out, he bumped into Merrick, who was carrying a PADD. Merrick looked at DeSimms and said, "Lieutenant, just the man I wanted to see. Someone still has to tell these crewmembers that we weren't able to salvage anything from their quarters."

"Sir? You want me to do that?" DeSimms replied.

Merrick nodded. "We'll use briefing room four. You'll be talking to Mister Trout, Mister Benson, and our very own Ensign Cory Campbell."

DeSimms exhaled sharply and grumbled, "No wonder you don't want to do it."

x x x x x

Scene: Briefing Room Four, USS HOOD

DeSimms, Cory Campbell, Merrick, Daniel Trout and Lucille Benson were sitting around the large table in Briefing Room Four. DeSimms waited for several seconds, preparing himself. He thought, "Crap, I'm terrible at public speaking." He decided to get the worst over first, "Mr. Campbell, we apologize, but when security dealt with the Klingons, they..." DeSimms hesitated for a moment, and then continued, "Destroyed your quarters and almost everything in them. We apologize, but you know we operate in a combat zone, and loss of property is a real risk."

"Everything?" Cory fumed, "You little piece of shit, you're not even fit for starship duty you mentally unstable ... ," said Cory in a small spurt of courage.

"That's enough, Ensign," said Merrick. Campbell continued with a slew of insults to DeSimms, and all the 'damn redshirts in security'. Merrick roared, "That's enough, Ensign!"

DeSimms continued, ignoring the still fuming Campbell. He told Daniel Trout that his collection of dirt from all over the galaxy was partially obliterated by Klingon disruptors, and Lucille Benson that her engagement ring from her recently late husband had melted and was now a lump on the floor. She cried so hard that Merrick had to calm her down.

With the bad news delivered, DeSimms and Merrick dismissed the crewmembers. While the others left, Campbell lingered behind. With a petulant grimace, the ensign pointed at DeSimms, "Don't patronize me, Lieutenant. I've been in the star service longer than you and the FO here combined. So don't act like you've seen more crap than me. What you let happen set important projects back months if not years!"

That was it for DeSimms, he stood up knocking over the chair, and yelled at Campbell, "Get the hell out of here Ensign!"

Campbell knew that it was dangerous for him to stay, but as if demons had possessed him he could not resist a parting wisecrack, "I'm so sorry oh King of the Redshirts."

That was the last straw for DeSimms. His arm lunged over the table and punched Campbell right in the nose. Campbell ran out with what looked like tears streaming down his face. Merrick, fighting to keep a poker face, turned to DeSimms.

"You do know that was Campbell right? He's got a Kevlar vest made out of friends in high places."

"Too bad for him he wasn't wearing them over his face," countered DeSimms, flashing a smile that might fit a piranha.

To his credit, Merrick just managed to restrain a grin. "You counting on your Medal of Honor to keep you off the hook? Might work. Might not."

Merrick headed for the door himself. Before leaving he turned back and added, "For the record, consider yourself under house arrest and restricted to quarters. I'll have your letter of reprimand ready to sign in a few hours. Expect to have a visit from Corbett for anger management training, so on and so forth. With any luck, if we make it look like we did all the reasonable steps, we can get you back to duty in a few days.

Finally a smile did cross his face. "Given the seriousness of what you just did, the Captain might have something more creative to do to you than I though."

"Oh? What might that be?" DeSimms said wearily.

"Not sure, but I'm guessing it will involve a lot of alcohol and cigars."

Respectfully Submitted Jointly by,

Daniel Belin

LT John DeSimms


ASR: Origins

Brian V. Mnausr

LCDR Sean Merrick


ASR: Origins

USS HOOD: Adapting

by David Martens and Brian V. Mansur


SD: 2260.243

Scene: CSciO's Office, USS HOOD

Hemux stroked the little bug over his glamourous wings and admired it's colours and shape. She wrinkled her itching nose as she tried again to gingerly set into a cage the insectoid she'd lifted from Outpost 8. It was cheaper than therapy she figured. Facing near death at the hands of the Klingons had rattled many among the crew. She was determined to keep her cool though and the concentration-intensive work of entymology always calmed her nerves.

She had just managed to set the bug atop a small pole in it's newly created home as she realized that someone was standing not two feet from her desk.

"You do know that I've been waiting right here for five minutes don't you?" a somewhat bemused Commander Merrick said.

Hemux wrinkled her forehead and was astonished. "You ... you're kidding right?"

Merrick blinked. "How in the world do you stay that focused? Aren't you afraid someone will sneak up on you and drop a water baloon on your head?"

She blinked her eyes and stared at him for a few seconds. "Um no, I mean, uh, not especially, sir."

"Hmm." Merrick grinned wryly. "Well, you should be. Next time I'm able to do this to you I'll leave and come back with one."

Hemux quirked an eyebrow wondering if the commander was being serious or not. "Is there anything I can help you with, sir?"

"Nothing at all. I was coming by to see what it is you are doing when all the rest of us are having chow in the mess this time of day. Before the mission, you used to be in there every evening."

Hemux gave him a sad smile. "I don't feel so much being around the rest for the moment. She sighed, "I am not so much used to starships, commander, and a battle was not something I was waiting for. I still can hear the screams and sounds of the Klingons when I walk the corridors. I am not sure I can face the empty spots. I was just beginning to build a new family, sir. Maybe you don't understand, but we, I mean my race, are used to a family, friends, people around us. Some of the crew are gone and well, I miss them and it always takes some time to get adjusted to that feeling."

She carefully closed the hatch to the small cage and pointed at the marvelous, unknown species inside. "It takes some time but it will adapt to his new surroundings. In a few days I will also be alright."

Merrick put a comforting hand on Hemux's shoulder. "Come on, let's get something to eat. I'm sure we can get the galley to wip up some egg drop soup if we ask."

Hemux got a realy *really* big smile on her face and gushed, "You know that's not fair! I can't resist a good egg drop soup." Then she held out her arm for him. "Alright then, let's go, and ... thanks."

Respectfully Submitted Jointly,

David Martens

Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux



Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick