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ORIGINS: USS Hood Story Posts
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David Kiel

<snip from Mr. Wizard's Opus>

"Yes well, fortunately for me Bray is a civil being from the southern part of the Gorn home world. Unlike you she understands manners and we have been friends for many years. Now out of my way woman there is diplomacy a foot and while the Gorn may consider your slug tasty, I doubt they wish to converse with it." With that he set off down the hill.

<End snip.>

Cedria walked along with him, matching his pace and pulling her hair back in a tail lest she appear too wildly mamillian and confuse the lizard.

Stile looked annoyed. "Didn't I tell you to leave?"

"There was a lot of condescension involved, like I don't know what a voltaic cell is? And you as the diplomat? Please."

"Ill have you know, Yankee…."

"Oh and stow the Yankee crap, Im Trill. We have a south too, ours just has better schools."

Stile paused for a moment and stared at her. "Just try to be tactful for a change."

"Believe it or not I can be tactful, there is one thing that might trip us up though?"


Cedria nodded to the approaching Gorn. "You didn't sleep with her did you?"

Respectfully submitted;

David Kiel

Lt Cedria Zade,




by Brian V. Mansur

SD 2262.035

MD 2.1152

Scene: SS MALLOW, Metron Sphere's Outer Surface

Nguyen felt his lunch pushing its way back up his esophagus. "In the name of ... ", he whispered horror-struck.

It looked to Nguyen like a body had exploded all over the compartment. Every surface was a smattering of blood and chunky yellow red and brown bits. The forward port was almost completely obscured by the innards of ... something. A little voice told Nguyen not to breath through his nose if he didn't want to immediately vomit.

"What," he gulped, "is it?"

One of the crewmen picked up a limb in his gloved hand. "It *was* humanoid," he pronounced showing the others the familiar shape of a foot on the stub's end.

Nguyen heard the man beside him wretch. He struggled to focus. "What did this?"

Sommers pulled a tricorder, tapped it a few times and frowned. "Perfect," he spat. "This thing isn't working."

"Frak," Ngyen cursed. "Sommers, take Niles and check out the aft hull."

Sommers looked at him as though he'd sprouted an extra head. Crewman Niles audibly swallowed. "You're fraking kidding me right, sir?" Sommers objected. "The tricorder doesn't work. What are the odds that the phasers work when we run across whatever did this?"

"Then take the fraking blow torch," told him testily.

Sommers didn't look the slightest bit comforted, but he hefted up the cutter like a rifle and slowly moved to the ship's rear hold. Privately the redshirt ensign thought that next time he found a derelict ship he would keep his big mouth shut.

Nguyen stepped up to the pilot's seat. It had shielded part of the control panel from the flying body parts so he didn't have to get his hands dirty tapping the multitouch. In moments, he had called up the ship's logs.

NRPG: Just as Andy predicted back in September, it ended badly for poor Free Trader Hober Antilles.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



Sent from my iPod

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Voices from the Past

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2262.039

Scene: Merchant Vessel

It took a few seconds of coaxing but eventually the small monitor came to life and Nguyen found and older man staring back at him. He was the picture of the stereotypical merchie. A big head with multiple chins barely hidden beneath a scraggly red beard that matched his unkempt hair. He looked like he had seen the inside of his shower in a week, and that he didn’t care. There was a large black bruise across a good portion of his forehead and his left eye lid didn’t see to open as much as his right. Nguyen reached down and activated the playback.

“Log Entry.” There was a long silent pause as Captain Antilles stared angrily into the screen. He ran his tongue across his upper lip and seemed to take hold of himself. “This station is some sort of cosmic flytrap. When I got close enough it hit me with a tractor beam and pulled me in. Problem is that while the tractor worked with no problem the doors to this monstrosity didn’t and I got yanked down and smashed against the hull. There were at least three other vessels impaled into the hull. At least that was all I could make out as I spiralled down. We came in and rammed in right on top of another. Took out the engines and dam near every other system as well. I managed to get life support and minimal power back on line but the engines are shot. As is the frakkin comm unit. Totally shattered. I gave up trying to repair it two days ago. It looks like I’m here for awhile. Well at least until the air runs out. End log.

“Log entry. I managed to open up the hull and cut into the alien ship below. Its lifeless but I was able to get partial power restored. It’s coming up slowly so I’m going to sleep for the night and I’ll start the exploration in the morning. Hopefully by then the life support will have warmed it up. End log.

“Log entry. I spent the better part of the day searching the craft. Whoever was on it they must have abandoned ship because no one was home. No bodies. No nothing. Found something that appears to be food but I’m not hungry enough yet to try it. I haven’t been able to access the craft’s computers. Not for lack of trying I just can’t decipher the gibberish that’s all over the terminals.” He paused and then grinned. “At least it’s given me something to do. End log.”

“Log entry. Well I’ve given up on finding anything useful on this alien ship. It could be staring me in the face but I wouldn’t know it. I’ve decided to fall back on what works. I’ve located a part of the ship that *I think* is inside the station that snared me. I’m going to cut through the hull and see if I can get in there. It might be a waste of time but I don’t have anything else on my planner.” There was a large clank behind him and Antilles jerked back instinctively to see what had made it. “What the fra....” The monitor went black.


So you can write your character or an NPC on the station working with the Gorn, as part of the landing party examining Antilles’ ship or someone aboard HOOD. Lots to write about guys.



CAPT Jack Steele



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Evening Stroll

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2262.042

Scene: Derelict Station

With an uneasy truce in place and Stile and Bray working on finding a cure while Zade provided assistance the rest of the two complements had seemed content to stare malevolently at each other. Before things had gotten any worse Jack had decided they could all use the distraction of exploring the alien station. His suggestion to the Gorn XO that they work together at this had fallen on deaf ears until a low guttural his from Bray had suddenly changed the big lizard’s mind. From there it was agreed that they would search in small groups of four, two Starfleet officers and two Gorn to a group. In that way they could keep an eye on each other, it would lessen the chance that one side would make a discovery and not share the information with the other and, in Jack’s case at least, there was the hope that it would spur some sort of cooperation and understanding between the two groups however small.

Twenty minutes later Jack and Gene Lowl walked slowly through the alien landscape with a Gorn security officer and the XO who Jack had finally learned was named Gilo. He was beginning to doubt that his hope for some sort of lessen of tension at least with the obstinate executive officer would be possible. The Gorn had refused to answer any question that Jack had asked him about his home world, how long he had served in the Gorn navy or anything else. He figured the Gorn thought he was trying to pry classified information out of him but all he really was hoping for was a conversation. So now the small group of four walked along in silence.

“Do humans always ask so many questions?” Gilo suddenly said.

Jack stopped in his tracks he was so surprised and was nearly run over by the Gorn who had been walking behind him. “Well humans are a curious species.” He said as he fell back into step with Gilo. “It’s why we’re out here, we like to explore. To see whats beyond the next hill or the next star. But I was interested in you and wanted to use the time to establish a rapport with you.”


“Well in the short term we clearly need to work together if we hope to escape this world.”

“And beyond the short term?”

“You and I are both aware that our two governments are at a stalemate in discussions about this area of space.”

“This is our space!”

Jack raised a hand. “Perhaps and perhaps not. You and I are soldiers and we follow the orders of our superiors. Right now my orders are that we are to minimize tensions with the Gorn in this area of space until such time as a decision is made.”

“Our orders are similar.” Gilo conceded surprising Jack with his admission.

“Well neither of us are going to change that now. I have very little idea as to how your government works and what exactly your strategic thinking is about this however I have a pretty good idea as to how mine goes.”

“And that is?”

Jack considered how best to answer this question without giving too much away. “Well from what I can see there are only minor areas of contention, accepting this sector, between our two states. Once this matter is settled, and assuming it is done so in a amicable fashion there is no reason to believe our governments can’t have formal and friendly exchanges. On the other hand both our frontiers rub up against another government.”

“The Romulans.” Gilo hissed.

Jack nodded. “The Romulans. Its no secret that we’re not on the best of terms with them. So it only makes sense that we would look to friendly relations with other states on our border, especially ones who may have the same tensions with their neighbours as us.”

This time it was Gilo’s turn to stop. He stared at Jack for several seconds. “I understand now why my captain likes you humans.”


Just some 6th Fleet future development. And more stuff for you to write about as your characters interact with your Gorn counterparts.



CAPT Jack Steele



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Rocky Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Out of My Hat

by Steve Apple

SD: 2262.043

Scene: Metron Sphere

Corbett stood and arched his back trying to work out the soreness he felt from the hours of sitting he had endured running test after test on the virus. It was a construct just as he feared. Its genetic engineering was however a site to behold. It was clear that it would kill both species very soon, he approximated that it would begin to be lethal within 36 hours.

“Clooose to cure,” Bray rasped.

“I think so darlin. The cypress bushes you brought back yielded the Thuja extract I needed.”

“Ssso cure,” she stated again.

“Not quite, you can see that the Thuja is attacking the virus, but it’s not potent enough and is getting overwhelmed.”

Bray gently pushed past Stile and looked down at the specimen he had been gesturing to. A small amount of her saliva hit the glass dish.

“Well there goes hours of research,” Corbett sighed in frustration.

“Not ssscientist,” Bray rasped in apology.

“It’s not your fault darling I got carried away and the fatigue didn’t help.”

Sitting back down he took a look at the sample to see if there was anything he could salvage. “Son of a bi…” He yelled.

“What is it,” Kiska said quickly moving over to him.

“Look at the virus it’s dying,”

“You found the cure?” She shouted.

Corbett pushed his hat to the back of his head. “More precisely Bray did,” He said looking up at the Gorn and smiling. “Look at the area where her saliva is, the virus is dying.”

Kiska looked up at him. “You’re saying Gorn saliva is the cure.”

Corbett rubbed the bridge of his nose for a moment deep in thought. “Back in the 21st century they isolated Exendin a protein found in the salivary venom of Gila monsters. The protein helped create some effective cures for diabetes. I think the mixture of her saliva and the Thuja extract worked.”

“Do you ever make sense,” Zade asked popping her head into the cave to monitor Corbett’s progress.

“Only to the educated,” He shot back. “However, if it will keep you from bothering me further I’ll explain it to you.”

“This I got to hear.” Zade said standing next to Kiska.

“I’ll try and make this simple for you.” He started. “Before the tricorder went dead I was able to discern that our affliction was an Adenovirus type that affected both Reptile and Human. Since I am not bogged down by three hundred years of multiple people’s memories I remembered something from my homeopathic class in med school. They used to use Thuja, an extract from the cypress tree, as a treatment for Adenovirus.”

“And you just happened to have some handy.”

“Yes I did,” He said smugly. “This area is abundant with it. So to make a long story short the Thuja mixed with Gorn salivary protein affected a cure.”

“So when do you start treating everyone?” Zade asked.

“I need to run some more test to be sure of the mixtures concentration, but shortly.”

Zade narrowed her eyes a bit. “Shortly maybe too late as some of our people as well as the Gorn have already begun to show signs of it.”

“I am aware of that, now be gone and let me work in peace.”

After several hours of study he stood and looked over at Bray who was motionless in what he assumed was some form of self meditation. He frowned as he rubbed his eyes, this was news that he did not want to give to her, news that could have far reaching consequences. “I need some air darlin,” he said adjusting his hat and heading for the exit.

Bray nodded at him and went back to her meditation.

Corbett found Zade a few meters from the entrance to the cave. “I need to talk,” he said.

Zade looked up at him, but hesitated for a moment. Judging by his face now wasn’t the time for banter. “The cure fell through.”

“No,” he whispered shaking his head. “I can start administering it to our people within the hour.”

“That’s good isn’t it?”

“The treatment that I have is only effective in humanoids. At best it may extend the Gorn’s survivability by four hours or so.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I wish I wasn’t. I don’t think I can find a way to make the cure work for the Gorn in time. As I said the combination of their saliva and natural foliage will work for us, but not them. I tried to use human saliva and even blood, but…”

“But…” She said trying to coax him.

“But nothing, saliva failed and so did almost all the blood mixtures. The best I could do was mix up a retardant using one of the crews blood.”

“Wait a minute you used one of the crew’s blood to make a retardant for them, but you can’t come up with a cure. Somehow that doesn’t sound right.”

Corbett sighed. It didn’t make much sense to him either. Something in the ABO blood group was the key. “Something in the human blood type AB affects their variant of the disease, but I don’t have the right blood. No one on this landing party is AB negative, which is what’s needed. Lowl is AB positive and his blood acted with the Thuja, but only as a retardant. Without AB negative blood to test and work with the Gorn will die from this virus.”

“Great no political implications from that.” This time Zade found herself sighing.

<NRPG> Maybe Antillies is AB negative.

Respectfully Submitted

Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD



6th Fleet

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Challenges And Opportunities

by Lena Rose


Kiska wondered if she were still not infect by the virus. Before the tricorder had died, it had read that she was still virus free, even though everyone else was infected. She didn't worry about it at the time as she assumed in a matter of time she would be infected like everyone else and so she helped the doc during his studying and testing of the virus by getting things he needed as any good nurse would.

The rest of the time she was busy checking the crews vitals as best she could from time to time, keeping a record as best she could with what she had on hand, what the planet provided. She had heard stories as a child that her Yup'ik family many generations ago, before technology, had survived on the land and nothing more. She made reports to the doc every so often to keep him updated.

While the doc was working on the new cure, she returned to help with the Gorn so that she could compare records. At first Kiska had been like a fish out of water. But she never back down from a challenge and she also wanted the opportunity to learn more about the Gorn.

The Gorn were not very trusting at first with her presence and her being allowed to probe them physically. There had even been a couple that refused to allow her to touch them.

To Be Continued

Respectfully Submitted,

Lena Rose

LTjg. Kiska Saxman



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: We're Going In

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2262.44

Scene: Merchant Vessel

“Sir we found something.”

“Is it something nasty looking with long sharp teeth?” Nguyen answered numbly as he stared down at the remains of what he assumed had once been Hober Antilles.

“Teeth sir?” The security trooper asked.

Nguyen gave himself a mental shake and looked up. “Report.”

“We’ve found no one aboard the ship sir.” The red shirt replied trying to see what it was that had gotten his superior so spooked. “But we did find a large hole cut into the outer hull, it looks like it leads into another vessel sir.”

“You didn’t enter it did you Sims?” Nguyen asked hoping the mild panic he felt was evident in his voice.

If it was the trooper chose not to let on. “No sir. We’ve secured the area and did a sweep with our tricorder. No lifesigns but we think there is another hole cut into *that* ship. That one leads into the station. We could rescue the landing party!”

Nguyen nodded. “Did the tricorder reveal information on where that ship came from.”

“No sir.” The trooper shook his head wondering why the boss wasn’t happy with the prospect of rescuing the captain. They’d be heros. “I’m afraid I couldn’t identify the type of craft lieutenant.” Not really my specialty his tone of voice added. “And no sign of this ship’s master either.”

“He’s right here.” Nguyen answered grimly as he stepped aside to allow him a better view. He flipped open his communicator. “Nguyen to HOOD.” Pause. “Nguyen to HOOD.” He looked back to Sims. “Try yours.”

“Dead sir.”

“Great.” Nguyen muttered. With loss of communication and a shredded body the safe bet was to head back to HOOD. On the other hand the landing party could be in danger from what ever had ripped up the merchant skipper and he could offer them a way out. But what if he led his team, and himself into the clutches of whatever did this. “Sims. Pick one of your team brief him on this and have him head back to HOOD to report to Commander Gar. The rest of us are going in the station.”



CAPT Jack Steele



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: To Court a Nightingale

by Brian V. Mansur

SD 2262.048

MD 2.2110

Scene: Metron Sphere

The scouting parties began to drag in after only four hours, their Gorn members on the verge of collapse. Within another two, many of the aliens were becoming seriously debilitated. By twelfth hour since Corbett had found a cure for the humans, most of the big lizards were checking themselves into the improvised sick ward that Kiska had prepared.

At least the scouts had found a few new herbals for Corbett to try out. They had even located a nearby stream to replenish their drained canteens.

While Corbett kept at his improvised lab work, Sean watched Kiska lovingly tend to the ill. He marveled at how exceptionally kind she came across in her roll as nurse. She was attentive and proactive regarding her patients' needs. She brought damp linens to ease their fevers, water to rehydrate, and she never once flinched at the unenviable task of wiping away excrement when the creatures became too weak to make it to the latrine.

And she kept smiling around them. She did it even though she probably suspected as he that they couldn't read human facial expressions yet.

It was in that darling smile that Sean noticed the first signs of strain. More and more when she turned away from the Gorn, the smile slipped. Then as the hours rolled on and more Gorn came in, worry lines began to distort her pretty face. She tried to keep the lapses to when she thought no one was looking. But it was plain to Sean how frustrated and afraid she was for her patients, knowing she could only try to ease their discomfort while waiting for a breakthrough.

Eventually Sean, with little else to do, became a nurse's aide. He had proven less adept at controlling his gag reflex around the malodorous greenies, so she had tasked him with working the laundry and hydro duty. From time to time he took the soiled alien garments to a washing spot. They dared not pollute the stream, but a hollowed out pseudo-cactus allowed then to move water around in quantity. After washing, he laid the clothes out on rocks to dry and went back for more.

During a lull in the workflow, he motioned her over. At first he began to ask how she was doing. Then he saw the dull fatigue in her ice blue eyes. "Let's step over there for a minute," he said, gesturing to a boulder that would take them out of sight from the others.

When he was satisfied that they had a measure of privacy, he told her, "Corbett may be on to something with the blood sample you gave him." It wasn't quite a fib. Stile had said very little about his progress lately. But he could see Kiska needed something to lift her spirits. Suddenly hopeful, she point blank asked to know what Stile had said exactly. Caught, Sean tried to equivocate. "Well, he hasn't been cursing at Zade for several hours so that has to be a good sign right?"

He could see Kiska wasn't fooled. "Sean, please I don't need protecting," she said, no longer smiling.

Sean put up his hands and rushed, "No, I don't mean to be like that. It is just that you've been at this all day and I figured you could do with a dose of encouragement.

For several seconds she just stared into his earnest blue eyes. The look of weariness intensified over her fair features. "I don't like not being able to help my patients. Even if they do smell worse than week old dead cod."

Sean snapped his fingers. "So that was why the stench seemed familiar."

Wanly, Kiska shook her head over his dry attempt at humor. She looked as if all she wanted was to sleep for about a week.

Sean put a hand on her shoulder. She regarded him, curiously, uncertain at how she should react to his touch. With a proud smile, Sean told her, "What you are doing here may be the most important thing you ever do in your career. A Federation nurse caring for a group of helpless Gorn? That has to score some points towards making thing better between them and us. And that could protect more lives than we could ever dream of."

Imperceptibly, Kiska nodded in response. Sean continued, "So if no one else ever says it, I will." He put his other hand on her arm and softly whispered, "Thank you."

Quietly, Kiska took a long tremulous breath and smiled gratefully at him. It seemed she was feeling more stress than even she had realized. She put a hand on his and squeezed lightly.

And then Sean did something else she hadn't expected. Gently, he began to draw her towards him. He was so tentative at first that she had more than enough time to understand what he was doing and could back away if she wished.

She didn't. Inch by inch, Sean Merrick pulled Kiska Saxman into his embrace. As though moving through a dream, she slowly brought her own arms up and placed them around his waist. Pressing into him, she lay her head on his chest and began to listen to his heartbeat.

They stood silently that way for at least a minute: Kiska letting the slow rise and fall of Sean's chest and his light stroking of her raven hair sooth her exhausted body and mind.

Sean, for his part, could only guess at what Kiska was feeling. But he knew what he felt. It had been so very long since he had held a woman this way. It was like a man dying of thirst coming upon a pool in a desert oasis. He drank her in: the warm softness of her cheek and bosom against him, her silken hair under one hand, the curve of her hip in his other, the trusting grip of her arms about his waist, and the light fragrance of her perfume.

It must be, he mused, what it would feel like to take hold of the gate bars at the threshold of heaven. An eager anticipation rose quickly within him. He thought wryly at how the metaphor naturally extended: he was at the gates of paradise and so badly wanted in ... inside her.

Ruthlessly, he pushed the flood of erotic notions back where they belonged. They had no place here today and not for a good while after.

But once bidden, he could not stop the flow of blood to a certain member of his anatomy that lay against her abdomen. He hoped to God that she wouldn't notice, but in their full body embrace it was pretty impossible to miss. But, he reasoned, Kiska wasn't a naive girl and as long as he didn't move ...

She turned slightly in his arms, jolting him. To his utter astonishment, she looked up into his flushed cheeks with a glimmering smile, put her hands to the back of his head, and pulled him down into a full deep kiss.

It was a sweet and tender kiss: passionate without being erotic and Sean returned it with what he hoped was a restrained but clear hunger for her. When finally she withdrew, Kiska gazed into his eyes with an indescribable mixture of hope, joy, and admiration.

Sean wanted to say something, but he didn't know what. Normally after such a kiss he would have said "I love you," but this was their first time. Somehow it seemed inappropriate to say, "I'm massively infatuated with you and wish I didn't have religious qualms about making love to you right now like a crazed weasel."

So he said nothing as she slipped out from beneath his hands. But as he ogled her swaying hips while she slowly walk back to the "ward", he found his voice again.

"Kiska," he called lowly so as not to draw attention, "How about dinner at my place? Thursday 1930. Buttered pepper salmon and wild rice."

Smiling brightly, she nodded. "I'll be there," she said, and went off back to her work.

A short time later Sean asked the doc directly, "Stile, any progress?"

Corbett who was busy testing out another combination of plant life and sampling of Kiska's blood, spared a half glance, saw who had come, sighed, and stopped what he was doing. Could it be that the glib physician was worried too? Maybe the man cared more than he would ever admit.

"Sean, I found a cure for the Gorn," he said with an ominous lack of enthusiasm. He checked in the direction of the patients to be no one was within earshot. "It won't be enough to cure all the Gorn. Four or five at most. The healthiest ones." He closed his eyes against Sean's shocked reaction, took his hat off for a moment, and rubbed at his scalp.

"What?" Sean probed apprehensively. "What else?"

Replacing his hat, Stile continued gravely, "Sean, I'm sorry. Getting the cure will involve significant risk to LT Saxman's life."

NRPG: Can't have a Star Trek romance where at least one member in the couple is not at risk of dying right? More about the cure next post. I'm harmonizing it with what we know happened so far.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



Sent from my iPod

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Worse Than the Disease

by Brian V. Mansur

SD 2262.049

MD 2.2120

Scene: Metron Sphere

Sean listened in mute horror as Stile described the how and the why of the procedure he would need to inflict on Kiska in order to extract a cure for the stricken Gorn.

"At first I didn't bother testing her blood or mine for that matter. I already knew we weren't AB negative which was the only type left which had a shot at killing this thing. She's AB positive. But then Kiska mentioned something in passing about having a childhood case of adenovirus that was very mild. I was out of ideas by then anyway so I tried a sampling from her."

He massaged at his neck. "There is some factor in her blood stream which when combined with the herbals are virocidal even in the Gorn." He sighed. "The bitch of it is the best concentration of them are going to be where they get started: the spleen and bone marrow. Now the spleen is too vascular and I have no way to operate properly on it. But the marrow …" Corbett noticeably winced, "The tool kit from the shuttle has what I need to get the job done without breaking her long bones."

Sean tried his darnedest to not freak out on his friend. The idea of drilling into Kiska's body under these conditions with unsterile, barely adequate equipment made him instantly nauseous with apprehension for his new girlfriend.

"I would put her under of course," Corbett continued unenthusiastically. "She wouldn't feel a thing during the operation."

"And what about when she wakes up?" Sean asked, trying to be objective. "Sounds like she'd be in a lot of pain."

Stile shook his head. "I have enough meds to keep her comfortable. But unless we get her back to a proper medical facility within a few days, infection is very likely to set in."

Sean ran his hands through his hair in agitation. He was actually having to take deep breaths to keep calm. He had been in combat situations less stressful than this.

"Look, Sean, I don't want to do this, but I don't have any other options. At least we can save some of them. Maybe half a dozen at a stretch. Of course, it will have to be Kiska's and the Captain's choice whether or not to do this at all. In fact, Zade is off getting the Captain right now."

Sean groaned, "Given the stakes, they'll probably say yes." He turned and regarded the Gorn laying on the ground a ways off. Most had grown too weak to move, but several still have fight in them. "Maybe I am being paranoid," Sean mused, "But don't tell the Gorn the details just yet. I have this ugly picture in my mind that they might try to force something if she or the Captain don't agree to the procedure. Or they might not be satisfied with anything less than cracking her bones open and squeezing her spleen dry."

"I wasn't planning on telling," Stile agreed. "Bray is a decent enough being but she is quickly growing weak."

"I'll …" Sean hesitated, his insides a fluttering mess. "Frak it. I'll get Kiska over here." As Sean started to move off, Stile put a hand on his arm to stop him. He stared into Sean's eyes with a burning earnestness that brought the FO up short.

"You have my word as a Texan Sean," Stile swore. "She'll be alright for at least a few days. So long as the Metrons give up this charade by then and we get back home, she'll make a full recovery inside of a week."

Sean looked away, grinding his teeth. "We found the damned cure. Surely those bastards can see that. So unless they aren't worth their word, we ought to be released soon."

"One would think," Stile agreed. "One would think. Tough to tell with Yankees. Maybe they just like watching us squirm."

"Or maybe … " Sean dangled the thought several seconds before finishing. "Or ask yourself this question. If what you desired most was for your neighbors to keep the racket down, what would be your options?"

Stile had the answer in a blink. "Kill one or the other hooligan right quick or else get them to sing Kumbaya together. Kiska's sacrifice would sure go a long way towards making peace. So it makes sense for the Metrons to wait until we've actually done the deed before letting us go."

The thing about not having much time with another species was that it always put one in danger of badly underestimating them. Stile, for all his experience with Bray, did not know about certain variations within her species. For if he had known how some Gorn had a much more developed sense of hearing than average, he would have taken precautions. Unfortunately for them all, the alien XO, Gilo, had listened to everything the doctor and first officer had said.

Only a handful of Gorn could be safely treated. Out of over a dozen. But if the human female they needed to make the cure from were dead, Gilo wondered, how many more could then be saved? As for the idea of the Metrons waiting out to see the cure put into effect, that was a leap of faith that was not in Gilo's nature to take. It was time for action.

"Nurse Ssssaxman," he rasped.

NRPG: Uh oh.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



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[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: The Awakening

by Lena Rose

SD 2262.051

MD 2.2110

Scene: Metron Sphere

How Kiska Saxman made it back to the triage she had help set up was beyond her. Her legs were weak as noodles after the kiss she has just shared with Sean Merrick.

Kiska Saxman had grown up around boys as she had five brothers. They had demanded she keep up with them in their play and work. However, when it came to boys who tried to be more than friends with Kiska, they had always stepped in and ruined any relationship. Each boy who had even attempted to pursue her eventually departed after meeting her brothers and father. They had always terrified and chased away every male. Kiska had fallen in love for the first time with a young man who was her brother's best friend. He had been six years older than her and once again her over-protected family had destroyed it and had ruined her chance at love.

After that incident, Kiska had down shut her heart and soul to all men. It wasn't till Kiska was in Starfleet Academy did she feel she finally had the freedom to safely date men without interference of her family. Kiska had dated several men but she had not fallen in love with any of them. None of them had been the one she had wanted to spend her life with, for when they had touched there was no…magic. Not like the magic and love she had seen between her parents who, even after 35 years of marriage, were still madly in love and could not keep their hands off each other.

In her Junior year in Starfleet Academy she had met a young man and married him to help him out. But her father had gotten wind of the marriage, he had it annulled, as it had never been consummated.

And now, just fives years later. Sean Merrick has entered Kiska Saxman's life. Commander Sean Merrick, eleven years her senior, is her commanding officer. At first she was apprehensive due to the fact he was her first officer and that he had been pining for his first wife who she shared similar features. But once Merrick showed her he was over his first wife, the rest of it was not as much of a concern. He is a strong and caring man and his leadership reflects this. His handsome features and great body is just the whip cream on top.

And now there was the kiss.

Something happened to Kiska during that kiss… With trembling fingers she reached up and touched her lips that still burned from his returned kiss. Something had awaken from deep within her that she had thought was dead and buried deep with in her heart. The heart she had always tried to protect from all others.

She was in such deep thought that she didn't notice or hear the gorn come from behind her. The last thing she remembered was hearing her name being said in her ear and then the world went black.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lena Rose

LTjg. Kiska Saxman




[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Always Save the Girl

by Brian V. Mansur

SD 2262.053

MD 2.2111

Scene: Metron Sphere

Sean and Stile both heard Kiska's faint little cry and as one instinctually turned towards the distressed feminine sound. What they saw froze their blood. There on the dirt lay Kiska's collapsed body with the massive Gorn XO, Gilo, hovering over her, his fists rising to deliver another blow.

"Security!" Sean instantly began yelling as both men took off at a dead sprint for the menacing Gorn. But Sean could see with soul piercing horror that no one could make it in time to deflect the beast's next several punches.

Then a glimmer of hope arrived in the form of two sharp cracks which resounded from behind them. Zade had just returned with Steele and Bray. She was firing the Colt that somehow had never made it back into the doctor's keep. The shots whizzed high; she didn't want to risk hitting anyone friendly. But the noise sufficiently alarmed the crazed Gorn to make him pause and look around.

"Romulan assassinsss!" the creature shouted. "I'll kill you all firssst!" Then he turned back to Kiska.

It was at that moment which Kiska roused as a shifting foot from Gilo nudged her. She didn't know what had happened, only that she had a new headache the size of Alaska's Norton Sound. Clutching at her head and neck, she rolled onto her side. The Gorn's fist slammed into ground right in front of her nose.

"Romulan whore, you won't kill us in our beds!" Gilo hissed angrily. Kiska turned to see another fist getting ready to swing down at her. She had just enough time to gasp in terror before a blur of motion erased the Gorn from her view.

Both Merrick and Corbett flew in from the side hollering ferocious battle cries. They field tackled the murderous Gorn at the legs and torso, toppling him off to one side of the startled Kiska. The pair then proceeded to pummel the alien XO with a fury of elbow shots and kicks. Sean dislodged a few large teeth from Gilo's head when the Gorn tried to snap at him. Corbett nailed the monster solidly in the crotch.

By incredible luck, Stile got him at just the right angle and depth to hurt almost as much as it would have a human male. Abruptly all the fight evaporate from Gilo who doubled up, moaning.

By the time Steele and Zade slid in, Sean was already fireman dragging Kiska several feet off and away from the ward area just in case the insane Gorn recovered sufficiently to have another go. By now, however, all the rest of his compatriots, at least those with any strength, had roused and were on their feet.

"What is thissss?" Bray demanded coming up from behind Steele and Zade. She hadn't the stamina much less the innate speed to keep up with their mad dash to assist with rescuing LTjg Saxman. She looked none too happy that Zade had the Colt pointed right at Gilo.

"Delirium, I'm guessing," Corbett said, not at all convinced. "He kept calling us Romulans."

"You not quite that ugly doctor," Bray replied, manner softening. Then she asked the question Corbett was wondering. "He was in best condition of us. Why he so sick now?"

Corbett bent down touch the groaning XO's forehead. He isn't especially feverish. Maybe the virus is affecting him in a way we just haven't seen before.

Bray seemed to accept that for the moment. They all turned in the direction of Sean who was fretfully cradling Kiska's concussed head in his lap. They all distinctly heard him tell her, "You're alright darling. You're safe now. He's down for the count. Corbett will be over with an analgesic in a minute. Do you need a wet cloth? I can get you one."

"My apologies for what my officer did to your mate Commander Merrick," Bray said with real humility. "Nurse Saxman, words are inadequate to express my gratitude for your aid to us and my regret over this incident."

Sean and Kiska looked a bit like a couple of teenagers who had been caught making out. They looked at each other wondering how exactly to reply to the somewhat premature designation of being mates. Fortunately, Sean found his voice before their silence could begin to make Bray think that they weren't about to be magnanimous.

"Your words are appreciated Commander," he said. "Um, if we could get Nurse Saxman over to the comfort of a palate by the lab, we need to talk."

"I'm quite comfortable here actually, sir," Kiska mischievously volunteered.

Sean suspected that the snicker he heard came from Steele because a moment later the captain said, "Carry her on over Sean. Zade told us that Corbett had something urgent to share."

That little reminder killed the moment for Sean. And if Kiska hadn't seen the flash of worry in his eyes, she certainly felt the anxiety in his tightening grip on her hand. What did he know that she didn't? But as he hefted her in his arms, she was determined to enjoy the chance at putting her arms around his neck. Sean in turn took comfort in her smile and warmth as he carried her back to the lab area.

NRPG: Almost done with the mission unless anyone has a powerful need to prolong it.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



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[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Repercussions & Decisions - JP

by Brian V. Mansur and Lena Rose

SD 2262.054

MD 2.2115

Scene: Metron Sphere

Kiska's POV

Kiska Saxman felt slightly dizzy as Sean Merrick gently lifted her and slowly headed to the lab area. In that moment Kiska realized that things had happened so quickly that she never had a chance to reflect on any of it. And the day wasn’t even over.

She began to shake from head to toe. Her brain felt like it was overloading on all the recent events. Her mind screamed, "You were almost murdered by a Gorn!" Her psyche demanded that she flee but her body couldn’t respond even if she had wanted it to. The only thing she found she could do was tighten the hold of her draped arms around Merrick’s neck.

Sean felt Kiska trembling as he carried her. He looked into her face and he saw her lips and teeth had begun to chatter as if she were freezing. He forced a smile, squeezed her into him, and softly whispered, “It’s okay. I have you. You're safe now.”

Her ice-blue eyes stared back into his, searching for reassurance that his statement was true. “You trust me?” he asked. She swallowed, took a deep breath and could only nod an affirmative. Then she buried her face into his chest. The masculine scent on his shirt began to sooth her. Despite the fact that none of them had taken a shower for more than a day, she thought he smelled wonderful. Eventually, through his loving smile, firm grip, and tender words, she was no longer shaking by the time he laid her down on a palate at the lab.

Sean's POV

Inside, Sean was a roiling mess of anxiety. He had come within an inch of losing this lovely woman to a freak attack. It seemed the universe was out to kill all the pretty girls he met, Jeri being the most obvious.

But oddly enough, it wasn't his dead ex's face that hovered in his mind just then. He kept seeing that asian girl's terror stricken look in the ground car on Monil IV. The darling little communications yeoman, whom he only knew in passing really, had died right in front of him from dissident gunfire. Her almond eyes had haunted both his dreams and waking thoughts for weeks afterward. Now, carrying Kiska, he felt threatened by that same sense of helplessness he had endured on and after the Monil mission.

It didn't help that the danger to Kiska was not yet really over. He had only been able to affirm her safety with honesty because she *could* say no to the risky operation needed to extract the Gorn's cure. But, he knew she would do it and that scared him. He wanted to see her happy. He wanted to get to know this delightful, energetic, kind young woman. He wanted to love her, laugh with her, and drink up life with her. If she did the noble thing and submitted to the operation, no one could guarantee that she would live out the next 72 hours.

Presently Corbett began outlining to the group what he had in mind. Sean, who had not left Kiska's side, felt her reach for his hand and grip it tightly. Again she was trembling, almost as badly as before. She stared at him, a look of desperate fear etching her graceful features. Her ice blues seemed to be asking, "What should I do?" Sean forced a reassuring smile for her that he did not at all feel.

"About what I told you earlier," he said. "I was wrong. *This* will be the most important thing you have done and may ever do. Not just in your career but in your life. No one will blame you if you refuse and if they do, they can talk to me. But whatever you choose, you know you have to decide quickly."

Kiska's POV

Kiska glanced furtively from Sean to Steele and finally to Bray. The large matronly Gorn kept silent. After what the alien executive officer had done, Kiska supposed honor would not allow Bray to speak. But Kiska couldn't help imagining what the creature must be going through. Her very life hinged on Kiska's next words. She thought too of the sentient lizards laying down several dozen feet away on their own palates. If Bray and the others were anything like her, they were very afraid. They would be afraid for themselves and any loved ones they might leave behind. She didn't want that for them.

Kiska looked back to Sean's handsome, patiently smiling face. She wanted to please him. But she was so scared of dying. There was so much more she wanted to do in life. So many things she wanted to do with him.

Then she remembered how he had offered himself to the Metrons without hesitation. Despite what he had said about not judging her, how could he not be disappointed with her if she said no?

Sean's POV

Kiska pushed herself up to a sitting position. Alarmed, Sean moved to put a hand at her back and lifted her unsteadily up. She stared deeply into his eyes for several seconds. He felt her conflict, the same war of emotions inside himself: the desire to help battling the urge to run away. Which would she choose?

She put her arms around him and buried her face in his chest. He felt her sharp intake of breath followed by a shuddering exhale. She was crying silently. In a broken whimper she said to him, "I'll do it." Then regaining control of herself, she sniffed and said more firmly so that everyone could hear, "I'll do it."

Sean did not trust himself to let her see his face then. It was the answer he feared she would make and he, by necessity, had helped drive her to it. If she died from it, he did not know how he would live with himself.

"I'll stay right here with you the entire time," he promised. She touched his cheek with her hand, and lay back down onto his lap.

"Thank you," she whispered and shut her eyes.

Respectfully Submitted Jointly,

Lena Rose

LTjg Kiska Saxman

Nurse, USS HOOD, NCC-1703



Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



NRPG: Almost there. 2-3 more posts and that'll be a wrap for this mission. We'll have to write some explanation of the goings on with the WAYFARER derelict. Maybe the Metrons didn't like the trader and blew him up. Maybe another Gorn got him.

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[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: New Arrivals To The Party

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2262.054

Scene: Station Interior

“Captain!” Gene Lowl’s excited voice broke through the silence of the moment. Jack looked over to see Lowl pointing off into the distance while the Gorn beside him stared in the same direction. Jack looked over to Sean. “C’mon.”

The two officer’s double timed it over to the top of the hill where Lowl and his Gorn counterpart had stationed themselves as lookout. “Captain look at that!” Gene said exuberantly as he pointed once again. Off in the distance Lieutenant Ngyuen jogged along a path with a large security detail behind him. Suddenly he stopped and Jack relized the young officer had spotted them. He waved frantically for a few seconds before resuming his pace.

“More visssitorsss.” Bray said as she finally arrived at the hill.

Jack nodded. “From my crew. I wonder if the Metrons have granted some mercy.”

“Then where is my relief party?” Bray asked.

Thirty seconds later the rescue party had arrived. Nguyen was about to speak but Jack waved him silent as he pointed to a blue shirted crewman. “McMaster is your tricorder working?”

The young man gave Steele a puzzled look and then flipped it open and waved it over the captain. “Yes sir it does…” His voice trailed off. “Captain I picking up some sort of…”

“I know.” He looked to Sean. “Get him to Corbett.”

Sean grinned. “On our way. Come on Tim.”

Jack watched with a relief he hadn’t felt in what seemed like weeks as they raced off. “Ok lieutenant, give me the highlights for now.”

HOOD is still frozen but we noticed a merchant ship that had crashed into the side of this station. It appeared to have power so we EVA’d over as a rescue party. Once we got there we found a hole cut through the hull that allowed us entry into the station. I thought it best to come looking for you sir.”

“Believe me there’s a whole bunch of people down their that owe you one. Where’s the merchant ship’s crew?”

“One man crew sir.” He looked uncomfortably over at the Gorn. “I’m afraid he was killed sir.”


“Ripped to pieces.”



CAPT Jack Steele



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Last Call For Mayhem

by Brian V. Mansur

SD 2262.055 MD 3.0821

Scene: Metron Sphere

(Shortly before Andy's "New Arrivals")

The operation on Kiska had been every bit as gruesome to watch as Sean had feared. But in the end, he had stuck by her side as he had promised her. And he had not thrown up or fainted as he had promises Corbett.

Fortunately for them all, the doctor's skill had carried the day. A mere nine hours after the procedure and Bray was already showing renewed strength, as were the other four Gorn they had treated. The day's heroine, Kiska, was sleeping comfortably under the miracle drugs of 23rd Century medicine.

Exhausted, Sean had just minutes before woken from a nap when Lowel's call came down. The sight of Nguyen's rescue party filled his heart with an indescribable hope. Perhaps the Metrons had ended their disruption of the away team's technology. They could get Kiska and the Gorn back to safety and proper medical facilities.

But as Corbett ran the tricorder through some scans, he found that one more surprise was left in store for them on the Metron Sphere.

NRPG: Anyone wishing to cause more trouble for our characters this mission, write now or forever hold your peace. Personally, I'd like to see Zade and Corbett hook up.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



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by Andy Catterick

SD: 2262.055

Scene: Station

“Alright lieutenant report.” Jack ordered once the rest of the landing party had moved on to join the main group.

As hard as he tried not to Nguyen looked first at the Gorn captain before turning back to Steele. The Gorn made a sound which startled the young lieutenant but which Jack had learned was a reptilean laugh. “You have trained your people well Jack. Your young officer doessss not want to ssspeak sssecretsss in front of the enemy.”

“This Captain Bray of the Gorn Navy, she is a friend and ally. Report.”

“Uh yes sir. As I said we noticed the federation merchant ship and we made our way over. We found a passage way and made our way here.”

“Ship status?”

“Soon after your team left all major systems shut down and we were contacted by someone called the Metrons. Apparently they had taken you hostage and you were to be placed in some sort of competition with the Gorn. I’m afraid I don’t have all the details to that captain as I was not in the bridge.”

“And you said the merchant captain was ripped apart.”

Nguyen shuddered. “Yes sir. Into very small pieces. It wasn’t any sort of energy weapon. Somehting with a blade.” He turned to Bray. “Or a claw.”

Bray made the laughing sound once again. “We do not rip lieutenant. We pound and squeeze but generally we just use our weapons. And we do not kill unarmed civilians. Perhaps your captain took aboard something dangerous before he was captured here.”

Nguyen shook his head. “I don’t think so. The captain survived being pulled down to the surface. He made several logs. His last log was after he opened a passage way into this station.”

Jack nodded. “Potentially he could have had something nasty aboard that took its time. But I think you’re right it probably entered his ship from here.”

“Which meanssss whatever did it is roaming around here.”

“I never did get around to asking you Bray, do you have any information about this station?”

The big Gorn shook her head. “No. It crossssed into our ssspace and we came to invesssstigate asss you did.”

“We whatever our leaders say about who owns this sector it is on course for one of our more populated regions.”

“Then when we essacpe our two sssshipsss sssshall destroy it.” Bray promised.


There you go heading for a classic TOS ending, enemies become friends when they work together. As Brian said we’re nearing the end so tidy up where necessary. Once Steve makes some medical prouncements we’ll journey back to our ships after what I’m sure will be some smug comments from the Metrons about how they knew we could work together and maybe in a million years we can hang with them ;-)



CAPT Jack Steele