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ORIGINS: USS Hood Story Posts
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[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: And Then It All Went To Hell

by Mansur, Brian

Scene: Planet Monil IV, Capital City.
SD 2260.102

Lieutenant Commander Sean Merrick shifted uneasily in the limousine's shotgun
seat. He tried hard to ignore the loudmouth behind him and enjoy the view of
Monil IV's captial city. He sighed and turned to watch the capital's intricate
marble edifices blur by.

Merrick, about two dozen Starfleet crew, and several planetary officials were
convoying from their hotel up to the Grand Council Hall. Their job was
straightforward: negotiate for the Federation a treaty to mine the planet's
dilithium reserves.

Simple enough, Merrick thought. He rolled his eyes and wondered when the
councilman behind him would ever shut up about it. The chunky politician had
the XO, Commander Jack Steele, well and truly trapped in the rear cabin.

"I'm telling you that the Enric provincials won't like it!" Councilman Litro
argued. "They won't stand for it! Have you ever met one of them? In their
minds, it is the Prasaans' fault that the sun rises and that the sun sets."

Merrick harumphed. Hatfields and McCoys evidently had extended family on Monil.
As the chief engineer, Merrick had briefed the planetary council on which
dilithium deposits they wanted to tap first. It had gone over like a fart in
church. The majority of the mines lay in, of all places, the Prasaan province's
western border. It was land that the not so wealthy, but very irritable Enric
had historically disputed ownership of.

Litro carried on. "The Federation contracts will give the Prasaan overwhelming
economic and political power. Protests against these treaty talks have already
begun. Why, this morning, 5 people were hopitalized after a full out riot!"

"We're not about to tell you how to run your politics, councilman," Steele
calmly countered. "But the Federation considers that dilithium to be of the
utmost strategic importance. Disruption to its production won't be accepted. 
What will your government do to mitigate relations between the Prasaan and

"Perhaps you haven't been listening Commander Steele!" Litro scowled. "The
Enric don't do compromise. They won't ..."

Merrick yawned. It had been like this with the honorable Litro yesterday and
the day before. He was checking his communicator's chrono again...when it

All of the sudden it seemed like there were explosions everywhere. The lead car
erupted in a mushrooming fireball. Glass snapped across Merrick's face even as
he was thrown hard against his harness. In an instant, the whole convoy
crashed to a halt.

Shaking his head, he looked up in shock. He felt as if he had ear muffs on and
his vision was blurry. He glanced around. The Captain's limo, along with half
the HOOD's senior staff, was a blazing hulk. His own car's driver had slumped,
unconscious or dead. Merrick looked forward again. There was a line of smoke
leading right up to the first limo's burning wreckage. The image stirred
something in urgent little voice began to rise. "OH SH...!"

"Out! Out! Get out!" he yelled. "Rockets inbound!"

Then he noticed for the first time a frightful pinging sound. Whizzing and
ricocheting bullets filled the car. Panicked now, Merrick unhitched his belt
and dove for the slightly less exposed rear cabin. Wave after wave of shots
thudded around him. He heard a short, very small cry. He peered up and beheld
with gut wrenching horror the darling little asian officer from communications. 
She had taken two rounds to the chest. Her terror stricken eyes held his for a
moment, then lost their light forever.

Coming back to himself, Merrick realized that the intensity of the shots had
lessened. He saw commander Steele next to him laying on top of the councilman
and shouting vainly into a communicator.

"Jammed!" he spat. The fire seemed to have come from their right, so Steele
gestured left.

"Go! Go! Go!" Steele shouted as Merrick kicked the door out and they crawled
into the street. But as Steele dragged out the sobbing councilman, Merrick
realized that there was no real cover nearby. Their caravan had been hit in an
open field. The only nearby structure, a tiny convenience store he guessed, had
been taken out by a rocket that must have just missed their limo.

As shots started to patter close again, Litro began crying hysterically. 
"They're going to kill us! They're going to kill us!" Steele gave the
incontinent man a swift slap to the cheek.

"Control yourself councilman!" Steele ordered, even as a bullet tore a
respectable hole inches above his own head.

Merrick took heart at this spectacle and started thinking again. A glimmer of
hope made him creep forward. Their driver had been a security guard. His
pistol might not have much range, but it was better than nothing.

With some difficulty, he got the driver-side door open and pried the gun out of
its holster. No sooner did he have it in hand than Steele thumped him on the

"The car behind us is still in one piece. It will have one too," the commander
said urgently. "Cover me in three ... two ..."

Merrick quickly fumbled off the safety and chambered a round. He heard Steele
count "one" and popped his head over the hood of the limo. Luck was on his
side. A band of six or seven was hoofing it across the open field towards them.
He opened fire.

The shots caught the attackers completely by surprise. He nailed one Monillian
dissident in the leg and two others hit the dirt. Immediately a volley of
projectiles whizzed centimeters from his bare skull. Ducking back, he glanced
left in time to see three figures outflanking his absurdly exposed position. He
squeezed off six rapid shots that miraculously downed two. The third braced
against a street pole, and then made the spectacularly bad mistake of trying to
look around it for a target. Merrick all but cheered as his slug splattered the
man's brains across the pavement.

He heard shouts and more fire behind him. Steele had made it to the other car's
weapon and was now pumping a danger close assailant full of bullets. Sirens in
the distance became audible. More shouts followed and a whistle call went up.

By the time Merrick had pulled another clip from his dead driver's belt, the
attackers were retreating. He watched them run full tilt towards a couple of
air vans off in the distance.

Bastards!" he screamed. "Get back here you bastards!" He let off a few more
rounds. He wanted to run after them and make them pay for this unmitigated

But his training overrode that instinct. Some of the attackers he and Steele
had downed might still have fight in them. Grimly, he moved toward the nearest
and kicked him in the head for good measure.

NRPG: Welcome Aboard the HOOD! This part of a prelaunch series Andy and I have
been creating to get things fired up. He'll have a few follow-ons to post
shortly after mine. Feel free to add on to them! Just reiterating what Andy's
already said in his e-mails, we want to make posting aboard the HOOD as fun as
possible. If you don't have time for a few pages, a 5-10 paragraph postlet
would be just fine. If you're looking for ideas to get the creative juices
flowing, just drop us a message. I always return e-mails within 48 hours and
usually within 24. I'm always eager to JP, edit drafts, or just talk if you

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian V. Mansur
LCDR Sean Merrick

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Captain Down

by Catterick, Andy

Scene: Planet Monil IV, Capital City. 
SD 2260.102

            Damn! Damn! Damn! Steele cursed as he ran a zig zag course 
towards the relative cover of a partial wall which moments before had been 
some sort of store.  Had been until the rocket that had been meant for his 
car had missed and taken it out.  He had told the captain that, given the 
tensions and the recent skirmishes between the factions that this had been 
a BAD idea.  Captain Sinclair had known it too, but it was a calculated risk.  
The government of Montil were aware of the Federation’s technical 
superiority but wanted to be treated as equals..equals that had something 
the Federation needed.  Badly.  So the decision was made to accept their 
security assurances.  And Steele had grudgingly accepted the logic.  He 
should have pushed harder.

            He flipped open his communicator as his hand groped for the 
phaser that wasn’t there.  Another concession to Montil’s sensibilities.  
“Steele to HOOD.”

            [HOOD here.  Its good to hear you commander! Sensors are picking 
up explosions and weapons fire near your location.  We can’t raise the 
captain.]  There was mild panic in the comm officer’s voice as if he knew 
the answer to the unasked question.

            “The captain is dead along with the majority of the caravan.”  
Steele replied flatly.  “We have multiple hostilies inbound and I don’t 
think there are enough of the security forces left to hold them off.  Set 
ship’s phasers to stun and target a 2 block radius.  Fire when ready.”  

            The order given he spun around to find Merrick.  He saw by one 
of the transports frantically administering CPR to someone in a blue tunic.  
The doctor?  He couldn’t tell with all the smoke.  “Merrick!  Sean!”  The 
engineer looked up in anguish in time to see Steele point towards the 
heavens.  “Incoming!”  They both dove to the ground as the wail of the 
phasers surrounded them.

As Brian said, some brief backstory that we started.  My next two posts 
will bring us to the 'present'

CDR Jack Steele
Acting CO 

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Called on the Carpet

by Catterick, Andy

SD 2260.111

Scene: Briefing Room, Starbase 27

Commander Jack Steele stood at attention and fought the almost 
overwhelming urge to tell Admiral Palmer and her two lackeys to go 
and screw themselves.  USS HOOD had slid into orbit 8 days ago and 
Steele had found himself spending the majority of that time standing 
in front of a variety of admiralty boards and hearings answering no 
end of stupid, idiotic questions.

Breathe, he told himself.  It would all be over soon.

His captain was dead along with a number of good officers.  As one 
of the few surviving senior officers the responsibility was his and 
his alone.  He just wished they would finish nitpicking every 
unimportant detail and cashier him.  As he deserved.  He could feel 
the disgusted stares of his ancestors all about him.  

            “Stand easy commander.”  She made the rank sound like a 
curse.  Palmer frowned as she accepted a folder from Commodore 
LaPaz and scanned its contents.  She conferred with LaPaz and then 
turned her attention aback to Steele.  “So Mr. Steele let me see 
if I have everything here.  HOOD was ordered to Montil IV to secure 
dilithium mining rights and possibly extend Protectorate status to 
the Montil government.  Instead you involve yourselves in what 
could have turned into a civil war, you threw caution to the wind 
and actually sided with one of the factions and in the process not 
only killed almost two dozen of your crew but your captain.”

            Steele bit his tongue.  They hadn’t involved themselves 
they had defended themselves.  A lot of good people died. But in 
doing so they had saved hundreds of innocent bystanders.  But that 
didn’t matter.  Starfleet wasn’t interested in intentions only in 
results.  They should have found a way

“And just to make it a grand slam.”  Palmer droned on.  “I have 
received no less then four communiqués from Montil this morning.  
Three are from some minor functionaries protesting your heavy 
handedness, your brutality and complete lack of understanding of the 
political situation.  A situation in which you thrust yourself and 
by extension the Federation into.  I believe you know one of the 
gentlemen, Councilman Litro?”  She looked up until he acknowledge 
the question with a curt nod.  “Yes, well, it seems that the 
councilman formally requests your arrest and extradition to Montil 
to stand trial for assaulting him.”

Steele could feel his cheeks redden partially from embarrassment but 
mostly from anger.  He had lost control with that whimpering excuse 
for a sentient being.  But assault? It was hardly that.

“Finally, this last message is from Prime Minister Travil himself.  
Having reestablished control of the planetary government and with 
the support of his Parliament he has agreed to a long term contract 
with the Federation guaranteeing mineral rights.  Apparently he 
feels you were instrumental in swaying him towards a relationship 
with the Federation and he would like you to sign the treaty on our 
behalf.  In short,” She stared coldly, “he saved your ass.”  A long 
silent pause settled on the room as Steele tried to wrap his mind 
around the new reality. He had walked into the room knowing his 
career was over.  There had been no other possible outcome.

“Based on the findings of this board I hereby declare that all 
charges against Commander Jack Steele are dropped.  Further, he is 
to return to duty immediately.  This Board is adjourned.”  She 
picked up the small gavel and tapped the bell six times.  Silently 
Commodore LaPaz and Captain Reynolds rose and left the room.

“I know you don’t believe it Commander but you did a good job.  A 
damn good job.  But regardless of any successes there is the matter 
of Captain Sinclair.  Not to sound overly crass but a dead captain 
demands serious consequences.  Had Captain Sinclair told you  about 

“DAUNTLESS?  No sir.”

“I thought not.  He wanted to save it for a surprise.  The orders 
weren’t official yet and you know the stickler he could be.  He 
wanted to be the one to tell you that you had been given command of 

*Had been*  The words rang out clearly.  As in, until you screwed 
things up and got your CO killed.

“I’m sorry to disappoint both of you. But given what I have seen in 
your record and in large part due to your action and the decisions 
you made when you found yourself in command I think I have found a 
more appropriate position for you.”

I’m going to resign Steele thought determinedly.  I failed to protect 
my captain and now they’re going to exile me to some interplanetary 
shuttle run.  

“The paperwork will probably take a day or two to take affect but 
you can begin your duties immediately on my authority.  Lord knows 
you’ll have enough to do.  Effective immediately I am promoting you 
to the rank of captain and assigning you HOOD.”  She said 

“I’m afraid I don’t understand Admiral.”  He wasn’t sure how long he 
had stood silently before he managed to get that out.

Palmer sighed.  “The orders are pretty straight forward captain.  If 
you can’t follow simple direction perhaps I’ve made the wrong 
decision.”  And then she smiled.  Steele wouldn’t have thought it had 
been possible.  “Captain Sinclair screwed up.  Its very clear from 
the events and though you don’t come out and say it in your report you 
know it as well.  Caution is an important commodity for a good commander 
to have.  But so is the ability to take action and you clearly 
demonstrated you had that ability when you found yourself in the 
position you did.  Captain, the CONSTITUTION ships are a rare breed 
and we need commanders who are just as rare.  You will quite often 
find yourself cut off from authority and making decisions that will 
affect the quadrant.  You will be the law, the peace maker, the 
explorer and when it hits the fan the fist.  I am confident that you 
are the best person for the job.”

“Thank you admiral, I won’t let you down.”

“Don’t let yourself or your crew down and I’m sure you’ll come out on top.  
Now at the risk of ruining my reputation as cold automaton I am further 
authorizing HOOD to remain in orbit for an additional 14 days.  Use that 
time to get her supplied and make any repairs necessary.  Report back 
here at 08:00 on day 15 with your first officer and I will give you your 

“My first officer sir?”

“You’ve got two weeks captain more then enough time to find yourself a 
good one.  Dismissed.”

CDR Jack Steele
Acting CO 


by Catterick, Andy

SD 2260.120

Scene: E Deck, USS HOOD

            Steele walked through the corridors of HOOD with his mind 
racing.  He hadn’t really come to terms with the assignment Palmer had 
just dropped on him.  But all the things he knew he had to do were 
beginning to nag and that was helping accept the new reality.   At least 
the most pressing one was something that could be solved easily enough.  
Or at least he thought it would.

            Entering his cabin he spun the viewer around and hit the 
white com button.  [Bridge, Crewman Johnson.]  The rating covering the 
comm station answered.

            “Mr. Johnson could you page Commander Merrick and have him 
report to my quarters?”

            [Yes sir.]

            A drink.  He had better have a drink he thought as he set out 
two glasses and filled them both.  It didn’t take long for his door 
chime to announce Sean’s arrival.  Jack smiled at that.  No doubt the 
ship’s jungle drums had begun the second he had stepped aboard.  By now 
everyone would know he had returned and with him news of their collective 

            The door slid open and Sean looking more apprehensive then he 
had expected walked in.  He took a look at Jack a quick look down at the 
two glasses and looked back up to Steele.  “How’d it go?”

            “Well its over.”  Steele replied quietly.  He gestured to the 
seat.  “You’d better sit.”  He advised as he dropped into his own.  “The 
good news is that I have been acquitted.  All charges dropped."

            “That is good news.  I told you there was nothing to worry 
about.”  He raised his glass in toast.  “To the wisdom of Starfleet.”

            “And to the impeccable timing of Prime Minister Travil.”  
Steele added before downing his glass.  He refilled both and then put the 
bottle away.

            “So whats the rest of it?  Or don’t I want to know?”

            Jack grinned.  “Oh hell I was going to string you along for a 
bit but its such a relief that I’m not packing my bags its just not in me.  
The short version is that Admiral Palmer bumped me to O-6 and has given me 

            “That’s outstanding!”  Sean beamed as he raised his glass 
again.  “This certainly calls for a toast.

            “Hold on.”  Jack interjected.  “You might not be so happy in a 
minute.  We’re sailing again in two weeks and this ship and crew need to be 
100%.  I don’t even know where to start but we’ve got to begin to put things 
back together.  The last mission was declared a success but you and I both 
know it doesn’t feel that way.  Not to us and not to the crew.  The loss of 
the captain and the others so soon after this ship was comissioned was a 
kick in the guts to not only morale but to our confidence.  I need to rebuild 
that and do it as a new captain and with new officers.  I can’t do it alone 
Sean I’m going to need your help.”

            “You’ve got it, you know that.”

            “I do know that.  That’s why I told Admiral Palmer you were my 
only choice for First Officer.  Will you help me?”

Brian: Still time to run away screaming.

All: NRPG to follow 


Andy Catterick
CAPT Jack Steele

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Making the Pact

by Mansur, Brian

Scene: Officers' Quarters, E Deck, USS HOOD
SD 2260.120

Merrick listened carefully to Steele. Something was coming.

"The loss of the captain and the others so soon after this ship was comissioned
was a kick in the guts to not only morale but to our confidence." Steele look
grave. "I need to rebuild that and do it as a new captain and with new
officers. I can't do it alone Sean. I'm going to need your help.

"You've got it, you know that."

"I do know that. That's why I told Admiral Palmer you were my only choice
for First Officer. Will you help me?"

And there it was. Just like that.

"I've got your back Captain," Merrick earnestly nodded. "Where you want to

Steele smiled with a wink. "With this toast." They stood. "To the Mighty
HOOD! May her heroes never bleed in vain."

* * *

Later outside the Captain's quarters, Merrick wasn't sure how to feel. Their
chat had been encouraging and they had a lot of exciting work ahead of them. 
But then how many times had he busted his ass for a dream and achieved it only
to bitterly regret it later? The last time he'd let himself be euphoric about
anything was when he'd proposed to Jeri. And look where that had taken him.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian V. Mansur
LCDR Sean Merrick

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Up the new ladder...

by Martens, David

USS HOOD: Up the new ladder...

Scene: Engineering, USS HOOD

ARr'Rhiana had just been off the shuttlecraft from the hangarbay of the HOOD and
now was looking around to get to the Captains ReadyRoom. She took her time, the
ship was no way ready to leave Drydock already and, as was common in her race,
she didn't felt any urge to hurry to the Captain or anywhere else.

Engineering was the nearest to the hangarbay, so she passed by to see how it
looked. It was huge, much bigger then the WARRANT's or TRIFFID's engineering
sections. Hemux looked around and wondered if all of this Constitution Class
ship's spaces would look as magnificent as this room. She would love to spend
some time her, but time would be on her hand as spacetravel was still a long,
long journey.

She continued her way through the ship, engineers where replacing damaged
conduits, placing new consoles or working away minor damage through the whole
ship. She reached the Science Department, her new home for the next, well who
knows how many years or decades. ARr'Rhiana did not care much for time, she
would life longer then these humans aboard this ship and probably still serve on
a starship while most of the younger crew where already dead. Time was not of
importance for her.

She looked around the corner and... "...Look out, idiot,..." Yelled a human
engineer as he almost slammed a structural supportbeam in her face. ARr'Rhiana
blew up her face till two times the proportions it normally had in reaction and
from surprise which, in turn, made the engineer drop his supportbeam denting a

"Good heavens, don't do that ever again, lady. You can't pop up while we are
working around and for all sakes, certainly not blow up your face like that." 
The man looked angry to her and tried to pull the beam straight up again.

Hemux was slightly amused and gave him a broad smile, that the man clearly did
not found very comforting, he probably was not used to Denobulans. "I just
wanted to see my new office, mister..."

The man turned a bit pale "Oh, you're one of the officers? I... I am sorry
Ma'am, I had no idea, I hope you don't report this minor incident to the

ARr'Rhiana shook her head, "Offcourse not, I take it your intentions where just
for caution and not intentionally meant to insult or harm me. So, Can you show
me my office now?"

The man was pleased to help her out and gave her a short tour through the
science lab. She asked him all out and gave him some advise and suggestions for
how she liked her lab to be equipped and organized. Then, finally she went on
to the bridge.

Scene: E-Deck, Captains Readyroom, USS HOOD

ARr'Rhiana Hemux shimmed the door with her transfer orders on the PADD in her
hand and waited for the Captain to let her in...

<tag anyone>


All: NRPG to follow

David Martens
Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Nightmares from the past, promises to the Future ...

by Martens, David

USS HOOD: Nightmares from the past, promises to the Future ...

Scene: Appartment Lunar Colony

ARr'Rhiana was staring out the window , she did not noticed the crowd, she
inhaled deep and slowly the halicinations and daydreams began...

Flashback... date : 2177...

"... So tell me, ARr'Rhiana, why do you believe we should come to closer
contact with the Antarans?"

The young girl stood up next to her desk and looked to her teacher "It's just
the proper way to do, if we want to continue as member of the Star Fleet
Federation then we should be have as merifull and friendly people. It is
impoirtant not to hold any hatred. The Federation main standards are to keep
peace and freindly contacts with any reasonable race. If we show we can be
reasonable towards the Antarans, then the Federation will appreciate that and
help us."

She sat back down and looked with big innocent eyes to her teacher who clenched
her lips together in disagreement, yet also the teacher knew there was wisdom
and reason, and what was maybe more important, political correctness in the
words of the child.

"...very... interesting statement, Hemux. Indeed the Federationi does not want
another war and likes friendly co-operation between their members."

The teacher paused for a moment "... Just don't forget that we are Denobulans,
we have our own culture, our own habits, remember the Federations might have
other standards then we have. Never forget who we are! Now let again review
how the Earth race defines marriage, as a bond between two individuals. 
Jern"dagh stop laughing, I know it sounds ridiculous, but we are here to learn
about other cultures..."

... Present...

Hemux shivers and blinked her eyes, why that memory came back to her so vivid
was unclear, she did not care much and took a new deep breath...

... flashback... Date: 2190...

"... I tell you, GrRonn'darg, it really is so... Federationists will talk to us
tomorrow. I heard it from the headmaster himself."

"Hemux, stop dreaming, why would Federation wants to talk to us?"

"They are negotiating new treaties between Denobulan and the Federation, they
need people to work for them. Our Academy is the perfect place to find people."

"Hemux, your hallucinating again? You really think they would wnat you to work
for them? Get three husbands and twelve children and then we talk again."

"You're a brute, GrRon'darg , Remember Phlox? He was Medical Chief on board of
the Enterprise. He came here a year ago to talk to us. He was Ambassador for
the Federation, he says they accept females on starships."

"Oohhh and Arr'Rhiana wants to be on a starship also ? Ok, ok , we will see in
a decade or two."

... Present...

Hemux rememberer, that was the first time she really was convinced she would
enter Star Fleet one day. That day, when her students made fun out of her,
pressed her onto the position of the Denobulan Female. She knew that day she
once would be more... The dreams came on her again...

... flashback... Date : 2205...

"...And this is Arh. Arria..." The aide looked helpless to ARr'Rhiana
"Arr'Rhiana Hemux, you can call me Rhiana, or Hemux, Sir." She said in perfect
Standard Terran to the new Ambassador for Star Fleet on Denobula as she bend her
head to her superior.

"Rhiana, your Terran is flawless, my compliments." The tall sapiens looked to
her with respect.

"Thank you, Sir, I also speak Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan, Orion and Antaran. And
several other language I have basic understanding and knowledge of speech, but
not enough to uphold long, detailed conversations."

The Ambbasador nodded to his aide "Take note of that, it might comein handy if
we go to formal diners or so. With her many languages she can easy translate
conversations. Are youalso familiar with say, science and tecnical vocabulary?"

Arr'Rhiana nodded "Yes, Sir, I done basic studies in science and engineering and
I am plannig to gain a degree in one or both fields some day."

"Some day? Your file states you're... 40 standard Terran years old ?"

Hemux gave him a slight smile "In Denobulan terms I am only a teenager, Sir we
have a lifespan that is four five times longer then homo sapiens."

The Ambassador had a discomforted look on his face "We prefer the term humans,
not Homo sapiens, Hemux. And I keep forgetting you Denobulans life so long, is
it true some of your people are more then 400 years old?"

Hemux nodded" I will remember, Sir. And yes, my great grandmother was 519 years
old when she died, and my grandmother is now 407 and she is still in perfect
health. She even remembers the last Anatran war from her childhood."

... Present...

She smiled , her first job in Star Fleet at least, that was how she remembers
it, it was not really Starfleet Offcourse. ...

... flashback... Date: 2219...

"Hemux, The chief wants to see you." Markus nodded to her as he showed her to
Chief Science Officer Landons office.

Rhiana sighed "What is the problem, Sir?" She asked Landon as he had closed the
door behind them.

Landon smiled, no problem, Hemux. I just want to compliment you on your latest
report and suggestions. Your idea's for terraforming under a Class F sun showed
to be most useful. I would like to have you as our representative on the next
Exo-Biology Science week. If you agree, you will meet the finest and best
scientist in Exo-biology there are in the whole Federation.."

Rhiana was stunned and nodded "I wil do so, Sir, Thank you for the honour..."

... Present...

Rhiana nodded, that was her first trip of Denobula, her first meeting with
scientists from all over the Galaxy. That was the day she decided she wanted to
be more a scientist then an translator, more an engineer then a housewife...

... flashback... Date: 2235...

"I can't, I can't leave them. My work here is to important." Alexander
Norvosky planted is hands on his desk. "Rhiana, I heve come to respect jur
opinions, but I say fis as jur superior, ju should go to Earf and join the

Rhiana was so upset that she didn't even noticed Alexander his Russian accent
became more heavy as his frustration raised also. He really was convinced of
his idea: She should join Star Fleet Academy.

Alexander sat down again and sighed "Rhiana, we can replace you here, our work
is mainly maintanance, upkeeping the ships that land here. You can do better.
Your ideas n Warp Dribve dynamics is very good, I do not understand half of what
you say, but each time you have prooven to be right in finetuning the engines,
replacing conduits or recalibrating the warp - coils. Star Fleet needs
inventive minds like yours. You should go."

She sighed "I will think about it." Was all she said.

... Present...

She still could hear Alexander singing the day she announced she was accepted
for Star Fleet academy and she would join the fleet. He became drunk on her
good-bye party. She was so pleased she had listened to him, and now... she
didn't know...

... flashback... Date: 2241...

"Ensign Hemux reporting for Duty, Sir..."

The tall human stood up from his chair and hodl out his hadn "Welcome aboard the
WARRANT, Ensign, glad to have you aboard. I have heard a lot of good from you. 
Our Chief Science Officer will be pleased to have you in his section."

ARrr'Rhiana nodded and looked around so proud, she really was on a satrship, not
for training, not a simulation, but for real. The WARRANT so big, more then 200
metres long, going warp 5 easily. She was looking forward to study the new
worlds and new races they would discover. A new life had begun...

... Present...

She never had forgotten her first steps on the WARRANT. She still had
miniatures of that ship, she still knew the names of her captain, she still
remembered the first time they made first contact.

... flashback... Date: 2259...

"... Return fire, all phasors..." "We are losing shields, captain, starboard
engines have been damaged, she can't take much more."

ARr'Rhiana coughed as smoke filled the engineering-room and sparks flew all
around. Another hit and lights went dim.

[Warning, hull breach at deck 7 and deck 3, ...Warning, intruder alert, ...
Warning hull-integrity failing on decks 8 and 11...]

Hemux grabbed a phasor as a green Orion pirate showed up in engineering and
smacked one of her engineers aside. She lifted the weapon and fired it,
blasting the Orion to the side. A second and third Orion showed up from out of
the smoke, a fist hit her, she struggled, her face blew up in defense , making
them laugh, a fist hit again, darkness..."

... Present...

Tears dripped down her cheecks as the halucinations became more vivid, more
real, closer to her present days. Hemux shivers but she endured the rage and
apin, halucinations where good, they might help...

... flashback... Date: 2259...

She hit once, twice, three times and stepped back. The ugly Alpha Centaurian in
front of her blinked his eyes, spit out some blood and sank to his knees. 
Cheers and laughs where around her as suddenly all sound dropped still. "What
is going on here?" Six Orion guards pushed themselves way through the crowd and
looked down to the fallen man and to the Denobulan female. "A troublemaker we
have here, right?" the commander said and snapped his fingers. They grabbed
hemux her arms, bended them far back as he slammed his fists in her stomach.

I don't like trouble. I don't like Denobulans, I don't like you." He said,
eavch time slamming his fist carefully in her kidneys, her liver, her sides. 
"Bring her to the questioningroom, I think she need s a lesson."

Hemux shivered "no, no please, I won't cause any trouble, he sytared it, not me,
he wnated to rapeme."

The Orion laughed "So, what's the big deal? You're a female, you are born to be

She was dragged into a dark room, she knew what was to come, first the pain, the
scars, the fists and then ...stripped nude and then...

... Present...

Hemux scramed out loud and dropped to her knees, breathing heavy, a nurse came
in kneeling besides her.

" Easy, easy, it's all over, you are safe here." ARr'Rhiana cried, deep loud
cries for help, for comfort, scratching at her scars, her head filled with pain,
remembering each scar, each blow, each time she was raped, each time she had to
fight, even kill to survive. Memories and things she had done. Things no
doctor, no counsellor knew about. Dark secrets, no Denobulan worthy, what the
Orions had done to her, to the children in the camp, to her crew, she would not,
she could not forget.

She smiled to the nurse, "It's alright, I am fine. It was just... a

The nurse helped her to bed. "Tomorrow you have another session with the
counsellor, it will help, take a rest."

Hemux closed her eyes, she had cleared her mind, she had relived and survived,
from now on it would go better. Soon, very soon she would go out again, she
would be on a Starship again. One day she would be Captain of her own ship, it
did not matter how many decades it might take her, she would be Captain one day,
it was her Oath. And when that day came, a smile came on her face, Captain
Hemux, ...on that day Orion would pay...


Just Adding some background to my character...

All, meet Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux, Denobelan female, with a long lifetime already
passed, with dark secrets, dark desires and maybe even a hidden agenda for her

I think it will be fun!

David Martens
Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: First Aboard

by Catterick, Andy

Scene: Captain's Office,  Edeck
SD: 2260.155
MD: -14.1300

                Steele looked up from the view screen as a Denobulan in a 
blue tunic entered his office.

"Lieutenant ARr'Rhiana Hemux reporting for assignment sir."  She said 

Jack reached up and accepted the red data disc.  "Thank you lieutenant.  
PLease have a seat."  Steele inserted the disc into the slot and watched 
as Hemux's data came up on the monitor.  He gave the information a quick 
scan before looking up at the smiling science officer.  He'd met a few 
Denobulan's in his career but never actually served with one.  He smiled 
at the thought it would be interesting to get to new a representative of 
another race more closely.  It was one of the reasons he had joined 

                The Federation and by extension Starfleet had been 
established as a multispecies body.  But Jack and found much to his 
disappointment that by and large the different races tended to stay with 
there own.  HOOD for example carried a large percentage of humans and he 
knew there were ships that were largely Andorian for example.  He knew 
that the trend for greater integration was continuing but sometimes it 
seemed at too slow a pace.  He gave himself a mental shake and turned his 
attention back to his new science officer.  

                "You arrive at a particularly fortuitous time lieutenant."  
Steele said as he pulled the data disc out of the slot and handed back to 

                "Excellent captain.  How so?"

                "HOOD  is in a transition of sorts.  I have just recently 
been given command and we'll be replacing the majority of her officers.  
Actually you are the first one aboard.  But with that change while there 
are a number of advantages but there will be a number of challenges.  I'm 
afraid we're all going to be very busy."

                "I look forward to it captain!"  The Denobulan assured.

                "Well I see from your career you will be a strong asset to 
the team.  And I imagine you're interested in getting too it.  So I won't
keep you. "  He rose and extended a hand.  "Welcome aboard."


Hi Gang, just quick word about the Stardate (SD) it is created by taking 
the RP game year: 2260 and the day of the year we are in.  As June 04 is 
the 155th day of the year the SD would be 2260.155.

I've also started a Mission Date (MD) so we can keep track of where we are 
in the mission.  Since we haven't actually started a mission and it is 14 
ship board days until we do I've set the MD as -14.  

Also, I sent this post about an hour ago...or so I thought I did.  It 
seems to have disappeared from my sent folder and not arrived anywhere so 
I'm re-sending.  Apolgies if you end up seeing two posts.

CAPT Jack Steele
NCC 1703

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Doctor Orders

by Apple, Steve

Scene: Nondescript Room in Spaceport near Starbase 12

The room was dimly lit and showed itself to be utilitarian in purpose. Corbett
found himself seated at a cramped table, forced into a chair that faced the only
light source in the room, which was beating down on him. He focused first on
the Nausicaan and watched through lidded eyes as the creature's hand went to the
hilt of his knife. He was in trouble and he knew it. Slowly he crossed his legs
under the table and threw a slight smile to the Andorian who sat to his left and
was trying to look menacing, his hand inside his jacket obviously wrapped around
a weapon.

Corbett knew he had to be careful here, one wrong move and he could end up in
pieces on the floor. He looked to his right at the Tellerite, the third member
of this trio and smiling at him he slowly reached into his left boot which
rested on his knee and quietly pulled the hammer back on the old earth colt
cobra revolver that sat in its ankle holster.

"It's your move." He said to the Tellerite, his eyes glancing back to the
Nausicaan whose hand he noticed grasped his knife, tightly. He felt more
comfortable knowing he could take down the Nausicaan first, with a single shot.

The Tellerite was deep in thought, his right hand constantly stroking his chin.
"Fleeter," he said looking at Corbett, his Federation Standard heavily accented.
"I will take great pleasure in destroying you."

The Andorian remained silent, only the Nausicaan's grunt made the Tellerite

"How does it stand now?" The Tellerite asked his voice tense.

"The Andorian has folded. I raised, as did the Nausicaan. So just call already
and let's get on with the damn game." Corbett said snapping at him.

"Fine, I'll do that, I'll call." The Tellerite said throwing his chips onto the
table. A second later he laid down his cards and said "Three of a kind."

"Not good enough to beat a straight." Corbett said laying down his own cards.

The Nausicaan broke into a broad smile, which always looked like a sinister
expression on their hard features. "I believe, I have what you call, a Full
House." He said dropping his cards onto the table. Corbett saw that the
Nausicaan used both hands to pull his winnings in toward his chest.

Corbett relaxed a bit now that the Nausicaan's hand was no longer gripping the
hilt of his knife. With an exaggerated movement of his right hand he brought the
cigar to his lips and puffed appreciatively. He hoped that this would distract
them while he secretly released the hammer on his revolver with the other hand.

"That's a filthy habit," observed the Andorian, his antennae moving in opposite
directions of each other.

"This is a Cuban cigar, one of the finest smokes in the galaxy." Corbett
retorted incredulous at the statement.

"I thought doctors were supposed to know better than that." The Tellerite said
jumping into the conversation.

"As a doctor I believe you can do anything in moderation."

"Earth history has never been one of moderation." The Andorian said.

"Individuals sometimes find it easier rather than entire cultures." He said
tilting his head back and blowing a smoke ring.

"What about the weapon concealed in your boot, would you have used moderation
with that as well?" The Andorian asked.

"That depends." Corbett replied a little annoyed that he had been spied reaching
into his boot. "Let me ask the Nausicaan a similar question." He said gesturing
toward him with his cigar hand. "What were you going to do with the knife you
were gripping so tightly?"

"I swore that if I lost another hand to you I was going to cut out your heart
and eat it." He said another smile crossing his lips.

"See now, that's not moderation. I was just going to shoot you in the kneecap,
that's moderation. You'd be alive and I'd even throw in a new knee, gratis."

"Very kind of you." The Nausicaan said shuffling the chips in front of him.

"I think it time we play a real game, one from Andoria." Added their blue
companion as he picked up the cards and began to shuffle.

"Sorry, but it's time I get moving. I have a shuttle to catch early in the
morning." Corbett said pushing his chair back.

"Ah yes the Hood, your new assignment." The Tellerite said looking very smug.

Corbett stopped for a moment and turned his head so he could look the Tellerite
in the eyes. "You seem to know a lot for someone who is not fleet, my porcine

"A space port near a Starbase is a very small place and I have big ears." He
said smiling.

"What else do you're big ears hear Tellerite?" Corbett asked making sure the
Tellerite understood it really wasn't a question.

"Many things, but if you want to know something specific, you may need to help
my memory." He said his eyes darting to Corbett's pile of chips.

"Oh right," Corbett said looking up at him. "Will some metal help?" he asked
shuffling the metallic chips.

"Oh most definitely," The Tellerite said, his voice picking up in enthusiasm.
"It helps center my thoughts."

"Ok, here's my deal. You tell me what you know, or I'll take off one of your big
ears with a piece of lead."

"Only one ear?" Asked the Nausicaan trying to be helpful.

"Spirit of moderation and all." Corbett said smiling as his hand went for his

"Fine, fine, I'll tell you what the word is going around about you." The
Tellerite said quickly, his voice a bit sulky.

"It seems strange to many that one only commissioned a year ago is assigned as
the Chief Medical Officer to a top fleet starship like the Hood" He said, then
added quickly "There is also the question about your past."

"What about my past." Corbett said focusing in on that little bit of station

"They say you had some trouble with Starfleet Medical causing you to be posted
out in the middle of nowhere known as Cestus III.

"The Tellerite has a point," said the Andorian "There are rumors circulating
about you."

A large chuckle broke from Corbett at those words. As he looked over his
companions their interest seemed to be peaked.

"Let's just say there was an incident, a really big incident and I needed to go
away for a while." He said.

"You ran like a coward?" Asked the Nausicaan his face contorted in disgust.

"No, I was given a chance to go into deep space." Corbett answered. "And I took

"That still doesn't explain things." The Andorian said.

"You're right it doesn't." Corbett said standing, then added "Night all."


Scene: Interior Cabin: USS Culver NCC-0527, Long-Range Shuttle
and Personnel Transport

"Hey Cowboy is that your over sized trunk in the cargo space." Corbett heard the
voice say.

"That's Doctor Cowboy to you." He replied.

"What's in that thing anyway?" The voice asked

Corbett was sitting very comfortably in a high backed chair in the rear of the
shuttle, his cowboy hat covering his eyes as he was trying to sleep, but somehow
that annoying voice didn't get that.
"Medical supplies and lots of them." He said pushing his hat upon his head so he
could see who he was talking with.

"Sounded like a bunch of bottles clanking, when they loaded her into the cargo
compartment." The annoying voice continued; however Corbett could now see that
the voice was attached to a pinched faced little man.

"That surprises you -why?" Corbett asked sarcastically even though he was
getting a little nervous with this line of questioning.

"I've been on lots of supply runs, some of them carrying medical supplies and
equipment, but I never heard them clank around like that before. Besides I
thought we stopped using glass for medical supplies years ago. So what's in the
trunk really?" He asked.

"Who are you again?" Corbett asked trying to deflect him.

"Lieutenant James Maxwell, I'm the shuttle pilot for this run." He said with a
little too much zeal.

"Well you seem like a curious fellow Mr. Maxwell so I'll let you decide what you
want to do. That big over sized crate you are so keenly interested in has a
numeric lock whose code is 1985. You with me so far? "he asked.

Corbett waited for him to give me a small nod then continued. "So here is your
dilemma Slick. In that crate there are either several bottles of Tequila and
maybe a bottle or five of Romulan Ale. Then again it might just contain some
very specialized medicines and live viral strains to create vaccines, which can
only be contained and transported in sterile glass containers. So it's your
choice to open it or not, but be aware if it's the latter and I'm not sayin it
is mind ya, but if it is, then there are some really nasty things in them glass

Now like you say, if them boys loadin that crate weren't none too careful and
one of them glass bottles broke. Well let's just say I wouldn't open that trunk
without a special ventilation and biohazard unit right next to me and maybe some
Bicyclic alpha-Polytropine on hand as well."

"Why, what's the worst that could happen?" Maxwell asked his voice a little

"Well I'd say pretty soon after opening that lid your mucous membranes would
start to itch, then real soon that itch would progress into an excruciating
burn. After that, without immediate treatment, your mucous membranes would begin
to explode in huge boils that would melt the skin."

"Where are these membranes?" He asked his eyes wide as saucers.

"Mainly your nose and mouth, well that and one other place." Corbett said
clipping off the last part of his sentence.

"What other place?" Maxwell asked his voice almost pleading.

"Um, down there." Corbett said pointing to the man's groin.

The human body is always amazing. After gulping rather hard the young Lieutenant
turned 5 shades whiter than when the conversation started.

"Again it's your choice to take the risk and have a peak inside, but I'm on the
record as stating a strong medical opinion to the contrary."

"No sir, I don't really need to look in the trunk I believe they are medical
supplies." Maxwell said moving toward the front of the compartment.

"Very good Mr. Maxwell, I'll just take a little nap until we rendezvous with the
Hood." He said dropping his hat back over his face, mostly to cover the
noticeable grin. "Wake me when we are in range." He added not bothering to lift
his hat and then promptly fell asleep.



Just Adding some depth to my character, as I'm getting ready to join the crew...

Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Apple
Stile Corbett, MD
MED, USS Hood NCC-1703

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Hell, Delivered

by Belin, Daniel

Mission Date: -One Month

[[Location: Samael IV]]

The hum of transporters rang throughout an old ruin on Samael IV. Not 
that, by any Earth standards, the ruin was old. In fact, it was no more 
than a year old. A year ago, this planet had been a thriving 
civilization, an oasis on the barren edge of the quadrant. Now, it was 
wasteland, irradiated terrain stretching miles upon miles upon miles. 
Inside one of the derelict buildings, six beings materialized, all in 
Starfleet hazard suits and carrying tricorders. A female, who 
materialized near a burnt corpse let out a scream which rang through the 

"Amazing. To think this was a civilized, populated planet maybe six 
months back," said the tall, black haired man in the front. His name was 
Captain Lord, the commanding officer of the Federation starship Adams.

Then the female vomited, and sank to the ground sobbing. One of the 
security men, Richards, went over to assist her. The Vulcanian executive 
officer hailed the Adams, "Away Team to Adams, medical assistance 
required on planet. Repeat, medical assistance required on planet."

Silence emanated from the communicator.

"Adams, do you read? We require medical assistance"

Again, Silence.

"Adams, Please acknowledge."

At this point, the Vulcanian looked at Captain Lord. Captain Lord 
shrugged, muttering something about the Vulcan not checking the 
communicators before they beamed down. Then, he gave the Vulcan his 
communicator. Then the Vulcan repeated the hail, "Adams, please 
acknowledge.  We require medical assistance."

Silence, long continued silence.

"Is the channel open, Commander?" Asked Captain Lord, looking at the 
Vulcan's communicator with interest, no status or diagnostic lights 
were lit. It was a perfectly good communicator, and it seemed to be 
working fine. Captain Lord said, although it seemed a bit 
unnecessary, "Now thats damn peculiar."

Suddenly, a whining noise permeated the whole room and the woman 
asked, "Does anyone else hear that?"

No one had time to answer the question as the room had burst into 
flames around them and one of the walls had been knocked down. 
Disruptor fire hit the Captain before he even could draw his phaser,
and he was reduced to a shriveling pile of limbs and organs, 
immobilized and lying in his own blood. Two of the security officers 
and the Vulcanian were quicker on the draw, and they set their 
phasers to maximum and opened fire through the hole.

Richards took the nearest communicator and set it to all channels 
broadcast. At the same time he shot a long burst through the hole 
into what appeared to be a low-level shield, he screamed into the 

It seemed hopeless, two more of the walls fell, and the two security 
officers met a terrible fate. They had been lifted up and thrown to 
the wall by a massive disruptor blast. Only Richards and the Vulcan 
seemed unscathed, but that was apparently soon going to change. 
Richards seemed to have taken leave of his senses, and yelled out, 
"We are done for! Dammit!"

Suddenly, three black shuttle crafts flew out from behind a hill. They 
didn't look federation, so it seemed like these were the attackers, 
coming out from their hiding place. They shot their phasers, but not 
at Richards, they were shooting at where the disruptor fire came from!

They landed near Richards, and Humans in the black equivalent of 
Starfleet Hazard gear streamed out. There were at least a dozen people, 
and a whole buffet of weapons, some of which have not been seen 
outside of a museum in one hundred years. A man in Lieutenants stripes 
approached Richards and the Vulcan and said, as if from a script, "We 
are the Starfleet Special Forces and we are here to get you out!"

"It's impossible!" moaned Richards, abandoning all bravado, "They some 
shield up, it stops all our weapons flat."

"Its an EM field, great for stopping phaser blasts, but it doesn't do 
squat against projectile weapons," said the Lieutenant, who then 
identified himself as Lieutenant John De Simms, head of Team Three. He 
picked up a long cylindrical tube with a grip of sorts and a trigger 
jutting out about two thirds of the way to the back, with a laser pointer 
on the end.

"What the hell is that?" asked Richards, some of his bravado now restored.

"A laser guided rocket launcher, used back in the early 21st century, the 
rocket will go wherever you point the laser. It's a beautiful system if I 
can say so myself," said De Simms, who after this nice educational 
conversation decided to give a demo. He mounted it on his shoulder and 
pulled the trigger. Just for the fun of it he let the rocket do a few 
corkscrews before it going through the shield like it wasn't there, and 
impacting a mounted disruptor. After a large boom and copious amounts of 
smoke, there was no disruptor there, almost if some magician had made it 
vanish in some 10-cent magic act. All that was left was a tiny dent in the 
earth. De Simms yelled out, "Okay, the disruptor is down. Hit the 
Sierra-Golf with a PIP round from the Elephant Gun!"

"The Sierra Golf?" asked Richards, confused.

"The shield generator, that shield generator gets hit, the whole kit and 
caboodle will go down, in defensive terms," said the Lieutenant, as a 
Crewman behind him brought out a giant gun and bullets the size of long, 
fat cigars, "And in case you are wondering, PIP stands for Pyrotechnical 
Ignition of Plasma, it is a bullet that on contact creates Plasma, 

Suddenly, a huge boom came from the gun, as the 'PIP' headed towards its 
intended target. However, it hit something that looked like a shield 
generator, but was actually scrap metal. It let out a huge flare of Plasma 
as well as a loud roar as the bullet impacted, leaving the scrap metal in 
shreds. The gunner yelled, "Target misidentified, miss!"

"Wow," said Richards, looking at the smoldering slag left over from the 

"You should see what happens when we actually hit a generator, it looks 
much better than that," said De Simms, firing a volley of machine-gun fire 
into the place where a volley of phaser hits had just come from. Another 
boom emanated from the elephant gun, and this time it impacted the actual 
shield generator, and De Simms was right, that last hit had nothing on this. 
The shield generator groaned and let out a flame of ignited coolant as the 
bullet tore into it. Then the plasma ignited, and took the path of least 
resistance through the control circuit connection and the actual emitter 
array. It shot through those two holes, static electricity leaping from it 
as miniature flashes of lightning, the whole front plate crumpled, and then 
the machine imploded and shot ten meters into the air as if escaping some 
invisible restraint. This time the gunner yelled, "HIT! WE GOT IT!"

Now De Simms wasted no time on Richards, and yelled to his men, "Charge! 
Lets move out," Now, no weapon was not picked up, most of the men had 
disruptor rifles or phaser rifles, one was firing a old-style M60 from the 
hip, shooting indiscriminately into the fray.

Finally, five green rusty ships lifted up and screamed away. No one could 
tell what kind of ships they were, or distinguish any logos.

Then, a Admiral Leisserson stepped off a black shuttle, and said to De Simms, 
"It's time. I have been delaying for you for two years, but it is really 
time for you retire from Special Ops. You are two years above the age limit, 
and a less amiable admiral wouldn't spend a second on you, he would just 
throw you out. However, I have found a good post for you, on board a 
Constitution-Class ship, the Hood. You will be the new security chief."

"Great, King of the Redshirts," said De Simms, grimacing already. However, 
he wouldn't give up a life on the frontier for anything, so he accepted the 

"Great. So, by the power vested in me by Starfleet, I hereby reassign SFSF 
LT. John De Simms to the U.S.S hood as the Chief Security Officer on board. 
He is required to report to the before mentioned position after one month 
of R&R. Compute," The Admiral said to the tricorder, which sent the order to 
the shuttle computer, which then sent it to Starfleet CENTCOM for processing, 
"I also bestow the following acknowledgments upon the before mentioned 
Lt. De Simms. The Starfleet Medal of Honor, the Meritorious Service Award, 
the Special Operations Star Honor, and hereby recommend him for the 
Federation Gold Service Award."

"Great. Awards."

With all due respect,
Daniel F. Belin
Lt. John De Simms

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: "The Price of Service"

by Lusby, Scott

SD: 2260.120
Setting: Main Engineering, O-Deck, USS HOOD

**It had not been all that long ago that Commander Phillipa had been in
charge down here,** , Gar Th'elenth thought as he gazed across the expanse
of engineering.

Calling it 'an expanse' was really not doing engineering justice, for that
implied it was wide open and spacious.

Main Engineering on a CONSTITUTION-class starship was nothing of the sort.

Main Engineering was two full decks high. Overhead, a webwork of piping,
conduit and tubing- some as wide as a half a meter- wove its way from one
side to the other, sometimes dropping down into some large recepticle, some
having radioactivity warnings on them, some having bilogical warnings on
them. Cat walks seemed to fill any space not already filled by conduit.

Down on the ground floor, the cavernous bay was made up of all types of
tanks- life-sustaining water reclamation units, explosive deuterium storage,
deadly plasma and phaser coolant tanks- each of which were monitored,
tweaked and regulated by large consoles, many with holographic displays.

In the middle of all this, however, was the warp core. This core was
actually made up by several magnetic "bottles"- 8 in all- in which the
annihilation of antimatter and matter was controlled. These mag bottles
were designed to be able to be jettisoned through the ceiling of Main
Engineering should they become unstable and loose magnetic containment- a
safety feature which may well have saved HOOD.

**But not her Captain,** Gar thought again. **Or her Chief Engineer.**

The pale-blue Andorian glanced down at his red sleeve cuffs; there was now a
thin stripe above the thicker one below it. This stripe had not been there
two weeks ago...


SD: 2260.102 (flashback)
Setting: Same

Klaxon alarms sounded all around him. Without thinking, Gar ran to his
station- the warp core.

When he got there, he toggled his status update to 'green,' acknowledging
that he was at his station. Then, Th'elenth pushed the button on the comm
panel next to him. "Th'elenth to Commander Phillipa- what's happening?"

He got his response immediately- in the form of ship lurching from weapons
fire. [[[I don't know, but we're under attack! Phillipa out!]]]

Gar's antennae swept back slightly as his brow furrowed. **The Enric,** he
thought as the ship lurched again- harder this time. He cheked the board in
front of him; the bottles were OK for now, but there was a little variance
in one of them that he didn't like...

Suddenly, all hell broke loose in engineering. One of the warp plasma
relays exploded above them, vaporizing several engineers instantly. Shouts
of alarm and screams filled the bay.

Th'elenth cursed; that meant the port pylon had probably sustained a direct

He glanced at the status screen in front of him, and suddenly that small
"variance" he had noted a few seconds ago had become a major problem.

Gar knew why: the warp plasma relay,when it went, probably caused some sort
of feedback against the flow of the plasma, and the core- specifically
Bottle 3- was NOT liking it.

His hands flew across his console in a blue blur. However, rerouting the
power to the electromagnetic containment matrix on Bottle 3- ECM-3 for short
down here- was not working; the exploding relay apparently took out more
than just the conduit itself...

Suddenly, the bottle's graphic began flashing red; he had only a few seconds
to ge tit under control, or else HOOD would explode like a supernova.

He grabbed his console tightly as the ship lurched again. "Th'elenth to
Phillipa- I need to eject Bottle 3; I can't get ECM-3 back on-line!"

No repsonse.

"Phillipa!" he shouted into the mic of the comm panel.

The console now started to whine.

Gar knew he was out of time. He slammed his hand down on the ejection
button; instantly, the space above them opened, and Bottle 3 was spit out
through the forcefield and into space.

As quickly as it had opened, the bulkheads closed above them again. A
millisecond latrer, bottle 3 exploded, the concussive force pushing the ship
out of its orbit around Monil IV.

And then, as suddenly as it had begun, it ended. No further weapons fire,

Gar's status board had some flashing yellow on it, but it was now mostly
green, thankfully.

He found the comm patch again,a nd thumbed the button. "Commander Phillipa-
come in," he said.

No response.

Gar's antennae wiggled slightly as he put his hands on his hips. "I want
status reports, all station, in 10 minutes," the battle-hardened Andorian
barked. "And someone find Commander Phillipa."

Then, slowly he lenaed heavily on the warp core status console in front of
him and, loudly, screamed a very old and very vulgar Andorii curse.


MD: 2260.120
Setting: Main Engineering, O-Deck, USS HOOD

No one had found Commander Phillipa; she had been standing the cat walk just
under the plasma relay that exploded when the Enric ship had punched through
HOOD's unshielded hull.

The end had been quick, at least, Th'elenth thought.

Gar glanced back down at his new stripe, and then around him again: repairs
were going well across the ship, and he knew that they'd be fully
operational shortly. The major repair job was on the plasma relay; though
not an easy repair, had been fairly straight forward.

The damage caused by the explosion had been harder to track down, since
feedback lopps had been created in just about any system connected to the
relay in any way. Consoles had exploded, junctions fried- you name it, and
it had happened.

He unfolded his arms, and jotted a few more notes on the tablet with its
stylus before handing it to one of his ratings.

"See that Captain Steele gets this," The Andorian said.

**Captain Steele,** he thought. **Still has a funny ring to it. Should
still be Captain Sinclair.**

**Should still be Chief Engineer Phillipa too,** his conscience challenged.
**But we all play the cards we are dealt.**

Gar's antennae pitched slightly forard at the thought. "That's right," he
muttered, and, spinning on his heels, he walked down the length of
Engineering and out their large double doors.


All- just getting Gar on board and adding a little bit of his backstory to
the mix. I didn't want to elaborate on the battle in space, as Gar would
not know the tactical situation, how it ended, etc.; I am assuming HOOD
eventually overwhelmed iany enric forces after the initial shock of being
hit with shields down. So fogive me if it seemd a bit vague; it would have
been to Gar as well.

Anyway, I'm on board Andy. I think that's it! :) Feel free to call Gar up
for a talk or whatever.

Respectfully Submitted,

-- Scott Lusby
/\ LCDR Gar Th'elenth
Chief Engineer

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD:New Beginnings and Old Baggage

by Apple, Steve


Scene: Deck R: Shuttlebay, USS Hood

Corbett awoke to the jolt as the shuttle craft hit the harddeck. "Smooth landing
there Slick." He said as he lifted his cowboy hat from his face and put it back
on his head.

"Sorry Sir, I usually don't hit the hanger bay that hard, but for some reason I
seem to be just a bit anxious today." Lieutenant James Maxwell his shuttle pilot
said apologetically.

Corbett just nodded, a small smile of satisfaction playing on his lips. Turning
to the shuttle craft hatch he waited until the light on the control panel turned
green, acknowledging that the deck had repressurized. Hitting the hatch button
he waited for the hiss of equilibration and the door to smoothly glide open.

Stepping onto the deck he saw a red skirted Ensign immediately come to
attention. . Pushing his hat to the back of his head he smiled at the young
woman. "You best be careful there miss, snapping to attention like that can be
hard on the spine."

The Ensign's face was aghast with horror at Corbett's words. "Sir that is not
the proper protocol for coming aboard ship." She said in a tone that was
definitely meant as a reprimand.

He took a moment to look over the young woman. She definitely fills out her
uniform nicely; he thought and she looks damn good in those boots too. "I am
sorry, where are my manners, I'm the new ships doctor, Stile Corbett at your
service ma'am." He said taking his hat off and sweeping the floor in an
exaggerated bow.

"Sir, the proper procedure is to state your rank, name and request permission to
come aboard." She said trying not to smile at the man's eccentric behavior.

Corbett saw that slight smile and said. "Where I come from miss that is the
proper procedure a gentleman uses to introduce himself to a beautiful young
lady; however, in the interest of moving things along I'll also add the words
permission to come aboard."

"Permission granted." She said then added. "Welcome aboard Doctor, if you'd like
I'll have the cargo crew deliver your personnel effects to your cabin."

"Thank you kindly, and please tell them to be careful with the large trunk its
contents are very fragile."

"Yes doctor. Also I'm to tell you that you are scheduled to meet the Captain in
his Ready Room in one hour, but until then would you like me to show you the

"I'd like nothing better, Miss?" He asked.

"Janice Powers," she said then added "I've never had anyone give me a bow

"Such the pity, a truly beautiful woman as yourself should be afforded every
courtesy." He said

"Communications to Dr. Corbett." Came a metallic voice over the hangerbay's

Corbett looked around for a com switch.

"It's on the wall over there." She said pointing it out for him.

Corbett walked over to the wall and hit the switch. "Corbett here," he said

"Doctor there is a private transmission from Star Fleet Medical coming in for
you in twenty minutes."

"Thank you; have it directed to my quarters if you please."
"Yes sir, Communications out."

"There goes your tour," she said with a slight frown then added. "By the way
your quarters are on E deck."

"Alas duty must come first," He said then smiled and added. "But I do hope I'll
be seeing more of you in the future Miss Powers."
"It's a small ship sir." She said as she walked away.

Corbett could have sworn when she saw he was watching her that her walk got a
little bit sexier. "I think I'm gonna like this assignment." He said to himself
as he went in search of his quarters.

Scene: Deck E: Chief Medical Officers Quarters, USS Hood

The door slid open admitting Corbett to his new residence. "Nice digs," he
thought as he looked around. His quarters consisted of a large two room suite,
with separate sleeping and work areas. While spacious it was utilitarian in

The bleep from the comm. unit on his desk sounded alerting him to his call.
Corbett sat at his desk and pushed the transmit toggle. Immediately the screen
lit up with the words "Star Fleet Medical" and its accompanying caduceus logo
centered below.

The logo screen soon faded and was replaced by the face of a white and black
striped Caitian male.

"Captain Samastu Rawl," Corbett said smiling at the Caitian. "What possible
honor do I owe the pleasure of such a call from the surgeon to the Federation

"Stile it's nice to see you," the Caitian said smiling then his voice took on a
grave tone "However, I'm afraid this is not a social call."

"Alright Sam, I'll bite. What's up?" Corbett asked sobering.

"Old enemies have resurfaced Stile and your name has not been forgotten."

Corbett could feel his stomach tighten at the Captain's words. "I had thought
with the destruction of Vulcan and my return from medical exile that the
situation must have stabilized."

"I'm afraid not, unfortunately the situation has actually worsened." The Caitian

"How bad is it Sam?"

"We believe that a faction within what remains of the Vulcans will be coming
after you shortly and try to kill you"

"That's absurd Vulcans don't come after people, or try to kill them." Corbett
said more for himself than the Caitian.

"Make no mistake Stile if the Vulcans feel they have a logical reason to kill
they can and will do so very efficiently. We had thought that with the
destruction of Vulcan and moving you to a remote outpost like Cestus III that in
time the matter would be forgotten. But the remaining Vulcans are beginning to
reassert themselves back into Federation politics and now more than ever they
can't afford the knowledge you harbor to become public."

"So what am I supposed to do about this Sam?"

"Stile why do you think you were assigned the position of Chief Medical Officer
aboard a top fleet star ship like the Hood?" The Caitian asked.

"I assumed that my charm and good looks had a very positive effect on that young
Lieutenant from the Bureau of Personnel." Corbett said trying to lighten the
mood although his internal anxiety was at a fevered pitch.

The Caitian laughed and shook his head. "I do like you Stile, you were always
one of my favorite students and unfortunately you were also one of my biggest
headaches. How genius and defiant stupidity reside in the same being I'll never
know. Well you got the position because I pulled a lot of strings to get you
assigned to the Hood."

"Given what you just said Sam I'm not sure that I want the job now, this is a
high profile position, one in which they can attack me at any time."

"That's exactly why you were placed there. It's that high profile position that
may save your life. How easy do think it would be assassinate a medical officer
at an outpost in the middle of nowhere."

"I see your point." Corbett said.

"The Vulcans are extremely logical and know that attacking a senior officer of a
Constitution class star ship would open a board of inquiry and that would
attract attention to them, attention they don't want."

"OK so they make it seem like an accident."

"I know you're not that ignorant Stile. Any accident that results in a death
especially on that class of ship will also cause a board of inquiry to
investigate and possibly expose them.

"So they just hire someone else to do it for them." Corbett replied.

"They won't hire someone else as this is a matter of personal honor to them."

"Damn it Sam, I can't live like this. Why don't I just go public with what I
know and be done with it. Then the only reason for the Vulcans to kill me would
be for revenge and that is an emotional motivation contrary to their

"Stile we've been over this, if you disclose anything, the consequences of such
would be devastating to what's left of the entire race and you know that.
Besides I don't believe your personal code of ethics would allow it, even to
save your own life."

"What about telling them that if anything happens to me, accidental or otherwise
the knowledge I have will be disclosed."

The Caitian sighed. He knew this was a lot for one person to bear. "What do you
propose Stile, putting it into a diary or on a computer diskette? If anyone
found it, the same disclosure would affect the entire race, so that won't work

"Alright what about a mind meld to make me forget what I know?" Corbett asked.

"The information would still be in your head just not accessible to your
conscious mind." The Caitian said then added. "It would still be attainable by
other means."

"So I'm to just sit here and act like nothing's wrong, is that it?" He asked.

"Yes and no. For now you go about the business of being the Chief Medical
Officer it's the safest place for you at the moment, but be on your guard. In
the meantime I will work with others who think highly of you to try and see if
we can resolve this issue." The Caitian said and then added when he saw
Corbett's face. "Yes believe it or not there are others who think highly of you
despite your personality."

Corbett heard the alarm chime from the chronograph on his desk go off signaling
he had ten minutes until his appointment with Captain Steele.

"Sam I'm scheduled to meet my CO in ten minutes and I should let him know about

"Jack Steele is a good man and an outstanding officer, but disclosing this
information puts him and his ship in danger. I have put myself at great risk to
get you this position and warn you of the eminent threat to your life. The
Vulcans don't know they have a leak in their security, which is being fed
directly to me. If your Captain involves himself in any way then the Vulcans
will no doubt discover this leak and many beings will be compromised. Right now
you alone are their focus and it isn't logical to kill innocents. Better you
keep this to yourself and let me try to work it out. I want your word on this

"You have my word Sam, I'll keep it quiet, but if the Vulcans in anyway deviate
from me and threaten this ship or its crews safety I will make a full disclosure
to the Captain."

"I would expect nothing less from you. Be careful and call me immediately if
anything suspicious occurs."

"I will my friend, I will." Corbett said staring at the now blank screen.

The alarm chime of the chronograph sounded again alerting him that he now had
five minutes before his appointment with the Captain. Quickly he asked the
computer for directions and headed out the door.

Scene: E-Deck, Captains Ready Room, USS Hood

Corbett found himself in front of the door to the Captains Ready Room with a
minute to spare. Pushing the door chime he waited for the Captains to give him
permission to enter...

<Tag Captain Steele>


All I just wanted to add a bit of fun and mystery to Corbett's backstory, not
trying to create a major plot line. Anyway I'm at your door Andy, have mercy

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Apple
Dr. Stile Corbett, CMO, USS HOOD NCC-1703

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Hate to Meet and Run

by Catterick, Andy

SD: 2260.159
MD: -6.1400

Scene: Captain's Office, E Deck

            Captain’s Log Stardate 2260.159.  With 6 days before launch I 
am pleased with the progress that the crew has made.  Truth be told the 
ship itself is at full readiness and what little supplies we had used have 
been replaced.  Having only been in commission for 6 months we’ve made 
little dent in our inventory or wear on the equipment.  It is in  staffing 
where the most work is needed.  Fortunately I received a communiqué from 
Starfleet this morning confirming the imminent arrival of our Chief 
Medical Officer, Chief of Security and Helmsman.  While I am greatly 
relieved to fill these core positions it still leaves some fairly big holes 
at Comm and NAV.  

            The communication department has a strong foundation of non 
comm’s and junior officers to man the station in the short term so I have 
no major concerns there.  As for NAV, again we have a good staff there but 
no one senior enough to run the department even in the short term.  
Lieutenant Commander Merrick has volunteered to take on this role in a dual 
capacity until Starfleet can shake an appropriate officer for us.  I don’t 
envy him the work load but as he clearly pointed out when he volunteered we 
don’t really have a lot of options.  As HOOD’s previous FO I can certainly 
step in and assist him where needed.  And just as importantly I have 
Lieutenant Commander Th'elenth overseeing engineering.  I think Gar needs 
some seasoning as a departmental manager more for coming to terms with how 
he found himself in the position then due to any deficincies in his skills.  
And to be fair given I am in exactly the same position he is, who am I to 
talk?  But either way I am confident that engineering and HOOD are in solid 

            Jack looked up as his door chime went.  “Computer save log.”

            [Acknowledged.] The metallice voice replied.  Steele wondered 
absently if there was some way to make the computer sound less like a computer.  


            The doors slid open and Dr. Corbett has just enough time to 
enter the office before he was called to action.  

            Merrick’s booming voice suddenly flooded the ship. [Trauma team 
to main engineering. I repeat trauma team to main engineering on the double!]

            Stile has spun around and was already half way to the lift 
before he realized he didn’t know exactly how to get to main engineering.  
Luckily Steele was close behind.


Steve:  I figured this was better then the standard nice to meet you meeting.

Steve/Scott: I’ll let you decide how serious the injury in engineering is.  
Thought it’d be more fun for all our characters to meet this way.  Hopefully 
we don’t have any deaths before we actually launch.

ALL: General NRPG to follow.

CAPT Jack Steele
Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: decorating and what's next...

by Martens, David

SD: 2260.160
MD: -6.1400

Scene: USS HOOD, Science department

Carefull with that, that's very sensitive equipment." ARr'Rhiana was guiding
two strong Bajorans to the exact place where they needed toplace the Neutron
Spectron Microscope and let it to them to attach it to the walls saftely.

She turned to her Assistant "How are my personal requests for my office going,
Mister Martin?"

A tall human male turned and smiled "On sheduale, ma'am, we'll have the cages
and fortified terraria settled in tomorrow, day after we install the sealed
cages and then it's only a few minor things as heating or colling and so. We
have everything done in four days."

ARr'Rhiana nodded please "Very good thank you." She had asked some engineers to
install some specially cages and terraria to keep some of her favorite animals
and insects. Denobulan dragonflies, Andorian Icebeetles, Vulcan Jumping Dessert
spiders and , her favorites, Icatian fireflies. She was looking forward to gain
new species and new pets from all the places they would visit and since she
would spend a lot of time in her office, giving guidance to her team, making and
checking reports she had decided to give it a personal touch.

Suddnely there was a small tremor through the ship and ...

<Snip from Andy>

Merrick's booming voice suddenly flooded the ship. [Trauma team to main
engineering. I repeat trauma team to main engineering on the double!]

<End of Snip>

Hemux, dropped everything she had and rushed out Science towards Engineering. 
It was just a bit away from where she was and she had plenty of engineering
expertises to assist when things went bad. Besides that, she also had lot of
experiences in the medical field, so maybe she could be in assistance in any

ARr'Rhiana rushed into engineering and coughed as smoke from a broken pipeline
filled the area.

Just setting up ARr'Rhiana's office and seeing if Hemux can be off any help...

David Martens
Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: "Dangerous Liaisons" (RESEND)

by Lusby, Scott

SD: 2260.159
MD: -6.1400
Setting: Main Engineering, O-Deck, USS HOOD

<<NOTE- this post was resent because I missed a detail in Dave's last post.
Sorry for cluttering your mailbox.>>

Lieutenant Commander Gar Th'elenth was having a hell of a day. In a good

It had taken some time for things to calm down in Engineering; three Chief
Engineers in the space of a few days, one of whom died while on duty, is
enough to rattle any department's cage. But Th'elenth was impressed by the
level of professionalism in his department. It was a little thin on
experience- as to be expected when promoting two new Chief Engineers from
within in the span of a few days- but it was long on work ethic and a desire
to "get it right." That, above all, Gar liked.

Too many engineers- in his mind, anyway- played fast and loose with repairs;
"as long as it works" was a motto he'd heard more than once in his days. And
when in the midst of battle, that attitude was certainly a necessity more
often than not...

...but battles end, and that's when the time came for more "permanent"
solutions. Like the work one of his teams was working on now.

Gar stood next to Commander Merrick, the new First Officer and Chief
Engineer before Commander Phillipa, and gazed at the main display in
Engineering, located in a central location near the warp core, and tried to
look more calm than he was as he watched the team's progress on the monitor
in front of him.

They were replacing a patched section of one of the two main EPS relays- one
of the relays that moves the electro-plasma created in the warp core by the
electromagnetically-controlled annihilation of deuterium and anti-deuterium-
out of engineering, up each of the support pylons, and over the warp coils
in the nacelles. The breached section was inside the damaged port pylon,
and now that the pylon itself was fixed and stability returned to the
nacelle, it was time to tackle the heavy conduit.

With the warp core down, the risk of being exposed to the deadly delta
radiation from warp plasma was eliminated, as was the off-chance of making
contact with the high-pressure, high-temperature plasma.

But there were ALWAYS dangers, Gar knew.

And one was about to happen.

They had just finished replacing the conduit, and the teams had made neat
work out of welds needed to connect it into place- clean beads, strong
coverage- and they were shaking hands and patting themselves on the back fro
a job well done when they came down to Gar.

"OK Chief- let's bring the core back online and see how well you did," Gar
said, glancing at Merrick as he folded his arms across his chest.

Chief Tanner nodded, "Aye, Commander," he said, taking his heavy plasma
welder unit and, tossing it over his shoulder, walked the few steps to the
core's controls.

Tanner, focused completely on the start-up process for the core, had begun
to swing the plasma welder off his shoulder again.

Tanner had not taken note of where he stood, and neither Merrick nor Gar
were quick enough to complete their simultaneous warning. "Chief, be

At that moment, his heavy welder struck the outer casing of another set of
conduits running through the warp core- the plasma coolant for the warp
core. Tanner, feeling the impact, turned around and bent down to grab and
stabilize his equipment...

The conduit didn't shatter; instead, a spider-web-like crack appeared in the
plastic. With a small hole in the middle...

Small amounts of coolant began to leak from the small hole...

Tanner screamed, trying to cover his face as the coolant ate away his hands.

Th'elenth's orders pierced the Chief's cries. "Ventilation systems on
full!" he shouted, "Reverse the flow in that conduit- clear the system now!"

At the same time, Gar shut down the core; the last thing he wanted was to
compound a bad situation by overheating the core by stopping the flow of its

However, as he did, an adjacent console exploded, throwing shards of plastic
everywhere, and releasing an arc of electro-plasma across another engineer's
hands. The man- Pethukov- screamed, and dropped to his knees, cradling his
burned hands.

Th'elenth heard Merrick shouting orders into the nearby comm panel. "Trauma
team to main engineering. I repeat trauma team to main engineering on the

The Andorian met the First Officer's gaze; both men now wore the mask duty
on their faces, and, as Merrick moved to assist in the care of Tanner and
Pethukov as they waited for the trauma team to arrive, Gar dealt with the
smoldering engineering station, wishing the ventilation systems would work

The damage, however, had been done.

<<tag Steve/Andy>>


Steve/Andy- I know we said this might be a JP...but this grew long enough on
its own. Sorry, Steve...but I DID at least leave you a perfect place to
jump in and show off some doctorin' skills. ;)

I wanted this to be a freak accident. We've seen coolant conduit rupture
before, so I figured it could happen. Hope this works for you guys.

Respectfully Submitted,

-- Scott Lusby
/\ LCDR Gar Th'elenth
Chief Engineering Officer

ORIGINS [USS HOOD]: Wonderful. Just when he was trying to get sleep

by Belin, Daniel

A hissing sound awoke De Simms in his fresh new quarters. He muttered to 
himself, "And I just reported yesterday too!"

Then a second, just as incoherent thought came to him, "What the hell is 
that noise?!"

Then, maybe five seconds later, when he was still half asleep, a loud bang 
awoke him from his catatonia. The indicator lights on the computer terminal 
had blew themselves out  and copious amounts of smoke were emitted from the 
now broken terminal. It was nothing serious, or even particularly dangerous, 
just a huge annoyance in the morning. Again, he talked to himself, more 
loudly this time, "Nothing big, just a bit of a flash-boom to wake me up in 
the morning. No harm done, except for that silicon smell, I hate that."

He was about to call Engineering to take a look at it, when he realized that 
his terminal was broken. Eventually, after much groaning and complaining, he 
went to the hallway communications junction and called main engineering.

{{Engineering, Lieutenant Briggs, what can I do for you?}} said a very 
stressed out voice on the COM. 

"My terminal blew, nothing serious, but someones going to need to look at 
it," said DeSimms, who was wondering if something else was wrong.

{{Take a number, Lieutenant, damage control is spread out so thin no one will 
get to you for hours. We've had all kinds of minor incidents, nothing to 
serious to wake up the Engineer, but enough to give us down here a headache. 
For your information, we have had nine such blowouts in todays wee hours}} 
said Briggs.

"Got it, I'll call back in a bit," said DeSimms in a rather annoyed tone. 
However, he was thinking, time for a little D.I.Y.

He took out his tool kit, which was rather  primitive and sparse. It had a 
set of drills and screwdrivers, a micro-solderer, and a set of spare parts. 
He took a look at the damage, and saw it was relatively minor. The indicator 
leads had burned out in addition to the lights, and a micro-fuse blew.

The micro-fuse and  lead replacement were child's play, however configuring 
the incompatible lights with the system was hard. However, by the end of two 
long hours, a reasonable facsimile of the machine had been reached. He 
reminded himself that he should eventually get a professional to look at it, 
but for the moment he was proud of his work. However, what of these 
disturbances? This seemed a little odd, especially on a relatively new ship. 
Investigating burnouts was not glamorous work for the first day on the job, 
but someone had to do it.


I'm sorry for any mistakes you might find, but in my time zone it is 2:44 in 
the morning. I just really wanted to get something out 


With all due respect,
Daniel F. Belin
LT. DeSimms
SEC Officer

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Coolant is Nasty Stuff

by Apple, Steve

HOOD:Coolant is Nasty Stuff

Scene: Deck E: Captain's Ready Room, USS Hood

Corbett heard the command to enter and stepped through the door to present
himself to the Captain when the booming voice suddenly flooded the ship.
"Trauma Team to Main Engineering, I repeat Trauma Team to Main Engineering -
on the double!"

He was the Chief Surgeon and took that as his primary responsibility, the
Captain would have to wait. Without thinking he turned and was immediately
through the door. He remembered where the turbo lift was located on this deck
and headed in that direction. Halfway to the lift he wondered how in the hell he
was going to find Main Engineering. He could ask someone, but that would take
time, time he knew he didn't have. In his moment of hesitancy he saw the
Captain come up from behind and followed him into the lift.

The man was tense and didn't talk, which Corbett thought spoke volumes for the
concern he had for his crew. It took only a moment to reach Main Engineering and
a scene of minor chaos.

Scene: Main Engineering, USS Hood

"Sawbones comin through." Corbett said in his thick Texas drawl as he exited
the lift and headed over to the first man he saw lying on the deck, pushing the
hovering crew out of his way as he went.

The man was lying supine his hands were gone, now only stumps. Corbett saw that
there was something covering the man's face and realized it was what remained
of his hands, fused in place by the warp core coolant. Corbett acted immediately
and felt for a pulse. It was weak and thready and the man's respirations were

"Somebody throw me an emergency med-kit and get some thermal blankets over
here now!" He shouted.

Carefully he probed what remained of the severed hands seeing just how adhered
they were to the crewman's face. They would have to stay in place for the
moment until he could stabilize the man and get him into surgery. Thank God the
coolant had cauterized the stumps, or the loss of blood would have killed him,
he thought.

"You!" Corbett shouted to the crewman standing nearest him. "Get over here
and kneel down, I want your knees touching the floor."

The man hesitated a moment not sure why Corbett was shouting at him. "Damn it
man do as I say!" Corbett yelled as he pulled on one of the legs of the
man's coverall forcing him into the position he wanted.
"Put his feet in your lap and keep them there." Corbett said getting the
injured man's legs elevated. "Where's that med-kit!" He shouted again
and someone thrust it into his hands.

Quickly he drew up 2.5mg of Cordrazine and injected the man. The dose was large
enough to stimulate the man's cardiovascular system, but still low enough to
keep him unconscious. Reaching up to the man's neck he immediately felt that
the pulse had gotten stronger though it was irregular.

The man was still in shock and needed immediate surgery, but for the moment
Corbett had stabilized him. "Get those blankets on him and find out where the
hell the trauma team is!" He shouted to no one in particular. He made a note
that he was going to drill them in what rapid response meant when this was over.

Corbett headed over to the next man who was in a sitting position propped
against a large coolant pipe, cradling his hands. Corbett didn't say anything
he just hit the man with 500mgs of Rexlin for the pain. Almost immediately the
man's moaning ceased giving Corbett the chance to look over the burns.

The left hand was charred but intact. The right hand wasn't so lucky. The
thumb and index finger had fused and melted into a useless lump of flesh. The
little finger and right third of the hand were missing; charred bone was all
that remained.

"Am I gonna be OK doc?" The man asked.

"I think it's going to be awhile before you can go fly fishing again."
Corbett said smiling.

"That's ok I don't fish." The man said with a slight giggle. Obviously
the Rexlin had taken effect.

"Doc the trauma team is here." Someone yelled over to him.

Corbett patted the man on the shoulder and went over to the team. "Who's the
doctor on this team?" He demanded.

The four men with stretchers looked at each other until one finally spoke.
"We're all corpsmen sir. We don't have a doctor on the team."

"Well that's gonna change." Corbett said frowning. "That man over
there," he said pointing to the one propped against the coolant pipe.
"He's in mild shock with partial thickness burns to the left hand and full
thickness burns to the right. Get him down to sickbay and have the on call
doctor treat him stat.

Corbett waited for one of the corpsmen to give him a nod and move over to the
injured crewman. "You two with me." He said to the two remaining medics as
he walked back to the supine crewman.

Kneeling he felt again to make sure the man's pulse was still strong. He could
have used the scanner, but trusted his own instincts more. "Let's get him
loaded up. I want to keep him in Trendelenburg's position and I want an
Infusion unit set up with volume expanders before we move." He said then as an
important afterthought added. "Oh and don't touch the hands stuck to his
face. Understand me?"

"Yes sir." One of the corpsmen said drawing his hand back from the
crewman's face.

"Good." Was all Corbett mumbled as he headed to the wall with the Comm unit.
"Engineering to sickbay."

"Sickbay here." A woman answered

"Who am I talking with?" He asked.

"Lieutenant Dawson, the duty nurse. Who are you?" She asked a bit annoyed.

"This is Dr. Corbett, the Chief Surgeon; I'll be down there in five minutes
with a patient who has bilateral above the wrist amputations. I need a surgical
unit and a nurse who knows how to use it, ready when I get there."

"Yes doctor." Dawson said her voice sounding a bit contrite.

"What's his name?" Corbett asked facing away from the comm. unit.

"Tanner." A stone faced Andorian said.

"Also Pull up Chief Tanner's records." Corbett said facing back toward the
comm unit. "I want a unit of cross matched blood put on hold just in case.
Corbett out."

"Let's go" He yelled to the medics and headed for the Turbo lift.


Hope I didn't get too boring with the medical stuff. Dave sorry I couldn't add
you, but the injuries didn't lend themselves to tagging you. I apologize and
will make sure to include you in the future. As for Scott a stone faced Andorian
was meant as a compliment. Andy if you come down to sickbay to check on the crew
and see a button you want to push... Don't.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Apple
Dr. Stile Corbett

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: "Kablooey"

by Lusby, Scott

SD: 2260.160
MD: -6.1427
Setting: Main Engineering, O-Deck, USS HOOD

<<snip- from my last post>>

The Andorian met the First Officer's gaze; both men now wore the mask duty
on their faces, and, as Merrick moved to assist in the care of Tanner and
Pethukov as they waited for the trauma team to arrive, Gar dealt with the
smoldering engineering station, wishing the ventilation systems would work

The damage, however, had been done.

<<end snip>>

It was only the that Gar became aware of a lot more commotion than there was
only a moment ago. "Here, figure out what happened here," he said, handing
a tricorder to the rating standing next to him as he walked back to the
scene of Tanner's accident.

A human man in blue, speaking with a thick accent Th'elenth could not place,
was shouting orders as he looked over Tanner and Pethukov; the man spoke
with the authority of experience and acted decisively, quickly- for which
Gar was grateful.

However, as he contemplated the merits of the new doctor, there seemed to be
a lot more smoke coming from the forward areas of the bay.

"What's going on here?" he hissed under his breath as he trotted towards the
source of the smoke.

He reached the source: three more consoles, each tied to unrelated
subsystems for water purification, food replication and waste treatment, had
eaten themselves, tossing plastic and acrid smoke everywhere. Making
matters worse, a pipeline overhead had been pierced by the exploding
consoles, creating an opaque veil in front of him.

Th'elenth covered his mouth and nose with his hand, and, pushing through the
charcoal haze, began poking at the remnants of the destroyed console nearest

Suddenly, the doors to main engineering opened from nearby, and smoke
billowed through them and into the hallway.

<<snip- from Dave's last post>>

ARr'Rhiana rushed into engineering and coughed as smoke from a broken
pipeline filled the area.

<<end snip>>

Gar pulled himself up as the form became more pronounced- a Denobulan woman,
he was pretty sure, making her the ship's new chief Science Officer by the
looks of her uniform and sleeve striping.

The woman coughed. "Lieutenant Hemux at your disposal, Commander," she
said. "I'm qualified in engineering as well- I can help if you need it."

Gar's antennae pitched forward, and his lips pursed. "I'm afraid I do,
Lieutenant- I'm afraid I do." He paused for a moment as the trauma teams
hustled by with their patients."

"I'll have a report for you later, Commander," the doctor said as he passed
through the doors. "Right now these men need my complete attention."

"I understand, doctor," Gar said as the doors closed.

Hemux watched the stretchers roll by, and, after the doors shut, glanced
back at Th'elenth. "What happened?"

"Unrelated accidents- warp plasma coolant exposure to one, electro-plasma
burns from an exploding console to the other."

The Denobulan glanced at the three still-smoldering console. "You sure
they're unrelated?"

The Andorian 's antennae twitched again. "Pretty sure the warp plasma
coolant injury was an accident- I saw it happen." He paused, bending down
to pick up a piece of splintered plastic from the ground. "As for these
consoles...I'm not sure yet."

Th'elenth paused again, this time to cut off the fractured pipe above,
immediately cutting off the smoke spilling from it.

"But I promise you I damn well WILL find out," he said, the memory of
Tanner's screams, of Pethukov's moans, flooding his brain.

He glanced back at his new shipmate. "Care to join me?"


All- OK...this better ties things together. I hope. And it gets Dave into
the middle of things.

Dave- I'm sure you saw my NRPG note. However, if you have better ideas,
let's run with them. As long, as per Andy's directions, as this is a freaky,
isolated thing and not some grand epic problem we'll need an entire mission
to figure out.

Steve- loved the medical response post. Can't wait to see how the Texan
shores up things down in Sick Bay.

Respectfully Submitted,

-- Scott Lusby
/\ LCDR Gar Th'elenth
Chief Engineering Officer

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: coughing out loud...

by Martens, David

SD: 2260.160
MD: -6.1430

Scene: USS HOOD, Engineering department

<Snip from Scott>

Merrick's booming voice suddenly flooded the ship. [Trauma team to main
engineering. I repeat trauma team to main engineering on the double!] The
Denobulan glanced at the three still-smoldering console. "You sure they're

The Andorian 's antennae twitched again. "Pretty sure the warp plasma coolant
injury was an accident- I saw it happen." He paused, bending down to pick up a
piece of splintered plastic from the ground. "As for these consoles...I'm not
sure yet."

Th'elenth paused again, this time to cut off the fractured pipe above,
immediately cutting off the smoke spilling from it.

"But I promise you I damn well WILL find out," he said, the memory of Tanner's
screams, of Pethukov's moans, flooding his brain. He glanced back at his new
shipmate. "Care to join me?"

<End of Snip>

Hemux nodded and followed Gar, to one of damaged consoles. On her way there
she picked up a dropped toolbox and a tricorder. At the first look the console
where indeed not related; each of them on a different area of the room,
checking in on different systems, plasma conduits, water supply tanks and

Hemux attached a ODN-cable and tried to access the memory - core of the
computer. Lucky for her that was well protected and not damaged at all so she
could do a read out of the data. "Now that is odd." She muttered. The data
from seconds before the console exploded showed a spike in the electricity and a
millisecond powerfailure.

[Sir, we have a problem.] A voice came in over the Comm. Th'elenth twitched his
antennae as he walked to the Comm and hit the button "What is it, ensign?"

[We have several console and computers shutting down or exploding, it seems to
occur in some kind of cascade, but not all systems are damaged, only some.]

Gar grunted and replied "Try to contain that cascade and get repairs team at
work ASAP. I try to figure out what is gong on here. Engineering out."

ARr'Rhiana was checking in on the second console and found the same weird
readings, a spike in the powersystems, a very, very short interruption of power
and then the explosion of the console. She checked the third console and
indeed, the same thing has happened. Hemux corelated the data and suddenly she
smiled, she had something.

"Sir," she said to Gar as she showed him her tricorder with the data. "I have a
pattern, see that spike and power loss? I think that has something to do with
the problems."


just something more on the damage and adding Hemux in.


David Martens

Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: What's a Captain to do?

by Catterick, Andy

SD: 2260.160
MD: -6.1430
Scene: USS HOOD, Engineering department

            Steele tried his best not to get in the way as first the 
doctor and then the trauma team did their work.  The rating looked 
bad but judging from Dr. Corbett’s demeanour it wasn’t life threatening.  
Of course Steele had never met the man but even from a distance he 
seemed to have a calm authority.  Either that or he was a quack and 
didn’t know what he was doing; it wasn’t like the captain would know 
either way at this point.  Fortunately he had received a number of 
solid reviews about the doctor.  Starfleet, while growing dramatically, 
was still a close knit organization.  A friend in personnel had given 
him a quiet heads up as to the list of candidates command had been 
looking at for transfer to HOOD.  

            On the medical section Stile was at the top of the list.  
Jack had called a few of his friends and while not many had worked with 
the doctor just about all had assured him that Corbett had a solid 
reputation as a healer.  For the few who had actually met the man they 
all grinned when Steele had brought up the name.  They too said his 
skills as a doctor were exceptional but added that on a personal level 
he was a character.  No one elaborated any more then that just starting 
to grin again as they ended the call.  A character.  Steele hoped it
 was true.  He had the utmost respect and admiration for his predecessor 
but Captain Sinclair hadn’t been one to tolerate characters among his 
officers.  His ward room had been much more staid then Steele intended 
his to be.  Hopefully Corbett would help lighten the mood.  

            Doctor Corbett and his medics seemed to have stabilized the 
situation enough to move the patients to sickbay.  With one crisis 
seemingly diverted Steele strode over to the  nearest comm.  He jabbed 
the white button. “Bridge.”

            [Bridge. Commander Merrick.  Is everything all right down 
there captain?]  The First Officer had dashed up to the bridge once Steele 
had arrived.  At the time there was no certainty as to what was happening 
so Merrick had taken the prudent course.  Steele wondered if he should 
have been the one to head up to the bridge.  Perhaps lingering around in 
engineering might be seen as a sign he didn’t trust his people when in 
actuality he had come here because he wanted to see first hand.  Wanted 
to be able to help. This commanding officer stuff was still pretty new.

            “It seems to be.  Dr. Corbett and his trauma team have the 
situation in hand.”  He watched as the Chief Engineer and the Science 
Officer examined a bank of consoles.  “I’m going to get a status report 
from Gar, check in at sickbay and then I’ll be up to the bridge.  Steele 

            “How bad is it?” The captain asked without preamble.

            “Bad enough.”  Gar replied with clear frustration.  “We’ve also 
had reports of some sort of minor cascade across the ship.  Lieutenant 
Hemux thinks he may have located a pattern here and I tend to agree with 
him.  But there is still much work to do.”  He said absently while his 
attention focused on some results that flashed onto Hemux’s tricorder.  
“As soon as I have anything definite I’ll let you know sir.”  

            “Fair enough.”  Steele replied knowing when he was dismissed.  
Perhaps Gar wouldn’t have any problems taking command in engineering after 
all he mused as he left engineering and headed for sickbay.


Steve: I might get another one out today/tomorrow with Steele visiting you 
in sickbay.  He’ll want a status report, a chance to meet Stile and will 
be following up on a complaint from a shuttle pilot who thinks you maybe a 
bootlegger (Which Jack will think is absolutely hilarious<G>)

Andy Catterick
CAPT Jack Steele

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Doctors, Nurses and Tequila Oh My

by Apple, Steve

SD: 2260.160
MD: -6.1430

Scene: Sickbay, USS HOOD

The doors to sickbay parted and Corbett rushed in with the Trauma Team. 
"Where's the surgical nurse. I want this man prepped and ready in five 
minutes." He shouted.

"Excuse me Cowboy, but you don't come in here shouting orders." A 
middle-aged woman with Lieutenant Commander stripes on her sleeves 
barked back at him.

"Jimmy you and Frank get him over to the surgical ward and I'll follow 
in a minute." Corbett said to his medics, ignoring the woman.

"You will do no such thing until that patient is properly triaged. I am 
Lt. Commander Rachel Grey, the Chief Nurse and I'm telling you we will 
follow Star Fleet procedure.

"Look darling, I don't care if you are the house mother. This patient 
is heading into surgery immediately." Corbett said his drawl thick and 
menacing. Turning to his medics he yelled "Move now."

"I'm calling security." She yelled at him as she headed to the duty 
stations comm. unit. "Sickbay to security."

"Doctor Corbett he's coming around." One of the medics shouted from the 
other room.

"Damn it. Get an Alpha wave inducer, keep him unconscious and get him 
into the steri-field. I'll be right there." Corbett shouted back.

["Security here."] The voice over the comm. said.

The Chief Nurse hit the com button "Never mind," she said, anger and 
frustration in her voice. Turning back to Corbett she hissed. "We'll 
discuss this later doctor."

"Yes mother I suspect we will." He replied pushing his hat toward the 
back of his head and added. "In the meantime I'm gonna need some 
vascular adhesive and synthetic skin for dermal grafting."

"Yes doctor." She answered. Corbett noticed she put a lot of emphasis on 
the last word. 


Scene: CMO's Office, USS HOOD 

Three hours later


Surgical Report: Patient Tanner

Patient is a 24 y/o human male who presented with bilateral above the 
wrist amputations secondary to warp core coolant exposure. Patient also 
presented with bilateral fusion of all phylangees and the palmar surface 
of both hands to the skin over the frontal aspect of the skull, zygoma 
and mandibular regions, no orbital involvement noted.

Surgical  Procedures.

1. Bilateral resection to 
distal 1/3 of both the radius and ulna were successful. All associated 
vessels and nerves resected and vascular adhesive applied. No vessel 
leakage noted.

2. Removal of phalangeal and palmar remnants successful, with moderate 
facial tissue loss. Dermal grafting accomplished with synthetic tissue 
applied in a split thickness mesh. Pressure dressing applied.

Treatment Course.

Patient is stable and has been placed on analgesics and broad spectrum 
antibiotics post surgery. Cardiovascular functions are within normal 

Patient will be measured and fitted for tritanium skeletal prosthesis 
after which time a grafting procedure, with nerve, vessel and dermal 
regeneration will occur. Given the extent of the patient's injuries I 
expect there to be a loss of fine touch perception of approximately 
15 - 25%, this is within acceptable Star Fleet parameters. Patient 
should be eligible for light duty in four weeks with clearance following 
physical therapy report.

Alternatively patient may be transferred to a Star Base Medical facility 
for this procedure and rehabilitation.

Stile Corbett, MD


Corbett finished the dictation and stretched, the weariness of the day 
finally getting to him. Looking around his office he realized how stark 
it was. The place needed a plant and some artwork on the walls, that was 
for sure.

"Well at least they delivered my trunk." He said to himself as he saw the 
large throwback from another era sitting in the corner of the room. He 
stood to walk over to the trunk when the chime to his office door went 

"Come in" He shouted.

The Chief Nurse entered his office a scowl on her face. "Cowboy I think 
it's time we had that talk."

"Well Mother if you and me are gonna have it out do you mind if I have a 
drink first."

"If you must," she said then added. "I will not be treated with disrespect 
by you or anyone in this department. Do I make myself clear?"

"Ma'am, I am sorry we got off on the wrong foot." Corbett said pulling out 
two small glasses and a bottle of tequila from his trunk and putting them 
on the desk. "But patients come first, egos second. That boy needed 
immediate surgery and didn't need to be stopped at the door to have his 
ticket punched by you."

"I didn't ask for a glass." She said looking down at the second glass he 
had placed on the desk.

"Well I didn't figure you for a bottle swigger, but be my guest." He said 
handing over the uncapped bottle to her.

She gave him a sharp look, but didn't hesitate for a second as she took 
the bottle from him and upended it for a long pull. Gasping a bit she put 
the bottle down. "Damn that's good."

"Ought to be, it's the best Mexico has to offer." He said taking a long 
pull himself. "I do like a woman who knows her tequila."

"I should, I grew up in San Jose." She said taking another pull from the 
bottle then added. "I didn't know you were our new doctor, I just thought 
you were some wack job with a Cowboy hat trying to push his way on through."

"I get that a lot." He said taking another long pull from the bottle. "I'm 
really just a simple country doctor seeing what life is like out among the 

"Don't try and charm me, I'm a bit old for that sort of thing. Besides I 
know all about your record."

"Oh do tell, it seems to grow with each iteration." He said smiling.

"You are egotistical, misogynistic, and a discipline problem." She chided

"Well I can't say you are inaccurate, but you left out impish and whimsical." 
He added taking another pull and passing the bottle back to her.

"I watched you perform surgery today and you were excellent. Though why you 
insist on wearing that damn hat I don't know. I also heard about what you did 
in Engineering, so I have to say I think you belong here."

"So where does that leave us?" He asked.

"Half a bottle down," she said passing it back. "You show me respect and I 
won't phaser you while you're asleep OK."

"I thank you kindly for that." He said smiling. "You know I'm only a problem 
when someone's life or limb is at stake otherwise I just a big ole cowboy hat 
wearing softie."

"Yeah well I think maybe we both were at fault today." She said grudgingly.

"I agree, not because I'm afraid of getting phasered in my sleep mind ya." He 
said winking.

"Well good. I thought you should also know that the other crewman, Pethukov 
is recovering well. Dr. Kavlin said that his right hand is going to need 
major reconstruction and he will probably consult with you tomorrow."

"I figured as much. He'll go through a procedure similar to what I prescribed 
for Tanner. If I can get away with preserving his middle finger and the 
carpal connection to the radius I think that will save him some regeneration 

"I better get moving." She said then reached for the bottle. "Oh what the 
hell, one more for the road."

Corbett watched her take a last drink and head for the door. "Mother, I think 
this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

"Good night Cowboy." She said giggling as she left.

Corbett sat back down glad that he had come to an understanding with his head 
nurse. It was never good to have the nurses against you it was just plain bad 
medicine. Yawning he heard the door chime go off again.

"It's open." He said stifling another yawn.

Corbett watched the door slide open and Captain Steele enter the office. 

"Captain Jack Steele, always an honor to host our commanding officer. Please 
have a seat sar." He said motioning to one of the chairs in front of his 
desk. Corbett realized he still had the half empty bottle of tequila and two 
glasses on the desk. He also saw the that the Captain had noticed too.

"May I pour you a glass sar." Corbett said smoothly not missing a beat as he 
picked up the Tequila bottle. "Where I come from it is unseemly for gentlemen 
to carry on a conversation at this hour without a small libation." 

<Tag Andy>


All I thought it would be easier to tie everything up in a post surgical 
report rather than hours of tedious surgery. I am sorry if the post is 
tedious and boring when it comes to the medical stuff. Also I took the 
approach of a metal skeletal prosthesis that would act as a scaffolding for 
regenerated tissue, vessels and nerves, it seemed like a nice happy medium. 

I also wanted to bring in Mother the head nurse who will have a recurrent role 
in my posts. She's my Christine Chapel.

Andy I set it up for us to talk. Hard to deny being a bootlegger with a bottle 
in front of me. Just remember Corbett keeps a pistol in his boot and like any 
good moonshiner he doesn't cotton to revenuers.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Apple
Dr. Stile Corbett, 

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: The Plot Thickens

by Belin, Daniel

DeSimms walked down the corridor at a fervent pace. Although, technically he 
was still on R&R, he decided to start his own little private investigation. 
He did not see too much activity in the corridors, except the ones leading to 
and from engineering. He smelled a bit of the acrid silicon smoke that he 
hated, and decided it would be a good idea to walk away from the smell. 

He found himself in a deserted corridor. Not that he was surprised, there 
wasn't much in this corridor other than a entrance to a jefferies tube and a 
communications junction. Suddenly, the corridor got a lot more interesting. 
The blast doors closed on either side of him, and the fire suppression system 
went off. The problem as he saw it was, there was no fire, and his uniform was 
being ruined by fire suppressant foam for no reason. He decided that at the 
current time, going into the Jefferies Tube would be a good idea. He began 
climbing the tube until he reached what looked like the auxiliary systems room 
on the ship. He muttered to himself, "If all this business is the product of 
sabotage, I would find evidence here."
He looked around and saw a mess. Whoever had regular duty in here definitely 
did not have a urge to clean. There was a note taped to the chair that said 
that whoever was supposed to be on duty at this point felt a bit peckish and 
went to get a sandwich.

After a good five minutes, he found the ennunciator lights, and looked for an 
indicator of something wrong. Nothing except for a light that indicated that 
the chaos system was on, and what was a chaos system?
He remembered that the chaos system that had something to do with security. 
Yes, something to do with if the ship was taken over, the chaos system would 
make life hell for the intruders. Boards blowing, computer errors, fire systems 
turning on, the whole nine yards. It was easy to turn on, you flicked the 
switch and it was on, but to turn it off you had to manually turn it off using 
some kind of wiring in the belly of the ship. Someone turning it on probably 
pointed to sabotage, that or whoever turned it on was a complete idiot. Still, 
he thought it would be better to talk to whomever was on duty in here. He 
headed back to his quarters to get his AK and a communicator.
A few minutes later, he came back to the door and found it locked. Obviously 
whomever was on duty here got back at some point while he was gone. It took him 
a few minutes to disconnect the door from the physical lock and the motor that 
pulled the door back. Now all that held the door up was a thin track in the 
floor, he backed up, and started to run towards the door with the intention of 
knocking it down. It didn't fall the first time so he backed up again, ready to 
charge a second time. Suddenly, the captain came into the corridor and saw 
DeSimms charging at the door with an Kalashnikov and said, "Who the HELL are 
<tag Andy>
Does not look like my character will be getting too good of a start with the 
With all due respect,

Daniel F. Belin

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: All in a Day's Work

by Catterick, Andy

SD: 2260.160
MD: -6.1800

Scene: Corridor 


<snip from Dan’s post.>


A few minutes later, he came back to the door and found it locked. 
Obviously whoever was on duty here got back at some point while he was gone. 
It took him a few minutes to disconnect the door from the physical lock and 
the motor that pulled the door back. Now all that held the door up was a 
thin track in the floor, he backed up, and started to run towards the door 
with the intention of knocking it down. It didn't fall the first time so he 
backed up again, ready to charge a second time. Suddenly, the captain came 
into the corridor and saw DeSimms charging at the door with an Kalashnikov 
and said, "Who the HELL are you?"


            “Lieutenant John DeSimms, Chief of Security.”  DeSimms answered 
as he spun around at Steele’s approach.  

            “Sorry Lieutenant I didn’t recognize you from behind.”  Steele 
had only met the man for 90 seconds after all.  Still he chided himself for 
not recognizing the security officer.  “Planning on doing a little hunting?”  
He asked pointing at the weapon.

            Quickly DeSimms gave a rundown of his discovery and his 
suspicions.  Steele rubbed his jaw and surveyed the carnage.  “We’re pretty 
sure we have the issue localized however I think you’re right we need to 
take a look.  Let me give you a hand.”  Reluctantly DeSimms put the ancient 
weapon down and joined the captain at the door.  “Oh and by the way, I’ll 
let you tell our engineer why his teams need to fix these doors.  Ready?  

            It took a few seconds but the two men were able to pry the 
doors far enough apart that they could enter.  Steele started to go in 
first but DeSimms made a point of pushing ahead and making sure the way 
was clear of any lurking attackers.  What they found startled both men.

            “You’ve got to be kidding me.”  Steele growled.  “Campbell!  
On your feet!”

            Lieutenant Junior Grade Cory Campbell who had been 
comfortably leaning back in his chair, feet dangling across his desk in 
blissful slumber first tumbled to the ground and then bolted upright in 
complete confusion.  “Commander…um Captain Steele sir.  How can I help 
the captain?”

            Jack visibly restrained himself and DeSimms thought the 
captain might be counting to 10 in his head.  “You can help me Mr. 
Campbell by explaining yourself.  Starting with why the captain and 
chief of security had to break into Auxiliary Control.”

            “Well you see sir I had the aux watch and as we are in 
orbit of the starbase, well nothing is going on here and I’ve been 
working on those computer upgrades you had mentioned.  You know changing 
the voice, enhancing the personality etc.  Well sir I didn’t want to 
have someone coming in and muck around with it while the computer was 
crunching the numbers so I locked the door.”  Campbell finished as if 
that was the end of it.

            “Locked the door?  The damn blast doors were secured and 
the override wasn’t accepted.”

            “Well of course sir.  Last time I locked the door, I had to 
make a quick run to the wardroom for a sandwich, well someone actually 
got in.”  He replied indignantly.  “They didn’t touch any of the 
computers but you can’t be too careful.”

            “I see.”  Steele replied and DeSimms shot him a look as if 
to say You see?  Are *you* kidding me.

            “And the little matter of you sleeping while on duty and 
cutting off a vital section of the ship what ever your reasoning’s?”

            Campbell finally started to look somewhat uncomfortable.  

“Yes well, sorry about that sir.  Its just I’ve been working on this 
stuff non-stop for three days now.  The latest computations were going 
to take 45 minutes to run and I know its wrong but I thought I’d take a 
quick nap while I waited.  I was getting a bit punchy and I set the 
board to alert me if anything came up.”

            “Accept for someone trying to get in.”  DeSimms growled.

            “True.  Sorry about that.  I guess I am just a bit more 
punchy then I thought I was.”

            “Lieutenant,  here is what’s going to happen from here.  
You are going to first send all the information about what you have been 
doing to the Chief Engineer.  It may tie into the problems that have 
been occurring all over the ship.  Next you are going to clean this 
place up and get someone to relieve you.  Once relieved you will confine 
your self to quarters until I can come up with a suitable punishment for 
you.  And assuming you still remain as a member of this crew you will 
not continue with any further upgrades until you get approval from 
Commanders Merrick and Th'elenth.  Is that clear Mister?”

            “Yes sir.  Very clear sir.”


            “Good.”  Steele spun around and stalked out into the 
corridor with DeSimms close behind.  He noticed the look on the 
CSO’s face. “Out with it lieutenant.”


            “With respect sir.”   He paused until Steele nodded.  
“Captain what the hell was that?”


            Steele actually chuckled.  “That lieutenant was Cory 
Campbell.  And as to what he is I don’t know if I could actually 
explain in one sitting.”


            “How about starting with how he is on a starship?  Sir.”


            “Two reasons.”  Steele answered as they began to walk 
along the corridor.  “The first is politics.  I don’t have all the 
fleet gossip but the gist of it is that his mother is a very old 
friend of someone in the President’s office, rumour has it that it 
is the president himself.  So for the most part he is hands off.  

            "You noticed his age.  He’s pushing 40 and has been in 
the fleet since his early 20’s.  A bit old for a jay gee wouldn’t you 
say?  He’s made lieutentant 5 times and been reduced in rank each time.  
Generally for transgressions such as this.”  It was at that point that 
he decided that Campbell’s punishment would begin with being busted 
back down to ensign.  

            “The second reason is the man’s a genius.  He has a way 
with computers like no one else.  Really he should be at a research 
institute or back at command but for some reason he loves ship board 
duty.  Two of his promotions and several commendations came about 
because of his quick thinking and ingenuity when he was the only one 
able to save his ship.  Anyway he usually stays on a ship for a couple 
of years before his CO is finally able to transfer him off.  In the 
last 6 months Captain Sinclair had tried to get rid of twice but got a 
big red denied stamped across his paperwork.  And that in a very small 
nutshell is soon to be Ensign Cory Campbell.”

            “I see.”  DeSimms finally said.  

            “Now how about you?”  He pointed to the ancient rifle 
slung over the man’s shoulder.  “You’re not one of those history buffs 
who wants to live in the past.  I don’t seem to recall antique firearms 
as part of the official load out for security officers.”

            DeSimms grinned.  “Well history buff to a degree.  I like 
to collect ancient weaponry.  I have quite a collection.”  

            “Really?  I’d be interested in seeing that.’  Steele 
replied noting John’s enthusiasm about the subject.

            “I don’t officially take over my duties until oh seven hundred 
tomorrow so I haven’t had a chance to visit the armoury and sign out a 
personal phaser.  When all the commotion broke out I decided to bring 
along a weapon just in case.  Although given the age it may have been more 
a club then a gun.  Mr. Campell is lucky.  If I’d had to break it over his 
head I’d be severely annoyed.  It took me awhile to find this baby.”

             Steele actually laughed at the brief daydream of DeSimm’s 
beating Mr. Campbell.  “Not quite the special forces is it?”

            “I didn’t expect it to be.”  DeSimms answered.  “But its 
certainly been interesting so far.


            “It is that.”  Both came to a stop as they reached the 
turbolift.  “Well Mr. DeSimms I have a meeting to attend and I should let 
you get back to your unpacking.  Don’t worry it may take awhile but you’ll 
get used to us.”  With a wave he stepped into the lift.

             *****             *****              *****

<snip from Steve’s post>

"It's open." He said stifling another yawn.

Corbett watched the door slide open and Captain Steele enter the office. 

"Captain Jack Steele, always an honor to host our commanding officer. 
Please have a seat sar." He said motioning to one of the chairs in front 
of his desk. Corbett realized he still had the half empty bottle of tequila 
and two glasses on the desk. He also saw the that the Captain had noticed 

"May I pour you a glass sar." Corbett said smoothly not missing a beat as he 
picked up the Tequila bottle. "Where I come from it is unseemly for gentlemen 
to carry on a conversation at this hour without a small libation." 


            “Well I guess that answers my boot legging question.”  Steele 
said as he dropped into the chair across from Stile.  He nodded to the doctor 
who had the bottle poised over Jack’s glass.

            “Bootlegging captain?”  

            “Yes apparently a junior shuttle pilot diligently doing his duty 
reported that you may have transported either dangerous substances or 
contraband aboard my ship.”  He picked up the glass and downed it before 
gesturing to the bottle.  “I take it this is part of the evidence.”

            “That it is.”  The doctor confirmed as he refilled the glasses.  
“But I do keep it for medicinal purposes only. And you sir look like you 
need a little doctorin’.”

            “It has been a day that is for sure.  How are the men?”

            “Not good.  But they will be.  You can count on that.  May take 
awhile especially for young Mr. Tanner but he will be back at it in four to 
six weeks.”

            Steele nodded.  That was good news indeed and he could feel a lot 
of the stress bleeding out of him.  “Do we need to transfer him to a starbase 
medical facility?”

            Stile shook his head.  “Don’t need too.  It looks bad, hell it is 
bad.  But the healing and the prosthetics are pretty straight forward.  I can 
handle it here no sweat.”

            “If we leave him on base he’ll likely get poached by some other 
ship.  That is a good news.”  He raised his glass in salute before gulping it 

            “I aim to please.”

            “Well with that out of the way.  I officially have to investigate 
the complaint against you.  But judging from that bottle I don’t think it will 
take us too long to get rid of the evidence.”


Cory Campbell may or may not be a reoccurring NPC for us to play around 
with…if any one is interested. ;-)

And a stern reminder to all of you <G>  Please include [ORIGINS] in your 
subject line and please make sure you send your post to the HOOD list *and* 
the ASR list  We don’t want to deprive them of 
our adventures and more to the point we want to everyone to see how good we 
are so people will be demanding to get aboard.  Still have two empty spots to 

Also, quick questions.  We’ll be starting the mission this week.  It will 
take a couple of ship board days to get from the Starbase to our destination.  
Do you want to have some time to work on CD or do you want me to set it up 
that we start having arrived.  I’m easy so let me know if you prefer either.

Andy Catterick
CAPT Jack Steele

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Bootleggers Revenge

by Apple, Steve

SD: 2260.160
MD: -6.1800

Scene: CMO's Office, USS Hood

</Snip from Captain Steele's All in a Day's Work>

"I officially have to investigate the complaint against you.  But judging 
from that bottle I don't think it will take us too long to get rid of the 
evidence." Steele said smiling.


"I wouldn't worry about it too much." Corbett said pouring them both 
another glass.

Steele gave the doctor a quizzical look as he sipped his third glass. 
"And why is that?"

"I have a feeling Mr. Maxwell's complaint will be met with a great deal of 
skepticism. I noticed he wasn't looking very well during our landing 
approach." Corbett said smiling. "In fact he seemed quite shaky."

"Not because you did anything to him, correct doctor?" Steele asked.

 "Sar I'm a man of medicine anything I do is strictly in the interest of 
public health." Corbett said flashing another toothy grin as he sipped 
from his own glass. "I took the liberty of contacting one of the Flight 
Surgeons at Starbase 27, an old Med-Academy roommate of mine, which is 
neither here nor there. Anyway I just happened to mention that Mr. Maxwell 
appeared to have what seemed to me a case of Andronesian Encephalitis.  
Well wouldn't you know it he agreed with me and has quarantined our young 

Corbett saw the Captains face and put up a hand. "Oh don't worry I had the 
Science Department do a sensor sweep of the ship and she's clean. It's 
logged in my official medical report. As for Mr. Maxwell he'll be fine. 
The illness is quite harmless and very treatable, but it does lend itself 
to delusions and hallucinations. Unfortunate, but anything the man has 
seen and done over the last 72 hours is definitely questionable."

Steele tried not to smile at his new doctor. The man was as they had said 
very much a character. "Ah huh, well from my end I don't see any evidence 
that his allegations were true." Steele said pouring off the rest of the 
bottle into their glasses. 

"I never had a doubt sar. Good tequila never lasts very long." Corbett 
said raising his glass. 

"No it never does." Steele agreed.

"On another note I am concerned about what happened today. There was no 
excuse for it." Corbett said his voice tinged with anger

"It was an accident." The Captain said not sure where this was going. "In 
fact Gar is trying to get to the bottom of it as we speak."

"I wasn't talking about the accident, no one could have foresee such a 
thing happening. I'm talking about the trauma team. My medics are good 
men, but their response time today was unacceptable."

"I won't second guess you doctor, but it seemed to me they got to 
Engineering just a minute or two after we did."

"As far as an emergency is concerned they were late. I don't ever want to 
see treatment delayed to any patient on this ship."

"I take it you're going somewhere with this?" Steele asked.

"Yes I am. I've looked over the ship's crew roster and I found that a few 
departments have personnel who have qualified as medics. The trouble is 
they're not in key departments. I want to cross train personnel from 
Engineering, Auxiliary Control, and the Bridge as medics. I want someone 
around who can render aid until me, or one of my team gets there. It 
could be the difference between life and death for the crew and the ship."

"I agree that it would be useful to have a medic in those departments, go 
ahead and start your cross training program as long as it doesn't 
interfere with their primary duties.

"That's fair. One other thing before you head out Captain. How much combat 
do you think this ship will see?" 

"I don't really know. It would be nice to think we will be on peaceful 
missions of exploration, but we both know that may not always be the 
case." Steele said then chiding him. "Why doctor don't tell me you're 
afraid of a little phaser fire."

"Pasers, no."  Corbett said shaking his head. "Transporters now that's a 
different story entirely."

"So why the combat question?" Steele asked

"After my teams performance today I want to make sure my department and 
every department on this ship knows what to do in a mass casualty 
situation. I'd like to run a mass casualty drill and usurp some cargo 
bay space as a mock triage and holding area."

"Again that's a reasonable request, one we should implement as soon as 
possible. I'll let the senior staff know I'm in agreement. However, the 
department heads may have some questions for you." Steele replied.

"I welcome the exchange sar. I never want anyone to say I wasn't 
thinking about the crew and fell down medically."

"Quite the contrary doctor," Steele said pushing his chair back and 
standing. "Medically I've heard you're one of the best and given what 
I've seen I have to agree with them; however ethically…"

"Yes, yes I know." Corbett said interrupting him. "My moral character 
flaws could be used as a template for the most ruthless of badly behaved 

"So you know the rumors." Steele said smiling and headed for the door.
"Night doctor and it's good to have you aboard."

"Thank you Captain." Corbett said as the door to his office closed then 
added to himself. "I just hope neither of us regrets it."

Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Apple
Stile Corbett, MD
MED, USS Hood NCC-1703

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Cory Cory Cory

by Mansur, Brian

Scene: Junior Officer's Quarters, USS HOOD
SD 2260.168

Merrick clenched his fist until his nails dug into his palms. He so much wanted
to strangle Cory Campbell that he was seriously doubting the wisdom of dealing
with the man just now. The man was practically untouchable and Merrick darn
well knew it. Punishing Cory too severely might end both Steele's *and*
Merrick's careers.

But as the First Officer, it was Merrick's job to deal with delinquent junior
officers like Campbell. Besides which, Campbell had served under Merrick when
he had been Chief Engineer. This would not be their first unpleasant

The new(est) Chief Engineer, Gar Th'elenth, had offered to be present. Full
Andorian intimidation mode could be an effective behavioral modifier. Merrick
had politely declined the help. He knew Gar would have plenty of chances to
lean on Cory in the future. For something this volatile, Merrick thought it
best for the HOOD that they expose the fewest number to a politcally unsavory

And at the end of the day, Merrick sighed inwardly, Cory was not a bad person. 
He was just a 40 year old, self-absorbed child with a fair genius for computer
engineering systems. Now, that child had to get time out and a lecture.

After announcing himself, Merrick solomly tread into the newly demoted ensign's
quarters. They were "regulation" cluttered as befitting the unspoken standard
of living conditions among engineers. Cory, having a presence of mind for once,
had actually come to attention.

Merrick shook his head in utter frustration. He stared at Cory for long
moments. He saw in him a big kid who knew he was in trouble and was ego
stroking his parents in hopes of receiving the least inconvenient punishment
possible. Merrick wondered: did he care about the man his carelessness had
injured? Was there a twinge of conscience deep down. Of empathy? Of real
regret? Would Merrick be wasting his time if he even asked?

Merrick decided to get to the point. "We really can't have you screwing up
anymore Campbell. You pull stunts like yesterday again and quite simply your
teflon status won't matter anymore. You have a new supervisor. In case you
haven't met him, he's an Andorian. You do know what that means right?

A semblance of understanding played across Cory's face.

"Why in the world do you even want to be out here Cory? Since you came abord,
you've royally mess things up as much as you've helped."

Something in Cory seemed to break.

"Commander," he stammered. "I'd like to think I'm here for the same reasons
everyone else is."


"Well, what better place is there to be? Where else is the great adventure?"

Merrick felt a sting of pain and, to his surpise, a stab of jealousy.

"You selfish idiot! Is that why the doc has to patch up my people? Because
Cory wants an adventure? People die out here You almost killed one of them
yesterday. It isn't fun cleaning up after you Cory. You got that?!"

"Yes sir," he said meekly. "I .. I want to help."

"Then get in line. Get out of line again and I swear to you that you'll spend
the reset of your tour in the brig. I'll do whatever it takes to keep my people
safe from you. As it is you're confined until the Captain feels like letting
you run loose again."

NRPG: Just wrapping up the loose ends of the engineering accident.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian V. Mansur
LCDR Sean Merrick

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: There Will Be Blood

by Mansur, Brian

Scene: Klingon Ship Yards, Jutoige System.
SD 2260.168

Klingon Commodore Koreth took a minute to appreciate the magnificent view
outside his shore office's window. He beheld the empire's newest B-10
Dreadnaught, the BLOOD OATH. Its gleaming greenish grey hull shown brilliantly
in the worklights of drydock and the sight swelled his heart with pride.

All around the B10 were signs of feverish activity. He watched flickering
welding arcs across the dorsal port nacelle: extra armor plating being applied. 
Shuttles and cargo pods glided gracefully to and from loading bays. Warriors
and technicians could be seen moving across the airlock bridge.

He checked his chrono. The BLOOD OATH would be fully provisioned for her first
mission in less than forty hours.

Wholly satisfied with his view, Koreth didn't even bother to turn when his aide,
Captain Par'rick, entered the office.

"My lord," Par'rick began, "Word came just a few minutes ago. The High
Chancellor has given us the order to launch."

Koreth allowed the side of his mouth to creep upward. He gripped at the hilt of
his d'k tahg in anticipation. "Are the Federation forces sending what we had
hoped for?"

"According to Intelligence, we can expect one of their newest battlecruisers to
be in the area sometime in the next few months."

Now Koreth was smiling. The promise of battle called out to his blood. "Do we
have the name of the ship yet?"

"Not as yet. We may not get the name until after the operation has begun."

Koreth was in too good a mood now, so he merely shrugged. "A minor ingredient.
The dish will hardly be lacking for it."

"As you say, my lord," Captain Par'rick hadn't seen his commander this abulient
since, well, since the NARANDA incident.

"What of the supply tugs," Koreth waved at the flotilla of box-like vessels
several bays down from the B10. "Will they be ready in time?"

Captain Par'rick wanted to laugh. "The new support commander is living up to his
reputation. I hear he actually skinned a dock loader this morning. The pelt is
still hanging in the muster deck.

Koreth snarled approvingly, "Then we will rely on the logistics train to leave
with us on schedule for a change." Turning now to his subordinate, Koreth
remarked, "New blood. New motivation."

"Indeed, my lord."

Koreth walked up to Par'rick and clasped his shoulder. "You see my old friend,
our humiliation at Nero's hand is serving a better purpose just as I said." He
let go and moved to his desk. On it lay a piece of his old warbird, the
Mar'i'kep, which he had lost to Nero. He fingered it affectionately. Through it
called the voices of a hundred warriors. In his mind, they shouted,
"Redemption!" After such a crushing defeat, only great deeds could win back the
honor they had lost. This mission would be the first step toward rebuilding that

"Let me know when the provisioning is completed and I'll make my inspection,"
Koreth said, snapping out of his reverie.

Par'rick took note of his dismissal, saluted with a sharp "Qapla' joHwI!" and
exited the Commodore's office. Koreth returned to his battle plans.

It would not be long before the Klingons Empire would be ready for its war of

Ironically, that pa-TAK Nero had made it all possible. Power often made one
foolish. It had certainly made the mightiest of fools out of the Klingon High
Council. They had been the ones to blindly send the bulk of their fleet against
Nero. Instead of testing their enemy first for weaknesses, everyone from the
chancellor to the council to the fleet commodore had agreed to simply throw
everything they could at the brazen intruder.

That day they had learned the value of probing their enemy first. But the lesson
had cost the Klingon Empire far too much. For their ignominious failure, much of
the council had been swiftly put to death in an unrelenting string of Succession
Challenges that lasted two days. Klingon honor demanded no less to remedy their
shame. After all, a mighty Klingon armada had been defeated by just one single

Thank Kah'less that the new Chancellor was an able warrior: bold but shrewd. At
his direction, Koreth would lure one of the Federation's best ships into battle
along the deep space frontier. It would serve as an effective test of both
sides' newest starship designs, tactics, and training.

Koreth almost envied his Federation prey. Their valiant deaths would be fit for
a Klingon. But he did not expect them to appreciate the glorious defeat he would
give them.

NRPG: A mission brief will be forthcoming in the next day or two. Basically, we
are being tasked to find out why some deep range colonies are silent. Time to
go forth and do great deeds!

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian V. Mansur
LCDR Sean Merrick

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: "Cleanup in Aisle Everywhere"

by Lusby, Scott

SD: 2260.168
MD: -5.1314

Setting: Main engineering, O-Deck, USS HOOD

Lieutenant Commander Gar Th'elenth was in a decidedly POOR mood. And, as he
rubbed his pale-blue head, it was not getting any better.

So far, in his first few days as the Chief of Engineering, he's had two crew
injured- one serious enough to put him out of commission for several weeks-
and cascading failures of terminals, EPS taps and junctions all over the

Surely the gods must be testing him...

A few good things came out of everything, however: first and most
importantly, they learned that they had a top-notch doctor amongst them.
Which, on a starship, was good to know.

Secondly, Gar continued to muse, the cascading failure of systems and taps
ended up being a simple explanation: Cory Campbell.

Th'elenth had wanted to tear the sorry excuse for an officer apart for
accidentally activating the ship's 'chaos system'- no small feat seeing as
how the button to activate the system was under one of those ubiquitous
clear plastic shields. True, not the most fool-proof of systems, but still
not easy to accidentally set off.

Of course, now he would make certain the system could not be set off by
accident again- especially if Cory Campbell was going to continue to be
working in the same area.

He glanced down at the tablet in front of him: the repair schedule, and it
was full. The DamCon teams were not very happy at all, but Gar managed to
turn the whole matter into a combat exercise, so at least there was
something productive there as well: his teams would be well-drilled in
combat damage control procedures...

At that moment, Th'elenth's stomach growled. Without a second thought, he
dropped the tablet onto his desk, and lifted himself from his chair. He
walked out of his office, and called to his assistant. "I'm at lunch- don't
bother me unless the ship's about to explode."

As he walked through the doors of engineering and into the corridor, there
was a part of him that thought that that exact occurrence might just happen.


MD: -5.1326
Setting: Officer's Mess, D-Deck, USS HOOD

Gar walked through the doors and into the mess hall, hoping that perhaps a
nice bite to eat would improve his disposition.

He ordered his food; when it came out, he brought the plate up to his nose,
and inhaled deeply, grinning.

"And what are you grinning at today, Gar?" ARr'Rhiana Hemux asked, mimicking
his won grin.

"I acquired a taste for le-matya chops several years ago," he said. "Can't
get'em any more, but fortunately the food replicators have them in their
program." He paused, shrugging. "Not quite the same as the real thing, you
understand, but an acceptable alternative- especially after the couple of
days we've had."

Hemux nodded. "I hear that," she said as she ordered her lunch.

The two of them sat at an empty table and, in between morsels of meat,
vegetables and starches, had an interesting conversation about nothing in

By the time lunch was over, Gar was in a decidedly better mood.

<Dave? Care to add anything? Specifics of the conversation? Warp
theories? :) >


All- Just getting something short out before we get into our mission. :)

Respectfully submitted,

-- Scott Lusby
/\ LCDR Gar Th'elenth
Chief Engineer

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: You're a Big Hero!

by Cajiuat, Eric

SD 2260.169

"I'm telling you, it WASN'T me!"  Chance Ventura pounded on his cell wall 
in frustration, "You've got the wrong guy!"

"Sure, sure," the burly security officer on duty (whom Chance learned 
earlier was named Nek, probably for the massive column of flesh that 
supported his bald head) didn't even look up from his PADD as he sipped a 
cold cup of coffee.  "It was someone ELSE who started the fight in the 
bar... he just looked a lot like you."

Chance ran his fingers through his hair angrily.  "Well, no, that was me, 
but the other guy was hassling some girl."

The security officer didn't even look up.  "You're a big hero."

"You are SO messing with Starfleet protocol here, sir!"  Chance tried one 
more time, "I'm the new helmsman for the Hood and YOU'RE going to be the 
one explaining to the Captain why we're still sitting in spacedock instead 
of being enroute to our next mission.  Besides, I'm under his authority in 
these matters, not yours!"

That actually provoked a response.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a good one.

"Oh really?"  Nek slipped his booted feet off his desk and spun in his 
chair to face Chance for the first time.  "How much time do you need for 
me to explain to you exactly how little Starfleet protocol means to mean?  
It didn't stop me from getting kicked out of the Academy, and it's not 
going to help you out here.  Not one bit.  So sit down, relax and if you 
know what's good for you, shut up and we'll talk in the morning."


Eric Cajiuat 
Ensign Chance Ventura

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: And So It Begins

by Catterick, Andy

SD: 2260.170.20:30
MD: 0.07:00

Scene: Admiral Palmer’s Briefing Room

“Have a seat gentlemen.”  Plamer said without preamble as Steele and 
Merrick entered her briefing room.  “Captain what is HOOD’s status?”

“We’re ready to depart at the conclusion of this meeting admiral.”

“Good.  You’ll need to.”  She turned her attention to her computer 
terminal and entered a few commands before swiveling in her chair to 
regard the wall monitor that had just come to life.  The top half 
showed a large expanse in red below a similar one shaded in blue.  
A white line meandered across the screen dividing them roughly in half 
denoting the neutral zone between the two polities.  “This is Outpost 
five, six and seven.  Over the past three weeks each of them has 
dropped off the grid.  Five and six just went silent.  We got this 
from seven.”  

The view changed to a still shot of what was obviously an outpost 
control room.  The room was full of smoke and at least two fires were 
raging in the scattered debris in the background.  Several officers 
were slumped over controls one with a large piece of a support strut 
impaled through his back.  Steele’s first thought was, ‘that’s Tom 
Robertson’.  They had been friends in the Academy and had occasionally 
bumped into each other over the years.  He has heard Tom had been 
promoted to command of an outpost but he didn’t know it was out on the 
Neutral Zone.  That was a prestigious posting, and a dangerous one.  

The video began.  “….repeat we our under attacker by unknown vessel or 
vessels.  Re….immediate assistance.  Came out of nowh…irst sign was 
subspace jam...  sensors picked up large vessel but am unable to 
ascertain class or origin.”  The room bucked after taking another hit 
and someone off camera began to scream.  “Command we need…”  The screen 
went dark and Steele knew he had just watched his friend Tom die.


“A probe.”  Steele answered. “Testing out defences.  Possibly clearing 
a path for an incursion.”  Steele pointedly did not use the word 
invasion.  “Or maybe provoking us, seeing what our response will be.”

“You think the Klingons want to tangle with a CONSITUTION?  See if they 
are up to all the hype?”  Merrick asked.

Steele nodded.  “Makes sense. Better to find out at a time of their 
choosing rather then one beneficial to us.”

“That’s is Commands conclusions as well.  And while the general 
consensus is that our attackers are Klingons there is no evidence 
whatsoever that it is, other then the proximity to their space.”

“So they’ve wiped out three outposts to bait us.  Isn’t that an act of 
war.”  Merrick asked.

“It is.”  Palmer agreed.  “If it was sanctioned by the Klingon government.”

Steele nodded.  “So if we go out there and they are able to take us out.  
No one knows anything and if we managed to identify them as Klingons and 
send them packing?”

“Exactly.  The Klingon government denies any official knowledge of the 
incursion and puts it down to an overzealous Klingon commander acting on 
his own.”

“And the Federation isn’t going to push?  Anyone can see though that smoke 

“The Federation is not looking to start a war with the Klingons at this 
time.  HOOD is the only starship in the area.  I’ve dispatched the 
destroyers CUMBERLAND and DIEPPE to assist but they are several days behind.  
Given the nature of the threat we can’t seem to be hesitating.  We need to 
respond quickly and decisively.  Your mission is to go out there ascertain 
the situation and make sure that whoever it is that has launched these 
attacks understands that we aren’t planning on allowing them through the 
door.  Clear?”

“Yes sir.”  Steele answered.

“Good hunting gentlemen.”

*****                          *****                          *****

Scene: Main Corridor, Starbase 27.

            Jack flipped open his communicator.  “Steele to HOOD.”

            [HOOD here. Commander Th'elenth.]

            “Commander, Mr. Merrick and I are on our way back to the ship.  
As soon as we come aboard I want HOOD to break orbit.  Set course for the 
neutral zone warp factor five.”

            [Understood captain.]

            “Thank you Gar.  Steele out.”  He flipped the communicator 
closed and attached it to his waist belt.  “So what do you think?”

            “I think that I was expecting our first mission to be a milk run 
and as much as I was dreading that being true I’m suddenly missing it.  
This has got nasty trap written all over it.”

            “It does.” Steele agreed.  “I just hope we arrive before 
Outpost 8 goes down.”

            “At least they have much better defences then the other three.”  
Outposts 5, 6 and 7 had been dug into large stationary asteroids.  
Outpost 8 was actually on a planet and was a fairly large facility and acted 
as the headquarters for this section of the Neutral Zoan early warning grid.  
They had little in the way of weapons but their defensive shielding was 
surprisingly strong.  They wouldn’t be able to hold off an attacker firing 
from orbit forever.  But they could hold out much longer then their smaller 
sisters.  Jack just hoped it would be long enough.


And so it begins.

From here we will journey out towards Outpost 7 with the goal of finding any 
evidence as to who the attacker is and where they are.  As we get closer we’ll 
get an alert form Outpost 8 that they are under attack.  As we arrive we’ll 
see a Klingon cruiser warping out of the system.  HOOD will stop in orbit long 
enough to drop down a support team containing, engineers, medics and a large 
security contingent. (perhaps the Klingons beamed down some of their troopers)  
From their HOOD will chase the cruiser.  

If you have a preference of where you want your character to be let me know.  
(I’m sure you can field a NPC or two so you can write for both submissions is 
you so desire.)

Now who will command the Landing Party in this TOS era mission?  ;-)

CDR Jack Steele
Acting CO 


by Mansur, Brian

SD 2260.175

Scene: Conference Room, USS HOOD

"Captain on the deck!"

As one, the HOOD's senior staff jumped to their feet. Inwardly, Steele felt a
twinge of awe at the responsibility this simple act represented. It brought a
sense of "Oh crap, I really have to make this work or people die and the're
looking to me for direction." In that sobering light, the glory attached to
Captain's rank didn't seem all that important as it once did when he'd been a
junior officer.

Forcing doubt out of his mind, Steele went straight to his chair.

"Have a seat everyone. This will be quick."

He made a brief measuring survey of the faces at the table. Everyone seemed to
understand something serious was going down. He didn't disappoint them.

"Outposts 5, 6, and 7 along the farthest end of the Klingon Neutral Zone just
went silent. All within the last 48 hours." He heard a tiny gasp from
AR'Rhiana Hemux and Powers. Half of room traded astonished glances. Steele
raised his voice in urgency. "We have confirmation that Outpost 7 was attacked
by an unknown vessel. No word as yet on numbers 5 and 6 but we are assuming the
same happened there."

"Damn Klingons," DeSimms muttered. The comment drew murmurs of agreement.

"Probably," Steele concurred. "We're going to conduct search and rescue
beginning at Outpost 7. It's first on the road to Outpost 8 which is hollering
for some company. At each post along the way, LT ARr'Rahiana will scan for
evidence of whomever did this."

Steele took a breath.

"We're not at war yet, but we could very well be soon. Expect a fight. So,
while we're en route, I want all departments participating in the mass cal and
boarding party action drills Doc Corbett, DeSimms, and Merrick will be running. 

NRPG: Everyone feel free to jump in on the fun with the drills. Post on that
will be forthcoming later today.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian V. Mansur
LCDR Sean Merrick

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Big Damn Drill - Red vs Gold! - JP

by Belin, Daniel; Apple, Steve; Mansur, Brian

SD 2260.174

[ 24 Hours Before Mission Briefing in [ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Saddle Up! ]

Scene: Brig, USS HOOD

The door tone rang and DeSimms looked up from a pile of paperwork. Who the hell
needed him now, he wondered.

His first visitor that day had been a lovely young woman who turned out to be
his SECXO. His second, however, had been engineering's Now-Ensign Campbell. 
That piece of work left him feeling less than hospitable. Still, he reflected,
the record on pretty things walking through his door did stand at 1 for 2. Not
too awful bad. So he pressed the ENTER button.

The man standing in the door wore a medical division uniform. His old-style
'cowboy' hat lent a air of boldness to his eyes. DeSimms assumed this was the
new medical officer, Dr. Stile Corbett. Swallowing his mild disappointment at
the doc not being a beautiful woman, he welcomed him in.

"What can I do for you, Doctor?"

"Lieutenant DeSimms, I prasume," Corbett drawled.

"That would be me."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance," the Doctor said with a hardy handshake. 
Then he frowned and adjusted his hat. "I need your help with a matter of some
grave importance. After that mishap in engineering, I noticed that this ship is
a bit behind on its disaster response." Corbett suddenly noticed something over
DeSimms' shoulder.

"Is that a Colt Python on the wall back there?" he asked in awe.

"Why yes it is." DeSimms was tickled. He'd met precious few in Starfleet who
could appreciate a fine antique weapon. And the last person he'd expected to
notice his Python was a physician. He beamed. "It's the pride of my
collection. Matter of fact," he added with chagrin, "it is the only one that
works exactly as it's supposed to."

Corbett put his left boot on the chair next to him. The Security Chief raised
an eyebrow. "You might like this," Corbett said, pulling up his trouser leg
and slipping his revolver from its ankle holster. Gingerly, he handed it to
DeSimms. "This sar is a .38 Colt Cobra. It has been the backup gun for every
Texas Ranger named Corbett for the last 300 years. My daddy passed it to me just
before he died."

DeSimms took up the revolver almost reverently. "Very nice indeed doctor."

"Thank you sar. It is one of my prized pieces. More for sentimental reasons
than anything else, of course. Though I have to say the trigger action is very
smooth. It's nice to see someone else aboard who enjoys vintage firearms."

DeSimms handed back the Colt. Returning to business, he said, "So tell me,
where you want to go with these drills? If we are going to do full scale
emergency drills, we should also do heavy combat and security alert scenarios as

"I agree," the doctor said. "The drill needs to be shipwide. The crew needs
to know what to do with the wounded in heavy combat.

"My plan is to set up mock triage and emergency surgical areas in cargo bays 4
through 6. From there, critical patients will be transferred to main sickbay for
further surgical and medical treatment. I will have 6 trauma teams dispatched to
critical areas of the ship to deliver immediate care and transport those
patients to the cargo bays. I wanted to cover some of the logistics with you. 
With security drills added to the mix, we should get our people aware of each
other's deployment plans so that they aren't running over each other."

"I like it," DeSimms said. He moved over to his Colt Python and pulled it down
for Corbett to have a closer look. "Come to think of it, I wonder what the FO
would think about NAV and HELM playing our adversaries."

They both smiled wolfishly.

[ 6 hours AFTER the Mission Briefing in [ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Saddle Up! ]

Scene: Bridge, USS HOOD

Merrick eased himself into the captain's chair and played a finger over the
shipwide mic switch. The salutory "whooowuu" sounded through every deck and
cabin of the HOOD.

"Attention all hands," his voice echoed. He spared a quick wink at the doctor
standing by his side. The fun was about to begin. "This is the First Officer. 
This is an exercise. General Quarters!"

Klaxons immediately blared and the bridge lights switched to crimson filters.

He went up to the helm station, tapped a sequence, then gripped the edge of the
station. The ship shuddered briefly.

The navigator on duty piped up. "Shields down, Commander. Damage to decks C,
D, J, and M."

"Dispatch damage control teams," he ordered. Presently, he slid back into his
chair and slapped a switch. "Merrick to transporter room. Ready with the first
wave of boarders."

[ I'm going to kick your ass, Merrick ] came Steele's mischievious reply. He
and ENS Ventura were leading the simulated Klingon attack. [ Transporting now.

A few moments passed.

"Intruder alert J deck, forward weapons control, sir," came Powers' cool voice
from Communications.

"Security teams to foward weapons," Merrick ordered. Aside to Corbett he added
conspiratorially, "Next time maybe we'll assault sick bay."

Corbett leaned in. "Where's tha sport in that? The medics would wipe you out
so fast that there would be nothing for anyone else to do but clean up the

Merrick smiled and waved him off. "Speaking of a mess." He hit the comm,
"ARr'Rhiana Hemux, cue your mass casualties." Then to Corbett he said, "Go
have fun doc."

NRPG (Brian): It's RED vs GOLD! Scott, you may have noticed that your damage
control teams are headed to J deck where the boarding parties are. Hope you're
with the redshirts. David, your science department casualties are also
role-playing there. Anyone can jump in on the action. Grab a phaser and set it
to stun!

Eric, you there buddy? You've got a team to lead into role-playing glory.

Andy, since the Gold shirts are pretending to be Klingons, Steele might want to
watch his back. Ventura's first duty as an officer is to assasignate him <EG>.

Respectfully Submitted Jointly by,

Daniel Belin
LT John DeSimms

Steve Apple
LT Stile H. Corbett

Brian V. Mansur
LCDR Sean Merrick

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: "Seeing Gold"

by Lusby, Scott

SD: 2260.175
MD: 1.1458 (About 6 hours after the mission briefing in "Saddle Up!")

Setting: Main Engineering, O-Deck, USS HOOD

Lieutenant Commander Gar Th'elenth took a moment to glance at his situation
display, and, seeing as how nothing had changed since the LAST time he'd
looked 35 seconds ago, he sighed, and his antennae shuffled.

Gar wasn't sure why he was so anxious, and told himself that feeling so was
ridiculous at this point, as he had his department organized and ready: one
of his lieutenants was devoted solely to the health and happiness of the
warp core and engines, and was assisted by one of the new ensigns on board;
he had officers supervising the maintenance of ship's phasers and photon
torpedoes, another the maintenance of its shields and point-defense systems,
each assisted by a junior officer; he had still another officer supervising
the maintenance of the ship's electro-plasma systems, and another
supervising the smaller impulse engine room up on F-Deck.

On top of this, Gar had put another officer in charge of the life-support
systems, which not only included the air, food and water systems, but also
the artificial gravity systems and the inertial dampeners; he definitely
wanted someone with an eye on those at all times.

These divisions within Engineering accounted for roughly half of his

The other half were assigned to the department's largest division: Damage
Control. This division was headed by his assistant Chief Engineer and
supported by the remaining officer allotted to him by Personnel. DC was
made up of over 100 ratings and crewmen, grouped into small 6-person teams,
each with a balance of specialties when practical.

Gar had been drilling his new divisions for the past few days as a
department, letting his engineers get a feel for doing their jobs under the
'controlled chaos' that so often accompanied combat situations. And they
were getting better, after a rough start: 5 days ago, it was taking way too
long to get the teams to their proper battle stations. But the last day and
a half had seen marked improvements; their responses weren't fluid-
yet...but they were working in that direction. He was proud of the progress
his department had made in such a short time.

He sighed again as he glanced at the time on his console- 1501 hours.

**I just hope that they do as well as they had been in a ship-wide drill,**
he thought just as the ship's comm whistled.

[[[This is the First Officer. This is an exercise. General Quarters!]]]

Gar glanced up at his assistant. "All right- let's go!" Gar shouted. "All
teams to battle stations!"

As officers, ratings and crewmen scurried around engineering like so many
ants, the ship shuddered. Instantly, Gar saw several icons on his master
status change from green to yellow, even to red in some cases.

"Shields are down- let's get DC-3 down there to help the Shield techs get
them back up," Gar said to his assistant next to him, trying to project a
calm demeanor amongst the escalating fury.

"Aye, Commander," the assistant shouted, and began routing the teams.

"We also need to get damage control teams to C, D, J and M-decks; send EPS
and Life-Support teams along with them," Gar added.

"Aye, Commander," his assistant repeated. "Damage control teams to C, D, J
and M-decks; EPS and Life Support teams to C, D, J and M-decks..."


MD: 1.1508
Setting: J-Deck, near forward weapons control, USS HOOD

Electronics Technician 3rd Class Tam Sh'raavan peered into his tricorder.
"I have a simulated fire at Junction J-17," he said.

"What's causing it?" asked Chief Damage Controlman Antares Kowalczyk, DC-1's
team leader.

"Ruptured EPS junction," Sh'raavan said, his blue antennae wiggling.
"Probably took out the fire suppressions systems in this junction when it

Kowalczyk nodded. "Alright- seal 'em up, go personal, get out your fire
suppression gear."

Everyone on the team immediately unzipped the hood from the neck of their
suit and, having pulled it tight over their heads, pressed a button.
Suddenly, the hood grew a greenish-tinged mask, covering their entire face
and neck, sealing against the neck of the suit with an audible hiss.

"Personal environmentals operational," Sh'raavan said as he reached around
to his backpack and pulled out the small, red cylinder of fire suppressant.
Normally, the canisters carried a foam specially designed to suppress
electro-plasma fires quickly without damaging the ship's subsystems or pose
a biological threat to the crew. Today, however, since it was a drill, the
triggers had been fitted with a small computer chip, which allowed no fire
suppressant to be released, but gave any tricorder or ship monitoring system
the impression of putting out the fire.

[[[OK- let's move, people,]]] Kowalczyk said, his voice now having a
'canned' quality to it.

As they approached the junction, the ship's comm system whistled in
everyone's ears. [[[Security teams to forward weapons,]]]

Sh'raavan glanced at Kowalczyk. [[[Chief, isn't that where Junction J-17

The Chief cut her off. [[[Yes, it is- now let's get that fire put out
before it spreads and does any more damage," he said.

As they approached the junction, they saw a bunch of shadows dancing on the
wall across from the 'fire.'

Chief Kowalczyk stopped Sh'raavan with an arm across her chest. [[[Wait,]]]
he said.

Glancing over his shoulder, he nodded at one of the newer members of the
engineering department, Crewman Thompson. [[[Go take a peek,]]] he said,
[[[and be CAREFUL.]]]

Thompson grinned beneath his mask. [[[Sure, Chief,]]] he said, and moved to
the corner.

When he got there, he slowly peered around the corner. Carefully, he turned
around and shuffled back to their location.

[[[It's Captain Steele,]]] he said. [[[He's got about a dozen men with him,
and they're all armed.]]]

[[[What are they doing?]]]

[[[It looks like they're trying to cut through the bulkhead to get into
Forward Weapons Control,]]] he said. [[[It's a little hard to tell; all
they're doing is pointing phasers at the bulkhead next to the door.]]]

He glanced at Sh'raavan. [[[The fire's right across from them; it's bound
to be giving them a hard time,]]] he thought.

Sh'raavan nodded. "EPS fires are nothing to play with, Chief,]]] he said.
[[[They'd need to get that fire out themselves if they were seeking to
maintain control of that room.]]]

Kowalczyk shook his head, pulling his phaser out. [[[We can't make that
assumption; they could just as easily be looking to take out our ability to
fight,]]] he said. [[[We can't wait for Security- we have to try to slow
them down and stop them now or we'll never get that fire out.]]]

They all nodded; everyone in the DC team knew that, though there were 13 men
trying to burn a way into Forward Weapons, the biggest threat to their
safety by far was the EPS fire. If they didn't contain it, and soon, they'd
loose the deck...and that would spell disaster- a simulated one, yes, but a
disaster nonetheless.

[[[OK- when we get to the intersection, take two others and run across to
the other side,]]] the Chief said to Sh'raavan. [[[The rest of you take
cover with me and help me lay down some covering fire. Then we take out as
many as we can.]]]

The approached the corner of the junction; Kowlaczyk kneeled down and,
peering around the corner, aimed his weapon and fired.

Of course, nothing happened; however, suddenly, one of the gold-shirted
invasion party's uniform began to chirp loudly, then another, and another.


All- Just getting the war games started. I believe that's REDSHIRTS= 3,

I'm assuming that Daniel will have a team down here in short order by now.
But who knows what else the Captain has up his sleeve.

And of course there's the small matter of the simulated EPS fire. ;)

I also took the liberty of setting the mission date, since this is the day
our mission really begins. I hope that's OK...I was starting to have some
trouble figuring out what was happening when.

Respectfully Submitted,

-- Scott Lusby
/\ LCDR Gar Th'elenth
Chief Engineering Officer


CDM Antares Kowalczyk
ET3 Tam Sh'raavan

And the rest of Damage Control Team #1

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Scalpels are a Doctor's Best Friend

by Apple, Steve

SD: 2260.175
MD: 1.1458

[Snip from Brian's Post Big Damn Drill - Red vs Gold]

Merrick smiled and waved him off. "Speaking of a mess." He hit the comm, 
"ARr'Rhiana Hemux, cue your mass casualties." Then to Corbett he said, 
"Go have fun doc."

[End Snip]

Scene: Bridge, USS HOOD

"I believe I shall sar," Corbett said leaving the XO at the Command Chair. 
After a few steps he turned back to the man. "Oh, I almost forgot, please 
have someone tell the Red Shirts that the gentleman with the cowboy hat is 
on their side."

"I'll be sure to tell them, but you might want to take it off anyway. It 
kind of makes you a conspicuous target for some Gold shirted Klingon." 
Merrick said smiling.

"Remove my hat sar, in the thick of battle." Corbett responded a look of 
mock horror on his face. "That would be sacrilegious sar. Like my ancestors 
at the Alamo I shall die with my boots and hat in place."

Corbett turned and headed for the Turbo Lift not waiting for Merrick's 

"Corbett to Triage" He said into his communicator.

"Grey here Cowboy." The female voice said.

"Mother, you got wounded coming in from the Science dept. have Dr. Kavlin 
prep the surgical and intensive care units down in Sickbay."

"We'll be ready when they get here." She said then added. "Are you heading 
here to the cargo bay, or down to sickbay?"

"I'll be moving between both, as well as keeping track of the trauma teams." 
He answered.

"Try not to get killed, or do anything stupid." She admonished.

"Yes Mother, Corbett out." He said as he closed the communicator, but as 
an afterthought he flipped it back open. "Corbett to Orange Team."

"Orange Team, Pearson here." 

"Pearson I want you and your team to stay low. You've got intruders on 
J-deck with you and the last thing I need is the team that's supposed to be 
rendering aid getting shot up."

"Yes sir, son of a …" Was all Corbett could make out as he heard a loud 
chirping sound and the link went dead.

"Damn it Pearson." Corbett yelled as he flipped his communicator closed and 
dashed into the Turbo lift. "J-deck." He said to the lift and wondered what 
in the hell he was going to do when he got down there.

"Computer," Corbett said as the Turbo lift began its movement to J-deck.

"Working." The metallic voice answered.

"From this Turbo lift how do I get to Forward Weapons Control?"

"The most direct route is to take Turbo lift to J-deck." The computer 

Corbett rolled his eyes and marveled at the literalness of the computer. 
"Once the Turbo lift reaches J-deck how do I get to Forward Weapons 

"Proceed approximately 30 meters from the Turbo lift and at the second 
intersection turn left. From there proceed another 25 meters and at the 
first intersection turn right and proceed for 10 meters to destination."

The doors to the Turbo lift opened revealing the corridor, its emptiness 
eerie. Corbett followed the computers directions, but ducked into the 
corridor on the right at the first intersection when he saw a Gold Shirted 
Ensign moving stealthily against the wall. After a moment he took a quick 
glance around the corner, it was clear and he followed the Ensign at a 
safe distance. He could hear the noise grow louder as he approached. 
Taking a quick glance around the second corner he saw a group dressed in 
red coveralls crouched low and firing phasers at the intersection ahead. 
The Gold shirt was moving in behind them trying to pin them down.

Corbett reached for the phaser he had forgotten to bring along. 

"Damn it." He cursed to himself. 

Then out of instinct his hand went to his boot and the colt cobra pistol 
he kept there. He thought about it for a moment, but decided against 
shooting the sneaky little Ensign. Instead he reached into the Emergency 
Trauma Kit he remembered to bring. 

"Pst, hey kid," He whispered loud enough to cause the Ensign to turn 
toward him.

The Ensigns eyes went wide as he turned and his personal sensor started 
chirping.  Immediately three of the men in red coverall's turned and 
fired toward the chirping causing Corbett to drop to the deck before his 
own sensor triggered due to friendly fire.

"He's down already." Corbett said to the men then stood and clapping the 
kid on the shoulder "It's over son, I'm sorry."

"But how, you didn't even have a phaser?" The Ensign asked.

"Never bring a knife to a gun fight unless you're a surgeon." Corbett 
replied smiling as he held up his laser scalpel. "I just triggered your 
sensor, they're the ones that actually phasered you."

"That's not fair." The Ensign complained.

"Sure kid and shooting an unarmed doctor would have been." 

"I wouldn'…" The Ensign stopped himself and nodded at the doctor as he 
headed toward the turbo lift.

"Wait a minute kid I'll take that." Corbett said grabbing the man's 
phaser and then he turned and ran back down the hall to the men in red 

"What the hell are you doing down here doc." One of the men asked as 
Corbett slid down next to them.

"Doing something stupid to be sure," Corbett said then asked. "Who's in 
charge here?"

"Me, Chief Kowlaczyk unless you want the job."

"Absolutely not sar, being a figure of authority goes against my ethics. 
I'm now your new field medic."

"That's good cause your team got its ticket punched awhile ago by the 

"Well then I would say revenge is in order."

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Apple
Dr. Stile Corbett 

[ORIGINS]USS HOOD: Assignment Mayhem

by Catterick, Andy

SD 2260.178

            Steele watched as three of his team went down.  It was more 
then he had hoped but less then he had feared.  Raising his communicator 
he shouted “Now!”  He turned and looked to his team.  “Ready?”  They all 
were.  He did a mental five count.  “Let’s Go!”   In unison they sprang 
around the corridor to find the Red shirted attackers having spun around 
to see the rest of Gold team closing in on them from behind.  Now they 
had Steele and the rest boxing them in.  Gold team lost two more but they 
made quick work of the defenders.  With a nod to the umpire who was 
diligently letting everyone know who was dead and who was injured the 
gold shirts headed down the corridor.  When they got to the main 
intersection Steele turned to face them.  “Alright, you all know you’re 
missions.  Do your best to take your objectives but I’ll be happy with as 
much mayhem as you can muster along the way.”  With a lopsided grin 
Steele, Ensign Campell and Crewman Saunders sprinted down the corridor 
and then began to climb down one of the service ladders.

            Steele knew that his team would eventually lose.  It had too 
for many reason not least of which being that it would be terrible for 
morale if the ship was taken or even destroyed by the invading ‘Klingons’.  
Not that he and his team weren’t trying very hard to achieve either of 
those goals.  But he was more interested in providing the rest of the crew 
the opportunity to test their skills and their ingenuity as they worked as 
a team to save the ship and each other.  And of course Murphy’s Law would 
raise its ugly head and throw a few spanners into the works.  But that 
would provide important lessons to be learned and that might be even more 
valuable then winning the drill.  As he poked his head around the corner 
as they arrived at their deck he wondered what it would do to morale when 
the crew realized their captain had lost.  He probably should have led the 
defenders.  But where was the fun in that?

            On the bridge Ensign Zhukov looked down at his board as the 
sensor alarm flashed.  The young ensign was handling the nav station much 
to his horror.  His first time at the bridge station and it was in the 
middle of a drill.  Weren’t new officers supposed to get the graveyard 
shift?  “Mr. Merrick they’re back and this time there are two of them. Both 
D-7 class attack cruisers.”

            Part of the drill had been set to simulate space combat at the 
same time as the crew were repelling boarders.  It wasn’t like the Klingons 
would drop their troops and slink away.  

            Zhukov watched the view screen as the two cruisers closed in on 
HOOD.  He could make out the battle damage that it had taken when it had 
snuck up on HOOD and battered her shields down enough to get boarders 
aboard.  “They’re firing!”


Really enjoying the drill and looking forward to seeing who gets to kill 
Steele.  Don’t tell anyone but he is heading for Aux Control…why else would 
he bring Cory?


CAPT Jack Steele


by Lusby, Scott

SD: 2260.179
MD: 1.1627
Setting: Chief Engineer's Office, Deck O, USS HOOD

Lieutenant Commander Gar Th'elenth shook his head as he read the report on
the tablet in his hand. "FOUR teams, Lieutenant?" he asked, his antennae
twitching as he spoke.

"Yes, Commander, four teams," said Gar's assistant, Lieutenant Bywater.

Gar tossed the tablet onto the desk in his small office, and folded his arms
across his body. "And they all were 'killed' because they decided to engage
our opponents BEFORE Security had arrived?"

The younger human shook his head. "Again, that is correct, Commander."

Gar spat an Andorian curse. "I need a drink," he muttered as he collapsed
into the chair behind the small desk in front of him.

Bywater looked at him, eyebrow raised. "Excuse me, Commander, but I thought
you'd be proud that they took the initiative...I mean, you being Andorian
and all..."

Gar raised his head, and met Bywater's gaze; immediately, the human shrunk

However, Gar allowed the corners of his lips to curl slightly. "I admire
their tenacity, John," he said, sliding the room's other chair over to him
with his foot. "And I also admire their courage; they have shown themselves
to have the heart of a warrior today."

Bywater sat in the proffered chair. "Then what gives, Gar?"

Gar now leaned forward in his chair. "Because they didn't THINK first,
John." He paused, and picked up the tablet again from the desk. "None of
the four teams 'killed' were able to complete their repairs first; as such,
the 'plasma fire' on J-deck, the ruptured phaser leads on C-deck, the hull
ruptures were never addressed. And while those things in and of themselves
were not enough to destroy HOOD, they would have cut our combat efficiency
way down, which MAY have gotten us killed if it was the real thing."

Bywater leaned forward. "And the boarding teams?" he asked. "The Klingons
don't take prisoners, Gar."

Gar nodded. "Yes- the Klingons needed to be dealt with first; they would
have- and did, to make a point- prevented us from completing our repairs."
He paused before continuing. "But what they SHOULD have done was to either
call for help or wait for the Security teams to arrive."

The Andorian paused again. "Security teams are better prepared for that
kind of thing; in fact, it's what they train for. They have body armor,
heavy phasers, extra power packs...and a professional knowledge of
small-unit tactics. Engineers- unless they happen to be Andorian- seldom
have such equipment or expertise among them," he finished, winking as he
lifted himself out of his chair.

Th'elenth walked to the door of his office. "Had any and all of those teams
waited, their repairs might have been delayed ten-fifteen minutes...but they
would have gotten done once the areas were secure. 'Efficiency' does not
always mean jumping head-long into a situation.'"

"Where are you going?" Bywater asked.

Gar nodded through the doorways. "The Captain's day cabin; he wants to go
over the drill with us, see what our thoughts are."

"And what would yours be, Gar?"

Th'elenth grinned. "That we need to coordinate some more drills with
Lieutenant DeSimms," he replied. "Either we need to learn to fight better,
or we need to learn to let Security do their job so we can do ours."

With that, he passed through the doors of his office.

"See what you can arrange with Mr. DeSimms while I'm gone, please," he added
over his shoulder, just as the doors closed again and cut him off from his

<<tag Andy/Brian>>


All- OK, just a little private analysis from our friendly Andorian engineer.

Andy- I think this sets up your JP idea quite well. Tag! :)

Respectfully Submitted,

-- Scott Lusby
/\ LCDR Gar Th'eleneth
Chief Engineer

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Remember The Alamo

by Apple, Steve

SD: 2260.179
MD: 1.1627

[Snip from Corbett's Post: Scalpels are a Doctors Best Friend]

"What the hell are you doing down here doc." One of the men asked as 
Corbett slid down next to them.

"Doing something stupid to be sure," Corbett said then asked. "Who's 
in charge here?"

"Me, Chief Kowlaczyk unless you want the job."

"Absolutely not sar, being a figure of authority goes against my 
ethics. I'm now your new field medic."

"That's good cause your team got its ticket punched awhile ago by the 

"Well then I would say revenge is in order."

[End Snip]

Scene: J-Deck Corridor Intersection, USS HOOD 

"I'm not sure about revenge doc I'd settle for not getting killed." 
Kowlaczyk said frowning. "We got an EPS fire still burning out of 
control and we're exchanging fire with Klingons who outnumber us 
2 to 1.

"I take it you're a glass half empty type of fella, Chief." Corbett 
said smiling. "However I am in agreement with the not getting killed 

"All we need to do is hold these guys for a few more minutes until 
security arrives." Kowlaczyk said.

"Ah yes, Mr. DeSimms and the Calvary" Corbett said standing.

"Where are you going?" Kowlaczyk asked

"To check out the corridor behind us. Corbett answered. "If I hadn't 
spotted our sneaky little Ensign earlier y'all would have been dead by 

"Fine, just make sure you don't get killed in the processes." Kowlaczyk 

"Don't worry sar I'm diametrically opposed to death, especially my own." 
Corbett said hugging the wall as he moved down the corridor.

Corbett crouched at the first intersection directly behind them and took 
a quick glance around the corner. There were at least four maybe five 
Gold Shirts taking up positions and moving toward him. 

He could shout out a warning to Kowlaczyk, but that might spring their 
trap, he thought. Turing his head he saw that the Engineers were still 
engaged in a forward shooting match with the Captain.

He knew he couldn't take them all out, but maybe he could slow them 
down. Quickly he fished in his medkit for the hand scanner and tube 
reader. It took him a minute to make the minor adjustments to the 
equipment and a spray of sealant to glue them together.

Corbett heard the Captains voice shout the word "Now" through one of the 
rear attacker's communicators. He knew it was time to act and threw the 
makeshift device around the corner.

The whine of the scanner mimicked a sonic grenade and also served to 
increase the intensity of the lights from the tube reader, which played 
off the corridor walls. 

"Remember the Alamo" Corbett screamed as he jumped around the corner and 
into the attackers, holding a phaser in one hand and a hypospray in the 
other. He immediately scored a phaser hit on one of the Gold shirts. 
There was momentary confusion and he was able to reach out and snag 
another with the hypospray before he saw four more Gold shirts take aim.

It was over for him as his sensor started chirping and the attackers blew 
past him to make short work of the defending Engineers. With a sigh he 
started walking back toward the turbo lift. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Apple
Dr. Stile Corbett