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LCDR Van Hartinger- Chief Navigator, USS Hood

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

First name:                    Van "Hart"
Surname:                       Hartinger
Current rank:                  Lt. Commander
Current Billet:                NAV, USS Hood
Species:                       Human
Gender:                        Male
Age:                           29
Date of birth:                 June 6, 2231
HT:                            188cm; 
WT:                            94kg; 
Eyes:                          Hazel; 
Hair:                          Brown
Place of birth:                Earth
Spouse:                        None
  Mother:                      Adrianna Hartinger 
  Father:                      Durias Hartinger 
  Siblings:                    Kylie Hartinger (Younger)
Children:                      None

Academic Background
Jonathan Archer High School, Earth
StarFleet Academy

Primary Occupational Specialty: Medical
Secondary Occupational Specialty: Navigation/Defense
Command Track qualifications received.

Starfleet Record:
Assigned USS Robert Fox, Medical officer
Transferred USS Archon, Nav/Helm, promoted.
Promoted Lieutenant
Transferred USS Vico, Chief of Medicine, promoted
Promoted Lieutenant Commander
Transferred USS Hood, Helm

13-17 Attended Jonathan Archer High School
17-21 Attended StarFleet Academy
21-23 Assigned USS Robert Fox, Medical
23-25 Assigned USS Archon, Nav/Helm
25-29 Assigned USS Vico, Chief of Medicine
29-?? Assigned USS Hood, Nav

Background Summary:
Van grew up on Earth. Living the life that so many people fought to bring. 
No more wars, crime or poverty. Being so, it came to be quite a surprised 
when he learned that it was not always so. While he was attending JAHS 
(Jonathan Archer High School), Van became the resident history expert. 
Spending all his time researching how this new way of life came to be on 
his beloved homeworld. Spending all that time in the books, naturally he 
began to idolize one of Starfleet's original heroes and his school's namesake, 
Jonathan Archer.

Not long into his tenure at JAHS, Van decided he too, was going to help 
change the galaxy and join Starfleet. Van worked hard and passed the Starfleet 
Academy's entrance exams. He immediately sought a command career but was told 
that command comes with experience, not schooling. So Van, keeping with his 
idea that he wanted to help people, began a career in Starfleet medicine. 
Hoping that one day, he will get his chance to command his own starship...

Skills Profile:
With Van's experience, he has become quite the surgeon. One of the best 
Starfleet has to offer. During his post on the Vico, he would often be 
summoned away to preform important surgeries and also give lectures.

Not to be outshined by his medical skills is his ability to pilot ships. 
Serving as the Archon's Navigation Officer and Helmsman, Van got to show off 
his impressive piloting skills.

Taking after his idol, Jonathan Archer, Van became quite the negotiator. Being 
able to bring sensible compromises to the barganing table has helped Van his 
whole life.

Fitness Report:
Dr. Hartinger is as fit as anyone his age should be. By his reports, he 
excersizes regularly and his scans show that to be true. I have made no 
discoveries that should affect his ability to perform his duties.

Dr. Troy Walker
Starfleet Medical

Psychological Profile:
Commander Hartinger seems to be completely stable. I'm a little worried that 
he is hiding away his true emotions and burying them so they do not get in the 
way. Humans denying their feelings are less useful then shorts on Pluto. I'm 
recommending that he see the ship's Counselor regularly. As long as Commander 
Hartinger complies with that, I see no reason to withhold him from any of his 

Dr. Media Arcad, Counselor
Starfleet Medical

Recreational Interests
Van likes to relax by physically asserting himself. Often, when he's off duty, 
you can find Van jogging the corridors.

Always better with someone else, Van tries to get his shipmates (and often succeeds) 
to play racquetball with him.

Misc. Information
Van likes to goof around. He has a big sense of humor and often carries it to 
inappropriate situations.

Due to what he studied at the Academy, Van's friends gave him the nickname of "Hart". 
It still follows him to this day, as all his old academy friends still call him by 
that name.