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LT Wraith Storm- Chief Engineer, USS Constellation

Lieutenant (O-3)


Lt. Wraith Storm Chief Engineer (played by Matthew Bull


I. Personal Data


Full Name: Wraith Surname: Storm Nickname: The Spark of Sirius, The Sirius survivor. Current Rank: Lieutenant (O-3) Current Billet: Chief Engineering Officer, USS CONSTELLATION NCC-1017 Species: Homo Sapiens Sapiens Gender/Sex: Male Age: 27 (unconfirmed-determined by bio scanner) DOB: Unknown - Guessed to be around 2234 POB: Sirius System. Failed Colony Lupin, 4th planet from the sun. Parents: DNA confirms parents as Michael Storm and Lindsay Coleman. Both reported MIA, Lupin colony, 2248. Siblings: Unknowm Spouse: Long term relationship with Vivien Goodyer Children: None

A. Physical Description

HT: 6'3 WT: 196 lbs EY: Brown HR: Black SK: Caucasian Blood Type: AB- Religion: Unknown Citizenship: Earth-granted 2258 Languages: Federation standard


II. Educational Background


A. Academic Institutions Attended

Recieved private tutoring on board the USS L'ORIENT by the various department heads and Captain Goodyer.

B. Service Schools Attended

 -- Star Fleet Engineering Corps Officers School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)

 -- MOC:  Engineering officer
 -- MOC:  Warp Theory and Impulse Systems
 -- MOC:  Advanced Damage Control Procedures
 -- MOS:  Subsystems and Transporter Management and troubleshooting
 -- MOS:  Shuttle pilot
 -- MOS:  Hand to hand combat techniques

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

Honours: Maxima cum laude Academic: N/A Educated on board the L'ORIENT Major: Advanced Warp theory. Advanced subspace geometry. Class Rank: 2/312 Reprimands: 17 - All reprimands given for arguing and disrespectful behaviour towards superior officers/teachers. Commendations: 4 - Given for outstanding academic achievements in the subject of warp theorem and impulse drive formula. Athletics: N/A Activities: Engineering clubs anything mechanical.


III. Biographical Notes


A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-14 Grew up in the failed Lupin colony, Sirius system.

14-19 Rescued by the USS L'ORIENT. Spent the next 5 years on board as L'ORIENT continued her mission of deep space discovery.

19-23 Enrolled into Starfleet academy.

23- Presently serving in Starfleet

B. Background Summary


Before Wraith was 14 he'd lived a harder life than most people ever lead. Although the details are very sketchy, it is believed that Wraith existed on his own since he was four years old. His parents had been part of the Terra forming team involved in the Lupin colony, Sirius.

For reasons which to this day are still unknown, the colony failed and all the colonists with the exception of Wraith perished. The Lupin colony had been a personally backed venture by the people who became the colonists. They banded together to buy a old freighter (the SARA), some terraforming equipment and enough food and supplies to last them four years while they started to cultivate the land. They set off for Sirius in 2232 two years before Wraith's suspected birth. As it was a private venture, Starfleet had no real say in the colony. Hence it was not until 2248 that the first Starfleet vessel, L'ORIENT, paid a visit.

Captain Goodyer had only recently taken the centre seat on L'ORIENT and he and his crew were only 3 months into a 5 year mission of deep exploration when they came to Sirius. Goodyer had received instructions from Starfleet to 'look in' on the Lupin colony and see how the colony had come along. What he found was that it had never took off.

The first away team found the ruins of a small settlement on the southern continent. Estimates indicated that it had been empty for 5 to 7 years. Shrubs and vines covered the walls and floors. No signs of life were found, but there was evidence that someone or something was visiting the site. Just outside on a low hill the team found what appeared to be a graveyard. SARA had left Earth in 2237 with 87 colonists, in the graveyard were 91 graves. So all colonists were accounted for, and some new additions too. The question was, who had buried the last colonists? Whomever it was obviously still lived nearby as the graves had all been kept tidy and a couple of graves had received extra attention with what looked like offerings laid about them. A small away team stayed planet side and continued to study the site. When they woke in the morning they found that various tricorders, food packs and even clothing had been ransacked from their tents while they slept feet away.

With a now, apparently bigger mystery on the cards, Goodyer took a away team down and began a immediate search of the surrounding countryside. He led a three day fruitless search. Every night the team pitched camp and sentries were set. Still, every morning more equipment went missing. Stories of the 'Wraith' began to circulate amongst the crew much to Goodyers chagrin: stories of a ghostly figure who could sneak amongst the living and steal items at its will.

Unwilling to believe in such a thing, Goodyer hatched a plan to catch this "wraith". He and his team dotted the colony site and surrounding area with a complex system of hidden sensors designed to detect and track movement around the site. The trap set, Goodyer and his team returned to L'ORIENT and played a waiting game.

Later that same night Goodyer got his answers. They tracked a human figure enter from the SW of the site. The pattern of footprints around the site showed how it entered cautiously, always doubling back, cutting it's own route to ensure nothing followed it. It checked the ruins before continuing to the graveyard where it stayed for a hour. Then as it was heading back towards the SW. Goodyer acted fast. Running to the transporter room he had himself beamed directly to the surface only moments after the 'Wraith' had left the sensor net.

As he materialised on the surface, he saw, no more than 100 yards in front of him a teenage male dressed in ill fitting clothes running away to the SW. He gave chase. The 'Wraith' was oblivious to being followed. They ran for what Goodyer estimated to be a good 6 miles before the 'Wraith' slowed and entered a valley cut deep into the surface. Pulling his tricorder, Goodyer quickly scanned the valley and ascertained that the route the 'Wraith' had taken was the only way in. He also noted that the 'Wraith' did not show on his sensors: another mystery. He made his way back towards the colony before being beamed back on board L'ORIENT.

The next morning, Goodyer and a hand picked away team entered the valley. It was time to catch themselves a ghost. On reaching the valley floor they found more than they had bargained for. They found the old freighter SARA.

Goodyer and his team cautiously entered the aging freighter. They were dumbfounded, the SARA was still fully functioning. All doors, computers, and monitors still worked. All the surfaces were clean and further exploration of the ship found a recently slept in bed with faded pictures of the colonists stuck onto the walls. After checking the bridge the crew made their way to the engineering deck and there in the glow of a fully functioning warp core they found the 'Wraith'.

Scared, confused, the young 'Wraith' froze in panic. Goodyer used the opportunity to speak with boy, but with no one to speak to for ten years the 'Wraith' was only able to use hand gestures and point. After much gesturing and a well placed smile here and there, Goodyer gained the trust of the young 'Wraith' who then allowed himself to be scanned by the Dr, after he turned his bio dampener off!

Goodyer asked the 'Wraith' where he got such a item and he thumped his chest proudly, he then threw his arms open wide and in that one gesture Goodyer knew that this young boy hand single handedly kept the SARA running. It then dawned on Goodyer that the boy must read even if he couldn't speak the words, otherwise he wouldn't be able to interface with the computers, and sure enough he could. Slowly the away team began to form a picture of how a young boy at the age of four years old was left to fend for himself when all the colonists were mysteriously wiped out and how he gained an amazing talent for engineering and managed to survive to this day.

Goodyer returned to the L'ORIENT with his team and a young boy who was quickly given the name Wraith by the crew. Goodyer informed Starfleet of his findings in the Lupin colony and informed them of his intention to take Wraith with him and have the senior officers school him. It was approved, and so began Wraiths new life amongst his own aboard the L'ORIENT.


On board his new home Wraith struggled at first to settle. Never being amongst people, he found it difficult to be in a room with more than a few people. The language problem left him at a disadvantage to start with too, but within 3 months he could get by and it was then Wraith blossomed as a human being.

Regular schooling had revealed him to be a very intelligent young man. In the skills of engineering, Captain Goodyer reckoned that no one could touch him, even his Chief engineer. He spent most of his time in engineering, talking to the Chief, making repairs, and doing lots of tinkering. He had a magic touch which helped the L'ORIENT out of many a scrape in the five years he was on board.

So when the L'ORIENT returned to Earth after her long mission, Wraith found himself uneasy as to his future. A DNA scan had given him his parents names, and he had taken his fathers surname as his own and so in 2253 Wraith Storm returned to the land of his ancestors.


In the three years on board the L'ORIENT, Wraith and Captain Goodyer had become very close and a father and son relationship had delevoped between the two. So on returning to Earth, Wraith lived with the Goodyers on the outskirts of York, England. Captain Goodyer had no sons of his own, but he did have a daughter, Vivien Goodyer.

Wraith had had little contact with the female sex and never anyone who was his own age. But an attraction soon found itself between the pair and this later led to a full blown romance. Wraith stayed at the Goodyers for four months before deciding to join Starfleet officially and going to the Academy in San Francisco. He was blessed by having the senior staff of the L'ORIENT vouch for him to the Academy hierarchy as he had no recognized qualifications. He was accepted.


Wraith completed the Academy in three years instead of the usual four. He was helped in no small part by living on the L'ORIENT for three years and that in his field of engineering no one could touch him.

He excelled at his schooling coming 2nd in class and receiving honours for his Engineering work. He once again found it difficult to interact properly and so kept to his own company most of the time except if required to join in. Although he came 2nd, it was noted he would of probably came first if he had not argued with his teachers so much.

It was noted on his official record that if he thought he was right, Wraith would argue until he was blue in the face, and if the teacher still disagreed he would go out to prove himself right. This led to a number of small reprimands throughout his time at the academy.


Upon graduation, Wraith served his cadet cruise as a Ensign on the aging frigate UTOPIA, as a engineering officer. He once again showed himself to be a able officer and earned himself a sterling report from the Captain. He was promoted to Lt.jg and reported as assistant Chief Engineer aboard the CHEROKEE, a ship on patrol in the neutral zone. During his year on board the CHEROKEE he was arrested for striking a superior officer namely the XO.

The incident arose when a drunken first officer came storming into engineering demanding more power from the warp core to the nacelles. It was Wraith's shift and he was in charge and he politely told the XO that the CHEROKEES engine were running at peak efficiency, having been calibrated by Wraith himself. Not satisfied the XO started to re-calibrate the engines right then, Wraith watched emotionless as Klaxons started to sound off, a core breach was imminent. Somehow through the XO's meddling with Wraith's perfect calibration and balancing of the engines, he had brought the system into meltdown.

Stepping forward and pushing the XO out of the way of the console, Wraith solved the intermix problem in seconds avoiding the core breach. He then calmly turned to the XO and nailed him with one punch, sending the officer down to floor in a unconscious heap. Storm then made his way slowly to the security department and handed himself in.

On returning to Earth, Wraith was hauled up for court martial. Deemed to have acted with extra ordinary calmness in solving the core breech he was also said to be reckless in his dealing with XO. He was busted back down to Ensign and served 6 days in a Starfleet prison on the moon, Luna 2.

On release from prison Wraith was recruited by the design team on Starbase 6. Although his record was now marred, his academic achievements were beyond doubt. His primary role was to oversee the fitting and calibration of the new USS REPUBLIC warp engines and core: a job he threw himself into. By the time Wraith was done with REPUBLIC he had been promoted twice in rank and in the design team he was now second in overall charge of the REPUBLIC build. So far simulations had showed that REPUBLIC was so tight that she was reckoned to be 7% quicker than any of her Constitution sisters and 4% faster at manoeuvring compared to their own launching specs: a truly stunning piece of engineering given that she all the same parts as her sister ships.

Unable to bear being parted from his mechanical masterpiece, Wraith applied for the Chief Engineer's post on the REPUBLIC. Captain Paulson accepted his request immediately.


IV. Official Star Fleet Record


2253.215 Entered Starfleet Academy year 1. 2254.216 Entered Starfleet Academy year 2. 2255.215 Entered Starfleet Academy year 3. 2256.295 Cadet cruise USS UTOPIA. 2257.314 Assigned Asst Chief Engineer USS CHEROKEE. 2259.287 Imprisoned in Starfleet prison facilities, Luna 2 penitentiary. 2260.106 Released and assigned as Warp technician aboard Starbase 6 working on the latest Constitution class vessel REPUBLIC. 2261.217 Assigned Chief Engineer USS REPUBLIC. 2261.363 Reassigned Chief Engineer USS CONSTELLATION.

A. Promotion History

2253.215 Enrolled Starfleet, Cadet. 2256.225 Promoted Ensign. 2257.300 Promoted Lt.Jg. 2259.287 Was due to be promoted to Lt. But due to court martial demoted back to Ensign. 2260.254 Promoted Lt.Jg. 2261.174 Promoted Lt.

B. Service History

USS L'ORIENT unofficial passenger USS UTOPIA engineering officer USS CHEROKEE asst Chief Engineer STARBASE 6 assigned to design team USS REPUBLIC USS REPUBLIC Chief Engineer USS CONSTELLATION Chief Engineer

C. Medals and Commendations

Grankite Order of Tactics Daystrom Medal Cochrane Warp Theorem Award


V. Skills Profile


A lot of people back at the Academy are expecting the name Wraith Storm to become almost a legend in the field of Engineering. He has already done things with a warp core that beforehand many thought impossible. The 'Bright Spark of Sirius' continues to delve deeper into the mysteries of subspace and has even spoke to some of being able to 'transwarp' a ship instantly anywhere in the galaxy. A very great boast.

Others skills Wraith has are in hand to hand fighting and survival techniques. Many were learned in seclusion in the Lupin colony.


VI. Recent Fitness Reports


Mr Storm appears to be in a reasonable state of health and fitness. Exam reveals sevearl of old scars. History indicates several badly set bones from his orphan days surgically reset.

-- Dr. Martin Baker

      Staff Attending, Starbase 6


VII. Psychological Profile


When performing a report on Mr Storm it is important that his past is mentioned. Having been on his own for so many years has undoubtably shaped and hardened the man we see today. I notice immediately the Mr. Storm does not enjoy large crowds, nor does he engage in idle banter or small talk. If he wants some thing he asks for it, if he requires nothing then you will get nothing but silence as he goes about his business.

We know that he has a great affinity for the engineering lifestyle he has chosen for himself, almost to a point of insubordination. As his records show he does not like his work to be tampered with and will act defensively if he feels threatened or undermined.

I know Mr Storm to be in a long-term long-distance relationship, but I think as for close friends he could probably count them on one hand. He comes across as a very distant character, someone who enjoys his own company rather than being social with others.

-- LCDR Maria Sturgeon

      Staff Psychologist, Starfleet Academy


VIII. Current Recreational Interests


Anything mechanical. Reading.