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ENS Yoshi Tamura/Communications, USS Hood

Lieutenant (O-3)

ENS Yoshi Tamura Communications Officer
played by Harry I. Iha,
As of 2261.052
I. Personal Data
Full Name: Lawrence Yoshiaki Tamura
Surname: Tamura
Given Name: Lawrence
Current Rank: Ensign (O-1)
Current Billet: Communications Department Officer, USS HOOD NCC-1703
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Male
Age: 22 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth: June 28, 2238
Place of Birth: San Francisco, North America, Sol III
Parents: Seiji Tamura (Father); Esther Tamura (Mother)
Siblings: Thomas Tamura (older brother)
Spouse: None
Children: None
A. Physical Description
HT: 5' 7"
WT: 145 lbs.
EY: Brown
HR: Black
SK: Tan
Blood Type: A+
Religion: Shinto
Citizenship: Sol III (Earth)
Languages: Federation Standard (English); Japanese
II. Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
-- Star Fleet Academy
   Electrical Engineering

B. Service Schools Attended
-- Star Fleet Officers Communications School
-- Star Fleet Division Officer Leadership School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
-- MOC: Subspace Communications Equipment Maintenance and Repair

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: None
Academic Major: Electrical Engineering
Professional Major: Communications
Class Rank: 141 of 313
Reprimands: None
Commendations: None
Athletics: Pistol Team
Activities: 2-D Chess club secretary
III. Biographical Notes
A. Chronology (tabular form)
0-18: Lived with parents on Sol III; attended Terran public schools.
18-22: Attended Starfleet Academy.
22- : Active duty in Star Fleet.
B. Background Summary
Yoshi--he has always gone by his middle name--was raised in a
traditional Japanese household. Per tradition, a family's oldest son
is the most important child in the family and the one that receives
the most attention; Yoshi is the younger of the family's two children.
This, combined with his brother being smarter, stronger, more athletic,
etc., led Yoshi to develop a fatalistic attitude towards life.
Although Yoshi grew up in San Francisco in the shadow of Star Fleet HQ
and the Academy, it was not until his junior year in high school, while
completing college applications, did he consider Star Fleet. This was
a turning point for him, as it represented a virgin path to create his
own destiny, free from the shadow of his older brother and family.
A refreshing sense of purpose and freedom rewarded Yoshi's decision.
He gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence by being judged on his
merits, rather than being compared to Thomas or the expectations of his
parents. He still has a long journey ahead, as his brother was merely
replaced by over 300 classmates, most overachievers as well.
This life experience has made Yoshi somewhat shy. Although he is not
a recluse, he will generally try to avoid crowds and gatherings. He
just cannot feel comfortable in those settings, as he never feels that
he "fits in."
Yoshi is a competent technician. He does not catch on as quickly as
some, but once he finally grasps a concept, he retains it and can apply
it in the field. 
IV. Official Star Fleet Record
A. Promotion History:
2256.213: Entered 1st Year, Star Fleet Academy
2257.213: Entered 2nd Year, Star Fleet Academy
2258.214: Entered 3rd Year, Star Fleet Academy
2259.213: Entered 4th Year, Star Fleet Academy
2260.115: Promoted to Ensign (O-1)
B. Service History
2256.213: Entered 1st Year, Star Fleet Academy
2257.213: Entered 2nd Year, Star Fleet Academy
2258.214: Entered 3rd Year, Star Fleet Academy
2259.115: Cadet Cruise, USS GALILEO NCC-0594
2259.213: Entered 4th Year, Star Fleet Academy
2260.115: Graduated Star Fleet Academy, commissioned as Ensign (O-1)
Attended Star Fleet Division Officer Leadership School
2260.136: Attended Star Fleet Officers Communications School
2260.295: Communications Department Supervisor, Memory Alpha
2261.019: Assigned as Communications Department Officer,
C. Medals and Commendations
None at this time.
V. Skills Profile
Tamura is not very athletic. Although a member of the pistol team at
the Academy, his phaser skills are mediocre. He is a competent, but
not a brilliant, electrical engineer.
VI. Recent Fitness Reports
ENS Tamura is a diligent, hard working, and conscientious junior
officer. As one of two department supervisors, he managed a shift of
seven enlisted crewmen. His shift always completed its assigned tasks
satisfactorily and on schedule. He has a solid grasp of the technical
aspects of the job.
Tamura's work ethic is exemplary. He consistently jumped in and got his
"hands dirty" in order to ensure his shift met the demanding deadlines
of getting the outpost back to 100% operational status after its recent
damage. He and his shift were always ready to go above and beyond and
volunteer to help in any capacity.
The only concern is his leadership abilities. Tamura still needs work
on properly delegating work to his subordinates; as a young and
enthusiastic ensign, he has a tendency to get too involved in the
day-to-day tasks of his shift. Although he manages his workload
adequately now, he will find it increasingly difficult as his
responsibilities increase as he advances in rank and responsibility.
Tamura's last physical fitness assessment showed body composition within
standards and ranked at the 39th percentile.
I recommend retention of service and a subsequent assignment as a
division officer or senior supervisor.
-- LCDR A. Jacoren
Commanding Officer, SF Engineering Corps, Det Memory Alpha
VII. Psychological Profile
ENS Tamura is a competent officer. His major limitation is his lack of
confidence. This limitation is a result of his being overshadowed by his
older brother throughout his childhood. Until he can overcome this
handicap, he will never rise to his potential. Although hidden, he does
possess the potential to become an outstanding leader and officer.
A secondary factor contributing to his lack of confidence is his average
hand-eye coordination. Although not a problem during everyday activities,
in an environment of overachievers, it is clearly evident that physically,
he is a tier below the top performers.
Within those limitations, he performs very well. He is a hard worker,
compensating for his lack of innate abilities with a healthy drive and
persistence that make him an asset to the fleet. In one respect, this
may put him a step ahead of some of his peers, as he has already learned
the value of a good work ethic--while many of those who have relied on
their natural abilities until now have yet to learn that lesson.
ENS Tamura should have a long and productive career ahead of him.
-- LCDR Joshua Bradley
Staff Psychologist, Star Fleet Academy

VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Tamura is not a very physical person. Except for regular exercise to
maintain required physical fitness standards, he avoids physical
activities whenever possible. His interests include chess, logic
puzzles, and reading.