OSFI Player's Handbook Chapter 4: Security Levels

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Security Levels

Ensuring that the hard work of the field agents and analysts is not compromised by leeks or carelessness is a primary concern of OSFI. To help maintain the integrity of is data, OSFI employs several levels of security clearances and designations. Only those individuals with the appropriate clearance and position have routine access to certain levels of information.

However, situations change quickly in the world of espionage, and OSFI must be willing to adapt in order to stay ahead of its enemies. Therefore, a certain breadth of discretion is given to officers with access to sensitive materials when disseminating information. Generally, the guidelines revolve around the concept of "need to know": if an agent has a need to know specific details about a case or operation for which he or she does not have clearance, a case officer or any other officer of appropriate clearance levels may pass the information in question along to the agent. However, this is not done casually- "need to know" must be evident and clearly demonstrated.

Primary Classifications

Below are the primary clearance levels attached to all information in possession of OSFI. All information, regardless of how trivial or explosive, that crosses an OSFI analyst's desk is tagged with the appropriate designation.

* Open Access-class (General Consumption)

Information deemed benign enough for general consumption is tagged OA, or Open Access. Despite appearances to the contrary in the world of ASR, the overwhelming majority (about 95% is the conservative estimation) of information in the possession of Star Fleet and OSFI is tagged as OA. Such information, for example, might be economic data such as stock exchange reports; scientific and medical data such as progress reports on researching a cure for a deadly disease; or the minutes and proceedings of the Flag Council.

However, keep in mind that OA-tagged data is not always completely benign. Good analysts can glean a great deal from such information, such as taking references in science reports to ship locations to gain clues as to enemy fleet disposition.

* SECRET-class

Information tagged as SECRET would cause harm to the Federation, Star Fleet, or Federation interests of it were to fall into the wrong hands. Such info would likely be info regarding ship disposition, ship and weapon specifications, location and nature of war exercises, etc.

* TOP SECRET-class

Information with a TOP SECRET flag would cause significant damage to Federation or Star Fleet interests and/or compromise Federation security. Such information might be military research and development information, including budgetary information as well as development specifications, or Star Fleet's general plan for defending the Federation.

* OMEGA-class

Information designated OMEGA-class is so secret (often called "Ultra Secret" in lieu of OMEGA) that, if obtained by a threat species, it could cause extreme and/or catastrophic harm to Federation interests and greatly hinder or eliminate completely Star Fleet's ability to defend itself or the Federation. Such information could even start a war between the Federation and other governments.

Examples of such information might be details of the most sensitive OSFI operations or critical scientific and technological data, or even keys to Star Fleet communication codes and ciphers.

Secondary Classifications

This second level of classifications is a further refining of the primary classifications that allow OSFI to further control the dissemination of such information.

* Flag Council Only (FCO)

Flag Council Only-flagged information is exactly what it appears to be- information intended for the yes of Flag Council members only. Usually, this applies to TOP SECRET information.

* Critical Weapons Data (CWD)

Information tagged CWD is generally of a TOP SECRET or OMEGA classification, as it deals with specifications of the weapons of Star fleet or those of foreign powers.

* Communications Security Information

CSI-flagged information is similar to CWD info, except that data tagged CSI deals with communications capabilities and cryptological abilities.

* Sensitive Source Information

Information flagged SSI must be treated with extreme caution, as it includes information about sensitive sources. Such information is usually a report that identifies an informant, double agent working for OSFI, or deep cover agents of OSFI. It may also be in the form of a report that identifies known operatives of other governments. As such, this information is usually tagged OMEGA-class, or TOP SECRET at the very least.