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ENS Odessa Isis Larson [Rebecca Martin, tangoingfoxtrot@gmail.com]
I. Personal Data
Surname:        Larson
Given Name(s):  Odessa Isis
Current Rank:   Ensign (O-1)
Current Billet: ALB Holodeck Trainee
Species:        Human
Gender/Sex:     Female
Age:            23 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth:  February 21, 2399
HT:  1.67 m; 
WT:  52 kg; 
Eyes:  Blue; 
Hr.:  Auburn; 
Comp:  Caucasian 
Place of Birth: Aboard 'The Lily Rose'
Mother: Inanna Sloane
Father: Michael Sloane
Adoptive Father: Willard Larson
Religion:       None

II.  Educational Background

A.  Academic Institutional Background:
    -- USS Babylon High School
    -- Star Fleet Academy
    -- Space Warfare Officer School

B.  Service Schools Attended:
    -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School

C.  Qualifications (MOC's)
    -- Navigation/Helm Officer
    -- Engineering Officer

D.  Star Fleet Academy Record:

Academy Record:
Class Rank:          Top 15%; Honors *cum laude*
Academic Major:      Warp Systems Engineering
Professional Major:  Navigation
Qualifications:      Navigation/Helm Officer, Engineering Officer


Drama Club, Track & Field Team

III.  Biographical Notes

A.  Chronology (tabular form):

0-8:   Lived with parents aboard 'The Lily Rose' trade ship

8-13:  Lived in Various Foster Homes in San Francisco

13-18: Lived aboard USS Babylon

18-22:  Attended Star Fleet Academy.

22:     Attended Space Warfare Officer School. 

B.  Background Summary:

Odessa Larson was born to Michael & Inanna Sloane aboard 'The Lily Rose' 
a trade ship owned by her father. She was a very happy and creative child, 
finding many ways to entertain herself aboard a ship where she was the only 

Tragically Odessa's mother was killed in an attack by raiders on their 
vessel just after Odessa's 8th birthday. The Lily Rose was badly damaged in 
the attack and barley able to limp to a near by Starbase for repairs. In 
the following months Odessa's father became increasingly distant for his 
daughter throwing himself into getting his ship repaired. Finally finding 
himself unable to look at his daughter due to her similarities to her late 
wife, he shipped her off to his brother on Earth.

Odessa's Uncle Paul was not fond of children at all, even his own niece, and 
after a month he entered Odessa into the Foster Care system. Odessa was shifted 
around from home to home, never really clicking with any family having held 
onto hope that her father would return for her.

At the age of 13 Odessa was placed in the temporary care of Commander Wilard 
Larson her current foster father died unexpectedly. Something just clicked 
between the pair, Wilard a big believer in fate promptly applied to have the 
temporary care turn into permanent care.

For the following year Odessa lived with Wilard in San Francisco, he provided 
everything she could possibly need, as well as some counseling to help her come 
to turns with her life so far.

A month after her 14th birthday Odessa found herself back on a Starship, but 
this time it was Starfleet Vessel, as Wilard had after lots of discussion taken 
the post as XO on board the Galaxy Class USS Babylon

Odessa found that she fitted in very well with the other teens aboard the Babylon, 
it was here she also feel in love with Starfleet. It was not long before she 
expressed her intent to apply to Starfleet Academy when she was of age. At the 
suggestion of Ship's Counsellor Odessa spent time investigating each department 
to see where she felt most natural.

It wasn't long before she settled open Flight Controls and Navigation, while she 
has a mild interest in engineering there was something about flying that called 
to her.

Odessa was accepted to Star Fleet Academy and it was bittersweet moment for her 
to leave her friends and adoptive father behind, but the start of a new exciting 
part of her life. She chose to honor her adoptive father by adopting his last name 
as her own now that she was of age to be able to do so.

She was a little uneasy at the Academy at first, given that San Francisco held so 
many bad memories for her, but it wasn't long before she found herself embracing 
life on campus.

She found a good balance between her studies and joining the drama club and track 
and field time to blow off steam.

She graduated with good marks from both Star Fleet Academy & then Space Warfare 
Officer School. Looking forward to the career ahead of her

IV.  Official Star Fleet Record

A.  Promotion History:
220601 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).

B.  Service History:
180615 Entered Star Fleet Academy.
220601 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).

C.  Medals and Commendations:

V.  Skills Profile

Nautral Affinity for Piloting; Warp Core Proficieny; Works well in stressful 
situations; Clear thinker under pressure;

VI.  Recent Fitness Report

Odessa has demonstrated a natural ability to fly. She quickly learns and adapts 
to the flight situations. Her reactions are sharp, she follows orders well, 
moving promptly to do what is asked of her.

VII.  Psychological Profile

Years of counselling have reduced the damage done to Odessa Larson by the 
combination of the early life loss of her mother, abandonment of her father & 
uncle. She still cares some trust issues and mild angry issues, but is working 
hard to control and resolve them.

She displays a very good ability to work under pressure, and dedicated to her 
duty as an Officer. She has maintained a good sense of humor, even if it is a 
bit sarcastic at times.

It is the opinion of this examiner that with continued counselling that Odessa 
will grow into a good Officer and joyous person.

VIII.  Current Recreational Interests

Builing Model Ships, Mystery/Crime Holo-Novels

IX.  Miscellaneous Information