Orestes Station Attached Ships

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Attached Ships of Orestes Station


Below are the various support craft permanently attached to Orestes Station. There are currently 3 support vessels- USS Miranda, USS Resolute and USS Challenger- as well as several fighter shuttlecraft and a ship repair facility capable of handling all but the largest Zeus-class battleships.

These vessels are simply attachments to Orestes and therefore are considered NPC ships. As such, other than a Flight Operations team and a nominal Commanding Officer, no permanent crew of their own are assigned- their crews are pulled from DS13's own crew compliment. Flight Operations Officers for the three attached ships, as well as regular pilots for the fighter shuttlecraft, can be found on the station manifest.


USS Resolute NX-87652

DILIGENT-Class Escort

The Resolute is a "Diligent-class" escort assigned to Orestes Station as her first line of defense. She has also been used as an escort for the Kusanagi which is assigned to Cruiser Squadron 17, the exploratory arm of SCIMXFOR.

Resolute is nominally commanded by a Lieutenant Commander or higher.

The Diligent class escort was built with the intention of replacing the aging Thunderbolt/Defiant spaceframe with a newer, more modern design. However, the design incorporates everything that made the Defiant spaceframe a success: relatively small, highly maneuverable and, above all, possessing sharp teeth.

ship specifications | images | schematic | deckplans


USS Challenger NCC-82012

VENTURE-Class Frigate

Profile forthcoming.

ship specifications | schematic | deckplans

USS Miranda NCC-6784-A