Robert Lee Johnson

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Played by Mike Shea - updated SD 251120.


A. Billet Information

  • FIRST NAME: Robert
  • SURNAME: Johnson
  • GIVEN NAME: Robert Lee
  • CURRENT RANK: Lieutenant Commander
  • CURRENT BILLET: Chief Security Officer - SB SAIKAI
  • GENDER/SEX: Male
  • AGE: 47
  • DOB: 23780329.1300
  • POB: Hazelhurst, Mississippi, Earth, Sol

B. Family

    • Julia Major (Mother)
    • Noah Johnson (Father)
  • SPOUSE: Rosemary Fitzgerald (Ex #1) Mona (Ex #2) & two other ex-wives

C. Physical Description

  • HEIGHT: 1.87 meters (6'2")
  • WEIGHT: 79.37 kg (175 lbs)
  • HAIR: Bald on top, shaven on the sides, dark brown
  • EYES: Blue
  • SKIN TONE: Light Brown
  • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Two inch long scar on his chin
  • VISION: 20/15
  • RELIGION: Not Specified
  • CITIZENSHIP: Earth, Sol
  • LANGUAGES: Terran Standard, Klingon, Cardassian, Andorian


A. Academic Institutions Attended:

  -- Earth Provisional School
  -- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended:

  -- Starfleet Command School

C. Qualifications:

  -- Starfleet Command School

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:

  • Academic Major: Management Sciences and Decision Making
  • Academic Minor: Environmental Engineering
  • Class Rank: 15th
  • Reprimands: 0
  • Commendations: 0
  • Athletics: Ice Hockey
  • Activities: Jazz Band


A. Chronology (tabular form):

  • 0-18: Lived with mother and stepfather.
  • 14-18: Attended High School
  • 18-22: Attended Tamkang University, graduated in 2400
  • 22-26: Attended Starfleet Academy
  • 26 – Present: Starfleet Officer

B. Background Summary:

Robert was raised by his mother who had not been married to his natural father, and after he was three, by her and his stepfather. Johnson is the surname of his natural father, and the name he took when he entered high school. He took an interest in music at an early age and learned to play the saxophone in grade school. He still enjoys playing to this day.

After graduation from University, Robert received an appointment to Star Fleet Academy, in San Francisco, largely due to his stepfather being friends with a former Admiral who was still well-connected and able to grant favors for a friend. At Academy, Robert blossomed, dividing his time between his studies, hockey and jazz band. He met his first wife while at Academy, Rosemary Fitzgerald.


A. Promotion History:

  • SD (24)000801: Entered 1st Year, Star Fleet Academy
  • SD (24)010801: Entered 2nd Year
  • SD (24)020801: Entered 3rd Year
  • SD (24)030801: Entered 4th Year
  • SD (24)040601: Commissioned as Ensign
  • SD (24)100501: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • SD (24)160110: Promoted to Lieutenant
  • SD (24)210414: Promoted to Lt. Commander

B. Service History:

  • USS CALIFORNIA:– Security Officer
  • USS TEMPEST: – Security Officer
  • USS KRONSHTADT: – Security Chief
  • SB DELTA :– Assistant Security Chief
  • SB SARRENTO: – Security Chief
  • SB KENAI: – Security Chief

C. Medals and Commendations

  • Alpha Quadrant Service Ribbon
  • Beta Quadrant Service Ribbon
  • SILVER Fleet service Ribbon
  • Commendation For Service Above and Beyond – (2407)
  • Commendation For Service Above and Beyond – (2412)


20/15 Vision, good hand/eye coordination, marksman.


LCDR Robert Lee Johnson is fit for duty and in good health.

==PSYCHOLOGICAL REPORT Johnson is evaluated to fit the personality matrix ESTJ – Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging

ESTJs are responsible, logical, norm-following hard workers. Their efforts are carried out in a practical, structured manner. ESTJs trust facts and experiences more than theories. They are decisive, loyal, tradition observing individuals. They enjoy being the person in charge and often make good supervisors. ESTJs prefer occupations that require an organized, logical, and practical bent that incorporates an effective use of time and resources. They pay attention to the organization's hierarchy and use policies and procedures to help them to move the tasks along. They like making decisions and dealing with concrete, specific facts."


Hockey, Jazz saxophone, Holo-sports, and is taking flight lessons


Robert has four ex-wives, is not currently married or dating. Robert also has four children, none living with him (his children are all adults). His parents are still living; and he has cousins and in-laws all scattered across the Federation, none in jail, none on any 'most wanted' lists, none in or suspected of being in any organized criminal activity.