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Starbase Saikai Attached Ships

Command Battlecruisers

Solar Class Command Cruiser

Valhalla Class Command Cruiser


Agamemnon Class Warship

The Agamemnon is, essentially a more militant and slimmed-down cousin of the Solar in terms of capabilities. She is almost as good a command platform as a Solar and has extensive multi-mission capabilities. Her crew quarters are significantly more compact and she loses some lab space as compared to a Solar (but still has more multi-mission suited spaces than either Circe or Caesar classes). Due to very heavy armor, the class is capable of absorbing far more punishment than any other battlecruiser class. The class is intended to be able to deal with both large opponents and multiple small targets. If the power management issues can be overcome, there is enough room within the space frame to accomodate the inclusion of point defense systems.

Circe Class Warship

The Circe was something of an experiment in automation, allowing a smaller ship operated by fewer personnel to have combat capabilities on par with much larger battle cruisers. There is a price. She is crammed with equipment. Crew spaces are very small for a Federation starship and her laboratory facilties are almost non-existant compared to other cruisers and battle cruisers. She is a lean warship built using lessons learned in the Dalriadan War and is accordingly light and maneuverable by even multi-mission heavy cruiser standards. While she is still outmaneuvered by Dalriadan Warships of similar rate, she is capable of outmaneuvering all but the smallest Dalriadan battleships.

The Mark III variant of the Circe is a command variant which brings the fleet command-and-control facilities in line with those of other battle cruisers. It is sometimes identified as a Bastion after the first ship of this variant. The Mark III also introduces a gravitic sublight drive similar to the one first deployed in the Fearless class.

Fleet Carriers

Regency Class Advanced Fleet Carriers

With the advent of new gravitic drive combat shuttles, the design of carriers underwent a paradigm shift. While still needing to be able to efficiently handle and maintain large numbers of small craft, the new fleet carrier design needed to be able to throw the fighters clear of its own drive field before they could light their own drives. This could not be done with transporters or tractor beams because the low initial Δv would leave the shuttles too vulnerable for enemy fire. So, the ship is build to house a series of linear accelerators, much like over-sized photon torpedo launchers, which blast the combat shuttles clear of the hull on a laterally diverging vector from the mother ship.

Heavy Cruisers

Fearless Class Warships

The Fearless is a next-generation heavy cruiser. She features many technologies which set her apart from her predecessors. First among these is a revolutionary reactionless sublight propulsion system. While current inertial dampener allows only a fraction of the potential for this new drive system to be realize at this time, but this limitation will be solved over time. Second a new tactical computer system which uses distributed computing to replace the traditional computer core, increases the redundancy and flexibility of shipboard computing.

Kirov Class Explorers

The Kirov is a multi-mission cruiser which was originally designed as a replacement for the Galaxy-class spaceframe. It mounts the advanced AUGUR sensor suite as well as a modern point defense laser system. Because of the smaller hull, the Kirov is more handy in sub-light maneuvers than the larger Galaxy-based ships. With a more efficient and modern power plant, the Kirov also boasts higher warp cruising speeds than all of the Galaxy-derived designs save the Solar-class command battlecruiser.

Endeavour Class Explorers

The final in a long series of heavy cruiser variants of the venerable Galaxy-class spaceframe. The ships of the Endeavour class are thoroughly modern multi-mission starships.

Light Cruisers

Hiryu Class Multimission Cruisers

The Hiryu-class starships represent the idealogical successor to the Hood-class. These ships incorporate a multi-mission pod which allows a starbase to configure the ship for specific missions before launch. This abliity allows these light cruisers to carry mission-specific equipment which, because of mass and space restrictions normally, are normally only found on larger vessels.

Montu Class Warships

The Montu-class is a newer design which fills the slot of light, general-duty warship in the Federation inventory. although not without science facilities, the ship is designed primarily for long range patrol and escort duty. More specialized than the Hood or Hiryu classes, the ships of the Montu class are better suited to military duty.

Hood Class Multimission Cruiser

Yet another cousin to the Galaxy-class spaceframe, the Hood boasts a more compact design and a multi-mission pod. The pod allows a starbase to configure the ship for specific missions before launch. This abliity allows these light cruisers to carry mission-specific equipment which, because of mass and space restrictions normally, are normally only found on larger vessels.

Katana Class Anti-Piracy Patrol Cruiser

The Katana-class is a modification of the standard Montu-class light cruiser which is, in turn, based on the older Akira. The modification entails the inclusion of a hanger deck with limited capacity for modern gravitic-drive fighters. This allows the cruiser to deal with multiple small craft which are less well equipped than modern warships. It also allows the ship to sweep a system much more effectively and is possible with automated probes.


Coventry Class Warships

Coventry, the newest destroyer design in Star Fleet, is the representation of a new push by the Federation to work under the premise of "smaller can be more".

Feynman Class

One of the largest destroyers in the Federation inventory, the Feynman-class ships are designed to be the equivalent of the Galaxy-class vessels writ small. The DELPHI sensor array gives these ships sensor power which many larger ships cannot match.

Franklin Class Warships

The Franklin is the mainstay of the destroyer fleet and is deployed in large numbers throughout the Federation. As the first destroyer series routingly equipped with dimensional warp drive systems, these ships see heavy use as escorts for larger cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships which have routinely been equipped with hyperspace drives from some time.

Tsyklon Class Surveyors

At just over half the mass of the Feynman class, the Tsyklon class offers a far more cost efficient light, mobile sensor platform. While not the equal of its larger cousin as an exploration vessel, the Tsyklon incorporates most of the major advantages of the larger Feynman in a much more efficient vessel.

Escort Destroyers

Diligent Class Warships

The next-generation escort vessel, the Diligent has more range and sustained endurance in a fight than the Defiant or Thunderbolt. While not as hard-hitting as her predecessors in a concentrated forward attack, Diligent has the ability to sustain a higher sustained rate of energy transfer to her weapons systems and to engage more simultaneous targets than either. This means that her combat effectiveness is higher. The addition of limited point defense capability and enhanced electronic warfare systems also make her much more effective in preventing damage to ships that she is escorting.

Thunderbolt Class Warships

A cousin to the Defiant class, the Thunderbolt class is the smallest starship in the Federation inventory to mount to offensive weapons of a destroyer. As such, the class has nearly unparalleled maneuverability for a ship of its rate. This is paid for by a lack of range, cramped crew compartments which do not even afford all personnel with their own bunks, and virtually non-existent scientific research equipment.


Pathfinder Class Scouts

The Pathfinder was designed as a general duty science vessel to replace the aging Oberth class ships. The original version of the class was introduced in 2368. The recent revision is intended to keep an aging spaceframe in service for years to come.

Stingray Class Scouts

The Stingray-class frigate is one of the smallest frigates in the Federation inventory. It is used primary as a long range scout and has never seen heavy production.

  • USS Stingray

Van Nueys Class

Auxiliary Ships

Mercy Class Hospital Ships

Arrow Class Runabout

Unknown Class

  • USS Casey Jones
  • USS John Henry