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SB SAIKAI Crew Biofiles
Version 1.0 (Updated SD 190115)


SHIP ROSTER (in order of Chain of Command)

  • Updated 190618.1555
BILLET	RANK	                NAME                                    PLAYER
CO	CAPTIAN	                Severen H. Duvoux                       Ed Bell
XO	COMMANDER	        Alban Tersa                             Anna Cordray
20/OPS	LIEUTENANT COMMANDER	Shayiana Ayindrias                      Alan Rogers        

BILLET	RANK	                NAME	                                PLAYER
CIC	LIEUTENANT COMMANDER    Samuel Clayton                          VACANT
ENG	LIEUTENANT	        Torenn	                                Alan Martin
SEC	LIEUTENANT	        Jacob Decker				Tim Sowards
FCO	LIEUTENANT	        Ryan Wolfe	                        USNPC
SCI	LIEUTENANT	        Peter Burke	                        Andrew Bell
TAC	ENSIGN	                VACANT      	                        VACANT
CAG	LIEUTENANT COMMANDER	Deryl Idaris Cor			David Moody
MED	LIEUTENANT COMMANDER	Isabella Kingston			Lena Rose
COU	LIEUTENANT 		Ranisia Arxian				Merrica
MCO	LIEUTENANT COLONEL	Cedric Green	                        Richie Turner
JAG	LIEUTENANT              Edward Brammer                          Alan Martin - PNPC

BILLET	RANK	                NAME	                                PLAYER
CSSDIR	CHIEF DIRECTOR	        Thaddeus Crane                          Mike Shea
DSC	AMBASSADOR	        VACANT	                                VACANT

Authorized Billets:     17
Standard Billets:       11
Non-Standard Billets:   6
Current Manning Level:  14
Strength Percentage:    82.35%  

Note-  CIC, CAG, JAG, OSFI, CSSDIR, and DSC billets are non-standard billets
Note-  JAG, and OSFI are currently only open to PNPC characters


Captian Severen H. Duvoux, Station Commander

  • played by Ed Bell
  • Updated SD 190618
  • Bio file Locked

Commander Alban Tersa, Station Executive Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Cedric Green, Marine Commanding Officer

LCOL Cedric Green                     MCO - SB SAIKAI 
	(played by Richie Turner)
FIRST NAME:            Cedric Green
SURNAME:               Green
GIVEN NAME:            Cedric
CURRENT RANK:          Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)
CURRENT BILLET:        Marine Commanding Officer - SB SAIKAI
GENDER/SEX:            Male
AGE:                   42
DOB:                   23790229.1300
POB:                   Portsmouth, England, Earth, Sol

PARENTS:               George Green (Deceased)
                       Nicole Green (Deceased)
SIBLINGS:              <NONE>

SPOUSE:                Katherine (Deceased)
CHILDREN:              <NONE>

HEIGHT:                1.96 meters (6'5")
WEIGHT:                105 kg (205 lbs)
HAIR:                  Blonde
EYES:                  Green
SKIN TONE:             Pale White
BLOOD TYPE:            AB+
VISION:                20/20
RELIGION:              Not Specified
CITIZENSHIP:           Earth, Sol
LANGUAGES:             Terran Standard, Klingon, Cardassian, Andorian 


A. Academic Institutions Attended:
   -- Earth Provisonal School
   -- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended:
   -- Starfleet Marine Command School

C. Qualifications: 
   -- Marine Command School

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Academic Major:     Biology
Academic Minor:     Linguistics
Class Rank:         5th
Reprimands:         0
Commendations:      0
Athletics:          Biathalon and Ultimate Frisbee

III.     Biographical Notes
A. Chronology (tabular form):
0-13: Lived with parents.
13-18: Attended High School
18-22: Attended Star Fleet Academy, graduated in 2401
22-Present: Active duty in Starfeet Marine Corps

B. Background Summary:
Cedric grew up as a loner. His family was totally dysfunctional. His 
mother and father did their own separate hobbies and had little 
interaction with their son. The only thing that kept their family 
together was the struggle to survive in hard economic times. When 
Cedric entered into school, he had developed very little social skills 
which further put him at a disadvantage. As he grew older he isolated 
himself from his parents and classmates. Cedric had a small group of 
friends who could relate with him and though he considered them his 
true friends, his relationships were often unstable and turbulent. 
In his teen years, Cedric grew rebellious and ended up in some trouble 
for minor acts of vandalism. By graduation from high school, Cedric was
cutting to put reality to his internal pain.

At Age 18, he recieved an appointment to Star Fleet Academy, in San
Francisco, largely due to his father being a local senator, with a small
amount of influence.  However, there, he turned his life around, and
excelled both in academics, and other persuits.  While he was at the
academy, both of his parents died within a short time from disease.

He later met and married his wife, Katherine fairly early in his career.
Between his long absenses away from home, there wasn't much time.  Though
he wanted children, Katherine never got pregenant.


A. Promotion History:
23970801: Entered 1st Year, Star Fleet Academy
23980801: Entered 2nd Year
23990801: Entered 3rd Year
24000801: Entered 4th Year
24010601: Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant
24021224: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
24060814: Promoted to Lt. Major
24120630: Promoted to Major
24180414: Promoted to Lt. Colonel.

B. Service History:
USS Adelphi NCC-26849

C.  Medals and Commendations

V. Skills Profile
Shows an adeptness for Medical Triage.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports
LCOL Cedric Green is in perfect shape, and given a clean bill of health.

Once deemed mentally unstable, Cedric spent some time in a psychiatric
institute when he was twenty two. He was diagnosed with Borderline
Personality Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Panic Disorder and an
extreme case of ADD. Cedric suffered with depression since his early teen
years, in which he slowly became more and more introverted and isolated.
He was forced into counseling when he was sixteen but was incompliant with
it. As life kept dealing him blow after blow, Cedric became jaded with life
and started to despise society. When he was twenty one, Cedric lost his
mother at the hands of his father. Shortly thereafter he fell into a
relationship with a younger immature lady. She slowly degraded him, which
eventually led to a mental breakdown and the subsequent psychiatric
hospitalizations. Cedric realized that he needed to be compliant with his
treatment.  Cedric also left the woman that he loved and it devastated him,
but it was for the best. Since then Cedric has had slow progression with his 
disorders but continues to this day continues treatment for them.

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

IX. Miscellaneous Information