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SFMC Rank and Rate Guide


The SFMC follows a slightly different rank structure than their naval counterparts. Below is a guide to the ransk and rates of the SFMC, as well as a comparison to equivalent naval ransk and rates.

Both the Starfleet Navy and the Starfleet Marine Corps use the same insignia to represent their officer and enlisted grades; however, the Marines use the traditional names for their grades just as the navy does, with only one exception, noted below.

Officers of the Star Fleet Marine Corps

General (O-10) GENERAL (O-10)- equavalent to Naval Admiral

Lieutenant General (O-9) LIEUTENANT GENERAL (O-9)- equavalent to Naval Vice Admiral

Major General (O-8) MAJOR GENERAL (O-8)- equavalent to Naval Rear Admiral

Brigadier (O-7) BRIGADIER (O-7)- equavalent to Naval Commodore

Colonel (O-6) COLONEL (O-6)- equavalent to Naval Captain

Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) LIEUTENANT COLONEL (O-5)- equavalent to Naval Commander

Major (O-4) MAJOR (O-4)- equavalent to Naval Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Major (O-3) LIEUTENANT MAJOR (O-3)- equavalent to Naval Lieutenant

1st Lieutenant (O-2) 1ST LIEUTENANT (O-2)- equavalent to Naval Lieutenant, Junior Grade

2nd Lieutenant (O-1) 2ND LIEUTENANT (O-1)- equavalent to Naval Ensign

^- Since there can only be one ship's captain aboard Starfleet vessels, the traditional Terran Marine rank "Captain" has been replaced by the rank "Lieutenant-Major" to avoid the necessity of the courtesy rank of "Major" to such officers on modern naval vessels. Lieutenant-Major is still company grade, not field grade.

Warrant Officers of the Marine Corps




Warrant 2-green WARRANT OFFICER, 1ST CLASS (W-2)

Warrant 1-green WARRANT OFFICER, 2ND CLASS (W-1)

In ASR, all warrant officers have an enlisted background (with the occasional ranking of exchange personnel from foreign services as such). They are selected from among the most highly skilled petty officers in a variety of fields with an eye towards providing experienced officers to perform highly specialized tasks. Their service is generally limited to the area of their enlisted expertise.

While they are subordinate to commissioned officers, they very much rate 'sir' from enlisted personnel and are generally afforded a great deal of respect for their experience and valued for their role. Fairly rare, warrants compose less than 5% of the overall service.

Non-Commissioned Officers of the Star Fleet Marine Corps

Sergeant-Major (E-9) SERGEANT MAJOR (E-9)- equavalent to Naval Master Chief Petty Officer

Master Sergeant (E-8) MASTER SERGEANT (E-8)- equavalent to Naval Senior Chief Petty Officer

Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) GUNNERY SERGEANT (E-7)- equavalent to Naval Chief Petty Officer

Staff Sergeant (E-6) STAFF SERGEANT (E-6)- equavalent to Naval Petty Officer, 1st Class

Sergeant (E-5) SERGEANT (E-5)- equavalent to Naval Petty Officer, 2nd Class

Corporal (E-4) CORPORAL (E-4)- equavalent to Naval Petty Officer, 3rd Class

Lance Corporal (E-3) LANCE CORPORAL (E-3)- equavalent to Naval Crewman

Private, 1st Class (E-2) PRIVATE, 1ST CLASS (E-2)- equavalent to Naval Crewman Apprentice

Private (E-1) PRIVATE (E-1)- equavalent to Naval Crewman Recruit

For a complete rundown of Starfleet's rank structure, click here.


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