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ORIGINS Intelligence Desk

SFIA Insignia

Welcome to the ORIGINS Intelligence Desk. We hope to provide you with the information you need.

Before 2405, the intelligence arm of Star Fleet was officially known as the Star Fleet Intelligence Agency, or SFIA, usually simply "Star Fleet Intelligence" or SFI. Eventually, SFIA would fall in an internal purge due to corruption and misuse of assets, to be replaced by OSFI. However, at the time of ORIGINS, SFIA was alive, well, and healthy. Perhaps the destruction of Vulcan would prove to be the turning point for SFIA, the point where SFIA began to embrace the darker ideals of some of its breathren, like the Am-Tal?

This Desk is tasked with gathering and compiling all information specific to the STAR FLEET: ORIGINS alternate timeline. As such, this is an ongoing process.

At current, we are still developing the contents of this desk. If you have something you'd like to contribute or are just interested in the concept, please feel free to drop a line to either Andy Catterick or Scott Lusby, either of whom will be happy to assist you.

ORIGINS Intelligence Desk Library