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LTM McGinley, Sean Michael [Joshua J. Young]

I. Personal Data

Surname:  McGinley
Given Name(s):  Sean Michael
Service Number:  MC-43918-87659871-MP
Current Rank:  Lieutenant Major (O-3)
Current Billet:  Marine Commanding Officer, USS NOVA, NCC-1776-A
Species:  Human
Gender:  Male
Age:  47 Terran Years
Date of Birth:  21 October 2373
Place of Birth: Shannon, Ireland, Planet Earth
Parents:  Father: Brig. Patrick J. McGinley (retired), Age 74
          Mother: Maureen M. Patrick-McGinley, Age 70
Siblings: Brother: MGEN. Liam T. McGinley, DC, 1st Fleet Marines, Age 52
          Sister: CAPT Mary E. Sotheby, CO, USS GEORGE W. BUSH, Age 51
          Brother: 2Lt. Dennis F. McGinley (deceased in 2392 at Age 21)
Former Spouse:   Tatiana V. Rostokovich-McGinley, Age 37 (divorced)
Children: Daughter: Cassandra L. McGinley, Age 13 (deceased)
          Son: Phillip T. McGinley, Age 9 (deceased)
Religion: Roman Catholic
HT:  6'2"; WT: 232 lbs.; Eyes: Blue; Hr: Brown (balding); Comp: Fair
Blood Type:  A+

II.  Educational Background

A. Educational Institutes
* Starfleet Academy, Marine Corps Option
* Starfleet Academy, Basic Officer's Course
* Starfleet Academy, Advanced Officer's Course
* Starfleet Academy, Command and General Staff College

D.  Star Fleet Academy Record:

Class Rank: 109/273
Academic Major(s): Military History, Geography
Professional Major: Infantry, Military Police
Qualifications: Small Group Leader; Company Grade Commander; Field Grade
Commander, Force Recon Team Leader
Commendations:  1

Reprimands:  2

Commendation for Top Cadet Marksman
Reprimand for fighting (2)

Activities:  Marksmanship Team varsity letter, Swimming Team Varsity Letter

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form):
 0-17:  Traveled with family to various military assignments.
17   :  Received appointment to Starfleet Academy.
21   :  Graduated from Star Fleet Academy.
31   :  Married Tatiana McGinley (nee Rostokovich).
33   :  B, Phillip T. (male).  Birth of first child, Cassandra L.(female).
37   :  Birth of second child, Phillip T. (male).

46   :  Death of both children in a carnival accident.

46   :  Divorced from wife.


IV. Official Starfleet Record

A. Promotion History:
23940601     Commissioned as Second Lieutenant (O-1).
23960702     Promoted to First Lieutenant (O-2).
23990602     Promoted to Lieutenant-Major (O-3).
040602.0000  Promoted to Major(O-4).
070201.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel(O-5).
100304.0000  Promoted to Colonel (O-6).
111223.0000  Demoted to First Lieutenant (O-2).
121127.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant-Major (O-3).

B. Service History:
23900827     Entered Star Fleet Academy
23931114     Special Senior assignment, USS WAKE ISLAND, Platoon Leader
23940601     Graduated Star Fleet Academy
23940701     Posted Platoon Leader,(1st Plt,"B" Company),USS WAKE ISLAND
23960910     Posted Company Commander,("A" Company),USS WAKE ISLAND
23980504     Posted XO,(Marine Battalion),USS WAKE ISLAND
010223.0000  Posted XO, SF Force Recon Team 2 (SFFR2)
040814.0000  Posted CO, SF Force Recon Team 2 (SFFR2)
090519.0000  Posted COS, 2nd MARDIV, 4th Fleet Marines
100811.0000  Posted Asst. Division Com., 2nd MARDIV, 4th FMF
110902.0000  Temporary Assignment, CO, SFFR4
111007.0000  Relieved of command pending a Board of Inquiry
120114.0000  Posted Aide-de-Camp to aCOS SFMC
121201.0000  Posted CO, (Marine Battalion), USS NOVA

C.  Medals and Commendations
021017.0000  Awarded Latinum Star and Wounded Lion
030120.0000  Awarded Wounded Lion
040625.0000  Awarded Wounded Lion
041110.0000  Awarded Wounded Lion
050803.0000  Awarded Cross of Alexander

060708.0000  Awarded Wounded Lion
080414.0000  Awarded Star Fleet Cross (Golden Nebula)
090204.0000  Awarded Bronze Star and Wounded Lion

(*) He also has the usual combat action ribbons, quadrant service ribbons,
etc. expected of an officer of his rank and experience.

V. Personal Profile

Hard-nosed and resilient, can sometimes be self-absorbed and pig-headed.
Does not believe in failure, retreat or unconditional surrender. Pushes his
Marines to the limit, but while he bends he never takes them to the breaking
point. Expects the best and usually gets it. An unfortunate botched hostage
mission, that wasn't McGinley's fault, resulted in his demotion and
subsequent re-assignment. McGinley realized he was the fall guy for this
incident and remains bitter towards certain SFMC officials. He still retains
friends in command and due to that and a decorated history he was allowed to
continue his career with the SF Marines.

McGinley chain smokes small Cuban cigarillos (unlit ones can be found
resting comfortably in his mouth as well) and is liberal with Irish whiskey
and pints of Guinness. 

VI. Recent Fitness Report

Subj: Routine Fitness Report
Re: Additional Comments
Au: Allaire, Franklin D., MGEN

Lieutenant-Major Sean McGinley has shown the resiliency attributable to a
true warrior over the past year. For a Field Grade officer that had loyally
served the Federation for over twenty years to find himself in the position
of being reduced to a Company Grade Lieutenant would have been too much to
handle for most. This officer agrees that he would have been looking at
filling in a retirement PADD had the shoes been reversed.

LTM McGinley not only did not retire, he made it abundantly clear to all who
would listen (and those that would not) that he not only would not retire,
he planned to mount a comeback and a strong one at that.

In his most recent assignment LTM McGinley was not only an outstanding
Marine, but also a trusted friend. His knowledge and guidance were sought
after repeatedly on a variety of decisions. He showed that while he harbored
severe resentment towards certain officers within the Corps, he remained a
model Marine and that he was deserving of regaining a command.

I fully declare, with the accompanying psychological profile, LTM McGinley
fit to lead Marines, wish him God Speed and Good Luck in his next assignment
and feel comfortable that his next Commanding Officer will find him an
invaluable and reliable asset.

---- Franklin D. Allaire, MGEN
     aCOS, SFMC
     SD 121128

VII. Psychological Profile

Lieutenant Major Sean M. McGinley has been certified as fit to resume
command of Marines. While LTM McGinley certainly is not the most happy
individual ever to grace this officer's office, that never was a criteria
that had to be met to be a leader, especially a leader of Marines.

This officer does recommend that LTM McGinley be periodically evaluated by a
Counselor and find pastimes and hobbies that relieve stress and/or anger.
While not a necessity, I do believe it would be beneficial not only to Major
McGinley, but also to the Marine Corps.

Otherwise, Major McGinley is a knowledgeable Marine officer and shows no
signs he is a detriment to any unit. I wish him well in his future

-- CAPT J. Thompson Rowe, PhD, Star Fleet Counseling Corps, Earth    (SD

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Swimming, Thai Boxing