Shonnas th'Zarath

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LT Shonnas th'Zarath


A. Billet Information

  • FIRST NAME: Shonnas
  • SURNAME: th'Zarath
  • CURRENT RANK: Lieutenant (O-3)
  • CURRENT BILLET: Chief Engineering Officer, USS VALHALLA, NCC-18000
  • GENDER/SEX: Thaan (Male)
  • AGE: 32 STY
  • DOB: 2390-06-22
  • POB: Andoria

B. Family

    • Lenar sh'Harra
    • Ek'Noor zh'Aarn
    • Ravaly ch'Heltersh (deceased)
    • Avaranthi th'Zarath
  • SIBLINGS: none
  • SPOUSE: none
  • CHILDREN: none

C. Physical Description

  • HEIGHT: 188 cm
  • WEIGHT: 92 kg
  • HAIR: white
  • EYES: blue
  • SKIN TONE: blue
  • BLODD TYPE: n/a
  • VISION: 10/10
  • RELIGION: none
  • LANGUAGES: Andorian, Vulcan, Terran, English, Tellarite


A. Academic Institutions Attended'

  -- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended'

  -- Star Fleet Engineering School

C. Qualifications

  -- Damage Control Engineer
  -- D-Warp Propulsion Specialist

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

  • Professional Major: Structural/Integrity
  • Professional Minor: Propulsion Theory (Warp/D-Warp)
  • Class Rank: Top 10%
  • Reprimands: 2
  • Commendations: None
  • Athletics: Academy Wrestling Team, Academy Football Team
  • Activities: -


A. Chronology (tabular form)

  • 0-5: Lived on Andoria with his family.
  • 5-12: Lived aboard the Lark'hana a merchant ship commanded by one of his two fathers: Avaranthi th'Zarath.
  • 13-16: Back on Andoria.
  • 17-20: Starfleet Academy.
  • 21-22: Starfleet Corps Of Engineer R&D as ENS.
  • 23-25: Assigned Specialist Structural Integrity on USS HANSEN.
  • 25-28: Assigned Damage Control Chief on USS WISCONSIN, promoted to LTJG.
  • 28-31: Assigned Assistant Chief Engineer on USS WISCONSIN.
  • 31-32: Assigned Chief Engineering Officer on USS ANTARES, promoted to LT.
  • 32: Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer on USS VALHALLA.

B. Background Summary

Of very strict Andorian upbringing, he really never contemplated becoming a Starfleet officer until the last minute. He is intrinsically linked to Andoria and his culture, at times even to the point of a hint of fanaticism.

The turning point in his life happened when Shonnas was 14, shortly after being back to Andoria. The death of one of his father due to an incurable illness was going to have a strong impact on the still very much growing teen. The thought of having left him for the previous 7 years, even if not by his own decision, was to haunt him since then, and was to almost severe Shonnas' relationship with the rest of his family, guilty in his eyes to have taken him away from his planet and Ravaly ch'Heltersh.

With the ties to Andoria apparently on the brink of being severed forever, Shonnas left for Earth to enroll in Starfleet, in an effort to give his life a new direction.

C. Personality Summary



A. Promotion History

  • 2410: Promoted to ENS
  • 2415: Promoted to LTJG
  • 2421: Promoted to LT

B. Service History

  • 2407: Entered Starfleet Academy
  • 2410: Graduated Starfleet Academy as Cadet LT.
  • 2411: Assigned to Research & Development team at SCoE as ENS.
  • 2413: Assigned to USS HANSEN.
  • 2415: Assigned to USS WISCONSIN.
  • 2421: Assigned to USS ANTARES.
  • 2422: Assigned to USS VALHALLA.

C. Medals and Commendations

Nothing at this time.


- Very focused and driven.

- Excellent leader and good team worker.

- Very adaptable and flexible.


"Shonnas should be considered fit for field duty. His health record is almost pristine, save for a series of minor and mild injuries suffered during his sporting career, and it's exemplary even by Andorian standard."

  • CDR. Naleris


"The death of his 'chan' father, Ravaly, has deeply scarred Shonnas. It is clear that he still regrets having blamed the rest of his family, but there are inside him a series of blocks that to this day, have precluded him closure, and to start walking down the path for a reconciliation [..]"

  • LCDR. Alexander Fores

"Shonnas has the very openly manifest tendency to shield himself when his private life is hinted at, and while this doesn't often impact his every day duty life (after all he had chosen Starfleet exactly because of this reason), this soft spot of his can at times be hard to understand for the people around him. [..] this is at the same time one of his major weakness and one of his most solid strength, as it has been so far the main drive behind his career. [..] I surely hope this drive will never run out, as I fear that if that was to happen, Starfleet would lose a magnificent Engineer, and I will probably lose my biggest friend."

  • Letter from ENS Emily Donp
  • USS GARRETH, friend


- Playing never ending football games on the holodeck.

- Practicing ancient sword fighting techniques.

- Acting. Theatrical improvisation in particular.


Nothing at this time.