Silver Fleet Powers of Interest

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Silver Fleet Powers of Interest

A, B, C

Caitian Republic

Felinoid race of sentient beings,. Some geneticists speculate that there may be a genetic link between the Caitians, the Lyraens, and the Sivaoans.

More information pertaining to their role in SILVER's history is needed.

D, E, F

G, H, I

The Husnock

The Husnock were first encountered in 2361 by USS ENTERPRISE (Jean Luc Picard, commanding) when it responded to a distress call from the colony on Delta Rana IV. ENTERPRISE found the colony destroyed with the exception of 2 humans, Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge. The two claimed the colony was destroyed by a race called the Husnock but could not explain how they had been spared. It was discovered that Kevin Uxbridge was not human but was instead a Douwd, a race with Q-like powers. He admitted to destroying the Husnock raiders and 'killing all of them, everywhere' in a fit or rage.

The Husnock were first encountered by SILVER Fleet in 2409 when USS FEYNMAN (Zane, commanding) discovered a derelict Husnock warship. The warship was salvaged and contact was made with the ship's artificial intelligence. The ship, renamed DEFENDER OF HOJI was later used to route an invading Xanthandi war fleet, as a temporary base of command for SILVER after it was expelled from Cait and finally as a Flagship for Admiral Azariah Nicholas.

Information in the HOJI's log located a derelict Husnock base which was salvaged and converted into the current SB EPSILON. And additional Husnock facility is located in the Coalsack Nebula. First discovered by USS VALIANT (Killian Maguire, commanding) this base is home to five distinct Husnock AI each with a differing view on humanity and its allies. On several occasions they have 'captured' Federation vessels for 'investigative purposes'.

All that is left of the Husnock Empire are derelict ships and facilities. It appears that the Husnock relied heavily on artificial intelligence and computers and they are all that is left of the warrior race. Each AI has a distinct personality and intelligence level. Some are happy to work with Starfleet such as the AI that 'inhabited' the base that was converted to SB EPSILON, while others are very distrustful of the Federation and humanity in general.

The Issahi

The Issahi are a race of lizards that resemble the Velociraptor of Earth. They are a warlike race that live by a strict code. Central to this code is a multi-level caste system. Each caste is denoted by specific colour markings on the Issahi skin. (Red for warriors, green for scholars etc). The highest caste is the warrior caste. Membership to a caste is determined at birth by the colour markings. It is unsual for offspring to have the same markings as its parents. On occasion offspring will be born with the markings of another caste. In such instances the offspring is immediately killed by its parents. If the markings donate a lower caste then that of the parents it is considered an ill omen and in this instance a ritual killing of the offspring must be performed to 'cleanse' the family.

First contact with the Isshai was made in 2409 when they sent a human representative, martin Ross, to the newly established Starbase EPSILON. Ross had been found, and claimed, as a child on a colony ship that had strayed into Issahi space and been attacked thirty years earlier. (Ross ahd been the only survivor). Meeting with the current CINCSILVER, Vice Admiral Azariah Nicholas, Ross presetned Nicholas with the Sword of Costales and formerly requested Federation help against the Reavers. Ross also presented proof that the Reavers had been responsible for the destruction of USS SERAPIS six motnhs earlier. This meeting saw the beginning of an uneasy alliance based on political expedience between the Issahi and the Federation.

The Issahi Empire consists of 27 worlds spread over 14 systems. Only three of the planets were not directly colonized by the Issahi. The inhabitants of these three worlds, the few that survived, were given limited self rule so long as they met yearly 'tributes' to their new masters. These worlds are a serious bone of contention between the Federation and the Issahi.

J, K, L

M, N, O

P, Q, R


Insectoids. Little is known about this race which was first encountered in 2409 after the Issahi requested Starfleet assistance to stem an invasion. (Circumstantial evidence points to Reaver scouts destroying USS SERAPIS in 2408). The Reavers seem to resemble insects in more than just their appearance. Besides looking like 5 foot ants they have a very strict caste system with various levels being clearly defined by coloured markings on their torso's. The warrior caste seems to be the prevelant denomination with all over sects servicing them. The one exception being the leadership. Reavers see all other races as vermin that must be exterminated. They are ruthless in their pursuit of this goal and it seems to be their one objective. Technologically inferior to the Federation their strength lies in their numbers and their tactic of swarming. It is not known if they have a homeworld. All indications point to several large groupings or hives slowly making their way through the galaxy. Should the Issahi Dominion fall the Federation will lie clearly in their path. Captured Reaver vessels have determined that they strip worlds and vessels of all they need to sustain themselves including other races for food.

A cease-fire between the Reavers, Federation and Isshai Hegemony was agreed to in 2411. It was broken 6 months later by the Reavers. After heavy fighting and several allied victories and armistice was signed in 2413. While the peace has held it remains uneasy.

S, T, U

V, W, X

Xanthandi Empire

The Xanthandi developed in the Xanth system (GALREF176-723-464). Their pre-contact empire constituted of the nearby cluster of three stars, as well as another four systems near Federation space. The Xanthandi had not yet developed beyond fusion pulse drive, but that did not stop their colonization and expansion into the Trans-coalsack area. All of their colony worlds were independant, though under the Imperial agesis, pre-contact.

See also the BATA entries for the Xanthandi Empire.

Y, Z

The Zathura Triumvirate

First Contact with the Zathura Triumvirate was made by the starship USS Resolution NCC-5006. The Resolution never returned. The Triumvirate is a secretive xenophobic society who believes their ultimate goal is galactic rule. Unlike the Dominion, the Triumvirate believes they are the universe’s primary creation. They see themselves as gods and everyone else as unworthy of either existence or at best to be used as servants or slave labor. They do not hesitate to use weapons of mass destruction to achieve their goal.