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Brigadier Sorill is a legend in Star Fleet service.

He is a Vulcan from Makus III, a colony originally founded by Vulcans who rejected the teaching of Surak. In reality, but he time of Sorill's birth, many of the teachings of discipline and logic had reached Makus III. But the majority of Vulcans on the world remained fiercely independent of Vulcan herself and also dedicated to the mastering and channeling of their emotions over the suppression of all emotion.

Sorill began his service to Star Fleet as an enlisted marine. He spent two decades in the corps, serving in a variety of roles, before transferring to service with the Star Fleet Intelligence Agency, which would later be succeeded by the Office of Star Fleet Intelligence. He served on covert operations teams for the SFIA and OSFI for the next 80 years, eventually earning a commission as an officer. It was during his service with SFIA that he first met John R. Brooks. The two formed a friendship which would endure for the next several decades.

When Brooks was made captain in USS Illustrious, Sorill came aboard the ship as Fleet Marine Force detachment commander. When Illustrious was lost in a spacial anomaly, Sorill would serve Brooks as tactical officer after the original officer in that position was killed.

The brigadier is one of the more lethal hand-to-hand fighters in the Federation. This is partly due to Makus III's high gravity, just over three times Terran norm. In a normal gravitational field, Sorill is faster and stronger than nearly any being accustomed to lighter gravity. As many heavy worlders, he is short and, for a Vulcan, barrel chested. But his Vulcan heritage makes him appear much less bulky than many heavy worlders. A century of martial training means that he moves with a smooth grace that belies his power. He is trained in all manner of martial arts including both major and lesser known forms from Vulcan, Terra, Qo'noS, Romulus, Cardassia, Kzin, Gorn, and a number of other worlds.

Sorill is a powerful telepath in his own right, but has not refined his skills as much as possible, favoring physical over mental pursuits. He is exceptionally difficult for any casual scan to read and has the ability to actively block mental probes. Although his defenses were never penetrated during the course of his career, events during one operation in Romulan space where he was captures revealed that his defenses can be worn down by a persistent scan by a disciplined telepath. Given enough time, this will allow them to be broken.

Sorill is a strong tactician and invaluable aid to Admiral Brooks. He is also personally dedicated to the admiral.