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Star Fleet Engineering
Bureau of Starship and Starcraft Technology

The Technology Memoranda attempt to explain Star Trek technology from the perspective of ASR. They are our in-game canon and may not represent Star Trek canon.

Complete Overview

A relatively complete overview of the different types of technology available in the ASR universe.

Starship Types

A listing of the different classifications used by the United Federation of Planets Star Fleet Engineering Bureau of Ships for its starships. These classifications are also used by the Bureau of Alien Technology Assessment for non-Federation starships.

Ship Departmental Sizes

How many crew are in the XYZ department?

Small Craft

Starships generally carry a wide variety of smaller space ships, often referred to as shuttles which have limited interstellar capability. This set of documents describes them.


Conventional shuttle craft are those assigned for general duty use such as carrying personnel or cargo. They do not have specific combat roles.

Marine Dropship

Marine dropships are intended for the deployment of marines in combat. They are capable of both boarding actions through the hull of a starship and high angle entry of the atmosphere of a planetary body.

Combat Shuttles

Combat shuttles, often generically referred to as fighters, are specialized small craft intended for combat. They generally have faster top speed, more armament, more armor, and stronger shields than conventional shuttle craft.

Combat Shuttle Equipment

Details of the weaponry and other systems aboard combat shuttles.

Combat Shuttle Physics

An explanation of maneuvering for shuttle craft in general, and combat shuttles in particular.

Defensive Systems

Every space-faring craft has times when it needs to protect itself from damage either from natural or artificial sources.


A general overview to the different types of defensive technology.


How do deflector shields actually work?

Hull Plating and Coatings

What happens to energies that manage to get through the shields to the hull?

Electronic Countermeasures

How can a starship prevent weapons fire from hitting it?

Electronic Warfare Drones

Drones are a versitile tactical system, originally based on standard probes, which has both offensive and defensive applications.

Point Defense

Can a starship actively stop incoming weapons fire?

Gravitic Cloak

How do the traditional Romulan and Klingon-style cloaking devices work?

Phase Cloak

How do other cloaking devices work?


How does a space ship move from point A to point B?


A general overview of the types of propulsion systems available on space ships

Sublight Drive

How does a ship move within a star system? Impulse and gravity planing drive systems.

Sublight Maneuvering FAQ

What are the physics which actually govern movement at sublight speeds?

Warp Drive

How does conventional warp drive work?

Warp Speed Chart

How fast are the different warp speeds?

Dimensional Warp Drive

What is dimensional warp? How does hyperspace travel work?

Warp Limit

How close to a star or planet can a starship actually use its warp and d-warp drives safely?


How does a space ship "see" what is around it?


A general primer on sensor systems

Sensor Memorandum

How do starship sensors work?

Augur Array

What does an "Augur" sensor suite do?

===Delphi Array=== (No longer in production) What does an "Delphi" sensor suite do?

Oracle Array

What does an "Oracle" sensor suite do?

Scimitar Array

What does an "Scimitar" sensor suite do?

System of Enhanced Sensor Resolution Module

A deployable probe-like module with special systems to enhance sensor capability.


There comes a time when one starship is going to try to destroy another starship.


General overview of futuristic weapon systems


How do phasers work?

Photon Torpedoes

How do photon torpedoes work?

Environmental Systems (Overview)

How do life support systems work?

Communications Systems (Overview)

How do starships communicate?

Computer Systems (Overview)

How are computer systems organized?

Reactor Systems (Overview)

How are starships powered?

Star Fleet Marine Corps

There are cetani technologies which are specific to the Star Fleet Marine Corps. While they share combat shuttles with the Star Fleet Navy, the special needs of the Corps dictate specialized equipment that has limited used in ship-to-ship engagements or the peaceful exploration of space.

Marine Equipment

What personal equipment is used by the Star Fleet Marine Corps?

Marine Vehicles

What vehicles are used by the Star Fleet Marine Corps?

Command Starships

What makes a command ship different?

Bridge Layout

How is a starship bridge laid out?

Vacuum Suits

What technology protects a crew during combat?